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FIU NSD: Willis Wright is a Panther (Updated NSD List)

Willis Wright is an FIU Panther. The Miami Springs receiver just grabbed the FIU cap over the West Virginia and Nebraska caps in the Miami Springs library.

With his high school coach Alex Pacheco and Wright's family cheering him on: "Come on ManChild, put on a hat", WW picked FIU.

FIUsports.com is sitting right next to MC's fax and they are posting the NLIs as they come into the FIU Fieldhouse. Click here: FIU Signing Day Central  to find out who are the newest Panthers.

As of this post, here are the players who have signed with FIU:

Justin Halley, Mitch Wozniak, Sam Miller, Randy Williams, Khambrel McGee, Richard Leonard, Jordan White, Glenn Coleman, David Delsoin, Greg Hickman, Isame Faciane, Willis Wright, Kedrick Rhodes, Jerricho Lee, Ceedrick Davis, Bryan Robinson, Josh Brisk, Jeremiah Harden, Jake Medlock, Caleb Vincent, Jeremy Jermin.

Will have some of the newest Panthers and some thoughts on here later on.


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These have been added to the FIU list as well: Kedrick Rhodes RB Trinity Catholic All-State
Jerriho Lee DT Godby All-State
Ceedrick Davis OT Forrest Times Union Super 24
Bryan Robinson DE East Gadson All-State
Willis Wright WR Miami Springs ESPN Top 150

Cool....Great class so far!!

FIU 2010 IT'S ON!

Kedrick Rhodes RB also...


It's now up to the new Coordinators... Hope they are not morons like the previous guys...

Play the best player; PERIOD!!!!

agreed Chiapanther.. the best players should play

Wow!!!!! This class is looking awesome. Any chance we get a top 20 recruit class ranking this year? With Willis we should have a shot at this, right?

lmao.. umm Take it Easy Max.. we dont Sniff top 20 yet.. i would say top 60 is a chance and def a chance at top class in the belt

I'm with you CJ, take it easy MaxPanther! Great enthusiam though. Good class...probably among the best in Sun Belt. I want to see what Satterfield and Collins bring to the table.

Please OC/DC, evaluate your players and play the best you got. If its a freshman over a sr. the most talented play. dont let speed sit on the bench...

haha, max we're not top 20 material yet. I think we can pull off the best class in the belt. and i'm excited about coach collins, i think he's gonna fired up competitive defense. as far as the offense is concerned it's all up to the OLine but we def. have players on offense. maybe hilton and leonard can both return punts. both run a 4.3 40.

My prediction once everything is set and done is FIU will take the Top Recruiting class in the Sunbelt, and finish among the Top 75 schools. Maybe within the next 2 years we will get a Top 50 Class (that would be amazing)..

Now its up to the Coaches to do something with this talented boys.

PETE: Big question. Do you think this recruiting class will be better then last years? I know the best way to judge that is in 2 or 3 years but what do you think??


On paper, if Javon Bell signs, and as expected, is given 4 stars, this class will have...again just based on paper....a lot deeper group...

TY and Willis Wright.....

Things are looking good.....

Just some Sunbelt info for everyone to enjoy:

Dointe Ponder (Ocala, FL)
Chris Pickett (Crestview, Fl)
Fidel Montgomery (Marianna, FL)
Dalton Bennett (Marianna, FL)
Tommy Stephens (Marianna, FL)
Note: More then half of their reruits are coming from the Sunshine State not Alabama..

Lost their number one recruit to Western Kentucky (QB)
Their best DL pickup is not goiong to Owl Country (Baylor).
They did pick up other of Big Boys on the DL.
So far no Big names for the Owls, but some how they find a way to get those boys ready to play.

Need to get the Shula Trophy back to Golden Panther Country, and start thinking Bowl game during December..


Pete, Javon Bell was committed to us as of yesterday... But i looked up ESPN & Rivals and now he shows up as a South Carolina "solid verbal"?!

Anyway you can find out if we still have a chance to land him? Or @ what time he is set to sign? He was probably our 2nd best recruit after WW...

Thanks Pete, you're the man.

I'm glad to see that us FIU fans are looking at and comparing to other Sun Belt schools like Troy St. and FAU. About time we got off of UM's jockstrap.

