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New OC will be Scott Satterfield

Satterfield Your new FIU offensive coordinator is expected to be Scott Satterfield.

As of tonight [Friday], Satterfield is in the process of signing his new FIU contract to direct the Panthers spread offense.

Satterfield has plenty of experience running spread offenses.

Satterfield was the passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Toledo last season for what was the No. 13 offense in the nation. The Rockets defeated the Panthers 41-31 at FIU Stadium last season.

Before that Satterfield was the quarterbacks coach and called the plays at Appalachian State where the Mountaineers won the national championship for 3 straight years from 2005-07. Here's more on Satterfield's coaching history: Scott Satterfield bio

Will have an interview with the new FIU OC on here after I get in touch with him.


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Welcome to FIU, coach Satterfield!!

Welcome aboard, Coach Satterfield. Looking forward to having you help wake up the sleeping giant.

I'm surprised by the hire, but pleased--he actually got my vote in your poll, Pete. He doesn't have the long resume, but he's a proven winner everywhere he's been. Of all the games last season, Toledo's offense impressed me the most. They surgically dismantled our defense with a team that had less talent than many of the teams we faced. I'd like to know more about card system they used to communicate to the QB before each play. It seemed like they saw our defensive set before calling a play at the line with cards held up on the sidelines.

Remember guys, even if this hire may not blow you away on day one, results are what matters. You have to put some trust in Pete Garcia and Coach Cristobal on these hires. Both the DC and OC hires seem like rising, hungry young coaches. Kinda like our program.

The deal for FIU recruiting: Recruiting roundup:

Recruiting analyst Larry Blustein says FIU could have the steal of the entire recruiting season, and that it has its best recruit ever in this class. Don't miss it.





So basically you have inexperience leading inexperience as a coaching staff... sounds like a great plan PG. It is so hard to be an FIU football fan.

have faith concernedFIUer... i mean lets be real.. you can be concerend but this guy did drop 41 on FIU last year

Every team we played last year had a great day against our defense, even the 3 games that we won. I don't like this hiring, I hope for FIU sake I am wrong and this guys will work out, but I think we need some one withh OC experience, and there were other candidates with better resumes.
I just don't want to hear any more excuses that because our players are learning a new system, new coach, etc, etc. Bottom line is, if he is hired is because he can help our team right away, and our HC has the last word, even in the play calling, etc. and we have the same HC.
Our Offense has to be better, we have a more experienced line, better qb, more experience and better rb's better receivers, and now a new OC. If we don't improve next year, then it is gime for a change, lets stop this experiments and lets get some experience coaches with a success track, just look at Boca Raton, they are ahead of us because of that, we keep giving opportunities to inexperienced coaches and that is a very high price that our program is paying.

The bottom line is $$$ FIU at this point can't afford to get a top notch experienced coach... Instead we got a guy who has had success grooming quarterbacks and has been able to win where ever he has been coaching at. Appalachian state is not something to be overlooked that program won three straight championships and upended #5 Michigan when satterfield was there. Also he helped turn around an abismal Toledo offense in just one year hopefully he could improve ours as well. Let's stay positive for recruiting sakes recruits do read panther prowl you know

A little surprised by this hiring... but I have to trust Mario and PG made the right decision.

It's possible that all the other candidates wanted too high of a salary (we don't know the detail) or maybe he really just was the most impressive candidate to them.

I'll give them a chance to see what they can do.

"As the Mountaineers’ de facto offensive coordinator (he serves as the play-caller on gamedays), helped lead ASU’s transition from its traditional Power I offense to a no-huddle, spread attack that has shattered the majority of the school’s offensive records the past four seasons and led the nation in total offense in 2007."


when is the baseball banquet this year? went to it last year and had a great time.

We hired who? A quarterbacks coach? Is it remotely possible for FIU to ever hire someone with the appropriate level of experience? Turtle is the only good hire so far, all others are flopping like pancakes.

He was not 'my' top choice, but again...what do I know? The fact I just read above Appalachian State called him the "defacto Offensive Coordinator", since he was in charge of calling the plays, lessen a bit the concerns about his inexperienced as an OC. Let's give MC and Satterfield a chance, and not go extreme against this hiring.

Again....welcome to our new coordinators and now let's focus on recruiting and bring in some real studs who can come in and contribute to the program!

