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FIU Recruiting Prowl: Offensive Line

Serini There are some skill players ready to join the FIU offense this spring and in the fall that could make the Panthers fun to watch when they have the ball.

With a deeper corps of running backs, a former All-SEC freshman quarterback and a slew of speedy, athletic receivers and tight ends, it seems FIU should be scoring plenty of points.

However, that will largely depend on the play of the offensive line. Let's take a closer look at the big bodies whose blocking will determine how successful the Panthers are with the ball.

We're a shade more than a week away from NSD: your OFFICIAL NATIONAL SIGNING DAY COUNTDOWN stands at: 8 DAYS


For the fourth consecutive season, center Brad Serini (above. left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) will anchor the line. Besides Serini, there is only one other senior on the line: Cedric Mack.

So in other words, FIU is going to need the underclassmen to develop quickly and have an impact on theSitanich line. It will be interesting to see what effect the change in O-line coaches has on the unit as Alex Mirabal takes over coaching line duties.

Sophomores Dave Istanich (right) and Rupert Bryan should have the inside track to starting jobs when spring practice starts the week before spring break. Both DI and RB held their own last season when they earned playing time after some initial struggles by the line.

Among the other returning linemen, Chris Cawthon is someone to keep an eye on. Before Cawthon went down with a knee injury at North Texas in 2008, he was playing really well. Last season, he spent it on the scout team working his way back. Sophomore Kenny White is a linemen that coaches have praised and could get into the mix this season.

As of this post, the 2 FIU O-line commits have the size to contribute immediately, whether their technique is at the college level is something we'll find out come August when fall camp begins.

David Delsoin (6-6, 280 pounds) and Ceedrick Davis (6-3, 300) are two very nice additions to the Panthers line and there could be 1 or 2 more O-line commits before NSD. Stay tuned.

Fiuhelmet BACK IN 2010: Stephen Bailey, Rupert Bryan, Chris Cawthon, Dave Istanich, Cedric Mack, Giancarlo Revilla, Brad Serini, Austin Tottle, Kevin Van Kirk, Kenny White, James Wiggins, Derrick Wimberly.

Fiuhelmet GONE IN 2010: Saf Ahmad, Joe Alajajian, Mario Caraballo, Andy Leavine, Ula Matavao.

3cents $.03 for 2010: Make no bones about it, FIU's offensive success in 2010 and every year starts with the offensive line. For all the potential that the Panthers offense has, it will not amount to much if Wesley Carroll does not have time to throw and the FIU backs don't have to holes to run through. Just like the FIU offensive skill players, there is plenty of potential and talent on the O-line, but the Panthers offensive front has to put it together. Do not be surprised if Delsoin or Davis grab playing time or a starting job in 2010.

Aaapaw Tell us in our poll question below the Pawse: of the O-linemen that did not see regular playing time last season, which one sees regular playing time this season.

Next up on the Recruiting Prowl: Quarterbacks


With the additions of new commits WR Glenn Coleman and DE Bryan Robinson in the last couple of days, the FIU 2010 Oral Commitment list looks like this now:

P Josh Brisk: 6-0/185

WR Glenn Coleman: 6-2/200

OL Ceedrick Davis: 6-3/300

OL David Delsoin: 6-6/275

DL Isame Facime: 6-4/255

S Justin Halley: 6-2/181

RB Jeremiah Harden 5-9/195

LB Greg Hickman: 6-1/255

DL Wade Isaac: 6-2/245

DL Jeremy Jermin: 6-3/285

DL Jericho Lee: 5-11/265

DB Richard Leonard: 5-8/160

DB Khambrel McGee: 5-9/165
QB Jake Medlock: 6-3/220

DB Sam Miller: 5-10/175

RB Kedrick Rhodes: 5-10/185

DL Bryan Robinson, 6-4/220

LB Caleb Vincent: 6-2/225

DL Jordan White: 6-3/320

S Randy Williams: 6-1/195

WR Mitch Wozniak: 6-4/190

Aaapaw Next LIVE HOOPS BLOG is this Saturday at 6:54 p.m. from Hooterville, as FIU takes on a much improved Florida Atlantic Hooters team. Tip-off is at 7 p.m.



