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2 More Line Commits

Add a couple of more commits to the FIU offensive and defensive line on Sunday.Cdavis

Jacksonville Forrest High offensive lineman Ceedrick Davis (right) and his 6-3, 300 pounds committed to FIU joining David Delsoin's 6-6, 275-pound frame on the Panthers O-line this coming season.

On the defensive side, defensive end Jeremy Jermin (6-2, 250 pounds) from Nassau JUCO (N.Y.) also committed giving FIU 5 D-line commits to go with: Isame Facine, Wade Isaac, Jericho Lee, and Jordan White.

Deionmcgee You can check out more on the latest FIU commits and the FIU recruiting story in Monday's Miami Herald or miamiherald.com on Monday. The story centers on the 3 All-Miami-Dade defensive backs (Richard Leonard, Khambrel McGee and Sam Miller) ready to join the FIU secondary. Read to find out how Leonard made Deion Sanders do a double-take last March. That's McGee (left) working out in front of Deion in the photo on the left.


Nice win by your Panthers last night on the hardwood. Since he got a first look at his team back in October, FIU coach Isiah Thomas has said that the Panthers could be a tough team to face come Sun Belt Tournament time in March. In Saturday night's 96-81 win over UALR, FIU showed why.

Crisp passing, a scorching Marvin Roberts shooting 6 of 9 from 3-point land for 28 points and some tough full court press D gave the Trojans fits and put on a show for FIU alum and Golden State Warriors guard Raja Bell. Add to it the presence of J.C. Otero's passing, rebounding and shooting and Phil Gary's slick play at point guard and you could see that IT might be on to something. And it should get even better when the new players arrive for the 2010-11 season.Itpop

FIU has a tough one for its next game when the Panthers travel to Hooterville next Saturday to face Florida Atlantic.

The Dallas Mavericks used to have a free chalupa night for fans in attendance when they scored 100 or more. I suggested to IT (right) last night that whenever FIU scores 100 or more points that fans at the Bank should get a free bucket of his Dale & Thomas Popcorn served at the Bank. IT's response: "Good idea".



SouthPaw: Pete, what happened to Derrick Clark?

PP: Couldn't play last season, because of grades. Let's see if he's eligible for spring ball.

Jorge Suarez: Pete, two more questions... Speaking of what could be our best CB recruiting class ever, do you think we still have a good shot on landing KM's NW teammate Khalid Marshall? & in your opinion, do you think Willis Wright will sign with FIU?

PP: Not really sure about landing Marshall. He could be a late addition, but the Panthers are also looking to keep adding beef along the 2 lines, because that is what is needed after last season. Wright has a ton of schools after him, including FIU. He took his visit with the Panthers this weekend. I think Wright will make his decision on signing day and after what MC and his staff did last season with Pooh Bear Mars and Dudley LaPorte on NSD, I would not be shocked to see WW wearing blue and gold next season.



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Talk about beef....Thanks for the info on both new commitments....

I saw a JUCO site listed Jermin at 285lbs...hope that is the case, we need big bodies on the DL.

I saw Jermin also listed at 285 at Nassau CC website....However, it seems he was a log lighter in high school, as he was a DE, and used to wrestle in the 215 pound division...


Just what we needed.

Thanks for the update Pete.

"Nice win by your Panthers last night on the hardwood. Since he got a first look at his team back in October, FIU coach Isiah Thomas has said that the Panthers could be a tough team to face come Sun Belt Tournament time in March. In Saturday night's 96-81 win over UALR, FIU showed why"

Umm, UALR is the worst team in the conference,lol. They had a chance to beat the best team in ASU two days before and lost. You might as well say 'our panthers' when you reference FIU lol..

GOGPanthers, UALR is at the bottom of the conference, but it is a confidence builder, especially given the margin of victory. It would have helped in the ASU game if we had Otero, who accounted for 17 points the other night, and Watson, who averages 10.5 points a game. What would have helped even more is if Gacesa didn't get injured this season, his 6'9" 235-240lb frame provided us with a solid big body presence under the basket.

I get you, but that team is very bad, beginning with the fact that they are worst in the SBC in defense. There is nothing wrong with that for now, it's part of the process, I just thought it was funny how a fan got carried away...

Not sure about the OL/DL players who are being added. - While "stars" aren't the most relevant thing, it is a concern when a player isn't even listed on rivals or scout 1 week before NSD. It implies that they didn't even think he was a potential college prospect. They may turn out be be contributors, or even starters, but this year, when we need help, I doubt they will see any playing time.

