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OD nominated for College Football Rudy Award

FIU defensive back O'Darris D'Haiti has been nominated for the College Football Rudy Award.Odh

Here is why OD has been nominated: A Day in the Life of ODH

You can vote for OD here: Vote for OD

I know OD posted this info in the comments section of the previous post, but just in case you missed it here it is.


The FIU ladies received more recognition for their best season (32-4, round of 32 in the NCAA Tournament) in the program's 23-year history.

Fiuvolley Yarimar Rosa (no surprise there), Natalia Valentin and Jovana Bjelica (left to right in the photo) all were named to the Division I All-South Region team.

We should know within the next couple of weeks if YR receives her 4th All-American nod.


Yes, last week was the final football game for 19 FIU seniors. This senior class endured some tough seasons as the program won 9 games in their four years.

Bryant Would like to take this time to acknowledge a couple of seniors -- who were called on to speak after every game and at just about every practice -- for their cooperation the past 4 seasons. As the face of the defense for 3 of his 4 seasons, El Oso Scott Bryant (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) never turned down an interview and always spoke even when a lot of times thingsPmc were not going well with the program. Same goes with Paul McCall, (right, thanks AJH photo) who as the offensive leader the last 2 seasons, plus 1 game, always talked after a game regardless of how tough the game was and as you saw this season PMC took a beating.

Having the privilege to work in this field, covering and writing about professional/college teams and athletes, I can tell you it is not the norm for athletes (more so pro athletes) to face the music when times are tough or when there is a lot of losing. However, SB and PMC were always stand-up guys and always spoke whether it was a win or loss.


Apaw With 55 days until National Signing Day, we'll start our recruiting outlook soon as we breakdown your Panthers position by position.

Apaw Fomenter: Pete, What are the restrictions/parameters of the blog? Just looking for any direction and to play within the rules. Thank you.

PP: No restrictions or parameters. Just keep it clean language-wise and have fun.

NYCFIUFan, your 2009 Sun Belt Media Football Guide is being mailed out on Friday. Enjoy!



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Great job OD you do us proud. Voted for you multiple times!!!!

great post pete... thank you to SB, PMC and all the Seniors.. you all helped lay the ground work for what hopefully will become a strong mid-major (major eventually.. like 10-15 yrs down the line *not saying, just saying*) team. PMC special thanks to you man.. you this year may not have had your greatest QB year.. but no1 can ever question your heart.. you are a warrior out there took a beating... practically looked like the bionic man w/ all the braces... and still kept coming back for more and laying it all out on the line (diving over 3 owls says alot). SB you took over records at FIU.. the heart of the D for a long time i hope your passion transfers over to the young guys coming in.

good luck to PMC, SB, and all the Seniors in the next stage of their lives

I think MC has the ability to pick up another good group of recruits this year, and as for the 17 True Freshmen's that played this year they can only get better with another year under their belt.

I have to agree 100% with the UNT Athletic Director about not accepting another season under .500 We can be 6 and 6 next year but you never know. Some key players really have to step up way more then they did this season.
Ex: Defensive Line, Offensive Line..

MC go and get us the Top Recruiting class in the Sunbelt..

Go FIU!!

BTW: We may never find a tougher QB the Paul. Even when we were down by 1000points on games that anyone would have given up he played at 100%.. Wish you all the best!

That's true. Paul was the man! he actually had a better season this year than last year. Slightly, but improved. Imagine if he was the starter from the get-go in 2007? ahhh..

Thanks to OD, Scotty B, Paul McCall!

As leaders you made us FIU fans even bigger fans. Im looking forward to next year and the 100% Mario Cristobal team we will now have.

One thing is true.. The excuses are out the window next year. No more we are young team, or we needed to give MC some time. The time will hopefully be next year. ANYTHING under 6-6 will require for mayor changes. I am personally a MC fan (specially his recruiting skills) but we simply need to win some games next year, and it better be more then 5!!

I agree with Gooch, no more excuses next year.

Congrats to all the seniors and I wish you guys the best.

ANYTHING under 6-6 will require for mayor changes.


We don't need to change the mayor, its not his fault. lol

Big transfer to the B-Ball team? How about Gordon from UCLA...just a hunch. Am I warm Pete?

Well interesting josh...Drew Gordon, the 6-9/240 starting Center for UCLA, was averaging 11.2 points and 5.3 boards a game until his leaving was "announced" just this past December 1. Let's see what happens..

I wanted to thank you all for the support through and after the season. Pete thanks again, and to all the FIU fans I am sorry for the year that we all endured but one thing I can promise you is that Those men on the FIU football team will provide you with every bit of strength they can and I know it will show up in the stat sheet sooner rather than later.

Thank you all again.

OD, you're story is an inspiration.

Scotty "El Oso" you're all heart. Thank you for your leadership.

PMC, FIU owes you an eternal debt of gratitude for the physical beating you took in the name of our Panthers. They couldn't keep you down. You got back up every time. I recommend the Athletic Dept. institue an annual PMC Warrior Award for the player who displays the warrior-like commitment you exhibited during your time as the Panther QB. Your legacy will endure PMC.

To all the seniors, thank you. You are all permanent citizens of The Panther Family and welcome anywhere Panthers roam.

FIU Fanatic, ya man I mean I don't see IT taking anything but a big, especially a Center in the form of a transfer. It will allow our guards and hybrid forwards (Ferguson) to create mismatches and play to the fullest. Next year we have three bigs coming in in Frederick, Moore (transfer from Ark) and Ferguson, still need height and a true center to be elite.

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