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The View from Del Boca Vista Phase II

Claw T-minus 43 hours until Shula Bowl VIII kicks off from FIU Stadium. Time to learn a little bit about the Boca Raton Hooters.

Boca Raton's and Del Boca Vista Phase II's college football team wasDbv expected to contend for the Sun Belt title this season, but with the season-ending injury to their starting quarterback things went south. Let's find out more about Morty Seinfeld's favorite college football team.

Ted Dazzz Please welcome Sun-Sentinel and Hooters beat writer Ted Hutton as he fills us in on what's happening in Boca Raton. That's Ted there between photos of his favorite dance team -- the FIU Golden Dazzlers.

Apparently, Ted and myself -- like most people involved in sports --  tend to disagree on certain aspects between Dazzlerssthe two teams we cover. We also tend to disagree as well on Isiah Thomas's hiring. click here for Ted's Excellent Adventure, to learn why Ted and his favorite dance team are so well displayed on this post.

But when it comes to Hooters football, Ted knows what he is talking about -- after all he's covered them since their inception. So please, do not go questioning Ted's credibility when it comes to FAU sports. The man is a fountain of Owls knowledge and wisdom.

Here's what Ted had to say about Saturday's game:

Dazzsi 1) Besides Rusty Smith going down for the year, what else went wrong for FAU this season?Dazz2

TH: The defense never showed up. We knew they were going to be inexperienced, with eight new starters who had picked up very playing time in previous years, but this group just has mediocre at best and awful too many times. The offense also broke down at critical times, but it is the defense that takes the fall for this season.

Dazzlr 2) Should the FIU defense's main concerns be Alfred Morris and Jason Harmon?

TH: Yes and yes. Those two are doing the most damage. Morris is a strong runner who rarely goes down on first contact and has the speed to make big gains once he gets some open space. Harmon is back to his usual self, and is very tough to cover and also is good an picking up yards after the catch.

3) What's the latest on the Owls on-campus stadium?

TH: They haven’t broken ground yet, but it does look like FAU will host its first game in a new, on-campusDaaazzzz Dazzzzing stadium in 2011.

4) Who will have a better program in 3 years -- Mike Jarvis or Isiah Thomas?

TH: I am going with Jarvis because he is building with freshmen while I see Thomas taking a shortcut with a lot of JC transfers. Jarvis has turned the roster over in on year, and the players he has brought look really good right now…FAU has four freshmen in Daazz the starting lineup, and the quality of players from top to bottom is the best it has ever been. If Thomas keeps up, hats off to him, but I expect FAU to be near the top of the Sun Belt next season and stay there as these kids grow up and improve.

5) Your Shula Bowl VIII prediction and final score?

TH: At the start of the season I predicted that FAU would go 8-4 with two conference losses, and those losses would be to Troy and a much-improved FIU team. But FIU has been as disappointing as FAU has been, and I think FAU wins this one. High-scoring and close, but FAU 38, FIU 31.

Thanks to Ted for joining us on the GPP and to show our appreciation we'll post Ted's favorite photo hereDazz on the right>>>>>>>>>

Hope you were able to read Ted's thoughts above.

Will be back on here Friday with your GPP Shula Bowl preview and prediction.

One last thing to get to........If you like the FIU Golden Panthers Prowl better than the Jump FAU blog, then jump in the air.

Thank you ladies.


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Hey FIU have you EVER made a bowl game? No. Do u have a legendary coach? No. Our down year would be considered a good year for YOU guys! You guys are already talking about commits for next year? Are u THAT pathetic? Go OWLS. See u SAT night for another Owls victory!PS our dancers are smart educated women, yours are future trophies! :)

Pete I think this is the best blog ever, if everytime you interview Ted, you will post so many beautiful pictures, then you should interview him more often, I really don't care what he has to say, but I really like the eye candy.

Your dancers are smart and educated? I thought you had to go to find another university to be a hooter girl? My mistake. Do we have a drunkard as a coach? No! Do we recruit better than you? Yes! Will that be proven this weekend? Yes. Also, when FIU wins this weekend it will be the start of a nice run over the fowls because the difference in talent is getting more pronounced. Better start getting some coaches who excite recruits, not their grandparents. Go F I U!

For the record, the post by the so called ''FIU dance team " over at the FAU Bllog was not posted by my team or myself, the director.

While friendly competition is fun to have for fans, my girls and myself would never post anything disrespectful about any other team.

