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Baseball Intrasquad

Just 9 days from FIU baseball opening night vs. Maryland at University Park Stadium (Feb. 19, 7 p.m.). Went to catch a couple innings of the Panthers intrasquad game last Saturday morning before FIU basketball tipped off against North Texas later that afternoon.

Here are some observations from the 12 outs I got to see:

Apparently, the Dave Feeley FIU Fitness strength training program is working pretty well.

The starting pitcher for the team to take the field first looked familiar, because of his whipping throwing Cp motion that I remember seeing from freshman Aaron Arboleya last season.

But I was not sure it was Arboleya, because he did not throw as hard as this guy that was on the mound last Saturday. So just to make sure who this pitcher was I asked pitching coach Sean Allen. Well, it was Arboleya, who increased his velocity on his fastball from 86-88 last season to 92-93 mph this season.

Arboleya got help from his defense right from the first batter he faced. Lammar Guy hit a sinking line drive to left where freshman T.J. Shantz dove forward and made the catch.

The lone hit off AA that inning came on a double that Mike Martinez roped down the left field line. AA got highly-touted freshman Jabari Henry to line out to center to end the inning.

The starting pitcher for the other team was senior lefty Corey Polizzano (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo).

Junior Arrojo led off the bottom of the first with a perfectly placed bunt single just to the left of the first base line. After a sac bunt by Pablo Bermudez, Raiko Alfonso (left, thanks AJH photo) singled home Jr.

Ra Freshman first baseman Rudy Flores then singled to right. Then outfielder Yoandy Barroso, a Miami Dade College transfer, got hit by a pitch, but it's an intrasquad game so he stayed in the box for another at-bat. CP managed to strike out YB to end the inning.

Arboleya came back with another scoreless inning. Michael Vargas led off with a walk and stole second. But AA got the next 3 batters to end the inning.

Polizzano threw a bagel in his second inning also. CP struck out the first batter. The lefty walked the next batter, but picked him off on the first throw. CP got the next batter to pop out to 3rd base.

Will be heading out to another intrasquad at some point this week to have some more for you and will have Turtle Thomas drop by to talk about the upcoming season.


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Sounds like good news Pete. Baseball has always been our strongest sport but lately they havent been as good as they used to be. Hope they go far this year.

thats because Price ran the program into the ground the last 5 years he was here.

Everybody needs to head out to the baseball/softball banquet this saturday... Trust me, its a fun event where you and your date/significant other/hired escort/etc. can unwind from the work week with some drinks, food, good people, big time speaker (Buck Showalter), and a bunch of items being auctioned off.

Both of these teams need all the money they can get!!! Stop complaining and support your teams.

if you cant go to the dinner support w/season tickets to baseball/softball..

FIU sucks, it will never be The U!

I sure hope we dont end up like the u, most FIU fans are actually attended the school.

most FIU fans actually attended the school.*

Agree Rage. I hope we never end up like them.

It's actually pronounced "dah U". And, technically, you must be wearing gold teeth when you say that, but since Marble Mouth Shannon took over they've loosened up on the golds.

FIURage - Max, I agree. Why would you want to be nationally recognized. Have 6 Football National Titles (Yes I am counting 2002, F Ohio State), 4 Baseball National Titles and most consecutive trips to post season, a known pipeline to the NFL, a brand "The U" that is known world wide, and not to mention a beautiful campus in Coral Gables with academic standards and programs FIU can only dream about. I agree why would you want this stuff.

But there is good news guys - - you will never have it, so no worries.

hahahahaha, crazycane is on crack, get off your high horse b, our campus is way nicer than yours, our academics are either better or just as good as yours and our girls are WAY hotter than yours. welcome to the future, where FIU is the real UMiami (most of our students are from here and yours aren't)

Crazy Cane I'm amazed you know so much about their great amenities when you didn't even go to the school. You claim "we will never have it, so no worries" I guess we can include you in that conclusion...Must suck loving a school that you have no true affiliation with except that you like their prominent athletic program. Must be you like them more for what they have accomplished on the athletic field, which you too have not fully taken part of than in actually helping their school increase their "prestige" in the academic community which you will never do since you didn't graduate from there. Why don't you go back to the UM board and put your arm around your other non-graduating UM brethren and sing kumbaya about your amazing recruiting class and leave this blog to those who appreciate FIU and the successes OUR alma mater is accomplishing, be it academics or athletics.

