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Ex-UCLA hoopster to visit FIU

Former UCLA power forward Drew Gordon is expected to visit FIU soon as he tries to decide where he willGordon play the rest of his college career.

Gordon, who was the No. 15-rated forward in the nation in 2008, was recently released from his scholarship with the Bruins, because he and coach Ben Howland did not see eye to eye.

Gordon recently visited Notre Dame and will next visit UNLV today [Sunday]. Gordon would like to enroll in his new school by January so that he would be eligible to play by Jan. 2011 and not have to sit out an entire season. Wherever Gordon ends up, he would be a redshirt sophomore beginning in 2011.


Defensive back O'Darris D'Haiti is among the final 3 for the Rudy Award. He joins Brian Coulter Odh (Missouri) and LeVon Morefield (Akron) as the finalists for the Rudy.

The winner of the Rudy will be announced Jan. 11 in Orlando.


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Wow....thanks for the info, Pete, as usual. Landing him would instantly give us a big presence down low, which coupled with Dominique Ferguson, Brandon Moore, and whoever else we recruit (CJ Leslie? hopefully/) could give us a totally different and strong frontcourt....

Wow a pick up of Gordon would give FIU an instant front line like Fanatic said...keep working the machine Isaiah

How great of a pickup this would be... Looks like next year's team is going to be stacked with talent. I still hope this season can be salvageable, but that might be asking for too much. At this point I just hope the 2010-2011 athletic season will be an improvement, for the most part...

Program is a joke

Dan your momma is a joke...

I want to hear u say that in a few years when FIU, the New Sheriff is running the show...

had a feeling it was Gordon

Nobody answered my question about the All-American list? :/

When's the next home game? We need to get out there and help these kids defend the home court.

1500 lbs of nasty beef coming to the D-Line in the next class. 2010 will be a dramatically better football team. BOWL game or BUST !!!!!

Mens BB plays a day game on 12/31

Thanks Pike.

Pete, are we standing pat with or defensive coaches, esp. the DC? Why or why not?

Remember, having one of the worst defenses in D-IA should not bode well for your future. What's the thinking in the Athletic Dept?

Gordon would be an amazing addition and would give us that big presence that we need. Hopefully he likes what he sees at FIU and decides to come our way.

dan's momma is no joke. If you come across a 300lb unshaven beast like that, you'd better not be laughing.

Preseason baseball rankings came out today, I thought with the recruiting of Turtle FIU would at least be in the Top 40. Disappointed they are not.

Why is FIU baseball getting no respect while UM, UF, FSU, USF and FGCU are all in the top 40?

Because of recent history....not enough winning to warrant any ranking at this moment....

Can you imagine we win the conference tourney in BBall ??? Remember what Zeke said at the beginning of the year...growing pains, growing pains & long season this year, but he also said that the season comes down to getting 4 wins in the conference tournament.

Anything can happen. UNT might have laid an egg yesterday, but I think our high energy defense is going to rattle teams and give us a chance...

i heard dan's mom is our starting NT

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