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4 for 4 for Yarimar

Yr Yarimar Rosa earned her fourth consecutive All-American honor today for another stellar volleyball season.

Rosa, who is FIU's all-time kills leader, becomes the first FIU athlete to be named an All-American in all four of her college seasons.

Joining YR with All-American status are also Panthers setter Natalia Valentin and freshman Jovana Bjelica.

The FIU ladies are coming off the best season in the program's 23-year history where the ladies were 1 of only 3 teams (Penn State and Northern Iowa) to win 30 or more matches this season. FIU advanced to the round of 32 in the NCAA Tournament for the first time.


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Congrats to Yari...a well deserved honor!!!!

Yes sir. Congrats to our 4-time All American Volleyball player. Good job Yari!!!

I agree. Pleaseeeeeeee stop the Ole Ole chants. It sounds so "Reffy". This is not soccer.

I refuse to join that chant and will continue to refuse.

Do that other chant instead that talks about "a funky beat" (not sure of exact words)

Congrats Yarimar! And great job to all the Vball players.

Congrats to Yari! A well deserved honor.

Power@Light, I must respectfully disagree. The funky beat song is terrible. I'd rather Ole my lungs out then sing that one.

congrats to YR!!! and im w/ max.. Ole chant is so much better...

Yeah funky beat is ehh... Ole Ole is unique, it's catchy, and it's easy for fans to follow. You will NEVER see a crowd of 20,000 fans sing the funky beat song... but if one day we can have 20,000 fans chanting Ole, Ole, it would definitely amp up the atmosphere and get the crowd into it.

And congrats to Yari! I definetly would go as far as saying that she is the best athlete to play at FIU in this decade and one of the best in the entire history of FIU Athletics. Good luck in your future endeavors, Yari!

you get 20,000 people to chant ole ole ole at a football game and we'll be the laughingstock of the college football world. We will seriously look like refugees chanting the wrong cheer at the wrong game. its ridiculous to contemplate why people even like it.

the stupid chant is not unique. you can hear it all the time at SOCCER games. just because something is unique does not make it good. FSU has their war chant(cause of the seminole tribe) UM has their C-A-N-E-S, Gators their gator chomp, Michigan has their go blue. Find any common ground here? their chants have something to do with their mascots/ school. An Ole ole chant has no place in college football. We can come up with something that has to do with the panther.

Hank Hill: Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking.

Why the hell is it a refugee thing? Im proud of Miami's roots and Miami's roots through out the world (ummm thats sung in Europe and everywhere else in the world.)

I want to thank you for all your support and let you know that I was told today that I am one of the three finalist for The College Football Rudy Award.
Thank You All Again!

Well Ole Ole is sung all over the world, our school name is Florida INTERNATIONAL University so there is your connection to our school alt7787. Second, Ole Ole is also sung by the University of Arizona as I found out when I attended the first round of the NCAA basketball tournamnet in Miami. Third, I'm not worried about what other school's think about our traditions because for the most part every school makes fun or finds each other's chants annoying.

Does anyone have a link to the All-American list? Trying to find out what gators made it. Had a good season just ran into the buzzsaw known as the Nittany Lions. Nobody is winning a set against that team this year let alone winning the match.

Congratulations to Yarimar, Natalia, Jovana and the rest of the team for an outstanding season!

My Beloved OB, the Canes have still not bothered to listen to us. They treated u like garbage and tore u down. They forgot all the great things the stadium did for them and did not properly honor u...MARK MY WORDS: Canes will never win a championship in Dolphin Stadium because they took the OB for granted. Sad how it had to be FIU to win the final game at the OB. The Canes dishonored the OB by losing their last games there.

For this I have a placed a curse on the Canes. I have given Miami to FIU now, since they understood what the OB meant and gave their hearts to win their last game at the OB. If the Canes ever want to see the old championship days back, they will have to agree to play FIU @ FIU stadium. Until then, Cane fans enjoy just being a good team that will never win a championship!

Wrong blog buddy.

Hurricanes blog is that way ----------->

Ole Ole chant = ref soccer song. Makes no sense.

I guess we are going to be a divided stadium until we all agree on a good chant.


I heard the Ole Ole song all day this sunday at the NCAA soccer finals on TV. Was watching it because one of the FIU staffers' brother plays for Virginia.

