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Legg Leaving; Galiano Going

Offensive coordinator Bill Legg is leaving to be the offensive line coach for Marshall.

Defensive coordinator Phil Galiano's contract will not be renewed.

So your Panthers will have a new offensive and defensive coordinator next season.

Legg will now be 30 minutes from his home and closer to his family.

MC said: "Coach Legg's contributions to FIU are greatly appreciated. He's made a great impact which we will take from here. He will be closer to his family. It was a tough decision for him."

MC has several candidates for the offensive coordinator position, but chose not to comment on any names. MC expects to have his new offensive coordinator in place soon.

MC did not have any comment regarding Galiano.

These are the first of what might be several changes to the FIU coaching staff this off-season.


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When your OC is leaving to be an o-line coach for MARSHALL, you know you suck.

oh wow, i knew there were going to be some changes. Maybe this is a good thing!!!!


Your shot is soo uncreative.

Three things you can count on in life:

Cane Fans being obnoxious, hateful, sub-human

Kinda disappointed with Legg, but unfortunately Marshall is a better option for him considering its in his family's backyard.

NOT disappointed with Galiano, this was way past due.

So next year we'll have a new QB, best players are returning, New OC and DC. If we don't go bowling or at least have a .500 season, I think Mario's seat will be pretty toasty. No more excuses.


Good...Im glad they are gone, they did nothing for FIU...Now we can get some real coordinators that will take FIU to the next level...

Mario Cristobal,
FIU stands by u!!


How else do u think FIU will move up? We had to get rid of the trash...Its time to bring in some real coordinators...

this is very good news.

Im sure Galiano and Legg are good people and have had success and will have more success other places, but it just wasnt working at FIU.

I read this as the heat being turned UP on Mario. Changing your two coordinators is usually the last step you're asked to make before you go yourself if wins don't start coming.

The honeymoon period is over. Prized recruits dont mean a thing when we get whacked by teams full of no-star players (FAU, Toledo, etc).

Lets not forget that as FIU alumni our love is for FIU not any one coach.

Here is to Mario, FIU and a great 2010

no comment on PHIL? you hired him, you guys go back to being GA's at rutgers together and no comment... Stay classy !

this is a good move, galiano is a good guy but we need experienced defensive coordinator.

I'm somewhat surprised that Legg would go from being the offensive coordinator at a Sunbelt school, to an offensive line coach at a CUSA school. I guess being closer to home was a huge deal for him.

I'm sure Galiano is a nice guy, but I'm relieved that he's gone. Best of luck to him.

Lets get some talented coordinators and a good coaching staff around Cristobal. Go FIU!

I was kind of surprised that Legg left, but he is very good friends with Marshall's new head coach and it is closer to home, so that doesn't really surprise me too much.

On the other hand it was nice to see Galiano get the boot. I am sure he is a nice guy, but he just wasn't performing. I hope we bring in a couple of guys that not only raise our game on the field, but can also aid tremendously off the field.

This is good news, I hope we get the right coaches for the job.

Extremely sad about Legg. For the first time in school history our Offense out produced our Defense. Other then 2 or 3 games the offense always put up some OK numbers. I think Legg was the "right guy" for FIU but I do agree that Galiano had to go! MC just needs to take a coupl of days away from recruiting and put back his staff together. Who know we might end up getting a coach from the Gable's area.. Or maybe we still one from the Boca Raton area. In the end they have not out recruited us but they sure have out played us.. Im still thinking that with our freshmen and sophmore of this year we can make some damage next year. I think 6-6 but I will always hope for more!

Go FIU..

Fantastic news that Galiano is going. Hopefully he can find a good position coaching job somewhere. He clearly wasn't getting the job done at FIU, and we need a SIGNIFICANT upgrade. Our defensive schemes this past year were garbage. In short, our defense was offensive.

As for Legg, he was definitely better than our last OC, but I still never felt like he was hitting on all cylinders. It took him way too long to open up the playbook and get creative, using our athletes. I give him a "C" and wish him good luck up in cold West Virginia.

Our offensive line coach should be updating his resume now--he needs to go next. Good moves for FIU. The replacement hires will be even more important. Hopefully Mr. Garcia can open up the checkbook and invest for the future. Mario still has a chance to do something special here and make himself a wanted man when BCS schools start looking for replacement head coaches in the coming years.