FIUer, great double standard. You complained when IT was called a rapist (you were right on doing that), but now you're profiling every UM Fan as "wearing gold teeth". I see some splash of bigotry on your comments.

I want to hear from the FIU "blog" police and their thoughts.

THINK before you blog.

When is this idiot going to stop with all his fantasy about UM?

As for Baseball/Softball I think the bar is raised high for both programs. I truely think our baseball team will compete for a Sunbelt title (this year)and I hope they can compete against the big teams in the state like U.F. and F.S.U.
If the relieve pitching is good then you know the power at the plate will always take care of its self. We cant lose games 10-12.. If you are scoring 10 runs per game and still lossing then pitchers need to get replaced ASAP!

Pete: Who will the closer be? Any input about him?


You're right. I should have said gold teef, not teeth. I know how terriorial you scUM fans are with your "brand."

CrazyCane all that you mentioned in your last post was correct on national championships, etc. However have NO illusions about academic standards. UM will never be Duke, Stanford, Georgetown, Ga Tech, etc. these are TRUE private institutions of higher learning with HIGH academic standards. Granted, you've IMPROVED from “Sun-Tan U” & “Thug-U” but relax on your "academic standards" statement. You'll never be confused with the universities mentioned above.

Finally, you forgot to mention one place where UM is also well known; the penal system!


I doubt you've traveled the world much, otherwise you'd take back your "globally recognized" statement about the U. I've seen more people wear FIU shirts around the world than UM, which makes perfect sense considering FIU's alumni base will trounce UM's this decade. In fact, the most random of places I've seen FIU shirts worn was in Japan. Spotted FIU goodness in Tokyo, Kyoto and Kobe! In fact, the hotel manager at the Hilton Metropole in London is an FIU Hospitality Management grad. Random, but not really considering FIU is the nation's 15th largest university.

UM's glory days are over buddy, most recently evidenced by ANOTHER bowl loss against a practically unranked team and another disappointing recruiting season. I mean, aside from FIU, even UCF is dominating our backyard. Stop living in the past, join us there's still plenty of space, scUMbag!

Pete, thanks for the update. Do we know who the starters will be come Opening Night, or are positions still up in the air with a week left?


Didn't FIU have "Spies" teaching there? Weren't they convicted even after the University president at the time, testified on their behalf? Aren't the biggest basketball donors behind bars for stealing MILLIONS from the American public?

Great foundation FIU. Be proud.

Only two universities graduated 100% of their football players, Notre Dame and UM.


Notice on the article that FIU didn't even make it. Where's the classroom achievement you're talking about?

During super bowl week which team practiced on your stadium? None

Which teams practiced at UM? The Colts and The Saints

How many FIU players played in the SB? Zero

The Pro Bowl was labeled the UM Invitational because an entire squad (11 players) was selected.

Even the food and hospitality were provided by Johnson and Wales University.

Where was that great program you bragg about?

The difference between a Cane and a (panther/golden panther/blazer/sunblazer please make up your mind)? A (pick your choice) is happy with mediocrity and a CANE DEMANDS EXCELLENCY.

Enjoy it

You're right CC, I don't want to be like "da U," I would rather be like UF, which is not only has blown way past your beloved UCG in athletics, but is much better than them academically. We are the 15th largest school in the country, we graduate around 8,000 undergrads a year, and have over 10,000 post-grads currently enrolled in our ever expanding graduate programs. Most of our programs are either on par or exceed those of UCG, and it is only a matter of time until we overtake them on the field.

Facts, we are the only non-AQ school to sign an ESPN 150 player. Turtle Thomas, in his three years at FIU has seen the baseball team make the biggest turn around in program history while signing a top 20 and top 10 recruiting class. Isiah Thomas is ahead of where Mike Jarvis was last year at FAU, and now has the 17th ranked recruiting class in the country coming in to FIU next year including ESPN 150 players Ferguson and Legion, and one of the country's most dynamic players in Richaud Pack.

