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FIU vs. South Alabama LIVE HOOPS BLOG

Helmetlogo After 37 days away from home due to the 88th annual Farming Investors United convention taking place at the Bank, your Panthers finally have a home game this afternoon against South Alabama. FIU went 2-6 on the recent road swing and face a Jaguars team that upset then-No. 18 Florida.

Sa We're about less than 10 minutes from tip-off and we have a very friendly deadline today since it is a noon game so we'll be here until the final buzzer.

The last LIVE BLOG we had was of Shula Bowl VIII, so in case you forgot about our friendly, little blog reminders, here they are:

***So that the question is not asked 500 times during the LIVE BLOG, here are your viewing & listening options for today's game: 

Blog BLOG: Right here.

Tv VIDEO: Panther Pass at fiusports.com.

Radio RADIO: None

A few reminders for all GPP LIVE BLOGS:

1) The size of the LIVE BLOG window is at its maximum, but the way the blog program works by making the window larger it takes away the scroll button. However, you can still view previous comments by using your arrow keys.

2) There are only 25 spots to be an unmoderated commentator which allows you to post comments without my approval.

If you are 1 of the first 25 to log-on AND I think you will contribute some worthwhile comments then I will go ahead and approve you as an unmoderated commentator.

3) After the 25 spots are taken up, I then have to approve each comment from each reader. So if your comment takes a minute or so to show up it's because I'm busy, but I will eventually get to it.

Let's go blogging....


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Here's a great article. Guess who was #1. Check it out.


Please pass this article to "Pedro" Garcia. If we thought SR was a bad coach IT is making him a genius.

Where are the IT recruits. He signed 8 players for THIS YEAR and 4 didn't qualify.

Where are the NBA starts "Pedro" promised us will be at the games?. Michael Jordan called saying he is not coming and Isiah's buddy, Magic, E-mailed stating he doesn't want anything to do with the Ex-Pacer.

Is there a local player on this team?. It's there a local coach on this team?. Oh I forgot, IT keeps recruiting at The Bilmore Hotel.

Sour grapes? Seriously, anyone who thought this team would storm through the SBC Isiah's first year was out of their mind. He has signed some solid players, but we lack height and depth. Next year, when we won't have to play people 30 minutes a game, and we have some added height, this team will compete.

FIYOU2006= Hater of the year, when you become the head coach after national signing day you are not going to recruit anyone but JUCO's who might not be able to qualify. But you fail to mention the great recruiting class he is having this year and the Illinois transfer Legion who will be playing for us in two years. Pete Garcia is doing a hell of a job as an athletic director, which makes me proud of my Alma Mater.

Pete, good seeing Alex Galindo in the stands @ the South Alabama men's game. He told me he is playing in South America where he averged 29 pts, 10 boards per game. He told me that an Argentinian team is trying to lure him.

jcalexXXII, Why would you go after JUCO's that won't qualify? two reasons, either you can drive them down your administration's throat, (which hopefully won't happen under Dr. Rosenberg), or you can tell the media and blind-eye fans what a great recruiting crop he has. Have you done your research on Legion?. This is a kid NOBODY wants, he even tried to go to Europe, but he had no takers.

Besides looking for new jobs for himself what has "Pedro" achieved at FIU?

Pete wrote that the Athletic Office Read this column daily.

Hello FIU Athletic Office,
In exchange for making donations to the football program we would like am Experienced Professional Coaching Staff.

Thank you


Well FIYOU2006 Pete has helped take our Football team out of academic probation, has hired a great baseball coach in Turtle Thomas who is leading our team in the right direction, he has hired Isiah Thomas who is having a great recruiting class for the upcoming year and in the next couple of years we should be in the NCAA tournament, we made it to the 1st and 2nd rounds of the ncaa women's vollyeball tournamnet the past two years. All in all he has changed the landscape of the FIU athletics programs for the better and I'm looking forward to seeing how the next couples years transpire.

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