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Helmetlogo Welcome to the Bank for tonight's FIU vs. Troy basketball game as they will unveil the name of Troy the student section tonight.

Can your Panthers unveil a two-game winning streak after Thursday's win over ULM. Let's see....


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FIU named the student section at US Century Bank Arena The Panthers Den...What a joke!! Troy made u guys look like the losers they are...However UM basketball got a big win yesterday and are off to the best start in history!

Panthers = losers

Wow, more of the class we have come to expect from the people in Coral Gables. Give it a couple of years and let's see how smug you are then.

beating his chest after beating 1 team in the ACC... beat UNC/ Duke... get in the top half of your conf. consistantly... we already know we were goin to have a down year... so to beat ur chest about it just makes you look foolish

The little u across town is clearly scared of the big U. Scared rich white kids from the Northeast are afraid their monopoly on South Florida's market is over. Guess what, they're right.

SouthPaw, can we not make this an issue of race or ethnicity? I prefer to see this as a conflict between people with a sense of entitlement, and people who are actually working to achieve prominence.

Jules: your right, race shouldnt be involved in this.

MIACanes is a coward..and is insecure about some things. He really should go away.

Good comment by Jules here. There's no reason to make comments based on race things...it leads us to nowhere.

I love black women.

I too agree w / FIU Fanatic. Don't lower yourself to MIAcanes level.


JulesFIU07, good comment. I just think its funny that 90% or more of UM's "fans" aren't the kind with a sense of entitlement. That's my whole point--how can you get behind that kind of garbage? Why are you supporting them?

But I see your point--I'll leave race and ethnicity out going forward.

Go for it SouthPaw. Its 100% true. UM is composed of rich white kids from the northeast, rich kids from the surrounding coral gables/south miami/coconut grove area and somewhere in that school is a spattering of Miami's true demographics.

But I've seen the Panther's Den. Its quite interesting...

and to Mr. Quijote: I love White women. hahaha!

SouthPaw, you got me on how people, especially lower income people, can support a school that stands for inequity. Exorbitant tuition costs and resting on ones laurels sounds an awful lot like a country club to me. I had a choice between the two, and between a stronger history program and a real sense of dynamism my choice was made very easy.

Alt, bringing race into anything just looks bad. Race baiting and racial politics don't produce anything positive in the political sphere, and they certainly don't produce anything positive here. All this talk of "rich white kids," just makes us look like a bunch of boorish versions of Cesar Chavez.

Once again if you want to frame this up properly it is an issue of people with a sense of entitlement versus people who are fighting to achieve. In this case I'd much rather be a member the sans-culottes than the effite walled up in Versailles.

Pete, are they going to put up the banners for the retired numbers again at the arena? It's kind of sad not seeing them anymore. Thanks

hey pete whens the interview goin up? i got nothing to do here at the office and gotta pass the time lol

Hey CJ play some tricks on Dwight Schrute. Hahaha. I just started watching "The Office" and i LOVE it!! I cant believe I didnt start watching to sooner.

As to Mr. Jules, What does the Dog Whisperer have to do with rich white kids?

alt, Cesar Chavez, not Cesar Milan...

Hahahahaha. i know. i was just fooling with you. I've been to L.A. a few times so Im familiar with Mr. Chavez.

hey, I'm a white guy saying those things about UM. I can see it clear as day--it amazes me that UM's "fans" don't. They just need to be educated, I guess.


I asked this once before and it lost in the shuffle - was hoping you could give me an answer. What happened to the new jerseys the Men's Basketball Team was wearing last year? I noticed Isiah took their names off their jerseys but did they have to switch back to the old plain looking ones? This is petty but it's been one of those things I wonder about at every game.

Great job on the Collins info. You kept us very informed. Looking forward to the interview. THANKS!

Like I said before Collins got the DC job, i think he was the right person for the job just because of his ability to recruit inside the State of Florida.

Now the OC job will most likely take a lot longer since the list is probably twice as long. Like always Recruiting, Experience, Energy.. MC needs to do a good job with the pick..


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