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Isiah NOT Going To Clippers

FIU coach Isiah Thomas is not going to the Los Angeles Clippers and has not been contacted by the Clippers. A report from foxsports on Friday said IT was contacted by the Clippers to their coach, general manager and president.

After a loss to North Texas on Saturday afternoon, Thomas said: "I'm very happy here at FIU. We have a great recruiting class coming in next year. One of the best recruiting classes in the school's history. My 2011 class I hope that's even better. I think we have a chance to build something really special here. I love what I'm doing. I love being in between the four lines. I love coaching."


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Good to hear...and fairly categorically until at least 2011....Thanks for the report, Pete.

Thank you Coach Thomas.
Go Panthers!

IT you're the man. You'll leave yet another legacy here by the time you're done.

Guys, where can I buy FIU baseball caps? There are none in the book store and I want an authentic on the field one, you know similar kind of to what New Era does with the MLB. If possible, I'd like some old FIU baseball caps as well, since there have been a dozen designs in its' history. Thanks

Unrelated Marlins question:

Pete, since MLB has basically forced the Marlins to spend more do you think they will actually hold on to Uggla for the entire season or do you see them trying to deal him regardless?

Thanks Pete!!!

It is good to see that Isiah is staying. I think next year will be similar to the year that the boys up north are having with Jarvis' second season, and by 2011 Isiah should have some real depth and talent on this team.

Its not the official baseball hat but there are some nice ones on lids.com

Thanks OC, but still looking for the on field or throwback hats.

Wes Kendall

I am almost certain that they sell the official team caps at FIU Stadium during the games. I remember seeing last year because I also wanted one but didn't get it because I didn't really liked how it looked once I put it on.

Good luck!

Hey Pete, was wondering if your going to go more into depth about the "weight lifting"/training that the FIU Football players are going thru now thru Spring Football! Would love some updates! Thanks GO Golden Panthers!

It would be great to see the completed view of the new weight room, Pete i heard its stacked with weights can you post up some pics?

I was there last week....very impressive facility.

hey Pete ,Is Cassano going to UM? I heard a lot of rumors about this, also if he goes, who will hire the new RB coach MC or the new OC? who will become the new recruiting coordinator? I might be wrong but it seems that Mirabal would be a good recruiting coordinator.

Hey Pete, when do you anticipate the Sun Belt will release its 2010 football schedule?

I think I heard the Sun Belt Conference will release the schedule of all their conference games on March 1st. So, that in effect will fill up our schedule, as our non conference games are already set.

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