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Interview with QB Dylan Favre....yeah, that Favre

Dfavre FIU is recruiting quarterback Dylan Favre -- Minnesota Vikings QB BrettBrett-favre-vikings Favre's nephew. Dylan, who owns just about every high school quarterbacking record in Mississippi, won his first state championship at St. Stanislaus High (Miss.) last week.

Dylan owns the Mississippi high school records for career TD passes, passing yards, total offense along with single-season passing TDs, single-season passing yards, single-season total offense and TDs accounted for. He also owns the national record for TDs accounted for. In other words, Dylan is pretty good.

Currently, Dylan is being recruited by FIU, Mississippi State and his uncle's alma mater, Southern Miss. Dylan was scheduled to visit FIU on a recruiting trip this Saturday, but will now come to FIU in the second week of January. But don't let me tell you all about Dylan, let's hear from him:

GPP: How did you and FIU start talking about possibly becoming a future Panther?

DF: I was contacted by [FIU assistant director of football operations] Jeff Malley to see if I was interested in FIU and I am. I spoke with [offensive coordinator] coach Bill Legg and he saw some of my film and he said he likes what he has seen. FIU wasn't ready to offer me, but coach Legg and I have been talking on a weekly basis.

GPP: Why wasn't FIU ready to offer?

DF: They want to get to know me more and I understand that. Your quarterback is the most important position on the field and you want to make sure you have the right guy under center or taking the snaps atDylan shotgun.

GPP: You were scheduled to visit FIU this Saturday. How come your visit was switched?

DF: FIU told me they are hosting the JUCO players this week and they don't want to mix the JUCO players with the high school players so we just moved the visit back to the second week of January. That's OK, I am not in a big hurry to make a decision anytime soon. Last week, I got more people to see what I can do on the big stage. We won our first state championship in school history. So I'm sure that opened up more eyes around the country so that more people got to see what I can do.

GPP: What kind of offense did you run in high school and what do you think of the FIU offense?

DF: We run the spread offense. We run the no-huddle all the time. I've seen the FIU offense on TV several times this season and I've talked with coach Legg about the spread he runs and they like to throw it around a bit just like we do. [The FIU offense] seems like a good fit for me.

Df GPP: I've read in several recruiting stories that some schools are a bit worried about your size. How tall are you and does that bother you that some schools make such a big deal about size?

DF: I'm 5-11, 190 pounds. I think it's completely unfair when people talk about how size makes a good quarterback. I don't see how 2 or 3 inches more is going to make you win ballgames. But you know what, I can't control how big I am and I'm not worried about it. I let my play speak for itself.

GPP: Have you played quarterback since you began playing football?

DF: Since I started in the league for 5 and 6-year-olds I have played quarterback. But I've also always played defense too. Even this year I played outside linebacker and free safety on defense.

GPP: How much has your uncle Brett helped you develop your quarterback skills?

DF: My uncle has always had his own season to play. But he did tell me to focus a lot on the mental part of the game, because that's what separates the good quarterbacks from the great ones. My offensive coordinator Stu Rayburn, who is the best in the state, has kind of worked with me since I started playing high school football.

GPP: Will your January visit down here to FIU be your first visit to Miami as well?Daz

DF: Yes it will. I'm very excited to get down to the FIU campus and Miami and check out the city. I've heard it's very nice down there. I don't know much about the city, but I want to see it for myself.

A big thanks to Dylan for joining us on the GPP. We'll catch up with him again after his January visit to FIU.


Apaw Congratulations to T.Y. Hilton (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) for making the All-Sun Belt first team. Anthony Gaitor, Brad Serini and Carlos Munera were named to the second team. Scott Bryant and Jonathan Cyprien made honorable mention.

Apaw Congratulations to Fomenter and NYCFIUFan for being our 1st and 2nd prize winners in the 2009Ty Win A GPP Blog extravaganza. Fomenter you can e-mail your blog to me and I'll post it. NYCFIUFan if you are in Miami you can pick up your 2009 Sun Belt Football Media Guide on Dec. 31 at FIU's next basketball home game or you can e-mail me your address and I'll mail out your prize.

