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Adding to the Recruiting Legion

Former Illinois guard Alex Legion (right) is in the process of transferring to FIU which would make him eligible toLegion play for the Panthers as a senior in January 2011.

Coming out of high school, Legion was a 4-star recruit who was also the No. 11-ranked shooting guard in the nation. Apparently, he and Illini coach Bruce Weber had some differences. Legion was an original Kentucky signee before transferring to Illinois. Maybe his third team -- FIU -- turns out to be the charm.

Here's his bio from the Illini website: Alex Legion


Aaapaw Don't forget will have LIVE BLOG coverage of tommorrow's (Thursday) FIU/South Alabama hoops game from the Bank. We'll go LIVE BLOGGING at 11:48 a.m. for the 12 noon tip-off.


Gloriet Boyd: Pete why do you think Scott Bryant is so underappreciated? It is obvious that he's a phenominal player but just undersized... is that the reason or is it because he attends a smaller school? I think he deserves to be on the official 1st team defense in my own opinion.

PP: Scott (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) is a phenomenal defensive player, but he might be underappreciated by some, because of his Sb size. You are preaching to the choir here, I voted for him for 1st team defense.

Gooch7: Pete: Can FIU make a bigger effort in updating their athletic web page? its all about changing the little things..

PP: I will let them know and they are voracious readers of the GPP so they will read your comment here.

SouthPaw: Pete, what happened to Larry McCoy? Is he still on the team?

PP: No longer on the team. Nothing negative with him not being on the team, just had to take care of some off the field stuff.

PantherPride: Would Corey Ammons have to sit out a year? Or would he be ready to play come fall?

PP: That's being figured out, we'll probably know by spring ball when he would be eligibile.

Quijote: Pete, Who would be on YOUR realistic shortlist of Defensive and Offensive coordinators, considering our budget?

PP: The defensive candidates mentioned in the previous post have worthy credentials. However, there are some darkhorse candidates that might be available toward the end of the week. If they become so, then you'll have them here. We don't have the full list of DC candidates yet so there might be some other intriguing names.

Offensively, I think you can look at some Sun Belt coaches, who have plenty of experience running the spread that is so popular throughout the conference. Also, don't discount some coaches from successful FCS offenses and the same goes for defenses. For both positions, it's tough to really say who the best coach for the job is since we're not interviewing the guy. We're just going by what we read in their bios and stats.



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Who transfers to play 2 months their senior season?

I just hope who ever they do pick up for OC, and for DC can recruit well in the South Florida area. As unrealistic as this may seem I think picking up someone from a team like Rudgers that recruits like crazy down here would be perfect. After all they have played football for over 100 years.. My wish list for OC and DC, a coach that...
1)Gets the play makers the ball (and yes we do have at least 4 or 5 of those guys)
2)No more stupid penalties (ex. false start)
3)Recruits, Recruits, Recruits..
4)Creative game calling on both sides (not a good thing when the entire stadium know what the next play is going to look like).
5)Bring the same energy and fire to the team that Cristobal brings..


Thanks for the news on Legion...yet another transfer from a top team to FIU's basketball team. I guess no news on the UCLA transfer yet (Gordon?). I have to repeat....amazing how Isiah has been able to recruit so well so early on his FIU career....

>>>Keep focusing on UM. They love the attention.

It will be a good day when FIU worries about itself, instead of downing the team across town because they dont win a bowl game. Oh, its because FIU has never been to a bowl before.

Trying to be impartial here, studpid UM fans should not come posting on this blog because they shouldnt stoop down to this level, but a few FIU fans return the classless favor and use half their energy to bash in jealousy of UM. Both sides arent helping each other.<<<

Hey Jay, that's why it's called a rivalry. And btw Jay, 'which level are they stooping to'?

You're just another ucg apologist. Go be impartial at your grandmother's house...we need real fans here!

Pete, Derrick Clark was not on the team this year, will he be rejoining in the spring?

