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Game 12: Florida Atlantic vs. FIU LIVE BLOG

Welcome to Shula Bowl VIII as your Panthers try to erase the painful ending to last season's Shula BowlFiuhelmet at the hands of the Hooters.

No need to rehash the 4th quarter of that game, you all know what happened.

It's a drying out FIU Stadium as we had some heavy rain just about 20 minutes ago (Jackie was right again).

I had to do a little janitorial work in the open-air press box -- which is a lawsuit waiting to happen when someone gets electrocuted when it rains. I had Ted Hutton take a photo of me making sure nobody gets electrocuted in the front row of the press box. You can check out Ted's blog for my cleaning photo.

Before we begin to find out who will carry the Don Shula Trophy for the next 365 days, here are some friendly LIVE BLOG reminders:

***So that the question is not asked 500 times during the LIVE BLOG, here are your viewing & listening options for today's game: 

Blog BLOG: Right here.

Tv VIDEO: CSS and espn 360.com. What channel is Comcast Sports Southeast? I don't know. Contact your local cable company.

Radio RADIO: 1080 AM -- the part-time home of FIU Football; 95.3 WRGP

A few reminders for all GPP LIVE BLOGS:

1) The size of the LIVE BLOG window is at its maximum, but the way the blog program works by making the window larger it takes away the scroll button. However, you can still view previous comments by using your arrow keys.

2) There are only 25 spots to be an unmoderated commentator which allows you to post comments without my approval.

If you are 1 of the first 25 to log-on AND I think you will contribute some worthwhile comments then I will go ahead and approve you as an unmoderated commentator.

3) After the 25 spots are taken up, I then have to approve each comment from each reader. So if your comment takes a minute or so to show up it's because I'm busy either writing down the previous play for my game notes, working on the FIU/Hooters notebook for Sunday's paper or posting on the blog at the moment. At that time, I am not able to publish what you posted, but I will eventually get to it.

Let's go blogging....


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Wow, we were outcoached one more time, you know the reason that FAU is beating us up, and we probably have better athletes, is because HS has a system and he recuits the type of players that fit his system, our coaches are living on the trial and error and and are stubborn with the play calling and the personel. That is leading at not been able to maximaze the players potential, and to under perform, I hope we get better coordinators and assistant coaches next year, if not we will have more of the same.
I know we will have a better qb, and better running backs, and the same excuse that our players are young and inexperienced, but in reality the young and inexeperience are our coaches.

3rd down defense was really bad. Attendance was even worse! Wow, I know it was cold, but there must have been 5,000 people there, maybe.

Bad year, 3-9. We were all hoping to improve on the 5-7 but things didnt go our way.

Let's hope next year our DEFENSE is much improved!


Is it a rivalry when the results are so one-sided?

BaltimorePanther - it is hard to use the excuse of young and inexperienced when you have 19 seniors on your team.

Looks like that sleeping giant which was allegedly awoken last year has fallen into a coma.

Go Owls! We own u FIU Panzies! We had a much bigger crowd an took your stadium over!

As many of us probably did, I saw a tremendously well coached Alabama squad take it to the number 1 team in the nation. Watching that game, I couldn't help but realize how sound Alabama is with everything they do. Not one player breaks their assignment. FIU is the complete opposite. The players are not inexperienced, the coaching staff just has no idea what they're doing.

I completely agree with Baltimore. MC is great and I love what he's done for our program, but unless he surrounds himself with an experienced staff, we'll never improve.

For once, I have to agree with CrazyCane. The sleeping giant fell back to sleep this year. Wow, what a disappointing season for FIU football. No excuses about injuries. No excuses about being young. No excuses about these guys not being Mario's guys. There is no doubt that changes need to be made on the coaching staff after one poor performance after another this season.

If I were Pete Garcia or Coach Cristobal, I would fire and significantly upgrade our defensive coordinator and offensive line coaching positions as quickly as possible. We cannot afford to have another season like this one. Utterly forgettable.

#1) What did u guys expect? Who is going to the game when the #1 and #2 team in the nation are playing, its cold outside, the art basel, our team has a losing record, FAU is irrelevant, and the start time of the game is too late when everyone is getting ready to go out like at 10pm...

