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Helmetlogo A little break from the coordinator searches here for some basketball. Your Panthers host theUlm ULM Warhawks tonight from the Bank.

FIU trying to snap a 3-game losing skid. Let's see how they do.


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Hey Pete, nice seeing you @ the game tonight. Guess what? I can post on the blog again. Tried your suggestions and they worked. Thanks.


Nice to know the Collins hire is pretty much a done deal. Now, get us a solid OC so we can turn Football around.

Also great to see the B-Ball team pick up a win at home. Let's hope they can keep it going against Troy this Saturday.

Any buzz on Campus about Saturday night's tailgate and game?

... pikedanny you know theres never abuzz about basketball games.. ive never seen a tailgate for them..

FIU Athletics announced a tailgate party before the Men's game on Saturday along with the unveiling of the Student Section name. I would hate for the Student Section to be empty when they name it on Saturday. So, I'm hoping they've been promoting the event hard on campus in order to create a buzz. Doesn't seem like that's the case, huh?

This is a good win for us. Next year this team should really do some damage in the SBC. We will have some added height, and the depth necessary to keep our players fresh throughout the game.

Nice to see Arroyo picked up by the Heat. I have to say though, his contract with Maccabi Tel Aviv was a lot sweeter, $7.5 million net over three years, that is 1.5 million more than he is making at the Heat.

The hard-copy of the Herald doesn't have this Saturday's home game v. Troy in the 'What you can watch' section. Good thing I have access to the world wide web.

Anyways, what time's the game? Saturday is supposed to be cold and wet; perfect time to hit a hoops game.

There was a large tailgate for the home opener against FMU, impossible to not notice it. Food and drinks provided by the FIU Alumni Association and massive tent was erected right in front on the arena.

SGA and the student organizations need to be encouraged to come out Saturday and help create a home court advantage.

I remember that. It was a pretty sweet little tailgate. Especially for basketball. If we can get a crowd like that for Saturday, that would be awesome.

It's going to be really cold and rainy tomorrow night. I hope they are planning on moving the tailgate inside somehow. I know upstairs there are two other basketball courts. If not, we're going to freeze, so be prepared! lol

Pete, thanks for your answer on Antwan. The segment they had last Sunday on the Ravens was really cool. They even interviewed Antwan!

I remember when he sacked the heck out of Tom Brady. We even congratulated Antwan on that. lol

They are advertising the game through their website...hope they are doing some on campus advertising as well....

We need to get as many fans as possible for this Saturday's game, so as to kind of have an "unofficial" hoops season 'start' for all the students and fans. Folks...it's college basketball season right now!!

Ok....USF's coach Leavitt has been fired. What effect will this have, if any, for FIU short term? Any recruits that might be looking away from USF we could get?

Two from Miami area are Todd Chandler (DL) and Jose Jose (OL)...both play areas of need for FIU recruiting...hmmmm...

FIU Fanatic I'm totally with you there, let's steal some of these recruits!

Would Leavitt be interested in helping FIU build their program?

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