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FIU is going for the sweep this afternoon and looking for a 6-0 start to the season.


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A few close games, but two series sweeps is a great way to start the season. Hopefully we can fix some of our pitching woes before we head out to Arizona.

Jules, do you go to any of the games? Obviously not. What needs to be addressed for the time being would be defense related, and even then I wouldnt be too concerned, they swept a well known team. Marban should have had the save last night and luckily the bats helped him out in the bottom of the tenth today. No way that run should have scored in the top of the inning.

FIUFan, I actually have been to a few of the games, and while we have had defensive lapses in a few games we also needed stronger pitching in this last game.

"Jules, do you go to any of the games? Obviously not."

You know, comments like this only serve to antagonize others.

My apologies Wes, just frustrating to see a great team play in front of 100 people, most of them being player's parents. We do need to strengthen pitching, and we did today. Bryam Garcia is back, just a few weeks til Justin Leith returns.

LOL Are you guys kiddin' me?! Frustrations over a 6-0 start? Really? Sure the pitching and defense need a little work, but we swept a well known team and for two consecutive series, the bats are still alive!

The season just started and we're in position to make adjustments while enjoying a 6-0 start. Let's keep the momentum going, and for crying out loud, let's support these guys by attending the games!

I've been to two games thus far- 1 in each series. Both great games! Its just a shame to see so few people in the stands. It is a great place to watch a game and a very good team. I'm excited to see how the season plays out- lets go FIU!

The momentum is high, the confidence is there. The team is doing great! It would be nice to see some staff members there supporting the boys. It is definitely disheartening to see the stands virtually empty. People don't know what they're missing. There's gotta be a way to get fans there. Giving away a rally towel isn't cutting it.

how can we say pitching is a problem? take a look at how many errors there are in the games and you tell me which is the bigger problem, pitching or defense...and secondly, people need to get over to the games seriously, you dont have to go out and watch UM lose to manhattan...BTW i think somebody should post how miami lost to them today, i didnt know manhattan was such a powerhouse.

....and i meant on their blog, since they are always prying their beaks into our business!

First, it's great to be an FIU Panther. Thank you baseball team.

Now as for attedance, let's manage our expectations. Remember, this is the town that can't get a decent showing at a Marlins game, the pro team in town, unless they're are winning which brings me to my point. Here's the formula.

1) Win now, win often and win against teams that matter (we're doing a great job so far)

2) Keep it going - As momentum mounts, word of mouth starts to spread and seeing an FIU ball games becomes a curiosity

3) When folks show up, you smile, you welcome them, and you invite them back for a future game (this one is a hard one because we're not naturally a friendly bunch - let's work on this and channel our usually absent Southern Hospitality. Even if it's one new fan, we must make them welcomed, included and part of something special.

4) Bring it all together - Sustain this combination of winning and welcoming and attedance can't help but grow.

As for the the formal FIU Sports machine, call the athletics department and demand attetion. Ask them what they are doing and when. Ensure their response makes sense. Ensure their response includes targeting student, alumni, faculty, staff and the community at large. If you don't push, I won't expect improvement.

Again, thank you FIU Baseball for giving us reason to believe.

As always, Go Panthers!

FIUFan, it is frustrating to see a mostly empty stadium, and gpantera has it right. I have been to half of the games this season and it annoys me that there are 3,000 students on campus and we cannot get 1,500 people to show up. We just need to keep on winning. I wasn't at the game today, but the games that I did see there weren't many errors, and it seemed as if pitching had been an issue today from what I saw on part of the live blog.

Anyway, I hope we keep winning and can go at least 2-2 or 3-1 in Arizona.

Hey guys, the first two posts here were not mine. Looks like someone with little imagination has lifted my handle (pretty sad buddy; get your own).

I think most of you know that I wouldn't call one of us out, right out of the box. Then this joker apologizes to Wes when he called out Jules. Let's not let these jokers confuse the issue...we're off to a GREAT START!

Anyways, great way to start the season with back-to-back sweeps. Looks like ucg lost to national power, uhh hmm, Manhatten? LOL!

Interesting find on NCAA.com
Baseball Rankings......So, out side of the Top 25, here are the others receiving votes.
OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: South Carolina (40-23) 75; Vanderbilt (37-27) 75; UCLA (27-29) 73; Texas A&M (37-24) 51; Georgia (38-24) 48; Minnesota (40-19) 48; Arizona (30-25) 33; Kansas (39-24) 24; Kansas State (43-18-1) 19; Wichita State (30-27) 19; Oral Roberts (33-15) 18; Pepperdine (31-23) 15; Middle Tennessee (44-18) 13; Fresno State (32-30) 9; Missouri (35-27) 9; Oklahoma State (34-24) 9; Alabama (37-21) 6; North Carolina-Wilmington (31-23) 6; Boston College (34-26) 5; Florida Gulf Coast (36-18) 5; James Madison (30-24) 5; Kentucky (28-26) 4; Long Beach State (25-29) 4; Cal Poly (37-21) 3; Gonzaga (36-18) 3; St. John's (30-22) 3; Florida International (34-23) 2; Jacksonville (37-22) 1; Nebraska (25-28) 1; Western Kentucky (42-20) 1.