#2) Miami fans are the most bandwagon fans I know! the Gators are good, everyones claims to be a Gator, when the Canes are not in the running for a national championship, the Canes Fans disappear...When the Heat suck, no one goes to the game...Or maybe it's just that everyone in miami just follows the crowd...Whatever is the hot thing to do that week, thats what people will do...

#3) Regardless FAU still sucks...Beating them would not have been a big deal anyway...Miami fans dont settle for little wins, they have to be BIG wins, if not no one cares...

#4) If next year FIU doesn't win the sunbelt, I say fire everyone...

HAHA. If FAU is irrelevant, what does that make FIU? Seems to me that the team who's home game drew only a couple of thousand people and half of that was made up of Owls fans and 2 different high school bands would be the one who is not relevant.

7-1 All Time. GO OWLS!!!

When you have 3 wins, isn't every win a BIG win?


Will there be any changes on the defensive side of this coaching staff? Is Coach Cristobal satisified with the Coaching staff? Is he aware that the on the field results have set the growth of the fan base back a year? Is Pete Garcia aware of how small time it looks when you don't have a band out there? Pete Garcia, are you satisfied with the growth of this program? Pete Garcia, the UNT AD just stated that he will not be satisfied with a 6-6 season next year at UNT, what will you be satisfied with? With the decrease in State Funds, how have donations to the program been, what is your plan to excite the fans and increase those donations because the on the field results are not working? Will you (PP) ever ask a question of the athletic department that is not sunshine and rainbows and how we (the fans) should be ok with this because they came after Don Strock (that was 3 years ago, it's getting to be an old excuse) and we have so many injuries (so do the other 119 FBS teams)? We just played a team without their 1st team SBC senior QB....and lost.

FIU Panther Fan- People do not donate when they are not proud of the program or team they are supporting. I will not donate to FIU and I am an alum because of: 1. I was treated like crap when I was a student there. 2. Everything is a facade at that university. They try to compete with the big boys and act big time without having anything underneath. NO FOUNDATION what so ever. They decided to play D-1 Football with no fan support and build a stadium thinking " if you build it they will come" A multi-million dollar mistake in itself not to mention from what I hear of the stadium it is not very well done. It will be interesting to see what happens with football at FIU.

This was another disheartening loss. For starters, as much as I would like our Golden Panthers to be on the same level as the Canes we are not there yet and we need to stop talking about them as rivals. FAU is a rival, and it is a rival that has dominated us. Until we can beat other SBC schools talk of going to the Big East or any other conference needs to cool off.

What annoys me the most is this. Last year our recruits were comparable to Boise State's, according to Rivals.com. The year before our recruits were considered comparable to Boise State by Rivals, and this year we have thus far out recruited Boise State. Does anyone think for a second that Boise State would lose to FAU? Troy, the only school that has out recruited us over the last three years, has dominated the conference. I appreciate that Mario is a great recruiter, but these kids need to start getting coached up or else all the stars in the world will count for nothing.

That's okay foxandfire. Just don't jump on the bandwagon when things turn around, loser.

I agree with some of the post on this blog. Being able to recruit is just one aspect of the job. Look, I am sure USC had a great recruiting class 3 or 4 years ago and guess what? They lost 4 games and are 5th in their conference.

Also, we need a reality check big time, FIU is not UF or FSU. Even when those teams lose people show up, FIU is a reflection of the city it is located in, it needs to win and then MAYBE, it will peak people's interest. And even if they can have a decent year, if it is a year that UM is doing great, then even still people will not care because their loyalty is with UM (even FIU students and alumni). I can't hear excuses anymore that there was a more important game on (UF vs Alabama) or it was too cold (are you serious?).

We need to find good coaches (not saying Mario is not, need 4 or 5 years to truly evaluate) but lets think outside the box here a little rather then trying to hire a coach that, how can I say, matches a certain demographic of the alumni, student body, or the city.
Get a guy who will discipline these damn kids to not jump offsides, have false starts, can't get off the field on third down, fumble, run wrong routes, and have stupid personal foul penalties

