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Back to the OCs

With a couple of previous OC candidates getting jobs elsewhere in recent days (Mike Groh - Louisville & Shane Montgomery - Youngstown State), the list has dwindled some as far as who will be the Panthers offensive coordinator in 2010.

What we know so far is the following coaches have interviewed for the position: Gregg Brandon, Scott Satterfield, Charlie Weatherbie, Ed Zaunbrecher and Mike Cassano.

Canales Now there are 4 other names to throw into the mix, who have also interviewed as of today: South Florida offensive coordinator Mike Canales (left), former Akron head coach J.D. Brookhart, Southern Illinois offensive coordinator Phil Longo and Stephen F. Austin offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson (right).

Interesting situation at USF, after Leavitt got fired the A.D. asked the coaching staff to stay on through recruiting with whoever is the new Bulls head coach making the decision on whether or not to retain Leavitt's assistants. Not sure if I'm a USF assistant I'm too comfortable with that situation. Canales has also been courted by Southern Mississippi. So he seems to have options for 2010. Canales has also directed a pretty potent USF offense, mentored Chargers QB Phillip Rivers and has a tonDawson of experience. Check out his bio: Mike Canales

Dawson worked wonders at SFA with the Lumberjacks offense. (That's the same SFA that FIU upset when the Jacks were ranked No. 5 in Division I-AA in 2004). Dawson took an offense that was averaging 16 points a game and had the SFA O averaging 35 points per game the next season. You gotta like those numbers. Here's more on Dawson: Shannon Dawson

We could learn soon who will direct the FIU O in 2010.

Of the remaining candidates, who seems to be the best choice? 


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USF O Coordinator! I'm more than fine with that.

Lets get Canales signed and recruiting by this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved what I was reading from our DC coordinator. He sounds like he really knows what he's doing. Canales would be the icing on the cake for our coaching staff this year.

MC, make sure Canales joins your staff!!!

Good interview Pete! Sounds like my kinda coach. But I will miss hearing Galiano bark during practices lol! Good I hope he turns the defensive performance around.


Canales definitely brings the splash, experience and BCS experience as offensive coordinator. However, reading both Phil Longo's and Shannon Dawson's bios, they both definitely bring a very successful history as offensive coordinators, albeit at lower level of football. Seems to me a good number of choices to make, depending on what MC fees, or is looking for.

Well, footballscoop.com is reporting that FIU has offered the job to Scott Satterfield....it says if not (why would he not accept it?) FIU will move on to Canales.....

Satterfield is the current Toledo's Passing Game Coordinator/QB's Coach, and spent several years coaching in similar duties at his alma mater and 3-peat IAA National Champs, Appalachian State. A definite darkhorse, but I guess MC got to see the offense he helped shape while at Toledo....We will see...

Well, for some reason the good people at footballscoop.com have taken out the entry about FIU offering to Satterfield...and if he didn't accept (why would he not?, then moving on to Canales. The entry was originally between the news on USF and Cornell.

Weird....maybe they jumped the gun, and realized it.

Who the hell voted for Mike Cassano?!

Pete Garcia, We need experienced coaches. We need a coach who has been an OC for at least 5 years.

Scott Satterfield is not qualified to be our OC. HE HAS COACHED A TOTAL OF 1 YEAR AT THE FBS LEVEL. I am shocked that he was even interviewed.
2009 Toledo - Passing Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks
2003-08 - Appalachian State Quarterbacks - FCS
1999-2002 - Appalachian State Running Backs - FCS
1998 - Appalachian State Wide Receivers - FCS

Satterfield was the Appalachian State - FCS - starting quarterback for three seasons from 1993-95, earning first-team All-Southern Conference honors as senior after leading the Mountaineers to a 12-1 record. He earned his bachelor’s degree from ASU in 1996.

Satterfield began his coaching career at Appalachian State in 1998. We have a young inexperienced head coach hiring younger coaches with even less experience as assistant coaches.


I told you boyssss, Dawson is the man.... There is no reason to hire anyone from the Toledo staff, they have been worthless... Everyone was calling for Leach, Dawson is about the same thing but with a normal personality.

id be happy w/ dawson or canales

I'm hoping we get Canales.

Go get Shula!

Lookin like a fool, Pants on the ground, pants on the ground.

As a USF alum and follower of the program I can assure you hiring Canales would be a major disaster. I want to remind everyone on this board that USF lost 31-0 to Rutgers (yep, that Rutgers, the one we scored 15 on). I can guarantee you USF has better athletes and more playmakers than FIU but Canales could not even manage to score a field goal.

I have to agree with most of you. The race should come down to 3 guys:

Longo (SIU)
These guy seems like he can make miricals happen even when his main players are out with injuries. He knows how to make something out of nothing, and even though we have some great play makers in Offense our OL is extremly weak. Darkhorse for sure!

Canales (USF)
He has been amazing with the Bulls Offense. As for recruiting skills it would not get much better then this guy. He knows Florida (very important). MY PICK!

Dawson (SFA)
Another coach that can make something out of nothing. Even though his team were probably more talented then ours he still has found a way to be among the Top 10 in the nation. Dont know how well he will recruit in Florida, but at least we know he can get the team to Run and Pass the ball. I hope he can teach how to BLOCK!!

Three amazing coaches and regardless of who it is, it will be an improvement.


After attending the AFCA convention and asking some of the coaches Longo was talking to about him, he seems to be one of the hot up-and-coming offensive coordinators in football.

There was a lot of respect for his knowledge and the fact that he is a no-nonsense guy. Sounds like a guy that could lead our players. He talked football with four high school coaches the night before until 2 am. You gotta like a guy with no ego.

Cristobal will be smart enough to get new blood. I don't see a guy like Dawson fitting in in Florida. Canales already had his shot in Florida.

I think Longo would be a good choice. Is a great game day coordinator. Has great play selection. Regardless of talent, he scores points, and has had kids who weren't stars turn into real play makers. FIU will be able to stay in a lot of games that they otherwise wouldn't, because he can score very quickly.

Dawson already has some recruiting experience in florida from his previous and current positions. Plus he has very strong connections in louisiana and texas which is also a plus

Maybe by Monday Morning we can know who the New OF will be. I hope who ever of the coach it might be (Longo, Canales, Dawson, etc) he will bring plenty of non-predictable plays to the offense. Things dont go well when every single of our running plays looks the same. We have 2 good running back (with plenty of speed) but neigther one has been given the opportunity to demonstrate their talent. We have 3 or 4 amazing WR but every passing play looks the same.
We started the "Wild Panther" at the end of the season and it worked great. Any time we have a trick play or a simple reverse we usually get at least a first down. In other words 'GET CREATIVE WITH THE PLAY CLASS"..

Go Golden Panthers!

Nice win for the men's hoops team! Strong showing @ MTSU for an emotionally charged team that was missing their coach. My condolences to Coach Thomas and his family over the loss of Mrs. Thomas.


The deal for FIU recruiting: Recruiting roundup:

Recruiting analyst Larry Blustein says FIU could have the steal of the entire recruiting season, and that it has its best recruit ever in this class. Don't miss it.





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