These rankings are as of 1/29/2010. So, Oral Roberts is/was a legitimate team. Even having lost 4 players to the MLB draft... Just like us... they are regarded as basically the 36th best team. They had us at 53rd... Considering that we finished last season ranked 82nd, all the NCAA writers had us highly regarded.
What's the point.... POINT IS don't MINIMize the sweep againts ORU, they are GOOD as we saw them fight back!!! Therefore get ready for a great run this season... Hopefully we can make a move to top 25. SO, they have a lot of work to do in defense....But, as long as they continue to swing the bats this hot... the Pitching will get better as the season goes on.... GO FIU!!!!!

a couple things i saw in the live blog...

1. The white helmets are the best helmets we have, those things are sick!!! Trust me, those will be like by many.

2. Last year, we had to throw our starters and use them as much as we could if they were being effective. Remember, we had NO pen last year and lost a lot of games where we scored of 10 runs. Berkowitz for the majority of the year was not the same berkowitz he is today and Marban was very shaky last year.

kendall, Oral Roberts has won their conference 12 years in a row, been to regionals 12 years in a row, made a super regional 2 years ago, made it to the final game of the Ariz St regional last year, are the 3 most winning program in the nation since 2004, etc... Sounds like a good team to me

kendall, you pathetic excuse of a fan and student, go grab a gammar book and get busy. It's because of so-called students like you the we have such a poor attendance record.


"that** we have" - sorry folks I was typing a little too fast there.

FIUFan, my fault! you are the FIUFan on the blog, and in no way did i intend to call the bloggers out. We need more fans at the game, and MORE COWBELL!

Agreed OFIUFan; thanks for manning up about that. Go Panthers !!!

kendallfiuplaya, you're confusing apathy with lack of good opposition. We did play an ACC team to start the season, swept them, then we played one of the consistently best teams in the country and swept them too. It will be interesting to see how we perform in Surprise, but we certainly are playing decent to good teams.

Unfortunately this is a pretty apathetic town unless you bring home a title, and no one has the patience to wait for that caliber of team to develop. If you don't show up to support your team it will take that much longer to get the titles you covet.

Kendall, they may play in a weaker conference but that is the reason for me stating that they made it to the championship game of the Arizona St regional last year and made it to a Super regional the year before, which means they are good enough to compete and beat the nation's best.

Last week everybody said that they wanted to wait for this past weekend series to decide if FIU will be in a good starting position. They took the series!!! Now what????? What is going to be the new challenge??? Not all games will be winners. Give the team a chance to enjoy their winnings until yesterday and next weekend we will see what happens and lets keep on supporting them and going to the games and stop taking them to the electric chair in steps. Please SUPPORT THEM!!!!!!!

+100 pts for LadyInRed and her post

Gpantera your 100% correct in your assesment. Additionally, my son and I sat with Jules and his brother at the Oral Roberts game Friday. One more thing, kendallfiuplaya is generally the prevalent attitude in this city. It's not about "supporting my team", its "where is the event". As Gpantera stated, once we win regularly all the bandwagon jumpers will get their jumping shoes on! Guys, unfortunately its just the way this city rolls!


it was 4 of their best players... and we lost 3 of our best players (plus another guy that wouldve been our #2 pitcher), whats your point??? They will probably still win their conference and still make a regional, so whether you think it was a good serious or not is not important. THe important thing is that this series was big for FIU when it comes to their RPI and if they are on the bubble and the committee is looking at wins against good RPI teams.

and i dont think our whole season depends on if we beat one of the top teams in the nation (Arizona St). This to be one of the worst comments ive seen on here since some of CrazyCane's, which makes me wonder, are you another alias of my good buddy CC?

"hopefully we beat a team like arizona state that normally has mlb prospect waiting on the bench year end and year out, and help us get to the top 25 if that doesnt happen, than no shot of being any good and we have to win the conference to get to a regional"

We were about 2 wins away from a regional last year and we didnt win our conference and lost to FSU.

Thank you c-UM!!!!

May I ask you kendallfiuplaya, have you ever been to a baseball game in UM? Do they sell beer there, I want to know what the difference to you is? Why do thousands of fans go to UM games and not to FIU's. As far as I know UM has not been the team that they used to be and fans keep on going no matter what. If you are not a fan then why do you even bother to come into this blog? I don't mean it in a wrong way, but why even bother blogging about college baseball? Go a MLB blog and then it will be a different story.

GO FIU!!!!!!

GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!