The University of Virginia students (probably the complete opposite of "reffy") sang it all day, and their coaches and players did it as well once they won the national title.

So this whole notion that its "reffy" and "unique" is hogwash, check out the players signing at the beginning of the video:


Congratulations to Yarimar and to you as well, O'Darris!

The Ole Ole Chant is a lot of fun, I must say. I really like it more that the funky beat chant. Although, it's not unique and definitely not "reffy". If we want something unique, then we need to come up with something easier for fans to follow.

Another thing I like is Zombie Nation, which we have been doing lately. Love it!

Thats amazing what Yarimar and O'Darris have accomplished. I wish both all the best in their next stange in life.

Yarimar is absolutly a Top 5 All-Time athlete in FIU history. We have had many good athletes in the last 25 years but 4-time All-American is something you see every 10 years..

O'Darris has been an over achiever from the moment he step in FIU. If we have 20 more players with his heart we can be talking Bowl Game. To be among the Top 3 finalist for the "Rudy Award" must be the biggest honor. Wish you all the best!

Go Golden Panthers!

Good Luck O'Darris and here's hoping the team pulls something special together next year.

Also Congrat's to Yarimar, one of FIU's all-time greats. Right up there with Andrea Nagy, Mike Lowell, Pat Bradley, Carlos Arroyo and Antwan Barnes.

Babalawo - - - Huh?

Mr. FIUloyal: The ole ole chant is fine. At a SOCCER game. You prove my point by telling us that UVA students were chanting it at a SOCCER game.

Again it has no place in college football and honestly it makes no sense. Most college football players are black, including our players. Do you think our boys want to be out there hearing "Ole Ole etc etc"? probably NO.

The purpose of a chant, especially in college football, is to get our team pumped up/intimidate the opponent. Ole Ole makes people laugh and as far as I know that chant is used for celebratory purposes. We havent won anything. 9-27 the last three years and 9-39 the last 4. Someone on this board had a theory about us losing because of blueberry pants. Well I say one reason why we lose if because of this stupid chant.

The chant might not be completely reffy, but when you've got FIU's hispanic students chanting it at a game, it sure looks that way.

I think we should just put this to rest. We all have our opinions. I just hope that in time this stupid chant goes away. I definitely plan to give big time to FIU in the future and I'd hate to give to athletics if that stupid chant is still going on. Lol.

The Ole Ole chant will make you a laughingstock? You mean you're not one already. Checked your ESPN Bottom 10 these last several seasons?

"Well I say one reason why we lose if because of this stupid chant. "

alt7787 or k

You have no credibility left after that comment.

-Ole 0le Ole

Pete: When are they planning to build the Hall of Fame? When do you think they will nominate the first class of athlets/coaches?

Not that this is the most important thing in the world but does anyone think we should have statue of a Panther some where inside/outside the stadium?
A lot of schools have a statue that players get to touch right before the game. Some statues are outside the stadium where fans can take pics with.. Just an idea..

Go FIU!!

For me the spontaneuos Ole Ole Ole chant is fine but I don't think we should try to 'make it our own'.

Don't we already have a chant...F I U PAW, F I U CLAW, F I U PAW, CLAW, CLAW, CLAW! :)

FIUFan.. 1 man w/ 2 signs is hardely a tradition(although it one of the oldest we have lol) as for people saying it belongs in a soccer stadium/event or its 2 "reffy".. let me remind you chants tradition start from the student body.. the reason the Ole chant has survived and will always survive at FIU is because FIU has the largest population of hispanics for any college in the United States.. there is nothing in the bylaws of Football that State you cannot use a "futbol" chant at a Football game. i swear if half our fans had the passion that soccer fans have that satdium would be rockin from opening wistle till final kneel down

The Ole Ole chant will make you a laughingstock? You mean you're not one already. Checked your ESPN Bottom 10 these last several seasons?

Posted by: MiaCane | December 17, 2009 at 12:00 PM

scUMbag #57 chimes in.


No disrespect since I am a guest on your board but when did honorable mention count as an All-American?


This was the only link I could find so pardon me if there is another one. Maybe AP has a list.

Kill the Ole chant. Please!