SouthPaw- you keep living in delusion-ville my friend.

alls well that ends well

This marks the beginning of the end for Coach Cristobal. While Legg's friend Doc Holliday got the Marshall job, you don't walk from being an OC in Miami to become a line coach of the Thundering Turd after just two years, regardless of family, without making a loud statement. The statement is that he knows that Cristobal can't and won't get it done and he needed to get out while there was an opportunity. Coach C talks and dresses like a successful coach but he lacks what it takes to lead a D1 program, much less arouse a sleeping giant. Let's face it, based on his previous experiences, he hired the coaches that he thought were right for the job. After two years, he's fired one and the other one has quit. If you played at West Virginia under Rich Rodriquez or Don Nehlen and you were offensive coordinator at a Big Ten school (Purdue), I'm sure it doesn't take long to get past the talk and recognize that there's not much football substance. I may be way off but I'm thinking that Mr. Garcia probably is also recognizing that he only got energy and enthusiasm in Coach C, not the X's and O's that are required.


You may be right, we'll find out this year. Our biggest issues with the program during the last couple of years has been:

1. Defense
2. O-Line
3. Offensive playcalling
4. QB
5. D-Line
6. Special Teams (corrected this year)
7. F'IN BAND!!!
8. Cristobal
9. Secondary (Even with Gaitor, still plenty of blown plays...probably more a result of DC since we do have talent in that area)
10. Student section lol

As noted, Special Teams was corrected this year. Now OC and DC are gone, we'll have new coordinator talent next year. Additionally, we'll have SEC stud "Wesley Tebow" as Pete likes to call him. If we continue to stink it up next year, Mario would be the next focus point from that list. A .500 season, while a disappointment in my eyes, would probably be the bare minimum for Garcia's approval. I want to go bowling already, which is possible due to the Belt's increase Bowl participation. We won't beat Troy, but 2nd or 3rd in the conference MUST be an objective.

I know Mario is probably demanding conference championship, but honestly Troy is looking like a solid, long term program. They do get blown out against powerful out of conference teams (like UF), but I think they'd even take C-USA title...heck they'd even make noise in the god awful ACC. They won't beat their conference's powerhouses like VT or Georgia Tech, but I'm sure they'd more than compete with the conference's weaker teams like UM, Maryland and the Wolfpack.

To those of you downplaying Marshall, they're fresh off a bowl game this saturday...
Good riddiance to Legg & Galiano. I would have liked to see a couple of more seasons of WC under the BL offense, but new is good.
Now MC, go get the best guys out there. Lets get a running start onto 2010.


The people on this blog have no idea what MC and staff have had to overcome since walking into the US Century Bank Arena in 2007. Last year was not good but again it is part of the growing process- I love that FIU fans demand a 6-6 season when you still play the likes of Pitt, Texas A&M, Rutgers, Maryland (bad year but will be improved and is still ACC).

The half finished stadium illustrates exactly what MC and company are dealing with- an athletics program that is trying to do as little as possible yet still hold the D1 title. They want to win while doing only the bare minimum. Pete- Are the offices and weight room even finished?

Remember too this will be MC's first year of having a full 25 man recruiting class- finally no more sanctions! But yet we still demand a bowl game. This isnt FAU- we have NEVER been any good. They won at FCS level! We have NEVER won. This isnt like the other building projects in college football- MC and others often compare it to Rutgers but Rutgers was in the BIG EAST not the SUN BELT!!! Vastly different conferences and too they had been playing football for over 100 years!!!!! Essentially there is no comparison.

This building process is among the most unique in college football history- MC is the ONLY man that could make this thing work. And if he does- dont worry he will be gone. Making real money at a real school! If you can win at FIU you can win anywhere!

The impetus of my post was to point out that Legg, considered a good young football mind, chose to leave a program after only two years to take what many would view a considerable demotion. While I would agree that any head coach needs more than three years to implement his program with his players, Legg's departure sends a loud message that he doesn't believe that Cristobal has what it takes to get the job done in year four or five. This is mere speculation but you can believe that Legg didn't spend five years at Purdue and years at VMI and Eastern Illinois only to spend two years in Miami before discovering how much he missed his family.

Sounds like PantherNation has an axe to grind with FIU.

Panther Nation,

Your ramblings are exactly what fans are getting tired of. There always seems to be an excuse, whether it be the stadium, the weight room, the conference, etc etc etc. There is a reason why we are in the SunBelt, and not the Big East. Right now, our conference slot represents our program. We EXPECT to see results, regardless of our weight room being the best south of Tuscaloose, or being the worst west of Killian High School.

ACCOMPLISH FEATS WITH WHAT'S GIVEN (which frankly is not that bad!!!)

Well you have a point fiufan when you say:

"you can believe that Legg didn't spend five years at Purdue and years at VMI and Eastern Illinois only to spend two years in Miami before discovering how much he missed his family."