Here are the final standings:



Fomenter (176)


NYCFIUFan (225)


FIU0406 (203)


CJ (228), FIU Fanatic (229), theINTERNATIONAL (236), Joel (261) 


SouthPaw (260)

GPP: 9-3, (203)


FIUPantherFan: Pete, Will there be any changes on the defensive side of this coaching staff? Is Coach Cristobal satisified with the Coaching staff? Is he aware that the on the field results have set the growth of the fan base back a year? Is Pete Garcia aware of how small time it looks when you don't have a band out there? Pete Garcia, are you satisfied with the growth of this program? Pete Garcia, the UNT AD just stated that he will not be satisfied with a 6-6 season next year at UNT, what will you be satisfied with? With the decrease in State Funds, how have donations to the program been, what is your plan to excite the fans and increase those donations because the on the field results are not working? Will you (PP) ever ask a question of the athletic department that is not sunshine and rainbows and how we (the fans) should be ok with this because they came after Don Strock (that was 3 years ago, it's getting to be an old excuse) and we have so many injuries (so do the other 119 FBS teams)?

PP: Yes, it was not a season to be happy about. We will have to wait and see on the answers to your questions. Trying to get MC to come on here, but he and his staff are in the middle of recruiting. I'm sure he'll join us when he gets a chance. When I have a chance to speak with MC we'll get to your questions Sr and if you want we'll even throw in some sunshine and rainbows questions as well.

quijote: Pete, any word on a finalized press box being ready for next season?

PP: Finalized press box will not be ready for a few years, because it is going to go on the north side of the stadium where the visiting team bleachers are right now. When the stadium is enclosed, then the press box will be on top of the new north stands along with more club suites. That is the plan. However, FIU does need to enclose the temporary press box, because it's not a good thing when rain is blowing in there and there are electrical wires all over the place. Almost lost my laptop last Saturday to the water.

FIU Fanatic: Pete, why is Ted Hutton still obsessed about anything FIU?. He has already make numerousDazzling derogatory comments about our stadium, even took a swipe at you....and in his latest blog about something else, he dedicates a good portion of his last section to diss MC, the stadium, and recruiting, more so than defending Weatherbie. I wonder if he also is jealous of you?

PP: Not sure about Ted's FIU obsession, maybe he got his car towed at FIU one time or maybe the vending machine at FIU didn't return his change?? Maybe he wishes the Golden Dazzlers were the Owls dance team?? Send him an email and ask him about it. That's Ted's favorite picture on the right.

I don't think Ted took a swipe at me. He just said that my credibility is out the window, because I think Isiah was a good hire and Ted does not. Not sure how you can judge someone's credibility on an opinion, especially when IT has coached 11 games and does not have his full complement of players or his first full recruiting class yet. But IT has signed some solid recruits for next season and is working on some of the top high school players in the nation, plus what could be a big transfer. More on that if it develops later this month.

pikedanny: Pete, you on vacation buddy? Tell us something...

PP: Not on vacation. If I go on vacation I will hang a sign (left) or post it on here -- like when I gave you guys that FIU football quiz last summer. Took a couple of days off after the football season ended on Saturday night, On_vacation then had a family emergency so that's why the GPP has been idle. But we're back and now you know more about Dylan Favre.



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What are the restrictions/parameters of the blog? Just looking for any direction and to play within the rules. Thank you.

Thanks Pete! Nice to see Isiah still working hard in the recruiting game.

hey finished in 4th place.. not bad... winning season (sorta... ) for me

Very nice interview with Dylan. His numbers are pretty staggering...63 passsing touchdowns (18 INT's), and 18 running touchdowns?!! That's 81 touchdowns combined!! However, I must state that the level of competition in Mississippi is nowhere near that of Florida's, and it appears he does have some pretty good wide receiver corps as well.

