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Look at Possible 2010 Offense & Defense

As the search begins for the next FIU offensive and defensive coordinators, time to ask what kind of schemes would you like to see from both sides of the ball next season.

Before we get to that, here's some of the latest from the DC search. This is the week that DC's will interview while the OC interviews begin next week. Word is that MC would like to have a DCCoach hired by sometime next week and the OC in place by no later than the second or third week of January.

Among some of the first names to emerge to interview for the DC position are: Illinois linebackers coach Dan Disch, former Kansas defensive coordinator Clint Bowen, former Akron defensive coordinator Jim Fleming and Akron linebackers coach Vince Okruch. There are other defensive coaches that are ready to  throw their hats in the ring for the job, including some Sun Belt coaches, but will wait until there is confirmation of the SBC coaches before posting on here.

In other FIU coaching news, tight ends coach Alex Mirabal has been named the Panthers offensive line coach and former offensive line coach Greg Laffere is now the FIU tight ends coach. 

Tell us your takes on the FIU O & D schemes for next season. Here are a couple of takes to consider:


Times With the speed and athletes FIU recruits in the state and of course, locally in the tri-county area, the Panthers would probably be best served sticking to the spread offense to get those playmakers the ball in open space and utilize their speed to the max.

Ideally, would like to see the Panthers establish a clock-chewing, big-yardage running game to complement the spread, but FIU needs to develop or sign some big backs, along with a punishing offensive line. Can someone like a Jeremiah Harden or Kedrick Rhodes become that back? We'll see. As for the O-line, of course more beef is needed there. Certainly, the experience freshmen Dave Istanich and Rupert Bryan got last season will help.

With the new OC, would also like to see FIU take more shots passing downfield. The Panthers certainly have the speed with T.Y. Hilton, Junior Mertile, Wayne Times (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) and Dudley LaPorte, but Wesley Carroll will need the protection to have time to throw deep.

Also, keep working the WildPanther into the playbook. Kendall Berry was very effective running it last season and Wayne Younger also had his moments like the winning TD run vs. North Texas. Would be interesting to see T.Y. run the WildPanther, although not as much as KB, because of size concerns. From the Hilton Heave, we certainly know Goodbye can throw the ball.


Read in previous GPP post comments where some of you think FIU is best suited for a 3-4, because of the talent of the Panthers linebacking corps.

Not sure if FIU has that size upfront defensively to make the switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4. You have to beTwil encouraged by what Tourek Williams (right, thanks AJH photo) and Andrew Mattox showed last season as freshmen, but the Panthers need more of that on the D-Line. Thatcher Starling also had his moments.

Agreed that FIU's D strength right now are the LBs. However, the only problem with that is that you need some big monsters on the D-Line to give the LBs some space to work their magic.

Maybe some of the incoming D-linemen will have the type of impact TW and AM had as freshmen last season. But who knows, maybe the new DC finds a way to play the 3-4 with what FIU has on the defensive line next season.

You have to like the potential of the FIU secondary with the type of season Jonathan Cyprien had last season, plus a senior Anthony Gaitor, Chuck Grace, Dez Johnson (expected to get a medical redshirt for an extra season), Jarrell McGee and the debut of Terrance Taylor and his former high school teammate and expected UCF transfer Corey Ammons. Yes, Ammons, who was between FIU and UCF on signing day last February is expected to join the Panthers for spring practice.

Aaapaw Your Panthers basketball team returns home after one month on the road for a 12 noon game against South Alabama on Thursday from the Bank. Will have a LIVE BLOG from this New Year's Eve afternoon game.


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Would Corey Ammons have to sit out a year? Or would he be ready to play come fall?


Who would be on YOUR realistic shortlist of Defensive and Offensive coordinators, considering our budget?

Anybody else enjoying the 'canes in melt-down mode on the other blogs?

I am enjoying it. "With a win UM would be with the elite". BS!!!

Their best win this season came against GT. Everyone makes so much of their first 4 games, but the reality is that they BARELY beat a BAD FSU team that ended at 6-6, they were clobbered by VT and BARELY won against a BAD Oklahoma team that ended at 7-5. Their other wins? FAMU, UCF, USF? Come on. The win against Wake Forest should have been a loss.