But let me ask you this, if he really left because it sucked here, why not go to a much better school? You can't expect ME to believe he loves being Marshall's O line coach...

...unless of course, he REALLY does want to be close to home and his family.

Just something to think about.

He went to Marshall because of his relationship with new Head Coach Doc Holliday (it's a WVU tie). It was, I'm guessing, his only out, and the family thing is simply a smokescreen. I doubt too many schools were lining up to bring in a OC from a team that struggled as mightily as FIU did. I stand that Legg decided to cut his losses and get out of Dodge before next year's big ax falls. Again, nothing more than speculation..........

"They won't beat their conference's powerhouses like VT or Georgia Tech, but I'm sure they'd more than compete with the conference's weaker teams like UM, Maryland and the Wolfpack."

Really? Get a clue man, your ignorance is showing. Go back to being the best football team in Miami who is not The U or any 6A thru 1A High School football team. Yeah, that means maybe you beat the Suniland SunDevils.

I still think that Legg was invited to leave. Who would leave the coordinator position for a subordinate position coach? Given the offenses performance in the last game v. FAU and his inability to get T.Y. involved in the offense basically all season long, I think he really underperformed in his leadership roll.

We have freed up a bunch of money that we don't need to spend on these underperformers. Let's get some new hires in here and give the recruits someone to get excited about.


If you actually managed to read a post in its entirety, that guy wasn't talking about FIU beating those teams, he was talking about Troy State. I think the average FIU fans know we're not the best team in Miami or let alone South Florida.

Pete: Can FIU make a bigger effort in updating their athletic web page? its all about changing the little things..

I hope that FIU takes the next 8months to think about how they can get more fans to come to the games. Next year we might open up with a Sunbelt Team (great idea). That means we have a 50% chance of winning!! Its not Alabama, or UF.. We can actually win our first game. Why not have 18,000 people inside the Cage?

Panther Nation is 100 % correct in his analysis. As an administration you can not cut corners and expect to build anything. During the building process you have to have a concrete plan to lay the foundation in pure concrete. There appears to be no layers underneath FIU. Compared to other programs you can cut the budget and trim fat and there is substance plenty of substance left over.

I would be curious to see FIU's 5 to 10 year plan for athletics that was etched when the began to make their investment in FIU Stadium. It appears to me besides the vocal few on this board, there are not many FIU fans or students who really care. All talk about the BIG EAST is ridiculous. FIU needs to worry about how to maintain a D1 football program first.

FIUFan says "I still think that Legg was invited to leave. Who would leave the coordinator position for a subordinate position coach?"

Now there's some sound logic. You essentially announce the firing of your longtime friend and colleague (Galiano notw renewed) and you cover up the firing of what amounts to a two year acquaintance (Legg)???? I don't think so!

Until the AD and the Alumni Association don't create a plan to get boosters in the program, FIU will continue to be a mediocre team. We need money and a lot of it!

Here you go '751 http://www.fiugoldenpanthers.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1185

As you can see, this story broke on a site called 'footballscoop.com' and was posted to our message board. The Herald (PP) then posted the story (I assume after checking with sources).

Therefore both moves have been brewing for some time (not sure why the Herald is always getting 'scooped' by other sources). Also, PG could have informed Legg and Galiano of his intentions weeks ago giving them time to find other positions w/o the stigma of being fired attached.

Now that PG might be ready to pull the trigger on one or both of these positions the news is being allowed to leak.

In any event, I was not very impressed with our performance on either side of the ball; were you?

You hit it on the money FIUFan, I'm sure both coaches were being replaced. Both units were a disgrace to watch. Only thing i sympathize with Legg on is that he didn't have T.Y. healthy all year long. At the same time, when he had him healthy he wasn't creative with offense.

I just hope they make great hires at these vital coaching positions. GO FIU!!!

Happy Holidays to my FIU Friends.

I would like a couple of our most knowledgeable fans to spend a few hours comparing our roster with the conference winners roster and advise us where he thinks we need to improve.

Then I would like someone to compare our coaching staffs with a few others - years experience at each coaching position, NFL experience, and where he thinks we need to upgrade.

PP wrote in the Herald "These are the first of what might be several changes to the FIU coaching staff this off-season." Considering PP writing style he is telling us that we will definitely see some new position coaches.

Pete G. has spent countless hours working on this and I have trust he will also replace a few of the position coaches and we will see a more experienced coaching staff next year.


