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FIU Recruiting Prowl: Running Backs

We're down to our final 2 recruiting previews with a look at the running backs here and then we'll finish it up on the next post with the receivers/tight ends and kickers.

Berry To have any kind of an effective spread offense, you need a consistent and productive running game. If not, defenses will tee off on your quarterback.

The Panthers running game was a work in progress last season, but with a highly-regarded recruit headed to FIU, a highly-regarded transfer already at FIU and the return of some key rushers the run game should improve in 2010.

T-minus 60 hours until NSD: your OFFICIAL NATIONAL SIGNING DAY COUNTDOWN stands at: 3 DAYS


There were some bright spots among the FIU rushers last season, but certainly not enough of them. The development of former receiver-turned running back Kendall Berry (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) was a pleasant surprise, especially when he ran the WildPanther.

Daunte Owens also had his moments and provided some speed. Darriet Perry was slowed by a broken wrist and did not have the chance to show what he could do over the course of a full season. Darian Mallary did not get enough touches to show off his 4.4 speed.

Of course, most times a running game is only as good as its offensive line and we went over that in the O-line post.

While Owens does not return, because he graduated, the other three backs along with Trenard Turner areHarden back for 2010, but they will all certainly be pushed for carries.

Syracuse transfer Jeremiah Harden looked every bit the part of a No. 1 feature back last season while working with the scout team offense. And from seeing in person several of Harden's (right) high school games for national powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas, I can tell you that JH has all the tools to be that No. 1 back for FIU.

FIU commit Kedrick Rhodes will no doubt have a say in the running back competition come fall camp. Rhodes, who also had offers from several BCS schools also has the package of speed and shiftiness that Harden possesses.

Harden, Berry, Perry, Mallary and Turner will get a head start on impressing for the RB job in spring practice. But keep an eye on Rhodes in August, because from what other media and coaches are saying the kid is legit.

Fiuhelmet BACK IN 2010: Kendall Berry, Darian Mallary, Darriet Perry, Trenard Turner

Fiuhelmet GONE IN 2010: Daunte Owens

3cents $.03 for 2010: If the success of the offensive line is the most important component to FIU's offensive success in 2010, then the running game is a close No. 2. FIU needs much better production on the ground to not only have opponents from teeing off on Wesley Carroll, but to control the ball and keep the FIU D fresh on the sidelines. Going into camp, Harden might be the favorite for the top RB job.



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My vote goes for Darriet Perry. I'm not giving up on this guy--I think he's got the potential to be our #1 back. If he stops hitting the weights so hard and focuses on getting his speed and explosivness back (and even improving it over his high school days), the kid from Valdosta, GA will be all Sun Belt. I love the competition this year. I'd still like to see one more RB signed in this years class (take a redshirt if needed).

Is jonathan Ramirez still on the Team and what will he be playing

jh IS THE #1 RB

As much hype as Harden is coming in with I still think Pery can be the guy. One thing is clear we will not use just One back this year. What might happen:

Perry and Harden carry the big load

Berry needs to be used in the WildPanther (it actually works, dont stop using it)

Redshirt Rhodes (he will be the Man in 2 years)

Mallary needs to find way more touches also. That kid was amazing in High School. He is small but all he nees is ONE hole and his gone 60 yards.. Find a way to make holes!


i think they can use him in the percy harvin role where you can line him up in the back feild or out wide.. slip screens/ wr screens and get him in some space.. that would be ideal for mallary

I have asked this question about 100 times..
Why can't we be more creative with our Offinsive Play Class. We have many talented players with plenty of speed and agility how about using all that talent to our advantage.

TY needs WAY more touches.
DePourte needs to get the ball more then once per game (his a great TE).
Our tall receivers need to pick on the shorter CB from the Sunbelt (specially in the Redzone).
Use all four running backs in different ways.
WildPanther, WildPanther, WildPanther..
In simple words. "Just get more creative then the last 3 or 4 years"

Go Golden Panthers!

Gooch, TY was getting a lot of touches before his injury, and Dudley was basically out all season with a broken foot. I do think that Satterfield will do a lot for our offense as far as creativity, and as much as I like PMC, WC will be a huge upgrade.

All these back are really good. I can tell you that right now. This is way you seen so many backs with touches. There will not be any #1 back, the coaches are just going to go with the hot hand. Only way this change is if some just blow away the rest and its hard to believe that when all these guys got talent.Don't be surpised to see more Turner as he was recoving a knee injury last year and other injuries that popped up during the course of the year. Most depth on the team is at running back.

Very good points, thanks for your insight, OD...

I second Fanatic's sentiments, thank you for your insight OD, I hope you can continue to actively be a part of this blog and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Uh... okay OD #20.

As for everyone else, the standard of education arguments which have appeared on this blog in the past should stop as of right now. Thank you very much.

CrazyCane are you even a real hurricane? do you/did you got o UM and graduate?

I want to see the new RBs do something.

Last years RBs couldnt make anyone miss, thats what we've been missing and that has nothing to do with schemes or play calling.

Mallary can do that but needs to add some more muscle.

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