FIUFloridaPower&Light, You want the Ole Ole chant to die, however u sing a stupid Mario Cristobal chant at the games. Babalawo knows everything...

CrazyCane, You might want to be a FIU fan because my curse will prevent UM from winninng a championship for years. On November 10, 2007, the University of Miami Hurricanes lost their final game at the Orange Bowl when the Virginia Cavaliers defeated UM 48-0 in the Hurricanes worst home shutout loss in school history. This knowing it was the the final year and I requested the OB to be properly honored.

Meanwhile, FIU will have my blessing, since FIU won their last game at the Orange Bowl against the North Texas on December 1, 2007 by a score of 38-19. They were without a win all season and had nothing to gain in this game except honor the OB. Well not only did they snap a 23-game losing streak but they gained my attention. Now, until UM decides to play FIU at FIU stadium the curse will continue. All of this while FIU will continue to improve and win over Miami.

Just look at the Dolphins after they abandoned the OB, even after I blessed them with an undefeated season. Why do you think they haven't been able to win a championship since? In that case all i asked for was for an apology from the Dolphins organization, which until this day they have failed to do.

Long live the OB!

What is a "Mario Cristobal chant"?


Mario Cristobal chant edited:


And then you finish it off with


First off congratulations to Yari on her fourth All-American award, she is truly a special talent and FIU was very lucky to have her play for us for the past four years. Also congratulations to O'Darris on his being a finalist for the Rudy Award.

Looking at the back and forth I have to agree with those that are for the Ole Ole Ole chant. So what if other universities aren't keen on it, this is our university and our tradition. We are an international university with deep ties to Latin America and Iberia. It is not "reffy," and I am sure the millions of people in places like Spain, Portugal, Italy and across Latin America would be insulted that simply because it is not typically American we automatically think it is second rate and trashy. Many of our students are first or second generation Americans, it is something they associate with and it is part of the character of our university.

I must side with FPL on this one. That ole ole chant only further proves how uneducated our student body is when it comes to football games. That being said, "reffy" was a poor choice of words. There's nothing Cuban about the ole ole chant, hell, Cuban's don't watch/play soccer. The chant is of south american origins (at our school), no doubt about it.

Although the chant is not my first choice, it does represent FIU's diversity. If the chant is going to bring thousands of fans to watch the game for the first time, it's fine with me.

There is something funny about this whole issue. Zombie nation was primarily introduced during the FIFA world cup in 2002, it became a college football staple with schools, noticeably Penn State, much later than 2002. So, should zombie nation played at Penn State be considered reffy as well?

There's plenty of great techno songs we could incorporate into our games to make them "ours". We can even throw the stupid ole chant as well. I really don't care, as long as FIU wins!

The Ole chant is stupid, plain and simple. All of you defending the Ole chant because we're an international university get over yourselves. We all know that most of our student body is from Miami and last I checked we can't even keep a soccer team in Miami so that's a null point. The Ole chant is a soccer chant around the world, so let's keep it that way. When I was at FIU our chant was F-F-I-I-U-U FIU, that's a million times better than Ole Ole Ole in my opinion, if you want to chant Ole then go to the FIU soccer games and you'll be right at home. I can't believe that we're even discussing this when we should focus on WINNING and not some stupid chant for a team that mostly loses.

LonePanther so "reffy" means it has to be cuban? Way to stereotype a whole community. As far as the chant goes I'm not a big fan and would much rather have something else, but who am I to tell those who enjoy it to stop.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the fact that "reffy" is derived from Cuban refugee. More specifically, recently arriving Cuban refugees.

Your question is almost comical. And for the rest of you overly-sensitive politically correct individuals, I am Cuban.

Ole Ole Ole Ole...F I U...F I U!!!!