Javon Bell would've been icing on the cake, in terms of signing today....but hey....we got Willis Wright!!

The Star System is not perfect but a 6-2 279 lb DT 3-star is more likely to start and become a star then a 1-2 star 250 player who has to red shirt at year. If he doesn't red shirt then we lose a year. No 250 lb player is going to hold the point against the run.
This is an old issue. What are the names of the Big DT's who haven't signed??


It isn't official with Bell until he signs, still holding out hope for him and Dotson to round out the skill players for this class.

Javon Bell has signed with South Carolina

Roman we can still get Dotson and Worton to fill a slot/wild cat role and GE 2.0.

lol Jules i see you liked my GE 2.0 reference.
Worton would be a very valuable addition.

Jorge it was apt, that is for sure. By the way any news on Chandler?

He signed with USF from what i heard

Chandler signed with USF

Guys, maybe my emotions got the best of me with talk of a top 20 class, but Rivals has UM in the top 15 of classes and right now and ours looks a lot better than theirs. So why not FIU in the top 20?


6'-1" 270lb Linebacker...now that is a big boi

Lets get this recruiting class on the "clear"

Max lol, our class is not better than UM's

welcome to fiu mr. wright!

again max... their class on paper still is better than ours.. now granted the star system doesnt mean squat.. but rankin wise theres is probably ahead of ourse... they also lost out on at least 3 MAJOR recruiting battles.. if not their class would have looked alot "better" however i still love what we did w/ this class

did anyone attend the press conference?

Hopefully MC postponed the pc & is out trying to get the best 3 players left to fill the slots we have left

i konw we dropped mac brown.. whats the final word on him?

I have the same question regarding MC's press conference.....

Pete, can you inform us on what's going on with the press conference & with the last 3 spots we have open?

They could always hold the three scholarships for next year. Hypothetically, we could have a great season (for us) and go say 8-4 with a bowl game, and use that momentum to recruit three better players next year.

If that were to happen, we'd most likely be able to get better players with those three scholarships than we would this year.

Good point carolinagp.

MC said at the press conference that he may hold those last three scholarships for a possible walk on candidate who has earned it or the more likely choice, use the scholarships on Junior College standouts in the Spring.

The press conference is now available on the fiu page of signing day central. It appears that MC would want to use at least one (if not more) of the availables to get OL depth...

I hope we use the three scholies to further improve our lines.

I understand, but with a class like we just brought in, there is no reason this team cannot be a Boise St or TCU in the next 2 years.

I expect next year to win the SB and go to a bowl and then the following year, when TY is a SR and all these guys are Soph, possible BCS bowl.

Love your enthusiasm MAX! Unfortunately, those schools had a full 85man roster for years and the facilities in place to support a BCS bowl bid. FIU still does not have a full 85 man roster, if im not mistaken MC said that last year we only had a 60 man roster. We will not have the ability to redshirt until we hit that 85 man mark in another 2yrs.

we must be realistic...YES this is probably the best class FIU Football has every seen but it is still far from recruiting classes of USF and UCF don't even try to mention UM, FSU and UF.

in 2 years a BCS bowl??? MaxPantherfan please stop taking drugs it is not healthy

MAX...you are an idiot who knows nothing about football....please do us all a favor and stop posting.


Please post info regarding the Football presentation going on tonight at 6:00pm (in 1hour)..

Can Alumn's go even if we did not RSVP? Is it like last year where Cristobal presented the Recruiting class? Please post info.. I will check in 30min..

Genie013 - I do not see a need for name calling. Are you even an FIU student? I admit I may not know everything about football, but I know when we get all these kids that want to go to school here, and we have TY, there is no reason we cannot compete with everyone in the country. I read this blog everyday and I see how we keep saying TY is a Heisman type guy, well if Willis is like TY, we have two Heisman type guys. That is Fing awesome. Not even Miami has that. So though you call me an idiot, I must disagree. I do believe that this team, in two years, with this recruiting class, can compete for a BCS bowl birth. As has been said on this blog over and over again, FIU is on the rise, UM is falling fast, this years recruiting just proves it.

Like I said before, if UM had a top 20 class, ours in def in the top 15.

top 15? really? not even close. I love the high spirit but lets be serious here. We are not even top 50.

