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Helmetlogo Opening Day in baseball there's nothing else like it for sports openers. FIU hosts Maryland for a three-Mary game series this weekend beginning tonight.

Scott Rembisz takes the hill for the Panthers. Right-hander Brett Harman will start for Maryland.

Batter up....


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Ok panther fans, where are you?. Certainly not at the ball park. I was there tonight.

You guys have "killed" me in this blog. You have doubted that I'm a baseball agent. However my complaint has always been the same and my challenge has not been met. Where were the fans?.

FIU Fan for life, Gooch7, Quijote, etc etc. Stop posting and start showing up at the games.

This team could go far, but it needs fans.

Again, it is challenge.

I was there.... Im sure some of the others were there too. Its not the people on here that are really the problem, its the other people (like the thousands of students that attend the university).

I'll admit I wasn't there, but I had a minor medical emergency to attend to. I will, however, be there tonight. We aren't the problem though, as c-UM stated, it is the guys who apathetically stalk our campus or cheer for the team across town whilst not having attended that school. The students and frontrunners need to support their university.

1-0 CWS here comes FIU.

c-UM, way to go. JULES you had a valid excuse, but as you can see nobody else showed up. Forget about who stalks the campus and the others that cheer other teams (baseball is a different sport and the baseball fan only cares about the game). These players will love to see the stands full even if the fans are cheering the other team. There's nothing like a full stadium. Prowlers get this on your head.

I spoke to the coaches and Turtle and they're frustrated about the attendance. It's discouraging to see 300 people, (I know they announced 800), on opening night.

Remember that Maryland almost hired Turtle this past summer.

Win in bunches and you'll see attendance increase. It's the only way. There must be some form of measurable success before die hards can have a legit gripe about attendance.

FIUer, if that is what you're suggesting then bloggers from other schools are right when they claim FIU will never be another "Fill in the Blank". 32K students, another 80K alumnus living in the area as stated by "True Hard Fans" that post here and the baseball team can't get 1000 for the season opening?

Football has never won, basketball hasn't won since the Carlos Arroyo/Raja Bell days. Baseball has always been decent and it never gets the attention.

All I'm saying is where is the "True Passion for this School". Don't come here and brag about MC and his recruiting class, don't tell me about what a great job IT will do in the future. Show your appreciation NOW to the baseball program.

Panthermoney, you are preaching to the choir. Max and I were there as well.

Ditto what Miri just said....panthermoney, you are preaching to the choir indeed.

PantherMoney: I feel your pain but by posting those comments here you're not going to get people to the games. Remember that the people who post here are the ones that actually show up... Also, there was a big charity event organized by a fraternity starting at the same time. On top of this, there was no big marketing about this game except for a couple of posters around campus. Don't you think our athletics department should have taken the initiative and make a medium size event for this game? Students like incentives...

I was at both games. Can't blame me for poor attendance. Won't make it tomorrow, but like Meat Loaf once said, "Two outta three aint bad"

Hey panthermoney, the same way you've been hidden during the football season I will be inactive during the baseball season. Sure, I will make it out to some games, but you can't knock ME or others for not going out to the games if we simply don't like baseball. By comparison, I'm a much bigger college football fan than college baseball and have therefore gone out to practically all of the home games and traveled to Alabama, USF, Rutgers on my dime. I've been out to a few basketball games too, not too many because well I'm not a huge college basketball fan either. I also own my own business and never do the standard 40 hour work week and therefore have other priorities. I'll certainly adjust my work schedule to make it out to football, but I won't do the same for a sport that, even at the professional level, I have no interest in.

I think supporting your school can be done in others ways than simply showing up to a baseball game, and I think I, and others, have demonstrated this in the past.

If you wish, lead by example and come out of the woodwork during baseball's off season. Calling out other FIU fans and alumni for not showing up to the first two games is not nice.

Just come for the music, music at UP Stadium for baseball is a 100x better than the music at FIU Stadium and The Bank combined!

Agreed. It isn't load and obnoxious like at the football games, and actually play a mix of everything. I get tired of just turning on what seems like Power 96 at the football games.


Actually I was at FIU watching the Felsberg Memorial Softball tournament. Here comes you back peddle. Just so you know Mike Felsberg was my teamate while we where at FIU (Cross/Track) and in 2002 like many others he gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.. I will miss ANY game before missing that softball tournament. Be a fan not an ASS..

I will continue to support all teams that wear the Golden Panther on their chest.. That does not just include football and baseball..


