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Helmetlogo It's an Arkansas 2-step for your Panthers this week with home games against ArkansasAsu State and Arkansas-Little Rock. First up, the Red Wolves of ASU.

They will be tipping it off shortly so let's go blogging....


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Thankw for the compliment on the halftime!!

Pete, we're waiting for that interview with the new OC. Do you have a timeline on it yet? Do you expect any JUCOs to sign this year? Early signing period passed and we didn't get anyone in here. Feed the hungry pete! Thank you

My comments pertain to the previous column (UNO leaves SunBelt). Isn't it funny how every decision or performance deserves an excuse.

UNO leaves because of Katrina. Why not blame it on the administration after they received MILLIONS of $$$ from the US Goverment.

Jim Morris blamed last season on his players. Why can he blame himself for forcing his 3rd and 4th hitter to bunt or for not recruiting better?

Turtle's performance at FIU is blamed on "ONLY" one year recruiting. How come?. He signed 3 years ago. BTW he hasn't done much better than DP as stated by Clawing Cancer, and I agree. Why isn't he criticized for being a horrible game coach? I go to EVERY FIU BASEBALL GAME as it is my job as a baseball agent.

Cristobal's record's still blamed on Strock. Time to analyze his Head Coaching capacity.

Isiah Thomas is "The Best Thing" that has ever happened to FIU, but his job performance is blamed on Sergio Rouco. Let's not be blind, this guy bankrupted "A COMPLETE BASKETBALL LEAGUE", Destroyed every franchise he either coached or administered and finally was ran out of New York after he almost single handlely cost The Knicks to leave NY.

Common guys, there are tons of great stories happening at FIU (The Medical School, The Law School, the hiring of Dr. Rosenberg, etc. etc. Let's celebrate those and demand better from the Athletic Department

Panthermoney there are some mistakes in your post. Turtle is entering his third year as a coach, and while his first year wasn't great his second year saw tremendous improvement. Why don't we see what he does with his third year.

I do have some doubts about Cristobal as a gameday coach, but I also know that he inherited a mess. We didn't have our full allotment of scholarships, and we suffered from horrible recruiting. The man has two years left on his contract, I say give him the two years with the two full recruiting classes, as opposed to the years we had one hand tied behind our back, to see what can happen.

As for Isiah, he hasn't destroyed every team he has touched. The Knicks were a mess before he got there, and clearly, as was seen at his time in the CBA, he is not seasoned enough to be a general manager. However he helped build the Raptors into a pretty successful team, especially in his capacity as someone who identified and developed talent, and he went to the playoffs three times with the Pacers. He has always been lauded for his ability to identify and develop talent. If you want to judge the man based on his first year then you're a fool. The team has no depth and has been hammered by fatigue and injuries because of that. Gacesa is out, Watson is suspened, and Otero was injured. If we had those three players available we would have a little more height, Gacesa is 6'9" and Otero is 6'7", and we'd have two players that average around ten points a game, those extra 20 points would have won us the game last night.

"Turtle's performance at FIU is blamed on "ONLY" one year recruiting. How come?. He signed 3 years ago. BTW he hasn't done much better than DP as stated by Clawing Cancer, and I agree. Why isn't he criticized for being a horrible game coach? I go to EVERY FIU BASEBALL GAME as it is my job as a baseball agent." ============ REEEE - TARDED!!!

You must blow goats as a "baseball agent". His first year isnt counted as his first full year because he came to FIU well into the recruiting season. Therefore, season 1's team was filled DP's mierd@ team (not disrespect to any of the kids). You follow with another brilliant comment from "Mr. Agent" about how he hasnt done much better then DP. I guess having the university's biggest turnaround in history and being about 2 or 3 wins away from a regional appearance is pretty bad then... Im not even going to waste my time with the horrible game coach comment.

Secondly, Isiah has probably put together FIU bbasketball's best recruiting class ever!!! Just like with TT, he is not playing with a full team of his players... If you had any knowledge of athletics or coaching changes, then you would know that there is ALWAYS a transition year (unless it is a coach that has been hired at a successful program and is replacing the previous coach that was hired at a better university). It takes time for the kids to get acclimated to new practices, rules, coaches, and most importantly they have to learn and UNDERSTAND the new plays. Just knowing what the play is doesnt mean they know the offense/defense. It takes time for a player to really understand the play... As for the Knicks part, i didnt know that you were part of the New York Knicks front office and knew exactly what went down there.