I read an article by a recruiting analyst stating that Dylan: 1) doesn't have the height. 2) Isn't particularly fast..runs a 4.8 40. 3) Doesn't have an amazingly strong arm either. But he wins and produces.

I'm very interested as to what new development recruiting-wise could be coming to fruition. Hopefully, CJ Leslie still has us being considered for next season's class. And hopefully, we get an early "Christmas" present next year for a commitment of class of 2011 star, Rakeem Christmas. Intrigued by the big transfer....

So, in other people's minds, opinions prior to something developing account to loss of credibility?...Hmmm...seems to me the loss of credibility falls on the other side here...

All I want for Christmas is a commitment from Dylan Favre! Come on down! You are going to LOVE it down here and you are going to have the chance to showcase your skills in one of the largest cities in the country. Build a legacy here!

we need the dazzlers to do our recruiting..

It would be great if Dylan came here. People can talk about height, or 40 speed, but the fact is the man produces. You don't win championships and put up record breaking numbers both in state and nationally without being a winner. Dylan it would be great if you came our way, and not many universities with FBS teams are located in media markets as large as Miami. You can help build this program, become one of the faces of what is still only a four year old FBS team, and in the process raise your profile in the seventh largest media market in the country. I wish Dylan luck, and hope to see him in Blue and Gold very soon.

can Dylan bring his uncle too..

If Dylan were to sign with FIU it would be another "big name" to add to our growing list of athletes and coaches. IT, the #1 baseball tandem in north america and dylan favre? That would be awesome! Granted the baseball players might never play a game for us and noone might care that our QB is named Favre, but thats still pretty cool. Imagine in like 2 or 3 years if Brett retires(unlikely lol) he could come visit his nephew at FIU!

On another note, as far as new coaches go, FIU should look into bringing Clint Hurtt back as our D coordinator. As much as I dont like praising UM, they had a great D Line this year and there is no doubt coach Hurtt had something to do with that. He is the D Line coach. He was here for one year and helped give rise to El Monstrou. Clint Hurtt for D coordinator!

Good spot alt7787, we need someone with that kind of experience.

Yea, I agree clint hurtt is a great recruiter as well.

Wow, having a Favre as our QB would be HUUUGGE!!!

If he comes to FIU, the school needs to take this opportunity and run with it. They need to market Favre like if he were up for election in 2012.

"Big name" is not always great. Just because he is related to Farve doesn't mean he is particularly great. Jake Medlock, who is already commited, is probably a better prospect than a guy who only has one offer.

And IT is recruiting well but we'll see how his in game coaching progresses. Overall, it's a good hire though, I think. And as far as Ted and Pete's blogs, their both biased to the school they cover, so the credibility thing is the same for both of them...Take what you can

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Thank you Pete for the article its a great honor!!

I am honor to tell eveyone that I have been nominated for the College Football Rudy Award!!! The way that you win the award in up to an online vote. So if you Want you can vote for me at www.collegerudyawards.com The deadline for votes is Dec. 16

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Thank you Pete for the article it is a great honor!

Got my vote in, good luck O'Darris!

Got my vote in.

Got my vote in too. Best of luck, O'Darris!!!

Just voted. Good Luck O'darris

Voted for you, O'darris...congrats on your accomplishments and your dedication to a better future.

OD - Great example of hard work and dedication. You will be successful no matter what you pursue.

I got you bro !!!

I voted as well. Congrats on all your achievements, buddy. You make us all proud.

Just voted, good luck O'darris!

g'lcuk OD, i voted for ya.

you have my vote OD

Congrats on the nomination OD! Def got my vote!

Just voted for ya OD, way to represent the school man. By the way great article Pete.

Got my vote!!! You know we could also call this the Rudeboy award. hahaha. i love jamaican slang.

Just read somewhere that Dylan is supposed to visit FIU this Saturday the 12th, can you confirm this Pete?

Big transfer to the B-Ball team? How about Gordon from UCLA...just a hunch. Am I warm Pete?

I voted for OD?

I voted for OD!

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