Willis Wright is a great commit, stud 4-star receiver. However, one top commit does not make a class great and definitely does not make it a top 15 class. Who knows how these guys will turn out, but based on projections from so-called experts, it is not a top 15 class. My main concern is lack of OL/DL commits, but more may be coming via the JUCO route according to MC.

Any talk about FIU in a BCS bowl game within 2 years isunrealistic and makes you come off sounding uneducated about the world of college football. FIU has never had a non-losing season and finished last year with a record of 3-9. I think realistic expectations for a good season next year are capped at 6-6. Maybe we can make a bowl game in two years, but have no shot of competing for a BCS bowl. Look at Troy, the elite of the Sun Belt, has not made the top 25, much less ever sniffed a BCS bowl.

max FIU may have a top 60 class...please lay off the pipe you have no idea what you are talking about. FIU is on the rise, but not at a rate ready to compete in the big east (the weakest of the big 6). Come back to reality and then formulate a thought. I like your optimism though.

The state of FL has (7) D1-A football teams, not 6

oh! sorry, you were talking about conferences.
I apologize.
Well, even C-USA would be too much at this stage for FIU.

You fools need to lay off Max. He admittedly doesn't know everything there is to know about college football, but at least the kid has some enthusiasm. That's more than you can say about most of our students and alums.

Let him dream, let him the feel the pain. It's all part of being a fan.

great class.. need a few more ol though

Agree with viscosity in terms of needs...even the coaches would acknowledge the need of more OL's and we lost some battles for DL's as well. I'm hoping we can land some pretty good 'leftovers' soon.....

Just so you guys know, MaxPantherFan is not MY Max (the regular poster). ;) lol

I would like to welcome our new Golden Panthers to the FIU Family!

It is going to take a few years of recruiting at a level slightly above what we did today, plus winning on a regular basis, to become BCS busters. Boise State has been in the FBS since 2001. Since it isn't impossible to imagine that, with steadily improving recruiting classes and another decade under our belt, that we could become BCS busters. It will take time, but it can happen.

I didnt think Maxpantherfan was NY Max because NY Max has been posting on FIU blogs forever. Its Maxx and Miri I think.

I'm enthusiastic and very hopeful, but please please please dont talk about BCS bowls. At all.. There are many people on here that will take those comments and run with them to make all FIU fans look retarded.

Remember that rarely do true freshman make an immediate impact. We are going to have to depend on our upperclassmen like TY, Ellingson and Mertile to make plays. Guys like Wayne Times are going to have to step up and when the time comes, if he is good enough, Willis Wright can contribute.

I am looking more towards what the guys on the defensive side of the ball can do. Khambrel and Leonard are two guys I think will make more of an immediate impact than Wright.

Are we going to hear at anytime this year about BASEBALL????????? You know a glove, a bat, and a ball?? Season starts in TWO weeks!!!!!

I disagree. Mertile never really stepped up and GE disappeared too many times last season. Someone who can take the pressure off of TY is exactly what our offense needs (besides O-Line of course).

We're definitely going to be the Arizona Cardinals of the SBC with Wright on one end and TY on the other.

MaxPanther I thought I had big hopes for FIU but your are a little over the Top. I have to agree with EVERYONE, please keep the positive energy up and going but dont make FIU Fans look like idiots. We are not going to ANY BCS Bowl game for at least 15 to 20 years. But can we possibly have a 6 and 6 or even a 7 and 5 season, ABSOLUTLY.. Next years team should be 6-6 or at best 7-5. We will NOT win 8 games, and thats OK..

Front runners will probably be Troy and Middle, but we might have a chance to finish 3rd or even 2nd in the Sunbelt..


My "opinion" about the 2010 Recruiting Class:

1) The presentation at the stadium yesturday was awesome (and the wings were amazing).

2) Posibily a little better recruting class then last year (remember last year we picked up some pretty good players).

3) Picked up lots of beef in the DL (huge possitive)

4) Picked up 2 or 3 big time suprises at key positions.


6) We still have 3 scholies left so I hope Coach Cristobal and company pick up 2 OL from JUCO or someone that slipped through that is worth taking. (should happen soon)..