Quijote- you EXPECT results at a place that has NEVER produced results. The school is second class the entire way around. Besides the vball team name something that is successful at FIU. The entire university is growing and trying to establish a name and tradition. Yet YOU EXPECT results- ok

Produce results with what you are given... wow
Lets have recruits come to games that no one comes to, sell your program when your stadium isnt completed- last i heard they still dont have a finished weight room to work out in. But produce with what you are given. I think they have already done that- given nothing and still showing improvement. Heres a dollar- now go buy a house... ok

I agree with your assessment Mike in that there will be more coaching changes. Not because PG has coaches in mind per say but because the new Coordinators will want to bring in as many of their guys as they can negotiate.

So these interviews are going to be for a group of coaches on each side of the ball. Whether many/any of the current coaches stay, remains to be seen.

p.s. i'll get back to you on that position by position analysis. lol.

Hey Panther... I didn't expect much during our first year in Div 1. However this isn't our first, second, or third year anymore. I expect improvement, and I don't think .500 is asking for a lot... especially considering when our friends up north have much worse facilities and recruits yet have consistently steamrolled us and have gone bowling twice - winning on both occasions.

This is exactly the kind of stuff I'm talking about. If we keep complaining about our overall shortcomings, we will never succeed. I'm hearing the same "be patient" remarks since our first year, and we've come a long way since then...with the exception of our actual record.

The fans are right to expect more.....however as someone state above go buy a house with a dollar... FIU should have invested themselves building a program that warrants a D1 status and a stadium. Instead they are trying to climb MT. Everest without the proper equipment.

I would not say FIU is a second class university, instead they have fallen victim of "trying to compete with Jones'" with no foundation to build off of. I think PG has done miracles with absolutly nothing but now you are either all in or not in at all and I have yet to see anything from the university that says we are all in.

People may say the stadium was the commitment chip and to some extent it is however the plans should have been a completed stadium or a fixed time table to have it complete with funding in place. This is a huge gamble that could explode in FIU's face. A novel concept would have been to build a team and a fan base that warrants a stadium and then build the stadium. FIU's athletic department solely relies on student fee as " revenue" and that can only last so long.

The Herald is getting scooped because instead of journalism, we are getting FIU PR releases.

To Ben and Panther Nation, FIU spends the most money on its athletic program than all the other football playing schools in the SBC. No one is asking them to beat Alabama, but you know, beating ulm which has 1/3 of the budget that we have is not that high of a demand. Give me a break, the time for excuses is over. Oh, you don't know what a horrible guy that Don Strock was, oh that incomepetent Rick Mello he just left everything in shambles. That was 3 years ago. What happened to "Those Days are Over Son" or should it now be "Because of those days, you fans should never expect us to win." The student fee can not "only last so long" what do you think is going to happen, is FIU going to suddenly lose students? Are they going to suspend the fee? Could both of those happen, yes, but it's not likely. Because of those students, this is the best funded program in the SBC (football wise, Denver is funded better), because of those students this is the highest paid coaching staff of the SBC, this is the highest paid administration in the SBC. Yet we shouldn't expect better, give me a break, that's insulting as a fan base. I never expected to see excuses coming from people who back up PG & MC, they are both result oriented and if they are not hurting more than we as fans over what happened this past year I would be surprised. The firing of Galiano shows that they are and that they too expect more, at least that gives me some comfort. Go F I U!

"The Herald is getting scooped because instead of journalism, we are getting FIU PR releases."

True. Why not ask Cristobal a difficult question for once, or get a comment from Legg. That would be interesting.

Canes fans, stay off this board. Show class and stop dipping into FIU blogs its degrading to yourselves to react to such an inferior team.

I think everyone forgets that FIU is really poor. The bad economy coupled with a terribly funded public university system is badddd for FIU. Plus I dont know what our Alumni giving rate is, but Im sure it's terrible. I graduated two weeks ago and during the ceremony President Rosenberg kept pleading with us "Give back to FIU", "Dont forget about FIU", "Come back to FIU", etc etc. I dont know if our past president, Molestor Madique, gave graduates the same speech, but Im glad our current President did.

Im already a member of the Alumni Association and I have full intentions of giving back to FIU. For those of us here that are FIU alumni and do not give, please do. You dont need to give $10,000, $10, $20 is better than nothing. If 50,000 alumni gave $100/ yr that would really help.

I agree with that alt. Rosenberg's speech was very motivating. He did a good job letting students know what they should do. I too gave not 10000 but $25 when i was randomly called by the althletic dept.

Hey big man, Jay. If FIU is such an inferior team, why is the might "U" afraid to play us? Don't come back until you have a legit answer to that one.