At first I hated this chant...I thought to myself, isn't this America not some stupid third world country? What the hell are we doing chanting something people chant for futbol aka football (to the rest of the world)...I thought it was Unamerican to like soccer or anything to do with it, but then I actually started traveling around the world and realized how great soccer was & how ignorant we as a nation have been...Personally now I like the chant because it tells the rest of the nation, Hey Yes we are different down here in Miami and FIU...Yes we are open to different cultures...Yes we are International and think outside...Whoever doesnt like it or thinks it is stupid, only further shows how ignorant this nation can be towards people who are different...We are all Americans and bring are own traditions...Imagine the USA without California (Spanish named state with various spanish named cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, etc), Las Vegas (spanish name, open to anything), New York (melting pot), and Florida (Spanish name state again with Miami the gateway to the other Americas)? We would be an ignorant and boring nation...So whoever doesnt like the chant, I urge u to be open to it and experience the fun it can bring to the games...I want FIU to not care what others think...To think outside the box...To be proud of their ethnicity and different cultures...We are International....We are PANTERA NATION!!

Yarimar. FIU's greatest athlete as far as what she has done in her collegiate career. Correct me if I am wrong!

Pantera I hate to break this to you buddy but Miami isn't all that international. Miami just has a very big concentration of hispanics but that doesn't make it international. You want to see international come to NYC and you'll see what I'm talking about. People in Miami swear that Miami is diverse when it isn't, it's merely diverse for Hispanics. And before you go telling me that I'm ignorant, I've lived in both Miami and NYC and I'm Hispanic.

Mr. NYPanther,

you summed up my argument perfectly. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY for 18 years and when I came to Miami I didnt see diversity, I saw a bunch of hispanics. NY has hispanics, asians, blacks, middle eastern people, whites, and pretty much every kind of culture in the world.

Miami has cubans, cubans, venezuelans, columbians, cubans, and a tiny spattering of blacks and whites somewhere within the county. That is not diversity. Miami is anything but diverse. Just because it is a minority dominated city doesnt make it diverse. Using that logic we can say Alabama is diverse because it's white people are italian, german, french, etc etc, you get the point.

and for those that say "dont care about what everyone else says", sorry but we have to. College sports, especially college football, is all about image, especially the kind of image you put forth in the media. As much as people on this blog dont want to admit it, football is an american sport and the ole ole chant has no place in it. people in miami love to make other people follow their customs, but hate it when others try to make them follow theirs.

If americans tried to incorporate bands, cheerleaders, halftime shows and actual scoring and excitement into soccer games like there is in college football then the soccer loving population would cry.

Yes the majority are Cuban, followed by Colombians, Venezuelan, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Brazilians, Argentinans, various central american countries, even Mexicans~~~About 60% Hispanic

White Americans = 20%, Blacks 20%

Foreign Americans =20%, including Haitians, Jamiacans, other Carribean countries, Asians, and Europeans

The racial makeup of the Miami-Dade county was 69.7% White (20.7% Non-Hispanic White), 20.3% African American and Black (with a large part being of Caribbean descent), 0.20% Native American, 1.4% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 4.60% from other races, and 3.80% from two or more races. 57.3% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. In relation to ancestry (excluding the various Hispanic and Latino ancestries), 5% were Haitian, 5% American, 2% Italian, 2% Jamaican, 2% German, 2% Irish, and 2% English ancestry.[16]

Ny Panther u are ignorant to think Miami is not diverse. Just because white americans are not the Majority doesn't mean we are not diverse. I have met people here from every country including French, Italian, Germans, etc. Of course there are more Hispanics, but that doesnt make us less diverse. Yes in New York the Hispanics are probably not the majority and u see more of the other countries

Btw NYC has a population of 8 million compared to Miami-Dade County which has 2.5 million.

Now here is NYC's numbers: White Americans made up 44.1% of New York City's population; of which 35.1% were non-Hispanic whites. Blacks or African Americans made up 25.2% of New York City's population; of which 23.7% were non-Hispanic blacks. American Indians made up 0.4% of the city's population; of which 0.2% were non-Hispanic. Asian Americans made up 11.6% of the city's population; of which 11.5% were non-Hispanic. Pacific Islander Americans made up less than 0.1% of the city's population. Individuals from some other race made up 16.8% of the city's population; of which 1.0% were non-Hispanic. Individuals from two or more races made up 1.9% of the city's population; of which 1.0% were non-Hispanic. In addition, Hispanics and Latinos made up 27.4% of New York City's population.

Seems like more diversity in Miami even though in Miami the majority is hispanics and there is less Asians....All of this with the population not even half of that of New York City...

The real problem here is prejudice towards Hispanics...U say we have to keep the American culture...Well then should we still keep blacks segrated as was the Amercian Culture?You are ignorant and prejudice...

