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FIU vs. Florida Atlantic LIVE HOOPS BLOG

BOCA RATON -- Here from Hootervile in the Mouth of the Rat for FIU/Florida Atlantic basketball. If theHelmetlogo football series is the Don Shula Bowl, should the basketball series be named the Pat Riley Classic?

A much improved Hooters hoops team this season and they are 11-point favorites by LasFau Vegas in this game. FIU scored 96 points in its last game. That might be tough to get to in this one. Let's see....


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Tough loss, but Jarvis has done very well with FAU once he was able to bring in his guys. Isiah brought in a few guys this year, but next year will basically be his team. FAU only won six games last year, so expect us to be a much improved team in year two.

Now as far as fan support there are several problems that we have that FAU doesn't. Firstly there is no other school in the same town that can detract for them. Secondly, there is much less to do in Boca than there is in Miami. Thirdly, FAU has more invested in campus life right now than we do. I have said it before and I will say it again, we need to take over the fair grounds and get 4,000 students living, working and playing there. That means dorms, shops, restaurants, study areas, book stores, and bars. We need to create incentive for these people to stay on campus, identify with the campus and the school, and get them to show up on a regular basis.

Long Term,
We are going to build college town, but that is years away.

Step 1 This week, this month, in Sweetwater, purchase every apartment building available and put students and Frats there. This will add thousands of on-campus or adjacent-campus students who can walk, take the bus, or ride their bike across SW 8'th street or to the Engineering Campus on Flagler street and become part of campus life September 2010. This can be done immediately.

(Since we can guarantee 100% occupancy, we should be able to get actual low rate bank mortgages for these properties instead of issuing bonds which is a long approval process.)

Step 2, Buy every house and building on 1 or 2 blocks, eventually every block, along SW 7'th Terrace and rent them to professors and professionals who want to live close to campus.
(Since we can guarantee 100% occupancy, we should be able to get actual bank mortgages for these properties and instead of issuing bonds which is a long approval process.)

Step 3 Hire the same company FAU is using and let them use their money to build dorms. Tell them to rip down all the houses and Build 4-6 story 2 bedroom apartments that can easily converted into an office buildings. To the first building add a huge exercise room / club that can also sell memberships to residents. To the second building, instead of a exercise room add a large dining hall /restaurant that can make additional revenue selling meals to the public.

Step 4, building dorms on presently owned property or property acquired in the future (fairgrounds) is years away.

There are complete apartment complexes on the west side of the turnpike, between SW 8'th street and SW 26'th street. Buy them, let the tenants who have leases stay until the lease expires, and fill the apartments with students.
(Since we can guarantee 100% occupancy, we should be able to get actual bank mortgages for these properties and instead of issuing bonds which is a long approval process.)

Mike it is nice to see that they are still kicking that around, but I tend to think the focus will be on creating something like Knights Plaza at UCF in the adjacent land (fairgrounds), and then working with Sweetwater down the line to create associated housing off campus. The problem with that plan is that it isn't really on campus housing as it is separated by 8th street and a canal.

They just need to demolish those old two story dorms that take up a nice chunk of land. With that land they can build up like the newer dorms on campus.

FIURage, if you look at the final plans for the College of Medicine that land will eventually be taken up by expanded medical school facilities. It is worth pointing out that another five residential buildings are planned, including three near the current residence halls, and another two just outside of the business school.

I always used to hear that FIU was eventually going to take over the Youth Fair Ground but I guess those were just rumors and it would cost way to much to do so. Also, I don't think the County would want to get rid of the land. This I believe would be the best case scenario in expanding the campus.

As much as FIU is expanding they could use some extra parking.

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