I liked the USF guy but now that i read he called the plays at App state and that hes the one responsible for Toledo's 1 year turn around Im impressed.

We need better play calling. that was a huge weakness last year.

Seems they could'nt afford Canales but Satterfield is a good fit.He should make our QB's better and stirr up competion among them.Being a QB himself gives him great feel for the position because the Qb is the one that makes any offense happen.Wes Carroll,Wayne
Younger,Chris Schirripa and any incoming QB recruit should be thrilled.If the competion created is fair with everybody starting out the same it should give us a winner. watch out for walk on Schirripa he has a better arm than all of them... Go FIU !!

I actually like the hire and welcome Coach Satterfield to FIU. He was basically the OC at Appalachian State, and while there he won three national titles and upended Michigan, we still have yet to beat a BCS conference squad. His experience as a QB and QB's coach should help us a lot in improving our passing game, and as a former running backs coach I would not discount his ability to balance our offense out a bit.

It is worth pointing out that, in his time as OC at App State his team's offensive numbers were as follows:

2005 3,439 yards, 25 TD's 8 INTS on 255 of
410 passes

2,908 yards, 29 TD's on 591 carries

2006 2,646 yards, 18 TD's, 14 INT's, on 201 of
342 passes (Edwards' first year as QB)

3,619 yards, 48 TD's on 664 carries

2007 3,014 yards, 26 YD's, 10 INT's on 218 of
333 passes

4,311 yards, 54 TD's on 755 carries

Satterfield clearly crafted a very explosive and very balanced offense.

You guys wanted someone with experience from the smaller FCS powerhouses, isn't that we got? We got what we asked for.

But when Canales became available, anything short of that seems like a bit of disappointment. That being said, I'm comfortable with our new OC's resume. I'm sure he was asking for a lot less than Canales was as well.

Both coordinators are a HUGE improvement from last year.

c-UM, the Diamond Dinner is on February 13th, I bought my tickets last week. Great event, probably the best done by FIU Athletics. Call the either Alfonso or Jacky at the Panther Club (305) 348-1919, they always help me out for any special event.

About the OC's, looking at resumes and numbers you gotta love it. The UM Message Boards are praising Mario's hire and actually some fish they had and OC like Satterfield. That's pluzzing to me, I really like Whipple's offense and think that's its the best hire Shannon has made so far.

Can't wait for the spring game!

Like most of you, Satterfield was not my my first choice either (actually my 3rd). But yes his resume is pretty impressive and if you are a QB you should be in heaven. Don't be surprised if we pick up one BIG time QB in this recruiting class. Remember we only have Wesley for 2 years. I also think he will have a 60%passing 40%running offense which is perfect for the Sunbelt.

Never liked the offense that call their plays after they are on the line and get to see the defense but apparently it works well (specially in the SBC where everyone does it)..

My two biggest requests are:
1) Recruit and bring in the Top class in the SBC.
2) Get creative with the game calls. Use our weapons!!


Sleeping giant? Seriously? Sleeping ant maybe, but even ants can't match up to the big boys when they get "Fired Up". Continue to roll in your mediocrity.

MiaCane, I will paraphrase a member of the German general staff during World War II. In talking about the invasion of the USSR he said "We (Germany) are like an elephant and they (Soviet Union) are like ants. We will kill thousands of them, but eventually they will overwhelm and destroy us."

Not a bad hire. Im excited to see what our team will look like next season.

Overall, I think we upgraded our OC and DC. Definitely our DC. We have some superb athletes coming back next year. Next year could be like 2006 where we had the Killer B's, Chandler Williams, Sam Smith and Josh Padrick. Of course we all know that year was a disaster, but we will have some great athletes in place next year to contend.

If you can't afford to hire a head coach out of the subdivision to be an offensive or defensive coordinator, you are probably playing at the wrong level. Satterfield may turn out to be a good hire but the fact that you're trusting your entire offense to someone who's only been a quarterback coach is very scary.

The man hasn't only been a QB coach, he was the de facto OC at App State. While we are talking about hiring HC's from the FCS, keep in mind that many of these will not work as OC/DC in the FBS, and no SBC school could afford to hire any of them as coordinators. Satterfield ran a great offense at App State, and dramatically improved Toldeo's passing game. I am very eager to see what he can do at FIU.

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