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College All-Star Challenge at FIU; UNO Leaves Sun Belt

Fiustad FIU Stadium will be the host of the College Football All-Star Challenge. The event will be taped at FIU on Monday, Feb. 1 from 1:00-3:30 p.m.

In previous years, the challenge has featured NFL stars such as Drew Brees, Donovan McNabb, Matt Ryan, Reggie Wayne, DeAngelo Williams and Edgerrin James. The event will be aired by ESPN on Friday, Feb. 5 at 9 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public.

Apaw Will have LIVE HOOPS BLOG of FIU/Arkansas State at 7:54 p.m. tommorrow (Thursday, Jan. 21). Tip-off is at 8 p.m.


This is from a press release from the Sun Belt Conference this afternoon:

The University of New Orleans has voluntarily withdrawn its Sun Belt Conference membership effective JulyUno 1, 2010. UNO will drop to Division III.

Budget cuts, the continuing recovery from Hurricane Katrina and the failure of a student referendum to increase student fees for athletics previously forced the university administration to establish plans to maintain a Division I athletic program with far more stringent financial constraints.

UNO was a founding member of the Sun Belt Conference in 1976 and later rejoined the league in 1991.

UNO originally suspended nine of its 15 intercollegiate sports in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The Sun Belt Conference headquarters, which has been located in New Orleans since 1991, will remain in its downtown office as it still remains an approximate geographic center for the league's member institutions.

With the withdrawal of UNO, the Sun Belt Conference will be comprised of 12 member institutions of which nine play in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

For the three Sun Belt sports with divisional play (men's basketball, women's basketball and volleyball) teams will remain in their current divisions with each division now comprised of six institutions (East: Florida Atlantic, FIU, Middle Tennessee, South Alabama, Troy and Western Kentucky - West: UALR, Arkansas State, Denver, Louisiana, ULM and North Texas). 

Sun Belt Conference men's and women's basketball teams will begin competing in 2010-2011 in a 16-game conference schedule with each team playing a home and away game against teams within their division.  Additionally each team will play all members of the opposite division with three of those games being played at home and three on the road.

Sun Belt volleyball schedules will also feature a 16-game format, The league's volleyball championship will continue to be conducted in an eight team format.

The Sun Belt Conference Baseball Championship will continue under the same format with eight teams participating.  The league schedule will also continue to feature 30 games for the 10 teams that will compete in the league beginning in 2011. Each team will play a home and away three-game series against their natural rival with the series' scheduled for the first and last week of the season.  The natural rival designation for FIU is FAU.

Scheduling standards for football will remain unchanged with each team playing four home conference games and four road conference games.  With the anticipated arrival of South Alabama for football in 2012, the conference will expand to 10 football institutions with teams continuing an 8-game conference schedule and one natural rival remaining on the schedule each year. (In other words the Shula Bowl will always be an annual game as it should be.)

NCAA transfer rules are still applicable for current UNO student-athletes and all Sun Belt Conference member institutions have been notified.

"The Sun Belt Conference will move on as a 12-member league and there are not any current plans for expansion or contraction," said Commissioner Wright Waters.



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What? Nobody has a comment?

I feel so lonely..............

This is sad.

Who cares about UNO? Now FIU can strengthen its stranglehold on the Sun Belt!

But the college challene is pretty cool. last time I think it was at the Orange Bowl. So unless they want to play underneath a highway overpass (thank you Brent Musburger), FIU is a cool choice.

What?! From Div 1 to Division THREE?! How the hell does that happen?!

In order to avoid having to award athletic scholarships, they have to go down to D-III, as D2 is still scholarhip-based. Since Katrina, UNO has taken one hit after another, and the latest blow was when students voted against a raise in fees to support...and mantain...a D-I athletic program.

Sad indeed, as they were charter members of the SBC, left for a while, and came back to the conference in 1991.

"Now FIU can strengthen its stranglehold on the Sun Belt!"

Huh? Did I miss something?

"Huh? Did I miss something?"

Yeah, sarcasm.

no i agree w/ CC.. i love my GP's but UNO was not the only school standing in our way of "sun belt stranglehold"

The Sun Belt is practically D-3 anyways...

Unfortunately, every school in the belt stands in our way, including South Alabama.

UNO had a very good Women's Cross Country Team. Sad to see one of the original Sunbelt teams go down to DIII just because of budget cuts.

As for our our Godlen Panthers, I hope MC is outting together a great recruiting class that can make an immidete impact. Maybe a couple of JUCO players that can come in and play at the TY level..

PETE: Any Babeball news beofre the season kicks off?

Go Golden Panthers

Gooch7 - here is the baseball news.

Expect a rough season. Turtle has only really had 1 full year to recruit. The players are young. Give it time. UM is scared to play FIU. If only some of the signees would have come to campus rather than go to MLB. etc. etc. etc.

Pete, aside from that, anything else?

My stranglehold comment was a joke.

LOL! Crazy Cane you got me laughing with that last comment.

Even I have to agree that sounds like the season preview/ season in review for all FIU sports lately (except for the volleyball hotties)

Crazy Cane, maybe TT should just blame it all on his players like Jimbo "the cat" morris did last year. I guess thats the honorable thing to do these days, always find a scapegoat.

The only thing that really hurt FIU baseball was losing Ebert in the draft, which was not expected... But then to make things even worse, the guy who was supposed to take over the saturday spot (which didnt play at all last year bc he was ineligible) is seen in PR throwing around 94mph while throwing bullpen and gets signed undrafted... If we keep one of those guys, FIU baseball is in great shape, but know pitching is a big IF.

I think they will be solid at the plate. They have a lot of new faces that can do some things up there.


Forgot to mention that the UNO departure is really sad. But I am not surprised. Hurricane Katrina set them back 30 years.

I have a good friend who's an active alum of Dillard (also in New Orleans) and half their campus buildings are still not functioning or destroyed.

The sad part about UNO, it that it can apply or happen to all subdivision programs, even ours like ours.
The students voted against tuition increases, and I can fully understand that.
The eye opening thing is........ what if our sports programs become so financially dependent on tuition increases. Do you think the current student body of over 35K will agree to a $100.00 athletic increase.
The purchase of season tickets last year came with a $50.00 "donation" which was mandatory.
Our sports programs draw minimal attendance. The school has to find a way to improve moral, spirit, unity, alumni support, etc... The Alumni Association is too lax on their recruitment, one dumb news letter will not cut it. Student government is and has always been a joke on campus. Of my few memories of FIU's SGA was a stupid T-shirt with the letters on the back.

Wow, what a depressing post and depressing topic. Good luck to UNO!!
Even that idiot of CrazyCane will miss us.... He'll have nothing to do all day, seing how he's not good enough to attend UM's activities or posts.

Damm it, I need to retake ENC 1101

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