Arroz con Pollo, what a sorry excuse, when you are fan a real fan you go behind your team through heat and cold, 60 is not cold, I have been to football games at 12 degrees full up to the max 90,000 true fans.
I didn't like FIU at first when I transfered from UF, I was frustrated with the way FIU was run, the lack of sport, the lack of "college life" and pride to FIU, but I realized that since I was a Golden Panther, then that have to start with me and share it with others.
I am a proud Golden Panther, my degree is from FIU and I will support our program through thick and thin, my sons are just starting school and they are talking about going to FIU and like to watch FIU football with me.
Out team needs our support and our cronstructive critizism, if we don't demand more from our program as fans, donnors, alumni, student etc, then that means we don't care. We know most people in Miami are just bandwagon fans.
Things are not perfect at FIU, there is a lot of room for improvement, but we have to demand that improvement, I hear people complain about the game ethiquete at our games, if you know what to do or not to do, then teach your peers.
I takes a village to raise a child, it takes all of us to raise our football program, but the ones getting pay have to deliver and if they don't perform up to the job description, then they should be fired, that is common business. Don't feel bad about them, they are getting pay more than most people and they know what they got into.

Power&LIght - I am a looser becuase I wont support my undergrad school. I prefer to support my MBA institution because they treated me as a school is supposed to treat its students.

The point I am making is maybe FIU jumped a little too soon to Division I and building a stadium they can not afford. FIU will loose their D-I Football status next year unless they start averaging at least double their attendance from this year. Like I said interesting to see what FIU does with Football.

So who is your MBA school, fox? Are they coincidentally better than FIU at football? Sounds like you're another bandwagoner to me.

I agree with Jules, Boise would never lose to FAU. This is just a reflection of the inept teaching that is going on with FIU football.

The reason attendance sucked are 1. Art Basel and Art Miami events. 2. Weather wasn't great with chance of showers. 3. Game at 7 pm on a Saturday night during high season. 4. The Economy (don't agree, just look at UM's attendance). 5. Last but not least, FAU and FIU both SUCK and therefore nobody cares!!! Trust me, I'm in an MBA program with +/- 70 students and none of them, not a single individual, cares about FIU Athletics. I bet if I was at UM i'd see students wear team gear and go to the games. Until FIU teams start to bear fruit and start competing at a higher level with schools other than North Texas and ULL the attitude of alumni and students will not change. When I get together with friends that support UM and UF and they are talking football and I try to get in there and mention FIU, they laugh and ask if our team is still in Division II and if our mascot is an Owl. (I'm not kidding, I wish I was)

By the way, can someone tell me what the actual ratio of FAU vs. FIU fans was at the Cage?

I love MC, but if he doesn't improve this team next year then PG needs to make some hard choices.

No matter what, I will continue to support my alma mater.

Go FIU and Go Panthers!

HAHA...FIU fans didn't show up first and foremost because of art?!? So in Miami last night the choice was either FIU game or go look at art and all but a few thousand people decided to look at some pictures? Really? That is the best you can come up with. That is just sad. The problem with FIU is that half the people that go there are too busy rooting for UM to care about their team and the rest are so obsessed with becoming UM that they have decided that anything less isn't worth their time.

No foxandfire... you are a loser because you have an MBA and still can't spell "LOSER" correctly. And no FIU won't "loose" their status.

If you are interested in what they will do with Football next year, let me end your suspense - they will play Texas A&M, Pitt, Maryland, Rutgers and the rest of Sunbelt.

RLFIUMBA11, Not sure what the actual ratio was... but the visitor area had one full section of FAU fans with the rest being several bands.

And the home section had ppl scattered all over it, but the equivalent of 4-5 full sections.

So 4-1 I would say.

Was at the game yesterday, proud of how the FIU team played and especially #86 Joey! Can't wait till next year. We will get better! It takes time! GO FIU


Enjoy these times, because they are the best FAU will EVER have. You are overachieving with a DEAD LAST recruiting class thanks to Howard. His years, months, weeks, days...are numbered. In the grand scheme of things, quite honestly FAU as an institution is comparable to Barry to St. Thomas. FAU has ZERO recognition outside of South Florida...NOBODY knows who FAU is and nobody will ever know who you are. And if you're going to be naive and answer with a lame "same goes for FIU", you are terribly mistaken. We are the 10th largest public university IN THE NATION. We have a respected law school (highest passing BAR several times already), a top ranked international business school, a top ranked accounting school, a top ranked hospitality school, a medical school.... lol. We are nearing 150k alumni, double that of UM. Alumni chapters throughout the USA, frankly the only underachieving segment of our school is athletics and its only a matter of time until it catches up. True, its a shame our stadium is empty, but nobody in S. Fla likes a loser and that's what we are right now.