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Thanks for your info and preview, Pete. I note that both, OL Stanley St. Jean (or is it Jean?), and DL Mark Grant, are not in your updated list. I've had doubts about those two names for a while, particularly with Jean (or is it St. Jean?) since no updates are readily available from both of them. Do you have info they are not committed to FIU anymore?...did FIU stop contacting them?

Also...and I know this might be a tall order...but, could you maybe get Willis Wright to do an interview with you? His recruitment...at least what he says publicly...has been all over the place, but two constants (besides um) appear to be West Virginia, and FIU. What do you think?...would be nice for Willis to follow another Miami Springs WR star, TY Hilton, in choosing FIU over WVU.

And finally...it was weird for me to read an article on FAU by you...LOL...

oh...forgot to add if the names weren't there perhaps because of an omission rather than for any other reason. Sorry about that...

They are still listed as commits according to ESPN. I tend to think they are still on board. I love that we are adding bulk to our lines, it is desperately needed, and hopefully some of these guys have an immediate impact.

I was wondering what happened to Chris Cawthon. I was really excited about him when he signed with us. I hope he can come in and play well.

Ill reserve my comments on Willis Wright after signing day.

With a week till NSD I would like to know if we are going to pick up some amazing talent from our back yard. WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO?

OL Jordan Johnson (Carol City)
OL Jordan and Justin McCray (Southridge)
OL Shawn Brown (Central)
OL Jose Jose (Central)
OL Zachary Soto (Pace)
RB Randy Johnson (Norland)
RB Jarvis Bridge (Coral Gables)

DL Todd Chandler (NW)
DL Corey Lemonier (Hialeah)
DL Lebrandon Richardson (Central)
DL Lynden Trail (Booker T)
DB Khambrel McGee (NW)
DB Richard Leonard (Killian)
DB Rashard Steward (Jackson)

We have an opportunity to have an amazing recruiting class if you can pick up just some of this amazing players. Best part is that they all live less then 15miles away from FIU!

GO Golden Panthers!

Gooch just read Pete's article from today regarding UCF and USF recruiting and you will see that the McCray brothers and Soto are going to UCF, Todd Chandler is between a bunch of schools not including FIU, Trail is going to UF, Lemonier has alot of BCS offers to choose from, Jose to USF, McGee and Leonard are commits to FIU...in regards to Brown, Johnson, Bridge, Richardson and Steward your guess is as good as mine although we don't need another rb commit which would count out Bridge and Johnson

They all live less than 15 miles - which reminds me of one of our favorite topics - high school and college ticket prices.

For Every Game set aside a few (thousand) seats, end zone or behind the visitors bench, for every game for (high school) students with valid student id cards. Option 1, charge them $5.00 admission. Option 2, throw in a couple of hot dogs and drink at half time. Option 3, Parents can get in for 1/2 price if they are accompanied by their high school or junior high school student.

It will take a few years to build brand identity and loyalty among the local population. The local fans are the ones who will begin to identify with us, who will fill the stands, and who will choose FIU when it is time to go to college.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping out of those 14 players we would be able to grave 4 or 5. I guess two is better then none. Regardless all those guys are probably going to have some amazing college careers.
You never know ther is always crazy things that happen on NSD. It would be great to steal 1 or 2 players from UCF and USF. Both of thse programs are picking up another good recruiting class!

Pete: Once NSD comes and goes can you please see where our recruiting class ranks among the Sunbelt? We better be 1st or 2nd..


I would like to see the ranking, but with the same number of players for each school. When one school signs 25 players and another just 18 the first school will rank higher every year.

Troy is rated 85 with 26 players 1.65 ave
FIU is rated t113 with 9 players 1.89 ave
Louisiana is t113 with 19 players 1.63 ave

Gooch, let's wait and see what happens on NSD. I have a hunch there might be a few surprises.

FIUSM's Recruiting roundup looks at impact recruits on the fence who could choose FIU on signing day!

See what Willis Wright's high school coach has to say about FIU's chances for Wright, and what is Todd Chandler doing????


Isaac was dropped and St. Jean was never offered.

What about Mac Brown? The rivals.com database dropped him from their list of FIU commitments...

I hear that we are not going after Mac anymore

hey pete whats the story w/ tauren austin's recruiting.. i know we got medlock as a Oral commit but i know we are also lookin at TA as well.. any thoughts?

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