Watching the UM players yesterday I thought what I've been thinking throughout the whole season, They are too full of themselves. Randy Shannon needs to get it through those kids' heads that they are not all that. You had players celebrating cause they tackled John Clay out of bounds AFTER he ran for like 30 yards.

But yes, I am enjoying the post game show. hahahaha.

This is why I think FIU will never get to where its supposed to be. FIU and its fans are too worried about what UM is doing. Even the majority of our football coaches are just old employees of UM and are just trying to find a quick fix to get back at UM. FIU can have such a good athletic program if the right things and people were in place but no matter what it will never in a million years be UM, get over it!

Yea. Im a UM hater. Lots of us are. But honestly at this point all I can do is hate on UM. Since FIU didnt play in a bowl game I couldnt root for them. So instead I take pleasure in rooting against UM.

We need to forget about UM and focus on FIU. who cares what Shannon does or does not do? We need to worry about the Blue/Gold here. If this team does not show improvement next year, MC better be on the hot seat.. there would be no more excuses about Strock's guys, schedule, facilities, recruiting..And as fans, we need to buy the season tickets (alumni- where are you at?), support your panthers, and dont worry about UM. and also, can FIU sell beer in the stadium? it was hard watching some of those games this year!!

All you need to know is that you can't spell scum without UM.


There is NOTHING that will happen positively for FIU football as long as MC is running things.

Here's a classic 'canes post from one of the blogs (I think it's one sentance):

"The beauty is that Miami Hurricanes spoils the public with their talents and most of you want a win and win and another win,,,Guess what? The canes is the only team that has shaped the entire collegiate league for life, Miami canes started , speed offensive, best recruited players to the NFL , and I can go on and on, what the Canes have shapped the entire industry and you put your faith in a game and Fan-ship on a game they were not even suppose to win with Wisconsin at a score of 20-14 with high school kids, playing at NFL level?"


Im not sure I understood what the hell that person was even trying to say. hahahaha.

as for forgetting about UM and focusing on FIU. I am and so are the other loyal GPP readers. However, we've complained about MC and the excuses so much. It gets boring. Its much more fun to hate and bash UM.

But I will say that President Rosenberg needs to take a look at what Pete Garcia has "done" in his time as AD and assess whether or not he deserves to keep his job. Aside from firing people and overseeing the construction of a half built stadium that is usually more than half empty, I dont think PG has done much for FIU Athletics.

Pete Garcia has brought in Turtle and Isiah. Have some patience.

"Illinois linebackers coach Dan Disch, Akron linebackers coach Vince Okruch."

What??? Is this a serious list??? We suffered last year because we had an inexperienced coaching staff, so we're going to turn around and hire ANOTHER inexperienced DC???? That's absurd. From that list, the only semi-promising name would be the Kansas DC. Even that scares the hell out of me. Why would the DC of Kansas leave to assume a position at FIU? How did that Kansas D perform?

hire Kirk Hoza for the DC position.

Mike Leach for OC.

Why don't we look at some of the FBS coaching staffs? I think some of the top FBS schools like Appalachian State, Montana, etc has to have great tacticians who bring in great schemes and ideas. FBS school need to rely more on more sound football due to the lack of talent some of these schools can bring in. Why bring in a coach from or an equal or lesser D-I school?

Vince Okruch is FAR from inexperienced. Check out his track record:


i like what Bryan R. is saying... thats a good point.

I definitely am all for bringing in talented FCS coaches.

Okruch looks like he's been moved around a lot. I wonder if he just likes changes of scenary or its because of his job performance (or lack thereof).

I agree with LonePanther, he Okruch is a nomad. I like Disch and Bowen, they've been with the same school for a good amount of time.
Disch has ties in Northern Florida and can help us recruite there.

There is a budget folks for the salaries...

More or less $250K combined for an OC and DC, so we cannot expect much with these resources.

If only we had a booster organization that was 5 to 10k strong at the $100 donor level on an annual basis............

Those are real $$$ that we could use to attract better & more experienced coordinators.

Keep focusing on UM. They love the attention.

It will be a good day when FIU worries about itself, instead of downing the team across town because they dont win a bowl game. Oh, its because FIU has never been to a bowl before.

Trying to be impartial here, studpid UM fans should not come posting on this blog because they shouldnt stoop down to this level, but a few FIU fans return the classless favor and use half their energy to bash in jealousy of UM. Both sides arent helping each other.

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