FIU is the uppercase "U" and UM is the lower case "u". Time to wake up.

You are all illusion about FIU competing with UM in anything right now. UM is a top tier university and FIU is not there yet. Any other claims about FIU are irrational. FIU needs to focus on giving their undergrads a QUALITY experience and that my friends has not been happening at FIU for the past 30 years. The new President understands that and thankfully he is trying to fix it.

Until then FIU backers should aspire to be at UM's level.

Ben Leving, you can't compete with someone that won't play you. And don't run away from the real question--why is UM scared of FIU?

If you think UM's education is superior to FIU's, then you should change your name to Ben Smokin'.


UM is not afraid. UM is busy playing at Pitt and Ohio State next season. UM really doesnt care about FIU. UM is in a BCS conference playing at a high level in all three major sports. It's really not a discussion.

And I wasnt speaking to FIU fans, I was speaking to Canes fans because I think they shouldnt stick their noses in this blog. It has no point, and they have no business here.

But then you, like some FIU fans here, respond with so much bravado and arrogrance. While the program attempts to build, the impatient few fans they have and there impulsive atheltic department can't keep it in perspective sometimes. What a shame. Go ahead and stick your chest out and start saying irrational things....it really is kind of sad.

What's sad is paying 10 times the amount for an inferior education. Of course you'll spend the rest of your life trying to defend and justify that level of stupidity. But hey, I guess if you're a rich white kid from the Northeast and your parents are paying the bill (like most UM students), then who cares?

Go back a take a closer look at the box scores of the last two Miami/FIU games and you'll find the answer as to why UM is scared of FIU. But you probably didn't even watch the games, did you?

SouthPaw, and others...

Before the season started, I was thumping my chest claiming that yes indeed scUM was scared of us. And why not? We physically kicked their ass during the Orange Bowl drama and were never blown out by them, only losing by what was it 10 or 15 points? 2008 season was a vast improvement, and we all thought we'd take the SunBelt this year based on last year's performance.

Boy were we wrong! I'm not going to necessarily say scUM is scared of losing against us - frankly I think they would blow us out right now. But there is something that truly concerns scUM as far as playing against us. I think they may be concerned that a rivalry may indeed form, ultimately creating a tradition and getting into the habit of turning it into an annual series. We ALL know its a matter of time until FIU becomes competitive, and with that will come wins against much larger SEC and Big East programs and wins against smaller, irrelevant programs like UM.

I think this is what they're scared of. They don't want a rivalry to form as it would only create opportunities for us to steal talent in what was once their own backyard. Its happened in California with USC. They used to OWN that turf, now as that rivalry has flourished they have to share recruits with their crosstown rivals. If this were to happen, their downward spiral would accelerate. If you think the nearly 20,000 that showed up to watch them beat cupcake Duke was bad lol you ain't seen nothing yet.

No-one loves FIU more than I do but to suggest UM is afraid of us is foolish. We are not a very good Sun Belt Team. They are one of the top teams in the country. Certainly in the top 30. Why are we wasting time even talking about UM.

To come on here saying that FIU's education is far superior to UM's I think thats totally false thing to say. Not because I think UM's education is better but because of the fact that every Major,Course,Professor,Student is different. Some students might get more out of a class than others. I for one didnt have the best time as an FIU undergrad. My advisor/dean/professor never even seemed concerned as to what my plans were for the future let alone graduation and most of the time was impossible to contact. Thats not to say someone in a different degree program didnt have a better experience but thats my point, and dont get me wrong ive had some of the best times of my life at FIU and met some people that i will be friends with forever but you cant really say one schools education is far superior then anothers. As far as our football team goes honestly i think they shouldve stayed at D-1AA level and won a couple of championships there that way they build up a big fan base at which time they couldve justified building a better stadium cause as of right now this project is blowing up in their face. For all those people thinking its going to change in a few years thats just wishful thinking. They need a brand new coaching staff and some new faces in the athletic department. People who have actually been successful at other places and know what they are doing. In my opinion Coach Legg left because come on lets face it who wants to be at a program that is barely supported by the mojority at the school. I went to every home game this year and there might have been 8,000 people at one game at most. Come on, its depressing! the high schools that played there had a better attendance and atleast he knows Marshall has a fan base. They might not contend for a national championship but they have a fan base and a university that supports them 100%...Just my honest opinion on the situation.


U make absolutely no sense! To think that Legg left because of the amount of fans attending games is ridiculous...Its obvious that he wanted to be back home and Marshall offered him that even if it was taking a step down coaching wise...So what happened with Galiano? Obviously we are getting rid of him and making other coaching changes for the better of FIU...