And when you hooties say you've just cleared up the land for the stadium, is that a trick question because there is PLENTY OF LAND CLEAR LAND available on your deserted campus. I think I counted one building that has more than three floors. lolol what a joke.

The bottom line is no matter how hard you Golden Panzies try- you will always be second in your city to Da U! We Own Palm Beach and Broward! Go Owls it was obvious the disparity between the two teams.
1. You have a high school band.
2. You have no cheerleaders
3. Your team sucked! The score should have been alot worse!
4. You have no fans= NO PROGRAM!!!!!!!

Just like UCLA is second to USC? That's fine... lol We have no problem with that rivalry waiting to happen. FAU will be second to nobody because you're in the Rat's Mouth.

1. Band will be back next year. Not that your 15 member band was making much noise, consistently drowned out by each one of the high school bands.
2. We do have cheerleaders, AND dancers. Our ugliest dazzler and cheerleader is still 10x cuter than your least ugly cheerleader.
3. lol can't say much here, we do suck. Not for long though.
4. If only 15% of our massive alumni base shows up, we'll dwarf your entire alumni. They'll show up once we start winning.

Look, you win the quality on the field argument for now...but this WILL change. One thing you can't win today, or tomorrow, is school significance. FAU - Forgotten ALWAYS University LOLOLOL.


Funny how for FAU fans beating FIU is such a big deal that they have to post on our blog...Shows how irrelevant u guys are...FIU had a horrible seanson, but hopefully we will improve...

Our goal is to top Troy and win the Sunbelt championship, year in and year out...Just like Boise State has done the last couple of year in the WAC...Thats the only way we will ever move up....

Yeah, FIU is the Harvard of South Florida. Oh please. Get over yourselves. I'm not going to bash your University. Both schools are perfectly fine places to get an education. But if you think people hold a degree from FIU in any higher regard then one from FAU you are fooling yourself.

Anyway, we are talking football here. Back on that topic, when is the future exactly for FIU? We keep hearing about it. We've heard about all of these great recruits for the past 4 years and yet it doesn't show on the field. Perhaps you should stop judging talent on how many stars some website gives them. Keep collecting stars next to players names on Rivals and we'll just keep collecting wins against you. FAU has actual football accomplishments. You have ZERO winning seasons. You talk about moving into a bigger conference and yet you've never had a winning season in the Belt. FAU has never had a losing conference record. Howard's "dead last" recruiting has won us a Belt championship and 2 bowl games. Remind me again what you get for winning signing day??

I cannot wait until 2011 when we open our stadium. That half built facilty of yours is the only thing your program has over ours at the moment. The minute that our place opens, that arguement dies forever.

LOL you're going to be counting lots of minutes - you don't even have funding in place!!! Its been delayed three times, you guys were supposed to be playing in your stadium this season.

Here's a better idea... since your FAU campus is really just a couple of small buildings and a vending machine with the old Pepsi logo, how about moving your campus next to Lockhart stadium! Just build a couple of small buildings next to Lockhart stadium. There, your on-campus stadium problem is resolved! Or are there not enough funds to move the vending machine?


Take that up your pipe and smoke it!:)

Wow... I never knew how RACIST hooter fans could be. You people coming on here are a DISGRACE to your university. Enjoy your win and enjoy the off-season quietly, watching bowl games.

Hey FAU, like it or not, WE ARE ALL DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY IMMIGRANTS you moron. Now you're going to tell me you're a native American, right?



You point to what Boise State has done over "the last couple of years". You do realize that they didn't just become good the year they beat Oklahoma. They have a long and successful football history. BSU has won National Championships on various levels and multiple conference titles in both I-AA and I-A. They have been playing organized football since 1932 and have a .709 All Time winning percentage. The point being that they have gotten to where they are by WINNING and not by just talking about winning. So far FIU's history is a fight against UM and a whole lot of losing. Boise State isn't a very good comparison for you. You keep talking about this great future but we have yet to see any sign of it.

FAUowns, you are aware the reason for bringing up Boise is because our recruiting classes have been rated as comparable yet we aren't winning. It is more of a case of our displeasure with the coaching staff.

Well, let me chime in with my observations (I am a student and fan of FIU):

1) Thank you FAU fans for showing FIU fans how to yell when your team is on defense. I wish our crowd would learn how to do that too. The presence of the FAU fans gave the game a real college atmosphere, unlike most FIU games (with the exception of the South Florida game last year)

2) Attendance was atrocious, and cold is no excuse. Sixty degrees is warm weather for almost any other part of the U.S. this time of year. Most Big Ten schools pack their stadiums during the snow/cold rain in winter, even against much inferior opponents.