7) My favorite part of the class is the 3 extremly talented CB that we picked up, and yes Mr. Wright will make things easier for TY and company..

8) NUMBER 1 CLASS IN THE SUNBELT (Need to feel good about that). Now lets coach them and get them to the next level!

9) Can we go 7-5? I dont know but I sure hope so!
Go Golden Panthers!

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamnt that we were playing a game that was televised on ESPN, but the announcers made fun of our fight song.

When I woke up I started thinking, maybe we should change our fight song! Thinking about it, it is not very original, catchy, or get anyone pumped up. Our fight some is pretty tame honestly. I dont have any facts to prove this, but I can confidently say that almost noone knows what our fight song and fewer have it committed to memory.

I think we should lobby for a new fight song. Something that is catchy and can strike fear into our opponents. Im thinking something with heavy bass at the beginning. Kind of like "jungle" music. The Panthers are coming after you! haha!

Alt, I meant my Max, not NY Max. lol ;)

They already changed the fight song not too long ago. People seem to like the one we have now. I even know the lyrics to it a bit. If we keep changing things left and right, how are we going to build tradition?

Maybe we can have some kind of cheer to go along with that "jungle" song your talking about, Alt. I like the idea.

We can build a tradition with a song that sticks in people's heads and that they love to hear. Im sure very few students and alumni know the fight song. Honestly, I think more people know the UM fight song than ours. At graduation I sat next to these guys that didnt know the FIU song, but had the UM song committed to memory. Kind of sad.

That's what we need though, a catchy fight song. Everyone knows Florida's song, Michigan's song, Miami's song, etc. You hear those song's once and you've got them in your head. FIU's fight song? Not so much. It's too cluttered. It never holds a tune you can have stuck in your head.

Im thinking that the song starts with heavy bass right after a score, as if though we're in jungle and a predator's coming after us, then transitions into a catchy tune. It's been proven that people love bass (cause it reminds them of the sounds they heard whilst in their mother's womb) and a song that starts like that will no doubt get people pumped up.

Alt, what makes a fight song memorable is success. Until recently Florida's fight song wasn't that well known, but over the last decade and half it has become a college staple. Conversely, UM's fight song, while being well known in the 80's and 90's, has gradually fallen out of favor. Michigan's fight song is well known because they have something like 10 championships and 400,000 alums.

If we start winning our fight song will become that much more catchy.

As for the recruiting class, I think it is a very good class, slightly better than last year's. We have three more spots open, so hopefully we bring in some guys on the OL to further bolster the line. We just need to keep on steadily increasing the quality of our recruits, and with the right coaching we will improve. Unfortunately we didn't get the best of starts, but if we can go 6-6 or 7-5 next year, and bring in another recruiting class that is slightly better than this last one we will have developed some depth and have the talent to help us compete.

FIUs fight song is catchy after playing NCAA Football a few dozen times I cant get the damn tune out of my head. LOL

THis was a good class and we are the only non BCS school to have a player from the ESPN top 150.

I have to totally agree with JulesFIU..
A Fight Song is a "Fight Song" once you start winning. BTW everyone should know our fight song, its the melody to "Its a small word".. Yes the same song we have ALL heard at Disney! Nothing wrong with the song just need to get the tradition going.
Example: Remember "Roary" when he was first introduced. Well now the name "Roary" is totally fine. It just takes time! 10-15 years from now we will not have this conversation..


alt i like your idea but as a pre-game song to play in the cage. not gonna lie though i think fsu's warchant is genius.

The fight song does NOT have the 'melody' of It's a Small World anymore. It was changed like 5 years ago, btw.

As for the recruiting class, I'm more than satisfied with it. Sure, I would have wanted to get Wright and Bell, but just getting Willis was phenomenal. However, I still think we under achieved in both sides of the line, and I would think our coaches think like that as well. Reports are the up until the eve of NSD we were trying to get Sean Watson (Baylor recruit, FAU commit until then), and FAU signee Jerome McClain, two DL's to change their commitments.

We lost on Mahoney as well on DL, and several JUCO OL we had targeted signed elsewhere, as well as local high school OL, Joe McNamara. So, unless a freak athlete with unbelievable talent falls on our lap, I'm sure our coaches will try and get at least a couple more linemen...be them offensive or defensive...to fill our voids.