Everyone needs to realize that FIU jumped from FCS (formely D1AA) to FBS division super fast..Because of this it will take them more time to get them were we all want them to be...What u guys need to realize about miami fans is that they are bandwagon fans...FIU starts winning and trust me FIU stadium will start getting packed...

Regardless FIU is on the rise...In a few years people will be shocked by how fast we moved up...

I think the real topic here is whether Mario Cristobal is the right man for the job? That's Pete Garcia's job to decide but Cristobal is not doing much to help himself. His bold entry statement that TDAOS appear to be nothing more than the fluff you get in a postgame interview. In my opinion, a coach is only as good as the people he surrounds himself with. He had a chance to handpick his two most important assistants - the OC and DC. These are guys that you work 24/7 with to build your program and implement a solid, agreed upon system. Sadly, both men are now gone in just two short years. That to me is a pretty clear indicator that the system in place doesn't work!

Alt, your sentiments have been echoed by more than a few of us. The fact is that we have 152,000 alumni, of which 60,000 are still tied into the alumni association. If each of those 60,000 gave $100 it would mean an extra $6 million for athletics. Every major program, UF, Texas, Bama etc, has the kind of support from its alums. Not tens-of-thousands giving tens-of-thousands, but hundreds-of-thousands giving a few hundred. FIU fans need to understand that if they want a winning team they need to give a little to get a lot.

As a die hard FIU fan I will say that I am tired of the UCG talk. Let's compete in the SBC first, and against C-USA teams first before we start beating our chest about BCS conference schools.

I agree with some here that there does seem to be a lack of a strategic plan. While there has been a coaching upgrade, Thomas and Thomas, the stadium and field house should have had a budget that would have allowed for a more timely completion.

The truth is, unlike USF and FAU, who had success at the FCS level, we didn't. We probably should have waited till we were successful there before moving up, but we moved up and what is done is done. Now we need to focus on building a winning team. Something has to be done, and done soon. I do think this year is MC's make-or-break year. If UNT is demanding 6-6 from Dodge next year, then we should be demanding 6-6 from MC. If we cannot get 6-6 then we need someone more capable of leading a team.

No Im telling you that it was one of the factors why Coach Legg left the school. Im sorry to break it to you but no one wants to be at a school with a crappy fan base on top of all the other problems. FIU is not on the rise FIU is regressing. Coach Legg is known as a good offensive mind but you have to have the right players in place to make it happen.

Great post Jules

"What's sad is paying 10 times the amount for an inferior education. Of course you'll spend the rest of your life trying to defend and justify that level of stupidity. But hey, I guess if you're a rich white kid from the Northeast and your parents are paying the bill (like most UM students), then who cares?"

More bravado and hot air. I dont go to UM, im not white and i'm from Dade County. Now you are downing UM academics when you really know anything about it. The truth is i'm impartial in this argument, but you impatient, arrogant fans are horrible. You make demands, trash the team across town with a rich tradition and a top 15 school, and think you are better than what you are. There is no patience and humility on this board, just hot air and false dreams. It's sad and I wish FIU fans would take a step back and let a process play out.

You're right '751, it is PG's decision, and as many have said here, you can't build a team w/o talent. Well guess what, for the second year in a row, FIU is right up there with Troy as the best recruiting class in the SBC.

MC's first recruits were soph's this year and his second class are graduating freshman. Next year, esp. with the addition of a real D-IA QB, we should begin to see the fruit of his recruiting effort. The pipeline will begin to flow next year, new coaches will add intensity and a sense of urgency this program needs. And an early win or two will set the FIU community ablaze.

We are getting the best recruits, we are paying the best salaries and we are changing the coaching; sooner or later this combination is going to click. And when it does...watch out!


It has to be built right and it never was under Strock at the 1AA level. So if the program sucked at the 1AA level - how do you take a disaster that was FIU to FBS in 2006 without any facilities and a true roadmap for the future.

Regardless of who is the coach today or tomorrow, the damage was done and if you don't think the APR is a BIG DEAL. We signed 3 classes in a row without the max rides available to us. 2007 we signed only 18 kids and only 10 are still with the team. Many did not qualify or left the program like Ricky Booker, James Rucker, Devin Parrish...You are not gonna hit on 25 players each year. But to really build depth and be competitive an FBS program needs to hit on at least 50% of their recruits over a four year period to build a 2 deep with SENIORS /JUNIORS dominating the 2 DEEP.