3) I am optimistic that the team will improve next year with Wes at the helm. Paul is a great warrior, but Wesley Carroll looks like he brings more skills to the table. I wish Paul and the rest of the seniors good luck in their future endeavors. I know that you guys will win bigger battles in life than this.

Things will get better...For the time being, we just have to endure and believe in our team. Confidence will go a long way! Go FIU!

your comments provoke some very disrespectful comments from fans that do not represent FAU completely. Have you stepped back and read your own comments?
You are probably a cool guy, but behind a computer you are simply a jerk. I have some homework to do, so I can show you how similar both schools are.
4. if only 15% of your alumni would show up; it would outnumber our entire alumni?
wow man! Im gonna do some research about that.

Cabin001: you are a class act man!

It's embarrassing that they are in a temporary press box? ...O....k....

sorry that the temporary press box doesn't have Louis Vuitton couches.

FAU fans, please don't say both schools are FINE places to get an education.

I'd hate to break this news to you, out of the 11 state universities FAU has the second lowest entrances exam rates and GPA of all Florida schools... the only school that's worse is FAMU.

And out of the 11 state university, ONLY the high research level universities (UF, UCF, FIU, USF, FSU) are allowed to charge undergraduate tuition rate 30% above and beyond the other schools for education. T

he other 6 schools (until recently) were banned from charging extra which basically created a two-tier system (Tier 1 = High Research Level Universities and Tier 2 = the little guys)

PLEASE DON'T COMPARE FAU to any of the 5 High Research Level Univ.

I went to FAU for undergrad and currently attend FIU's law school. Guys, the schools are pretty much the same ...

But it doesn't seem to make sense for FIU fans to make all these bold predictions of future success when their program has accomplished NOTHING with a bigger alumni and student base, a new stadium(however, I'll take Lockhart over the cage, what a waste of $$$) and better facilities.

The Owls almost won the I-AA national championship and won back-to-back bowl games. There is no comparison in football success. FIU football fans should aspire for their program to be like FAU's, not hate on it.

Ya'll are just jealous.

Owl in enemy territory,

Haha u had to come to our Univesity to get a law degree! FAU is irrelevant, the game met nothing to us, but obviously it did for u guys...In Miami there is actually things to do, unlike in Boca...No one cares about watching two losing teams play...Miami fans are bandwagon fans, that is the only truth...

Sir, keep having those mental orgasms when you say those things about your school.
I feel like competing too tonight.
The arepas they sell at lockhart are much better than the ones they sell at FIU.

There's a reason you are going to FIU's law school and if you wanted to study medicine you could go to FIU's med school. Tell me, why didn't you choose the "pretty much the same" fau school of law? Good luck in your studies, hopefully you continue FIU's law school tradition of passing the bar exam on the first try.

Not all that jealous at all.


Sorry I insulted your vaunted institution of higher learning by saying it was a good place to get an education. You keep talking about moving into a bigger football conference, but from the sound of it, you should be looking to move back down since the Ivy League is I-AA.

I have good friends that have attended each school and I can safely say the two schools are fairly equal in terms of the education you will receive. Each has it's own strengths and weaknesses, but overall the schools are pretty similar.

Anyway, we are talking football here. Bringing education into this discussion is just a lame attempt to deflect the fact that we own you on the field!!

FPL brings in actual numbers and you come back with things your friends said. Nice. That's like me saying the following:

I have good friends that have attended each school and I can safely say THAT FIU is better than fau.


I have good friends that have watched both football teams and I can safely say that the two schools are faily equal in terms.

Except, wait, much to my chagrin the scoreboard says otherwise and so do most quantifiable measures of the academics of both schools.

You have a law school...good for you. When we start handing out Shula Bowl trophies for universities that have schools of law you will win. Nova Southeastern also has a law school. Perhaps you should play them next year.

What does any of this have to do with football?!?

I am sure that there are a number of areas in which FIU is better then FAU and visa versa. What difference does it make? I went to FAU, got a good education, graduated and a good job. I hope you got the same out of your college. I don't really care to argue about business or nursing school rankings. It is much more fun to argue about sports teams. Go ahead and be proud of your University. You should be. I believe I started off by saying I didn't want to bash the actual schools since both serve the public well by providing students with a fine education.