Funny how all these New Yorkers come to Miami to live, yet claim how bad it is here...Yes I love New York, but it definetely doesnt have the swagger and sexyness of Miami...About the Ole Ole chant, who really cares? Let people chant whatever they want to chant...Obviously that came from the south americans cause Cubans don't know anthing about soccer...

Miami isn't diverse? Are you kidding?

You think all Hispanics are the same?

We have large groups of people from every country in Central America and South America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Philippines, etc.

That's like saying NY isn't diverse, it just has a lot of Puerto Ricans and Europeans(you know, since all those European countries are the same, am I right?)

Pete... we need a new blog.


Pantera & FPL, do you both not know how to read? here's what I wrote: "Miami just has a very big concentration of hispanics but that doesn't make it international. You want to see international come to NYC and you'll see what I'm talking about. People in Miami swear that Miami is diverse when it isn't, it's merely diverse for Hispanics"

That means that as far as the hispanic community is concerned, YES Miami is very diverse, more so than any other city in the USA I'd say, however don't kid yourself into thinking that it's diverse. I saw very few if any of the following ethnicities: Asians, Middle Easterns, Mediterraneans, Europeans & Africans. So if being diverse means that you have most of North and South America in your makeup does that mean that all the other continents and ethnicities get ignored? By the way I didn't see these ethnicities in both the city of Miami and FIU.

Furthermore, when did I say that Miami was bad? I don't recall my saying that nor do I remember Alt saying anything remotely close to that, YOU (Pantera) did. It seems to me like you either confused me with someone else or just assumed/made up something else entirely. Second of all, swagger and sexyness? Really that's your counter argument? How exactly is that measured Mr. Pantera? I'm not even going to dignify that statement with an answer. Now I will ask you to answer me this, if you don't speak spanish in Miami then how do you get a job? Or even read most menus in restaurants? Why in a city that's so diverse if you don't speak spanish then you're essentially useless? I mean if it's so diverse you'd think English would be the dominant language and we all know that's clearly not the case.


You're saying that Miami is not as diverse as NYC, therefore, it's not diverse at all?

Your argument is utterly ridiculous. The great majority of the US is unlike the urban culture havens that are Miami, NYC, LA etc. Go to a supermarket in a small town in any state, I guarantee you you will probably be the only hispanic you will see.

Your last comment is laughable. Your definition of a diverse city is one that speaks english as a primary language? So by your standards, Pleasantville, South Dakota is more diverse than Miami?

Oh, and perhaps you should look up the definition of "international" before you start writing up your next absurd post.

"Miami just has a very big concentration of hispanics but that doesn't make it international."

Are you kidding me? Latin America is not one big nation, it's made up of several nations. If we're talking about two or more nations, then that's considered INTERNATIONAL.

LonePanther, are you serious? please don't insult both of our intelligences with your comments, I'm saying that Miami is diverse but only when it comes to the American continents, those being North and South America in case you're confused. As far as all the other continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia) it isn't, please tell me where those continents are represented in Miami's demographics. Furthermore it would make sense that in a diverse city the primary language would be English since not everyone would speak the same language (in Miami's case mostly Spanish) and would need one language to understand each other, or am I wrong about that too?

I would say that before replying you read what I wrote and then maybe you can come up with an intelligent counter argument. As far as your Latin America not being one big nation I don't see where I wrote that, perhaps you can enlighten me.


Here's FIU's Ethnic Enrollment as of 2008:

Asian 4%
Black (non-Hispanic) 12%
Hispanic (of any race) 59%
Native American 1%
White (non-Hispanic) 17%
International, Other 7%

Wow, so much diversity...we should rename ourselves United Nations University. You realize how only 7% of our University is international? All of those percentages are laughable, take out the 3 big ethnicities in the US (White, African American & Hispanic) and that leaves a very minute 12% (or 4,305 students out of 39,146) of our university that's so called diverse.

By the way, UF has a higher percentage than we do as far as international students are concerned at 9% (4,471 out of 49,629) That's more international students than our entire so called diversity. So please stop clinging to the International part of our name and get some facts before ranting about knowing the definition of international, perhaps next time you can look up the definition of a continent before addressing me with some ridiculous excuse of an argument and clinging to one word instead of reading everything I wrote.