Last fall we had 18 OL on our roster. Now I show 14 OL remaining. Before NSD when the FCS Colleges also sign high school players, some of our OL who will never get a minute of playing time should be encouraged to transfer to FCS schools where they could start or get a lot of playing time.

Mike when they transfer what kind of impact do you think that will have? We just got back our full allotment of scholarships we can not get penalized again this soon.

BP, When they transfer to a FCS school they can play immediately. Every year the FCS schools look for transfers from the FBS schools for players who can come in and help immediately. We have OL who have redshirted and practiced for 1-2 yrs so they have 1-3 yrs coaching at this level. With 3-4 yrs of eligibility remaining there should be opportunities for them to get on the playing field. They need to get on the playing field and gain weight and strength to get drafted. If they don't get on the playing field they can forget about the NFL.

Mike - players that transfer affect the APR standards set by the NCAA compliance board. Obviously you were not aware of this. There is more to college sports than just Xs, Os and recruiting....

Many JUCO kids are not listed, that is not an earth shattering revelation.

We lose points for every player that tranfers or are inelgible. Its way more then X's and O's.. All 120 Div 1 teams have this rule and have to be very careful with who they recruit. Unfortunatly sometimes the low level studnets are the BEST players.

What are we down to?
6 days till the Miami Marathon :)
10 days till NSD..

Go FIU!!

Pete, great piece you wrote on the three All-Dade DB's, I'm hoping these kids can have an impact on our team. Regardless, it's great that we're recruiting well in our own backyard and getting good players that are right under our noses.

Thanks Pete for the great info on OL commits and nice piece you wrote about the DB's. I hope all these kids keep their commitments to FIU. I know some other programs are courting these DB's.


Mike, Sorry I may not have been clear with my point, But PIKE made the point I was trying to make.. Its better for us to keep em on the practice squad, then loose APR points when they transfer.

former OC J Cooley signed 3yr contract as OC at FSU

Saf Ahmad, one of those OL, have just transferred to FAMU, I read somewhere on the web. However, if he was in good academic standing, it doesn't affect as much as if he was inelegible or with bad academic progress. You sure don't want many of our current players to leave, but if they're gonna leave, they better be in good academic standing, so that the hit isn't as strong....

By the way, one more commitment according to rivals and to Louisiana newspaper, as 6-2/200 WR Glenn Coleman has made a commitment to FIU. He is from West Jefferson HS in Harvey, LA.

Thanks for the info re: the APR impact of students transferring. If you have any links I would like to read more about it.


What is the story with our baseball team facing sanctions?

That's old news, Mike...I think it reduced practice time...or activity time to 2-4 hours less a week than usual, or something like that..coupled with 2 less games to be played in a season (54) in a tighter span of days to be played (125 days).

In other news, a Tallahassee paper is reporting that FIU had another commitment, this time from 6-4/220 DE Bryan Robinson, from East Gadsden HS in Havana....Florida. He chose FIU over MTSU, FAMU, and FAU.

Bryan Robinson at 6-4 215 with limited experience is described by his coach as having great potential when he comes to FIU and focuses on 1 sport. He will (probably) redshirt his freshman year. I am surprised that MC didn't keep the few remaining scholarships for a DT or OL who slips thru to us next week.

With his height and experience/agility as a BB player he might become our pass caching TE.

Jairus Williams came to us last year as a 6-5 190 lb WR. I wonder what MC has planned for him to get him onto the playing field. Will he also become a TE?

I doubt that they will make Jairus play TE. We have 3 or 4 TE on the Roster. I believe they are going to use him as more of a Red zone/Big Target receivers. He will cause mismatches on the outside against smaller DBs.

Big Receivers 6'3 to 6'5 are all the rave in college right now. Robinson would proberly redshirt but dont take his size at 215lb as gospel. Remember all recruiting sites had Tourek Williams listed at 6'3 210 and he came in at 235 or somewhere there and played rather well gaining All Sunbelt Freshman team.

Bad news according to http://highschoolsports.nola.com/player/glen-coleman/ glenn is not academically eligible hopefully he gets his act together and comes in and contributes.

Right now he is not eligible, however his coach stated that he believes by the end of the year he will be.

Mike, thats from that psycho skinny lady(think she is a teacher or used to be) that likes to try and hook up with the players. I think she went and complained about practice being too long

Problem with kids on the edge of grade quality is that once they finish their six month push to become eligible they relax. They don't have the consistent study habits to make them successful students.

This may be another reason we have so many 'verbals'; not everyone is going to qualify.

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