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Back to the OCs

With a couple of previous OC candidates getting jobs elsewhere in recent days (Mike Groh - Louisville & Shane Montgomery - Youngstown State), the list has dwindled some as far as who will be the Panthers offensive coordinator in 2010.

What we know so far is the following coaches have interviewed for the position: Gregg Brandon, Scott Satterfield, Charlie Weatherbie, Ed Zaunbrecher and Mike Cassano.

Canales Now there are 4 other names to throw into the mix, who have also interviewed as of today: South Florida offensive coordinator Mike Canales (left), former Akron head coach J.D. Brookhart, Southern Illinois offensive coordinator Phil Longo and Stephen F. Austin offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson (right).

Interesting situation at USF, after Leavitt got fired the A.D. asked the coaching staff to stay on through recruiting with whoever is the new Bulls head coach making the decision on whether or not to retain Leavitt's assistants. Not sure if I'm a USF assistant I'm too comfortable with that situation. Canales has also been courted by Southern Mississippi. So he seems to have options for 2010. Canales has also directed a pretty potent USF offense, mentored Chargers QB Phillip Rivers and has a tonDawson of experience. Check out his bio: Mike Canales

Dawson worked wonders at SFA with the Lumberjacks offense. (That's the same SFA that FIU upset when the Jacks were ranked No. 5 in Division I-AA in 2004). Dawson took an offense that was averaging 16 points a game and had the SFA O averaging 35 points per game the next season. You gotta like those numbers. Here's more on Dawson: Shannon Dawson

We could learn soon who will direct the FIU O in 2010.

Of the remaining candidates, who seems to be the best choice? 


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