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The FIU Christmas Song

Merry Christmas to all of our GPP readers. Thanks for your input and readership the past year and ever since this blog started in 2007.

It's that time of year again for the GPP's Christmas extravaganza. Although to some with their input regarding the past two GPP Christmas extravaganzas (Dec. 2007 & 2008) this might be a lump of coal.Nkc Well, then Bah, Humbug!

Still like St. Nick guiding his sleigh and reindeer through the northeastern snow, we press on undaunted to try and bring a little Christmas cheer to the blog.

The last two Christmases have featured: 12 Days of FIU Christmas and T'was the Night Before Christmas at FIU.

Now sit back and sing along with Nat King Cole the FIU version of The Christmas Song:

Chestnutt's soccer team roasting the Sun Belt on an open fire,

Rosa T.Y. scoring and Yarimar spiking never gets olde,

Ole, Ole carols being sung by a choir,

And folks dressed up in blue and gold.


Everybody knows a Turtle and two numero unos,

Help to make an FIU baseball season bright.

Golden Dazzlers with their outfits all aglows,Fiudaz

Will make everyone at FIU Stadium happier tonight.


They know that recruiting Santa's on his way;

He's loaded lots of wins and good players on his sleigh.

And every other team is going to spy,

Gpp fansTo see if FIU really knows how to fly.


And so I'm offering this simple phrase,

To GPP readers from one to ninety-two,

Although it's been said many times, many ways,

A very Merry Christmas to you



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