All in all, a pretty deep recruiting class, with plenty of talent from top to bottom.

In Max's defense, it's not unrealistic expectations that make FIU fans look like idiots, but rather their poor attention to detail when posting grammatically incorrect statements.

Max, keep up the enthusiasm! It doesn't hurt to dream and you have passion, something that FIU football desperately needs right now (and maybe some of the fans).

Anyone read Larry Blustein's article in the Herald today?

He basically blasts the star ratings sytem and correctly points out that too many people think they know what they are talking about when they really dont know anything.

He talks about UM fans were complaining all day yesterday because they didnt land many 4 and 5 star recruits. He gave FIU fans a shout out by saying that we were the opposite of UM fans and that we should be very happy because our 2010 class was the best we've had.

any video of the Willis Wright signing???

Yeah, very good article with positive comments about FIU football and the reaction from our fans during the recruiting process!

alt i like your idea but as a pre-game song to play in the cage. not gonna lie though i think fsu's warchant is genius.

Posted by: maskaros | February 04, 2010 at 12:58 PM

Absolutely agree here. I don't think there's anything wrong with our fight song but we definitely should have a song that gets people pumped up for gametime that plays up until the players enter, kinda like enter sandman for VTech.

I remember the intro video they made for the game against MTSU. That was badass! It got everyone going. Thunderstruck's a sick song. There's a part in the beginning where they scream THUN-DER over and over. Maybe we should change that to PAN-THERS! They could even have PAN-THERS flash on the big screen so people know when to scream lol I think that would be pretty cool. Then have the players enter at the part that goes "You've been thunderstruck..." Just a thought.

PantherPride - or maybe your team could win something then they can worry about entrance songs and stuff like that. Just a thought.

PP, great song. that song would be awesome if we substituted thunder with panther.

The competition for big fast DT's is fierce not only from the other conferences, but even from our fellow Sun Belt members who have come down here and signed DT's that we need.

We are still weak at the DT position and can't expect true freshmen to come in and start. I hope over the next few weeks some JC DT's decide to come to FIU - and give our true freshmen a year to get adjusted to college football.

It's called being a true fan and having pride in my school. MC's doing his part by building a program and we need to do our part by supporting the team. Sorry for trying to create a better gameday experience and build tradition.

Shes just a grouchy u fan dont take it to heart Panther P.

Great recruiting class!!!!!

Ah yes,...little by little things will start to fall into place. The main ingredient in the FIU athletic department is commitment. Pete Garcia and all of our coaches are proof that we are slowly but surely heading in the right direction. The results are evident in the quality of the student athletes that are coming to FIU. Once we start getting those wins here and there against the "bigger schools" you will all witness a slow transition in this town. You will slowly start to see more and more students and alumni wearing FIU gear in public, driving around with their FIU license plates and stickers, and attending the sporting venues. The smaller issues like the band, school fight song, and completion of the stadium will also fall into place at their due times.

Patience my loyal and faithful FIU fans....Change is coming ever so slowly but coming none the less and there is nothing the haters can do to stop it.

Go FIU!!!!!

New rule: Anyone cheering for a school they never attended does not know enough about what makes college football special and should never give advice on how to build a program.

He Pete, I know its been crazy but I got used to your live blogs of the FIU Basketball games.

Pete, anyway you can find out what JUCO players we could expect to be in spring camp?

I know MC mentioned he had some players in mind who could come down and battle for the remainder of the scholarships? Any names out there that you think might possibly be headed to FIU?

Thanks again Pete.

Only problem with the article and it's a big one is it's widely reported Wright doesn't have the grades or test scores to get into FIU. Don't be suprised when fall rolls around and he's not anywhere to be found.

It could be, but who has been behind the "fact" it's been 'widely reported"?....I'd say there's been rumors about it...just like there were constant rumors last year that Larvez "Pooh Bear" Mars was inelegible last season. What happened? He was all along elegible, and rumors, some of them ill-intentioned, are borne out of the necessity by some to justify their shortcomings with excuses.

We will see next season, and don't be surprised...or dismayed....when Fall rolls around and he's scoring touchdowns....

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