I have to agree with the press box negativity. One of the press guys wrote that its a lawsuit waiting to happen. Frankly after seeing redundant power extensions (which is a fire hazard in its own right) exposed to uncovered elements and occasional light rain, its really appalling that FIU permits individuals to work in those conditions. I can't imagine that place when USF and the media they drag with them was there... packed sardines come to mind.

Pete, any word on a finalized press box being ready for next season?

I am certain that there are many places in which FIU is better then FAU and visa versa. All I know is I went to FAU, got a good education, graduted, and got a good job. I hope you got the same out of your university. I don't really care to argue about business or nursing school rankings. It's way more fun to fight about sports teams.

Sorry about the double post. I didn't think the last one posted. I'm sitting here watching the Heat blow a 19 point lead and got distracted.

Any one can give me the words to that chant ....

"Don't want no bread, don't want no meat....."

What's going on with antwan barnes this year? Watching the ravens on MNF and decided to look up his stats. He only has 7 tackles and has only played in 6 games. Is he hurt again?


I have been keeping track of our friend Antwan since he was drafted. Having an NFL player represent FIU is exciting. But unfortunately as you've noticed, Antwan hasn't been playing much.

A few weeks ago he missed a crucial tackle on Cedric Benson that led to a touchdown and a Bengals win. Since then he has been inactive for most games and has even been overtaken by rookie Paul Kruger on the depth chart. The coaches claim that his benching is not due to the missed tackle. But they wont come out and say exactly why they have chosen to bench Antwan. Also, he is not injured.

From what I've gathered Antwan has picked up a reputation of being lazy. Some in the baltimore media have accused him of taking plays off and committing stupid penalties. While I cant say the first part is true, the second part sure is. Antwan has a knack for getting penalized, especially on special teams. As far as being lazy maybe we can blame that on the bad coaching of don strock and his staff. LOL.

Honestly though it seems that John Harbaugh and the ravens coaches dont like Antwan very much. He played a lot his rookie year when Brian Bilick and Rex Ryan were the coaches, but his playing time has been non existant since John Harbuagh took over the Ravens last year.

Antwan definitely showed what he is capable of last night. His name was thrown out there a few times, Jon Gruden had good things to say about him (I can assume he scouted him before the draft) and FIU got some national TV exposure. LOL.

I think that if the Ravens dont give him more playing time he should sign with another team next season. He is a free agent after this season and I honestly dont think the Ravens will resign him. He should sign with the Dolphins!! The dolphins need a good pass rusher. Lets start an Antwan Barnes to the Dolphins campaign. LOL.

alt7787: thanks for the info. I knew something appeared wrong with those stats especially after a pretty decent rookie year.

Hopefully his new team gives him a better opportunity.

FIU lovers. You guys are sick, we're talking sports and you're coming back with academics. All of you who have criticized and put down Coach Schnellenberger, please check your brains. This man is the greatest coach in the history of SF. MC will tell you himself, he won't be able to carry HS's jock strap.

BTW don't forget that for 12 years FIU had the distinction of having two proffesors who happened to be SPIES for Cuba.

No one has criticized Coach Schnellengerger. Everyone is well aware he is one of the greatest coaches and has clearly outcoached MC with lesser talent.

I'm not sure what you are trying to get at as no one has argued that.

BTW don't forget that for 12 years FIU had the distinction of having two proffesors who happened to be SPIES for Cuba.

Posted by: FIUnotbetterthanFAU | December 08, 2009 at 09:51 PM

What an idiot to bring up a point on spies, spies? Really? That's your argument on why FAU is superior? Spies? Had to be an FAU alum.

Pete, why is Ted Hutton still obsessed about anything FIU?. He has already make numerous derogatory comments about our stadium, even took a swipe at you....and in his latest blog about something else, he dedicates a good portion of his last section to diss MC, the stadium, and recruiting, more so than defending Weatherbie. I wonder if he also is jealous of you?

Mind you, we've had every SBC team come to FIU Stadium, and the only people...the ONLY people to make a point to criticize and try to minimize the stadium, are the FAU fans and their writers.

It's obvious that they have an inferiority complex over there. We should take it as a compliment. lol

Pete, you on vacation buddy? Tell us something...

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