I give you MC's first 2 classes:

Marquis Rolle: little impact
Greg Ellignson: role diminished last season
Colt Anderson: converted to TE
Kendall Berry: WR turned RB
Curtis Bryant: can't get on the field
Jason Frierson: playmaker
Anthony Gaitor: NFL bound
Cody Pellicer: diminished role
Jarvis Wilson: playing DE ???
Chris Cawthon: limited by injuries

2008 class still with team:

Stephen Bailey: can't get on field
Franklin Brown: med redshirt last year
Winston Fraser: very talented, been injured
Aaron Davis: emerged last year
Chuck Grace: stepped up last year
TY Hilton: NFL capable
Joey Harris: can't get on the field yet
James Jones: very talented, but injured
Cedric Mack: impact player
Junior Mertile: very talented, injured last yr
Darriet Perry: did not emerge as expected
Andre Pound: NEEDS to STEP UP
Kasey Smith: NEEDS to STEP UP
Emmanuel Sourain: very talented, showed flashes
Donnell Wilson: waiting ????
Kenneth White: needs an opportunity ??

26 players of which only 8 or 9 have been legitimate contributors or starters. So out of 42 players signed between 07 and 08 we hit on 20% of those guys.

THIS SHOULD ILLUSTRATE FOR EVERYONE WHAT THE SITUATION IS. AGAIN REGARDLESS OF WHO THE COACH IS TOMORROW, THIS IS WHAT YOUR GOING TO BATTLE WITH. Yes we have Wes, Dudley, Harden coming in as well, but most of our kids are still young and developing. Most programs redshirt automatically unless you can part the RED SEA. FIU has not been able to do that, it's a friggin crime to ask a TRUE FROSH to compete with dudes that have been lifting in a college program for 4 and 5 years.

A little reality check for everyone assuming that MC is next to go if we don't win 6 games next year. He'll get his 5 years and we'll see what happens after 2011.

How could I forget about (PIKE) Brad Serini...he'll be a senior and has been a rock at center for us.

You forgot about Kambriel Willis.

Maybe the reason why a lot of these kids havent gotten onto the field is because of bad coaching. Coaches are like teachers. Think about it academic wise. If you have a bad math teacher then you might not do well on your final math exam. Likewise if you had a good teacher then you will do better. This is a general rule. Better teachers leads to better results.

How much can we expect out of our players when some of the coaches are still in need of "teachers"?

The team is a reflection of the coaches, great coaches have great team and no excuses, Saban, Meyer (won a championship with someone elses players). Carrol, Stoops, etc.
When good coaches recruite they get kids that can play their system, they know the type of qbs, rbs, lbs, wrs, and dbs that can fit their system and can make them a better team.
Our coaches are going trial and error and that is a reason why some of these players have not devlope at their true potential, I know not every kid who gets an scholarship is going to be a star, some may end up in the practice team, but the porcentage of scholarship players making a positive impact should be better.
The coaches and administrators need to request more from them and expect more from the scholarship players than any other student in the university, they are getting free school, books, room and board, etc. I know they are making money for the school when they play, but isn't the job of a business owner or manager to expect the best production from his/her employees? Our coaches and student athletes are to some extend the university employees. I don't see anything wrong with demanding high production from them and let give them some real life, if you don't perform or produce, then in the words of Dunald Trump "You are FIRED"
Lets stop making excuses and drinking the homer's coolaid. If we don't have the right pieces to be a successful college football team, it is the coaches fault, they are the ones who recruite, if our lines are weak is because our coaches have not been able to recruite good linemen or they have not been able to develop the ones that we have, in both cases that is unacceptable.
Next year we will have a proven college qb, we know we have good receivers, Mario now has 3 years head coaching under his belt, we should be better, our lbs and dbs will be better. I know we will have the excuses that we will have new coordinators, etc, etc.
The best defense that we ever had was in 06 with a new DC, the best year we ever had was 08 with a new OC. Please stop all the excuses, lets demand wins, if MC can't deliver then lets improve our coaching situation.

When talking about teachers, FIU hired one that coached tightends and offensive lineman for three years at Miami and the same for three years at Rutgers as their Dean. The coach was never the head guy for either side of the ball - OC or DC. Not surprisingly, he then chose a guy that only coached defensive linemen and ends for four years to be his DC. That formula isn't a strong one for success at the D1 level, regardless of where your school is situated. I believe in giving people chances but rarely do you see a guy get a Head Coach job without being a coordinator first.

I agree with Pike.

Pike, I couldn't have said it any better myself. Also, on another note, we really need to stop the UM talk/comparisons. Don't get me wrong, I dislike them like many of you do, but we are not there yet. Any trash talking on our part really makes us look foolish.


