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1st Early Signee

FIU lost a valuable weapon on special teams for next season with the graduation of All-Sun Belt punterBrisk Carlos Munera.

With the first early signee of the 2010 signing class, the Panthers have added former Duquesne and former All-State American Heritage punter Josh Brisk.

Brisk averaged 39.7 yards per punt in his last season and had a long of 55 yards.

Brisk becomes the second player signed for the 2010 class after former Syracuse running back Jeremiah Harden.


Aaapaw Nothing new on the Drew Gordon front as of today. When there is, will have it for you here. Supposedly, his family wants him to play west of the Mississippi River -- which would be closer to home -- but there is a basketball Hall of Famer and one of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players coaching a Division I college basketball team in Miami. So we shall see.


pikedanny: Pete, Do you expect Galiano to be around as D-Coord. next year? It's been a couple of weeks now since the last game and there has been no announcement of his firing. I think FIU needs to show it's fans that being ranked dead last in total defense is unacceptable by firing Galiano RIGHT NOW. What could they be waiting for? We need to act fast, don't we?

FIUFan: Pete, are we standing pat with or defensive coaches, esp. the DC? Why or why not?

Remember, having one of the worst defenses in D-IA should not bode well for your future. What's the thinking in the Athletic Dept?

PP: Not sure what the thinking is about the coaching staff for next season. MC has not been available due to recruiting. Hopefully, after the holidays we'll know something.

There is no doubt the defense has to improve from last season if the Panthers plan on improving themselves. How they go about improving it remains to be seen. Could be a change in scheme, staff or just getting better players. It will be interesting to see how the Panthers go about it.

Not sure how having one of the worst defenses in D-IA affects my future, I get paid by the Herald regardless of where FIU's D is ranked.

Gooch7: Pete: Is there any talks about bring back the band next year? When are they planning to build the Hall of Fame? When do you think they will nominate the first class of athletes/coaches?

PP: Nothing in the works last I heard about the band coming back. The priority before the HOF is finishing the lower bowl of the stadium so the HOF will have to wait.

danny ryan: Pete, why wasn't Chris Schirripa mentioned with the redshirts?

PP: My mistake I overlooked him. He will also get a redshirt.

UFChris: No disrespect since I am a guest on your board but when did honorable mention count as an All-American?

PP: Yarimar Rosa, Natalia Valentin and Jovana Bjelica are listed as All-American honorable mention which is part of the All-American team so therefore they are considered All-Americans. There are also 1st, 2nd and 3rd team All-Americans.


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