The past comment showcases why you are clueless, as well as many other FIU Fans. It is against NCAA rules to sell alcohol in an on-campus stadium. It is the growing pains of having a young fan-base that has no idea about rules, regulations, and the NCAA as a whole.

The same goes for all these people with their "great ideas" that scream that the department does nothing. The reality is simple, look in the mirror, stop obsessing about UM and bring your friends out to the games. 10 fans will become 20 fans, which in time will become 2000 fans.

It is a process and it takes time. Instead of spewing venom and criticizing everybody and their mothers, do what fans like PIKE, Miri, Max, Fanatic and gpantera do, enjoy the ride, bring people to the games, support the program and the department, "grab the bull by the horns" and take ownership of YOUR alma mater.

If the FIU fanbase (myself included) would stop obsessing with UM and spend half that time promoting their own program, the results would start happening in the stands. W's are coming, and if we win, in this town, they will come.

Let me just add on to this. I took my Mom to her first FIU Baseball game on Sunday and she had a great time. She definitely wants to go again. That's how it starts. Forget about obsessing what the school 9 miles away does. Just keep supporting FIU in whichever way you can. Bring your friends and family. That's how it starts.

I brought my cousins to some football games last season and now they are excited about next season.

Kendall, PLease show me where i wrote anything praising our sweep of Maryland????? Use facts, dont make things up... And obviously you may not know much about baseball because not only myself, but Rivals.com had FIU/ORU as a top ten matchup to watch this weekend for the exact same reasons as i stated. They also included FIU as one of the nations biggest winners this week because of their sweep of ORU. Last year, one of the only reasons we were being considered and probably wouldve made it if we had about 2 more wins is because of our series wins against good/decent RPI teams such as USF, WKU, Jacksonville, etc.

Now what you DO have an understanding about is what ive been saying since last year. SELL BEER AT THE BASEBALL GAME!!! Sell it cheap, its not for profit reasons, but it is to attract fans/students. I do believe there should be some sort of way to monitor the sale of beers to individuals so that nobody gets out of control.

FIUloyal - many believe it is an NCAA rule but it really isnt. It isnt done, that much (louisville now sells beer at their stadium and i think there are a few others) because college campuses are dry campuses, so the university doesnt permit it... And i should be included in your list with PIKE, miri, max, etc... been to every game.

Why dont we all compromise? Why doesnt everyone on this blog (again, not calling anyone out) take a trip to the next home series versus Boston College? These boys deserve a solid fanbase. I know this is Miami, but it is easy to say that FIU has the hardest working baseball team in the nation and we owe it to them to start showing some sort of support!

I also agree the food at the stadium is pretty weak. those concession people need to step their game up. We need to have better food.

Parents need to bring their kids to the games. That is how tradition starts. Kids will start playing with the other kids at the game, make friends, grow up and remember going to all the fiu baseball games and start going as adults and eventually taking their kids and fan base will grow.

Defeating ORU with a blow-out on Friday and two consecutive comeback wins is impressive. Do we need to get out and support the team more? of course!

Let's continue to get better as a team and as a fan base and have the best year ever.

Go Panthers !!!

so you want a 5*star gourmet concession stand for 100 people? Again, think about your "great ideas" before you type. How can the concessionaire justify the expense on good food that nobody will buy? The numbers are not there to justify increased variety/quality.

The reality is you get some hotdogs, burgers, popcorn, soda, and candy because it is what guarantees the concessionaire will recoup what he's invested, and hopefully, make some type of money at the end of the year.

Sports its a business, FIU Athletics outsources it's concessions. Wherever there's numbers and people spending money they have better concessions i.e. The Stadium Club where you have higher end food (donors with disposable income that will pay for that food).

You want better food? tailgate outside the stadium and create a fund atmosphere, and bring some friends while you're at it.

meant to say *fun atmosphere

You can have good concessions food without having lobster tails. I dont mean to profile FIU as latin dominant but it kind of is. On that note, have you ever been to a baseball game a Pace Highschool? They sell these pan con bistec (Steak Sandwiches) there that everybody buys. Its like the main attraction. Something like that can easily be made and not cost that much. You can have something like an cuban food cart setup that has the steak sandwiches, arroz con pollo, croquetas, empanadas... You can try that out for games here and there in the beginning to see if its worth the money and time.

I do like the tailgating idea too.

FIUloyal, I'd also like to be included in that list.

As for concessions, we could do with some simple stuff like empanadas, croquetas and pan con bistec, it would be a serious upgrade from the pizza. Also, since we aren't a dry campus, I am pretty sure we could sell the same beer that is sold in the GC.

The series sweep of ORU was very big for us, especially since they were ranked ahead of us and just out of the top 30. I know I will be at the BC series, and will definitely bring a few people along.

FYI, tailgating 5 hours before the Saturday games has been going on for a couple of years now. The fun (and great food) is on the side, under the tree, next to the batting cages. Bring a dish/drinks and join the party! (Of course that means you have to come to the game.....)

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