PETE: I was hoping for a longer story about the Softball tournament that went on this past weekend. That team is on FIRE! 7-1 start is pretty damn good! Second best start in school history..


All 17 jerseys were auctioned and yes I lost #7 by $5.. I was trying to get it for less then $100 and I got beat. The auction started at $75 per jersey. Most of them sold for over $85 (and that's softball not football)..

My idea:
Have the team wear jerseys with the normal FIU logo but some were on the jersey have a 9/11 patch and an American flag. I bet they sell EVERY Jersey for a minimum of $90 each.. Can you imagine the fight for #4?? I can see it going for $300 easy!! They also need to have the same guys softball had para-shoot down into the stadium with the American Flag, FIU Flag, and POW Flag.. Everyone was going crazy and it was only about 100 people watching a softball game.. Just picture 15K-18K!!
FIU NEEDS to do something special for that game!! Don't drop the ball on this one..


Mr. Gooch,

That is a great idea. There are 7 months between now and September so Im sure FIU will come up with something. I just hope its something like what you just said and not "Free empanada night".

Oh man, 7 months until our season starts. I dont want to think about that... Thank the gods for Baseball.

I agree that the mix of music is nice at baseball games, but I can only take so much of "Pants on the Ground" between innings (and it's played more than once).

PG needs to attack FIU's ATTENDANCE issues with the same type of effort he attacks Football Recruiting, the APR scores and hiring Coaches.

There needs to be a professional outside study and the entire FAN experience needs to be addressed. I know to them it must feel like a waste of money, but they must study the flow of the fan from the time he turns into the campus until the time he leaves.

I know when I come to games it feels like I'm wondering through the expansive campus wondering if it's OK to park here, or OK to park there. The only one who greets you are the yellow-jacketed ticket takers and they have zero incentive to be inviting.

Once the professional survey is completed it must be implemented and supported. Whole departments should be created to implement the HIGHEST of STRATEGIC Initiatives.

PG, it should be your highest priority to begin this multi-pronged attack on the FIU attendnace issue. Pres. Rosenburg shold also understand and support its strategic importance.

Dude...Those "Muertos" at the SGA and FIU Athletics will find a way to screw it up!!!
The season opener on Friday was supposed to give magnets schedules for the baseball season....
GUESS WHAT.... they screw it up.... The order form for the Magnets must of read "estiquer for refrijeretor"...
So, here's hoping for new blood in those departments... Maybe rather than complain about our AD's demeanor and stile, they should to their work right!!!

That sticker they gave out with schedule was weak. What bothers me is support from students? That's good baseball squad out there, students need to take pride and support them.

PG, do something!!!

I agree with all of you, BASEBALL needs more attention. FOOTBALL season is over!!!! during Football season you couldn't even mention the word BASEBALL. Now we are in BASEBALL season and all you hear is FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL!!!!! Please there is a time for everything. Our BASEBALL TEAM did GREAT this past weekend, please let's give them some credit. GO TO THE GAMES!!!

Incentives, incentives, incentives!!!! Bring the fans in. On previous years they will give flags, t-shirts, towels....what is going on PG????? Please lets get some action going.

Caught Saturday and Sunday's game. Much better baseball team than 2008 and 2009. Fundamentals and power seem to be solid. This team has the bats and defense to win 40 games as I examined our schedule. Pitching was tremendous, I hope we can find a mid-week starter for those trap games on the schedule like (FGCU, Bethune, JU).

Lots of excuses about attendance in every sport. Football, Basketball, Baseball.

People watch TV shows,buy cars, and go to concerts because they are advertised every day. People buy the most inefficinet and poorly constructed cars. People go to watch the Heat, a really pitiful team this year.

There are no coaches shows anymore and there is no advertising. Who is responsible for the lack of advertising and publicity? If they don't know how to get people to come to the games it is time to do something about it, don't you think?

Sorry...but the ticket manager is not responsible for generating interest and/or advertising...

But I get it....

How can FIU make the 9/11 Season Opener better then the crap they did for Babseball. I have to agree with most people about the baseball team. Its a great team (currently the 2nd best team in the school) and the support secially from the current students has to be bigger. Im a very proud Alumn but there is not many people that will go and watch College Babseball during the week. The only games I can go to would be the weekend games and Im a die heart fan. Imagie the guy that care very little.

Back to the original question: Can we make the Season Opener one that will attract fans to comeback to the 2nd and 3rd and even the 4th game of the season. Yes we are going to need to spend some $$$

Go FIU!!

It is very interesting to see all matches live from here that making users interesting..thanks for taking steps like it..

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