Perfectly said. Where we made up in recruiting we dropped off in Coaching. Pike, some of those players left the team because of the system that we were running was not a utilizing their talents.

The defensive scheme was not working and probably would not worked in the NFL was not working for us. Take a look the majority of the players that left the team were on Defense.

ID like to see WC with a weak line play next year.


Yeah bow down to THE U...Everyone knows FIU is garbage and will always be garbage...THE U owns Miami and always will...Bye losers

Pete, what happened to Larry McCoy? Is he still on the team?


Don't worry about the Panthers, worry about the U-NeverWentThere getting embarrassed by the Badgers in a virtual home game.

No more excuses! We need a winning season! Go FIU!

Wisconsin invented swagger !

l-U-sers again! Good luck against powerful FAMU to open up next season Candy Canes. I see how you couldn't find a spot in the schedule for FIU with teams like that.

Just what I was saying. MIACanes is classless and has too much time if he is roaming on an FIU board. But then there is the lack of humility and bravado/hot air from FIU fans. Like southpaw saying UM is only playing FAMU...when they go to Ohio State and Pitt the two weeks after that!

I think FIU fans waste to much energy rooting against UM, and it drains a lot of the hot air already in the tank from many (not all) of you.

I agree with FIUpike....like I have been saying all along, Cristobal took over this team in a hole, and it takes time. FIU fans dont understand that so they pout on this blog, but they learn the hard way.

Wow MIACanes. I can't believe you come on here with that bravado after the U just took a dump on the 50 yard line in Orlando. You are classless with absolutely no sense of timing. Stop playing with the computer and get back to the cash register, someone needs a fill up on pump number 7.

What everyone forgets is how well FIU played against the #1 team in the nation (Alambama) in the beginning of the year...Thats when we didnt have so many injuries and we probably could have won with more depth...The depth we will be getting each year...Remember we played more freshman than any other team in the nation!!

FIU now needs to hire the right OC and DC and we are on our way to shock the nation! Go Panthers!!

And MIACanes, U-NeverWentThere is sooo True! FIU is Miami's real U...You come on this FIU blog because you know that FIU is a threat...A threat to UM's entitlement to Miami fans...Soon the tides will turn...

And Pete Garcia, PLEASE lets get the stadium done already!! A half built stadium is no good for anyone...And also we need A BAND again!!

The stadium project is paid for with non-athletic funds, so relax calling out our AD. It'll get finished in 2012 and the north facade will be modern and state of the art.

We are in a global recession people !!!!

I agree with FIUPIKE, we need some depth, and we will get it. I don't think our play against Bama and Rutgers early in the season was a fluke, but those two games cost us dearly. When 16 starters get injured, and you are starting 16-17 true freshmen, you will take your lumps. My father went with me to the ULL game, and upon looking at our decimated sidelines, remarked that you could build a team with all our injured players.

I do expect 6-6 next year, which I do not think is too much to ask. I do think if the team that showed up versus Bama and Rutgers last year shows up most of the season we will be successful.

On another note, PG please find the money to close the north side of the stadium.


"Lets stop making excuses and drinking the homer's coolaid. If we don't have the right pieces to be a successful college football team, it is the coaches fault, they are the ones who recruite, if our lines are weak is because our coaches have not been able to recruite good linemen or they have not been able to develop the ones that we have, in both cases that is unacceptable."

Sir - Alajajian, Leavine (Strock recruits and basically 4 year starters) 2 of the biggest dudes on the team...had pedestrian careers at FIU. Younger and McCall took a beating with those 2 at LT and RT. I'm quite sure coach Greg explained to both of them how to get out of their stance at the snap and contain the end rusher at least 5,000 times while they were here.... many studies suggest that you only need to repeat an activity on average 17 times, before it is committed to memory forever. All of us have done this growing up.

However - enter guys like Istanich and Mack, those guys pancaked defenders routinely. Too little too late in the season. So either Cedric and David are better listeners or maybe they are just better athletes at the position than Andy and Joe ???

So you are correct sir, the abyssmal OLINE was assembled with primarily Don's kids. Hell, even Rupert Bryan (undersized by 45 lbs) got on the field and executed better than Joe at RT.

Some guys cannot be coached up and don't have "it"

It's not HOMERADE folks, it's called reality. Would any parents here agree to have their kids at 85 lbs play against kids at 135 lbs ??

It's a mismatch. We got banged up at BAMA and Rutgers, but we'll be better for it because youngsters got on the field early and know that they have to be HELLBENT in the weight room to compete at the very highest level of college football.

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