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The View from Del Boca Vista Phase II

Claw T-minus 43 hours until Shula Bowl VIII kicks off from FIU Stadium. Time to learn a little bit about the Boca Raton Hooters.

Boca Raton's and Del Boca Vista Phase II's college football team wasDbv expected to contend for the Sun Belt title this season, but with the season-ending injury to their starting quarterback things went south. Let's find out more about Morty Seinfeld's favorite college football team.

Ted Dazzz Please welcome Sun-Sentinel and Hooters beat writer Ted Hutton as he fills us in on what's happening in Boca Raton. That's Ted there between photos of his favorite dance team -- the FIU Golden Dazzlers.

Apparently, Ted and myself -- like most people involved in sports --  tend to disagree on certain aspects between Dazzlerssthe two teams we cover. We also tend to disagree as well on Isiah Thomas's hiring. click here for Ted's Excellent Adventure, to learn why Ted and his favorite dance team are so well displayed on this post.

But when it comes to Hooters football, Ted knows what he is talking about -- after all he's covered them since their inception. So please, do not go questioning Ted's credibility when it comes to FAU sports. The man is a fountain of Owls knowledge and wisdom.

Here's what Ted had to say about Saturday's game:

Dazzsi 1) Besides Rusty Smith going down for the year, what else went wrong for FAU this season?Dazz2

TH: The defense never showed up. We knew they were going to be inexperienced, with eight new starters who had picked up very playing time in previous years, but this group just has mediocre at best and awful too many times. The offense also broke down at critical times, but it is the defense that takes the fall for this season.

Dazzlr 2) Should the FIU defense's main concerns be Alfred Morris and Jason Harmon?

TH: Yes and yes. Those two are doing the most damage. Morris is a strong runner who rarely goes down on first contact and has the speed to make big gains once he gets some open space. Harmon is back to his usual self, and is very tough to cover and also is good an picking up yards after the catch.

3) What's the latest on the Owls on-campus stadium?

TH: They haven’t broken ground yet, but it does look like FAU will host its first game in a new, on-campusDaaazzzz Dazzzzing stadium in 2011.

4) Who will have a better program in 3 years -- Mike Jarvis or Isiah Thomas?

TH: I am going with Jarvis because he is building with freshmen while I see Thomas taking a shortcut with a lot of JC transfers. Jarvis has turned the roster over in on year, and the players he has brought look really good right now…FAU has four freshmen in Daazz the starting lineup, and the quality of players from top to bottom is the best it has ever been. If Thomas keeps up, hats off to him, but I expect FAU to be near the top of the Sun Belt next season and stay there as these kids grow up and improve.

5) Your Shula Bowl VIII prediction and final score?

TH: At the start of the season I predicted that FAU would go 8-4 with two conference losses, and those losses would be to Troy and a much-improved FIU team. But FIU has been as disappointing as FAU has been, and I think FAU wins this one. High-scoring and close, but FAU 38, FIU 31.

Thanks to Ted for joining us on the GPP and to show our appreciation we'll post Ted's favorite photo hereDazz on the right>>>>>>>>>

Hope you were able to read Ted's thoughts above.

Will be back on here Friday with your GPP Shula Bowl preview and prediction.

One last thing to get to........If you like the FIU Golden Panthers Prowl better than the Jump FAU blog, then jump in the air.

Thank you ladies.


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