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GRT In Action

Gat So this is the Gatorade Recruiting Theory in action. There is a story floating in the worldwide web about Northwestern defensive lineman Todd Chandler supposedly leaning toward FIU and now apparently with his eye in Tampa for South Florida.

Well, it all could be just for TC to get back to his original school of choice -- across town in Coral Gables.

Spoke to some people close to the whole situation today and apparently, TC's heart has always been in Coral Gables, but that school is not happy about TC taking all these visits to other schools. So now other schools are coming into the mix, including your Panthers and the latest da bulls.

For those keeping score at home: TC is a 4-star defensive tackle and the No. 14-ranked player at his position in the nation. The Gatorade Recruiting Theory states that high school players have a tough enough time picking what flavor of Gatorade to drink, that picking what school they will play at for the next 3-4 years is almost impossible to know until he signs on National Signing Day.

We're still 50 days away from National Signing Day so stay tuned.



TheChampionUnderdog: hey pete, is it possible any of the seniors will get a look by the pros?

PP: Scott Bryant, Jeremiah Weatherspoon and Carlos Munera might get a look. All depends on how they and the other seniors do during FIU's NFL Pro Day.

SouthPaw: Pete, can you tell us who will get a redshirt from this past season? Is Edgar Theliar on track to be eligible next season?

PP: You can expect the following players to get redshirts - Junior Mertile, Jonathan Jackson, Franklin Brown, Dudley LaPorte, Terrance Taylor, Dez Johnson, Cain Elliott, Derrick Wimberly, Austin Tottle, Jairus Williams. Will look into Theliar.

jcalex22: Pete any news on potential early signees from the JUCO ranks?

PP: No early signees to pass along.

Ultimate FIU Fan: Pete, on the FIU front, aren’t there a couple of basketball players who will be eligible now in Dec for Coach Thomas? I hope so, if not, WOW we FIU hoops fans are in for a long season! Will there be an NFL day @ FIU for our seniors? If yes, when? Do you think any senior starter will get a smell at the draft? Will Scott Bryant, Munera, Weatherspoon or any senior be invited to the combine? Please let us know.

PP: Guard Martvaious Kee, a Temple transfer from last season, is expected to join FIU hoops in the next few weeks. There is an NFL Day, no date set yet. Not expecting any senior to be drafted, but some could get free agent tryouts.


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WELCOME TO FIU!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you expect Galiano to be around as D-Coord. next year? It's been a couple of weeks now since the last game and there has been no announcement of his firing. I think FIU needs to show it's fans that being ranked dead last in total defense is unacceptable by firing Galiano RIGHT NOW. What could they be waiting for? We need to act fast, don't we? Teams across the country are making moves while we're sitting here accepting mediocrity.


Im pretty sure they have been looking for a new D Cord since week 5 of the season (not to say week 2). I think FIU cant just choose any random coach. We dont want to go from 119 in the nation to 105 in the nation. I realize we might not be Top 25 in either side of the ball for a couple years but we need to aime high.

Pete: Is there any talks about bring back the band next year?


Gooch7 - the band should be the least of your worries. Right now you have a football team that is at the bottom of the SunBelt, one of, if not the weakest D-1 Conference. You have a basketball team who may not win 10 games this year, Isiah or not, what recruit wants to play for that? And a baseball team who is getting great signees who will never step foot on campus - so who cares? At least womens volleyball kicks ass right?

And you are worried about the band?

Actually im worried about all those things, and expect that Basketball gets to the Top of the Sunbelt in about 2 years. As for Baseball I think that program has only gotten better since Turtle took over, or let me guess Turtle cant recruit.. As for Volleyball well I guess not making the sweet 16 was a little disapointing but i can take it.. And fianlly as for Football there is many things that need to change but one of those can be bringing back the band.

College football with no band is simply not college football. I can do without the cheerleaders but not the band.

Yea there are a lot of things to worry about and the band is definitely one of them. The next item on the list: getting rid of that stupid ole ole fiu chant. ugh.

Crazy Cane,

I'm glad to see you're so worried about FIU.



And the band is one of your worries.

WOW !! Being defeated is a bad tune to beat to.
I dont see a reason we should be making noise with instruments instead of being worried about making noise in the Sunbelt... All you band camp rejects need to get your priorities straight.

yea it figures that one of the OLe ole fiu people wouldnt care about a band. but for those of us who know what real college football is about, a band is necesasary. Let me tell you what real college football is.

There is a band that plays music to get the crowd going and to intimidate opponents. The mascot is actively involved in the game (see last months ESPN the mag's article on the Penn State Nittany Lion). Most importantly the students cheer and make noise when the opposing team is on the field and stay quiet when the offense is on the field.

FIU football games are anything but that. Going to an FIU football game one feels as if though they are in a club, watching a high school scrimmage or watching a terribly managed program. Maybe all of the above.

and the chant really needs to go. It makes our school sound like we are a bunch of third world know nothings that think they are watching soccer.

Pete, why wasn't Chris Schirripa mentioned with the redshirts ?

Just to make things clear. My list of priorities:

1) Best recruiting class in the Sunbelt (realistic)

2) New D. Cord in the coaching staff.

3) FIU making major effort in getting bigger crowed in the stadium. Just find a way!

4) 6-6 or better record. I know asking for a bowl game after this season might be to much even for Santa, but you never know.

5) Beating FAU and getting the trophy back in the MIA..

6) Band. Important but did'nt make my Top 5!

I agree the band is an important aspect for college football tradition, but the biggest factor of tradition is winning that should be the main focus for now

well talk about this again next year and maybe not have those worries such as defense and winning record (never know in CF)

I agree. Pleaseeeeeeee stop the Ole Ole chants. It sounds so "Reffy". This is not soccer.

I refuse to join that chant and will continue to refuse.

Do that other chant instead that talks about "a funky beat" (not sure of exact words)

Guys, I understand those of you who disagree with the Ole, Ole, Ole Chant, but if you want to have a valid argument, please refrain from posting any negative comments against the Hispanic community because like or not FIU is an INTERNATIONAL university and most of the international aspect of the university comes from the fact that FIU is 58.7% Hispanic. Besides, it's a shame that the ones who posted these comments are probably Hispanic themselves.

In another note, it would be amazing if Todd Chandler comes down here!

Crazy Cane: Are we really that important in your life? I'm amazed at the fact that you take the time to read each and every article, and somehow try to bash the university you attend, because you sound like a UM wanna-be student that either did not have the financial stability or the intellect to be admitted to the university(UM). However, I would like to thank you for the entertainment that you offer to the readers of this blog with your incoherent and obnoxious comments. Keep it going!

The band is really important. The band brings people to the stadium. Getting a new defensive coordinator is also very important, we are the worst team in the SunBelt in yards/game on offense and on defense. I give a pass to the OC for another year.

Crazy Cane,

100% the losers in Coral Gables were trying to sign those 2 same guys at UM, but didnt get them. Thats who cares!!!... Signing those kids, whether they come to school or not, is only a positive thing for the FIU baseball team. Nothing negative can come from it. Dumb point, move on... Jim Morris still sucks

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