The med school, law school, etc. are all great!(which you will never step foot in), but last time i checked, this forum was in the sports section. I might be wrong, i dont know, you tell me???

What Mr. Baseball seems to overlook is that it is not an easy task to build a successful program when your team's financial backing is piss poor. It is not like FIU is pumping $$$ into our football program like LSU and will build a Natl Championship team in 3 years.

Basically, your post was a complete waste of everybodys time. Congrats!!!... Whats your excuse for being a worthless agent?

c-UM, I wish our alumni were like LSU's alumni. We have 152,000+ alumni, if each one of them did what LSU or UF's alumni do, that is donate just north of $100 per person, we would have an extra $15.2 million to play with off of donations alone. If they showed up we'd have an extra $5 million thanks to ticket sales, which would push our budget north of $40 million.

I dont think that the university and alumni association do nearly enough to aid in raising $$$ for the athletic dept... I have never seen any sort of alumni mailing or email asking to donate for athletics, or any sort of info about the upcoming baseball banquet being sent around (the same applies for football and basketball), rarely see anything about tickets, etc. Overall, marketing from the university is non-existent.

Also no one is getting across just how important money is in college sports these days. People always say, "I'll show up when we win," or some variation there of. Someone needs to really convey to these people, maybe show the numbers, that if you just show up to the games and give a little money it will go a long way to building that winning program.

Mello and Strock left the A.D. in a big hole. We are in the process of digging out of it, esp. with the 3 coaches you mentioned; Thomas, Cristobal and TT. Baseball is ahead of the other two and basketball will be something to see next year.

PG has turned the program around from the poor apr's to the lax ncaa rules administration. This next decade will be FIU's!

"Mr. Agent" congrats for posting the dumbest post ever...

Panthermoney you're right. FIU will always play second fiddle to UM, but the fans are extremely happy with it.

We got rid of PG and MC and despite their mediocre performances FIU is elated.

Where do they always show up in the papers?. Are they ever on TV?.

USA-Cane, you seem to be elated with Mumbles Mcgee aka Randy Shannon, as well. Great hire loser!!! or maybe you guys shouldve just kept Coker.

Secondly, UM didnt come close to getting rid of PG. PG left with the last good coach to leave miami, Butch Davis, to go make a lot more money then you'll ever see. So, in conclusion, PG left c-UM. Get ur facts straight buddy. And last i checked, same applied to MC as well.

You people are funny, hanging out on FIU blogs all the time. LOL. Ur def the same guy that posted as panthermoney.

PG came from UM after Dee ran him out, he was FIRED from Cleveland, and cameback to UM as basically a clerk to Dee. Shannon has gone to two bowls in the same three years MC has won 9 games.

Great, he was fired from an NFL team where he made plenty of money. Mannnn, i'd hate to be him, lol. The point is worthless, its not like he was fired at Cleveland for doing poor AD work, he was fired bc butch was fired. Have u, randy, fatboy dee, or any of the other clowns worked for a pro organization? Doooooubtttt ittttt!

Yeaaaa, how could i forget. 2 very prominent bowl games out of Shannon. He had his team ready to play hard nose football in both of them. WOOOOOOOO!!!! Get'em Randy!!!

And then you close by trying to compare what MC has done at a school with a brand new football program (created only a few years ago) to a team that has won natl championship and has been around a lot longer.

USA-Cane if we will always play second fiddle to UCG, why is that your ilk makes a point of coming here all the time? Over the last two decades there has been a decided shift in college sports, especially football, that favors large schools. Be it a USC with 33,000 students or a UF with near 50,000. More students means more future alumni, more alumni means a larger potential fan base, and a larger potential fan base means more donations. Your boy didn't inherit a poorly run athletic department that also happens to be far younger at the D-I level school. Time is on our side.

USC has 33k students?

ridgepanther, USC currently has 33,389 students. They are a huge private school, and while most of their numbers aren't readily availabe, their athletic budget is $76 million, which is bolstered by the large student body and alumni base.

Agent boy is an idiot, cane you're an idiot.

basically i agree with c-UM.

I take it back "Mr. Agent", USA-Cane now has the title of the dumbest post ever...

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