Pete is Edgar Theliar still on the team because i havent heard you mention him.

Pete,Scotty Bryant is a great tackler, lots of heart and cajones and great team guy but he can't cover receivers.He must have gotten beat a hundred times this year especially on third down.

FIUfan, it's really not a rivalry. How an FIU fan can think that I dont understand. Blow hot-air and bravado about it on this blog, but the facts are that FIU is not at that level and wont be on a long time. But there is nothing wrong with that, because it takes time to build a successfull program. I think Cristobal is doing an above average job and has everything onthe right track.

And the level i mean is that UM fans coming into a Sub-Belt board to smash a team that has been 9-27 over the last three seasons doesnt benefit them. I'm not a UM apologist, there just annoying for coming into this board and should have some class. But FIU fans have delusions that are unrealisitc as well.

"Real fans" doesnt mean I have to be delusional and waste half my energy on hating on the team across town with 5 national titles, all the tradition and success, and one of the best brands on college football.


>>>But FIU fans have delusions that are unrealisitc as well.<<<

What delusions are those jay? Perhaps a little perspective is in order for you. 10 years ago FIU didn't have a Law School, nor a Medical School, nor a Football team. You know why? A large part of it was that private university across town fighting and bad-mouthing us every step of the way. And I wish someone would write a book about the hurdles FIU had to undertake just to become a reality back in the '60's.

Some of us realize this and some of us don't (or are just ignorant to the facts). So yes, it is a rivalry in every sense of the word. And you know what, it's many, many times bigger than athletics.

Not sure how some folks can ignore the intensity with which each respective school dislikes the other. This sentiment naturally translates into a rivalry, whether officially or not is a different question.

I don't dislike UM all that much; I simply can't tolerate the school's arrogant fan base. I have to give Miami fans some credit though; no other fans are as consistently annoying as they are. I guess it comes with the territory.

Most of the UM fans haven't touch the UM campus in their lifes. They are bandwagoners.

Correction: UF fans are EVEN more annoying than they are. They are by far the worst fan base this side of the Mississippi.

I'm with Jay on this one. As of right now there's no comparison b/w UM and FIU as far as football is concerned.

I just wish we had actual U-NeverWentThere alums to talk with. I'm sure they'd be more courteous than the usual bandwagoners we have around here.

Jay, I'm not sure where your loyalties stand, nor do I really care, but it sounds as if you went to neither FIU or UCG. Is that so?

Happy New Year everyone.

Lonepanther, while real alums may be more courteous, why do many on here return the classless lack of courtesy with blind statements. Wasting time talking about UM, following their every move waiting for a mishap to laugh at, claiming to be the dominant team in town, etc. It's all delusions, and it is a result of FIU fans being very inexperienced. The team is very bad and in the beginning stages of trying to be competitive.

There is nothing wrong with being bad from the start, because thats what building is, lumps. But I feel like FIU fans that show arrogance and waste time hating on the team across town just need to relax. UM changed college football, is a brand name program with historical success. FIU is a very bad SBC team. Patience and humility as things start to incline are a better fit.

In this discussion loyalties dont matter because im just making an observation, not picking a side because UM fans should get the heck out of this blog as well and go to their side.

Here's a great article. Guess who was #1. Check it out.


Please pass this article to "Pedro" Garcia. If we thought SR was a bad coach IT is making him a genius.

Where are the IT recruits. He signed 8 players for THIS YEAR and 4 didn't qualify.

Where are the NBA starts "Pedro" promised us will be at the games?. Michael Jordan called saying he is not coming and Isiah's buddy, Magic, E-mailed stating he doesn't want anything to do with the Ex-Pacer.

Is there a local player on this team?. It's there a local coach on this team?. Oh I forgot, IT keeps recruiting at The Bilmore Hotel.


Oh yeah, because a newspaper in NY would in no way, shape or form be hostile towards Isiah.

Jay, you still managed to skip around my question.

Jonathan Ramirez did not play this year, is he still on the team

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