First of all, I only speak English and I have never had a problem here (I am beginning to learn Spanish now not because i have too, but because i am open minded). I don't know where in Miami u have been but u must have only been in Hialeah or Little Havana. Go to Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Gables, Grove, Carol City, Miami Lakes, etc and im sure everyone there speaks English. Just because most people are bilingual here or even speak more than two languages doesn't mean they don't normally use English.

Btw I have been to New York. The only difference is that there is a section for Chinese and Italians. But to say that there is none here is absolutely ridiculous. You need to seriously go to different places in Miami, seems like u were probably only in Hialeah or Little Havana. I suggest u go to Little Haiti or Carol City and meet our Haitians and Africans. If u want to meet Europeans then go to Miami Beach.

I bet u are not even Hispanic at all. Sounds like u are just a white prejudice guy that hates the fact whites are not the majority and people speak other languages besides English. I dont know why people feel so threaten by this. Its great to live in Miami where every nation is represented. Btw if u want to see Muslims, Middle Eastern, Indians, People from Pakistan, Israel, they are everywhere (Come on have u ever been in a Taxi here or a seven eleven? lol)...Even there are more Native Americans here than in New York, just go to Miccosukee or Seminole Preservation...I dont know what other country is left? I think u didnt really leave your house while u were here in Miami cuz then u would realize your argument is ridiculous. Go back to NYC if u think it is that much more diverse. I am tired of all these New Yorkers always talking trash about Miami...Is it jealousy? And yes we are way more sexier and yes Miami invented swagger. Go ask Will Smith and he will tell ya why he loves this city so much... We are diverse especially with a Latin flavor...One time for my boy Chad Ocho Cinco, who knows something about this...

Miami is for sure in the top three of the most diverse cities in the United States. What more do u want? Yes it has a different feel to it than in New York, but that doesnt make it less diverse...

Oh and I cant believe u said UF/Gainesville is more diverse than FIU/Miami...The only thing diverse about UF is the people from Miami that go to school there...Actually it is the people from Miami that have brought that school up...But now that FIU is moving up, people will stop going to such a boring place like Gainesville...Where the majority is easy ugly white chicks...

The chant appears ridiculous because there are only 100 people doing it. IF and WHEN FIU begins winning games and actually fills the stadium then it will be cool and unique to a college football team. In reality any chant right now appears ridiculous because there aren't many doing it, now if 20,000 are doing it in unison it appears cool and not "reffy." Are the British soccer fans reffy? How about the Germans? Irish? Italians? Anyone?


You obviously don't know how to read. I've already stated that I am Hispanic, and for your information I speak both English and Spanish fluently. I also believe that I speak it better than you considering the amount of grammatical and spelling mistakes you just made in your previous two posts. Miami invented swagger? Okay, whatever that means...I know it has nothing to do with what's being discussed so stick to the topic at hand. Pantera you really need to learn how to read, I said UF (the university, not Gainesville) is more diverse than FIU (the university not Miami) I hope that clears things up for you.

I'd also like to make it clear, I have no problem with Miami and haven't been talking trash about Miami, as you so eloquently put it.

Im messed up?? LOLOL. i guess...

Living in Miami for 4 years has taught me something. People in Miami dont travel within the United States very much. Cubans dont travel very much outside of Miami or FL. Most, if not all, of the cubans that i've met (young and old) have never traveled anywhere. They either came from Cuba and never went anywhere or they were born in Miami and never traveled anywhere. Whats the point of this argument? That many of the people that claim that Miami is diverse have never actually been anywhere else and hence are in no position to make such an argument.

Im sticking with NYPanther and his argument. Miami is diverse, but mainly representative of Hispanic nations. That's not quite diverse. Diverse means having a wide variety of representation. Having a high concentration of cubans, venezulans, colombians, peruvians, etc is not diverse. At the end of the day all you have are a bunch of hispanics. Same argument applies for other people. Having a high concentration of italians, germans, british, and irish people is not diverse. At the end of the day all you have are a bunch of white people.

I really dont know where this argument started. I think we began with the horrible ole ole chant and somehow it manifested itself into this. lol.

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