The Dazzlers have and have always had dancers move on to dance in the NBA, NFL and other professional venues. We currently have Tarrin and Bibi on the Miami Dolphins Cheerleading squad and Shea Mc Mayo in the Miami Heat.

I am sure the FAU dance team is fantastic as well.

I thank everyone for their positive comments supporting our team on the FAU Blog and wish both dance teams the best of luck tomorrow. The FAU dt will be welcomed by the Golden Dazzlers.

I want to go with my heart but my head is saying something else..

Hooters 42

FIU 31

Go Panthers

Brenda, can you please help out those poor girls up the road there. You know, a few pointers here or there couldn't hurt. Any little bit has got to help. lol.

THANK YOU PETE!! Great blog, great pics...

That first FAU blogger is on some serious *(&(.

FAU is starting walk-ons in their secondary!!!!

WALK ONS !!!! that have very little experience.

TY, TIMES are you hearing this... !!!!

FAU Has no defense !!! Time to get the ball out make some TDs on the who gives a Hoots.

OWLS? original or crispy? anyone?

Well, you have to forgive the FAU drunk fan that posted at that time....leave it at that.

As for the blog...wow...beautiful indeed....as it was sprinkled with great pics of the Dazzlers.

As usual, I'm very troubled with picking this game, as it's not uncommon for expectations and talent to be at least slightly negated in this game. Take last year's game for example. If you only heard the noise coming from Boca Raton, they would have won 8-9 games during the regular season, and FIU was the worst team in the nation. We all know how hard they had to fight, and get lucky, to win that game last season.

You don't hear...really for the first time in the history of this series....that much noise from Mouth Mouse this year, most likely due to their also disappointing season.

FIU has the better special teams of the two teams. They have a slightly better offensive team, and our two defenses are about the worst you could find...and a wash. So the game will be decided by penalties, turnovers, and field position. This is where I give FIU the edge.

FIU wins 41-38

TY, TIMES are you hearing this... !!!!

FAU Has no defense !!! Time to get the ball out make some TDs on the who gives a Hoots.

Posted by: FIURage | December 04, 2009 at 10:07 AM

BARTELS, HINDS, LOCKLEY read this... make sure you keep TY on the ground.

Come Quijote... this is a family blog. lol

ya the pg-13 version of the blog doesnt come on till 12 oclock lmao

Amazing pics, Pete!!! Thank you for posting them, and thank you Dazzlers for looking so damn good!!!!!!!

As far as FAU is concerned, it's really hard to read the article above... but the owls to me are just our pesky little brothers. Sure, they've had their run, but everyone knows they're not realistically going anywhere in football or basketball. Coach Howard has done a great job with the hand he's been dealt, but has anyone seen their recruiting class for next year? Last time I checked, they had one commit. It doesn't seem like they want to build much of anything.

Pete, doesn't Ted's comment regarding the future of FIU basketball vs hooter basketball sound like a bit of envy to you? Or is Ted really that delusional?

VERY delusional... they haven't even dug the first shovel and he thinks the stadium will be ready for the 2011 season. Perhaps his idea of a stadium is astroturf, a few beach chairs on the sideline, and a 5 cent lemonade stand.

FAUowl, AlexFAU,

Is FAU having shuttles down to Miami for the football game?

Hope to see a bunch of owl fans over at FIU stadium.


"Pesky little brothers" LonePanther?? Really? Based on what exactly? FAU is 6-1 against FIU...has 2 Bowl wins to your 0...has multiple winning seasons to your 0...I could go on.

Just because you have your stadium and we don't yet? They are starting to clear the land on campus starting Tuesday with an official groundbreaking coming in the spring. If memory serves me right, a stadium like the one you guys have takes about 13 months to construct. There is no reason it will not be up and running in time for 2011.

As for Saturday, I think FAU will have a nice crowd. What type of crowd will you guys have? Has there been a lot of hype on campus this week? I hope it is a packed stadium.


LonePanther and Quijote:
I don't know man! what makes you think that? Can you guys predict the future?

FIUfanatic: I will assume there will be some shuttles to Miami.
I graduated 3 years ago, so I don't know what it's really going on in Boca.
I read that FAU students could buy tickets for $5 with valid FAU id.
I would like to see a bigger effort from FIU fans showing this year.
This rivalry can grow and we all have seen it in the past 8 years.

see you there.

Alex... this rivalry will NOT grow. FAU will be in the SunBelt FOREVER, and once Howard leaves you'll take WKU's place. FIU will be in a bigger conference within a decade. Seriously, FAU is a joke. Your campus makes Miami Dade College's Kendall campus look like an exotic paradise.

LOL. And you call FAU fans delusional. Have a winning season before you start talking about being too big for the Sun Belt. Just one.

And have you ever been to our campus? I've been to yours. Both are nice places. No need to bash the schools. Both are fine Universities. One just has a better football team! GO OWLS!!!

You know what, hooters? I really like having you guys around these boards! Much better than the usual garbage we get from CrazyCane or Fomenter.

No one called you FAU fans delusional, we called your beat writer delusional. I didn't even know FAU had a basketball team and next year they're going to be better than FIU's team? What? Don't you see the type of players that Isiah Thomas is recruiting? If that's not being delusional, then I don't know what is.

Yep, we've never had a winning season. No big deal. It still doesn't change the fact that your 1-star recruits wouldn't even make the cut on our team. Let's just be realistic, you guys are tremendous over-achievers.

Don't get me wrong, over-achieving is great! I actually root for your school to do well. I don't find joy in bashing on another school. I know you fellows are only bashing The International because you feel threatened by the exponential growth of FIU sports. I, on the other hand, don't feel one bit threatened by your existence. Therefore, I wish you Owls the best (except for sat. of course)!

One has a better football team/players ... and the other is FAU.

FAU will never be on our level in sports and any other category. Sorry.... I know you wish we were your rivals, but it's embarrassing to me to be mentioned in the same sentence.

Go Panthers

Chill out quijote. FAU and FIU are in very similar situations with VERY young football programs.

We are in no position to look down on any football program.

The President of FIU sent out an email today reminding everyone that the rivalary can grow to be one of the best in college football. He compared it to the rivalary one day growing to the likes of Army/Navy, Ohio/Michigan.

I think it has potential. I wouldnt be surprised to see a dismal showing by FIU fans. Maybe 11k and another 4k with FAU fans. I am dying to see that place packed to capacity one day. It will come soon enough.


Man I should have been a photographer.....

Agree with fantastic here. I don't see how we can talk about anything else until we start winning, and winning consistently....and I'm talking football here.

Here's hoping more FIU students...and alumns...show than normal for this Shula Bowl....I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see the same level of interest on the part of FAU fans as the last two years.....there's barely been any talk...any strong talk against FIU...this year in their boards, as compared to other years.

both teams are having a down year... that equals less interest/attendance. see Heat, Florida Marlins, FIU, UM, etc. That only team that doesnt seem to be impacted in South Florida is Dolfins.

FAU has a conference championship and two bowl victories under its belt. FIU has achieved absolutely nothing. FIU's "prized" recruiting classes have netted them a whopping 3 wins this year and ZERO winning seasons. I don't even want to bash FIU but to see these delusional posts about moving on to a 'bigger conference' and the belittling of a program (FAU) that has actually achieved something on the field is both comical and ridiculous.

FIU 50
FAU 47

Last second field goal by Rivest wins it for the Panthers and we return the favor from last year's debacle... I've been waiting for this game for over a year and I still remember the bitter taste Shula Bowl VII left in my mouth. I said it before the season and I'll say it again: This game is going to prove that FIU has surpassed FAU and we will never look back! GO PANTHERS!!

well just watched the game UF v. FIU game. it was rough... but congrats on the ladies for getting that far.. thank you Y. Rosa for 4 years of great volleyball!

Win or lose, we MUST hire a new defensive coordinator. There are no excuses for this season. Incredibly disappointing. We can't afford another season like this one next year. When you can't stop anyone, every game is an uphill battle. Our defense should be the best in the SunBelt every year.

FIU 35
FAU 20

the comments coming from quijote, lonepanther and FIUfpl are just....... don't know what to say.
let actions speak for themselves and see how things unfold.
Quijote: I only hope FAU gets their stadium, so you can go and visit our campus. You are extremely biased.

Lonepanther: if you really followed FIU basketball, I bet you knew FAU had a team too.
Last year FIU beat the owls twice. They previuos year FAU kicked out FIU from the tourney. Your comment is extremely arrogant.

Golden Panzies are at the BOTTOM of the Sun Belt and always will be!! Your always be 2nd in your city to DA U! We run Broward and Palm Beach! Get a life Golden Panzies!!!Go Owls

Wow! please don't get me wrong guys. From above post i really like it but in must be better if they have also pictures about the services of shuttles to port of miami, so the people can have a ride after they watched the game from FIU.

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