While "da U" has had college sports at the D-I for over 80 years, we have only had D-I college sports for around 20 years. That said we have done more in our first 20 years than "da U," did in its first 20, and it is safe to say that the next 20 years probably favors us. So keep your attachment to a school you never attended, I'll keep on taking pride in a growing program that will ultimately leave a major larger and more lasting mark on this community as both an institution of higher learning and an athletic power.

...and not to mention a beautiful campus in Coral Gables...

Posted by: CrazyCane | February 11, 2010 at 08:25 AM

I'm perplexed as to your basis for this comment considering you've likely only stepped foot on that campus while chasing down an ambulance in search of new business. Is it really as sad and depressing as it seems to wake up in the morning as you? You really are one confused creature.

I go to fiu and i use to play baseball at fiu, I'm pretty sure every athlete in our university would love to play at UM because of the history and because we grew up loving The U, but could not attend The U because they never offered a scholarship or was never recruited by them. FIU is good and I love playing for them but the only games we actually got fans for was for the Miami game and all the fans were MIAMI fans. I played at fiu in 2005 and sill attend football and baseball game and enjoy them, but to ever say FIU will ever be a Miami is kinda unrealistic, we have a brand new stadium and cant even fill the student section, i get sad because everybody leaves after the first quarter. I love fiu but Miami will always be my school.
And for people to say you cant be a fan for a school you never attended is joke. Its like saying you cant be a Yankee fan because i never lived in new york. Come on people, i dont go to UM football games to cheer on the Engineer department, i go to support the players who are from Miami and grew up in Miami and is representing our city Of Miami

I hate it that some of these UM fans feel so compelled to come here and try to feel superior with their baiting comments, and the topic is derailed, as it is customary in other boards where um fans 'contribute'. Having said that, I agree that everyone is free to feel and root for whoever team they like....

Now, Miguel (if it is true it's him) has the right to feel the way he does, even if we don't like it, or don't agree with his shallow reasoning. What Miguel can't do, and can't say without being calle for, is assume that every other FIU recruit, player, feel exactly the way he apparently does. The fact his older brother went to pitch to UM perhaps is one of the reasons he feels like it, besides him not being a real contributor to FIU baseball teams. Furthermore to be so dumb and to lie so blatantly as to state that "ALL the fans were miami fans", brings up the obvious point that he lacks any credibility with such comments.

While he knows and presents FIU's obvious challenges with attendance and the sort, he somehow fails to acknowledge, recognize, and understand that the university he feels so compelled to "defend" here, was on the brink of extinction in the very late 70's (about 50 years after the football program's existence), PRECISELY due to the same reasons he now uses against FIU...hmmm...

For me, those FIU students and alumns, that feel like him, and so compelled to defend the other university at the expense of his current one, speaks volume for a possible case of inferiority complex, with a desire to be someone else. It's like saying he would prefer to be the son of other parents because you know, he grew up in a lower class, blue collar city, and would've loved to be the son of another couple who lived in Key Biscayne, thus minimizing the relevance of his own parents.....(note: this is just a simile.

Miguel's ERA in his sole season at FIU was a 16.36 in 11 innings of work....

Puuleeeeez !!!

I played for Shakey in the late 90s at FIU and UF as a freshman....I grew up loving Dah U also, but seriously brah.

You got it twisted.

GablesCane, those same basketball donors that are currently behind bars are really good friends with Jim "i swallow ryan braun" morris... Get point buddy!

Maybe jim will use ryan braun to speak at the banquet for the next 10 years, lolol... You people have no life and no clue. FIU's academics overall are better then c-UM's. c-UM's may have a better Tax Law program or a program here and there, but have a worse ranking overall.

I love when you people come on here with these brain dead post of yours...

Miguel is another one of those chachi followers that thinks its cool to blow up the j-U... Ive been to c-UM football games to watch them in big games because i am a fan of the sport and have had friends play on the team, but i have to say about 80% of those people there at the games and tailgating are absolute BLOWERS!

scUM is following the legacy of the Oakland Raiders....

Once dominant

Once storied with mystique

Always hated universally

Forever irrelevant

Thanks Donna - we love U.

I don't buy it, Miguel, if you ever actually went to a football game you would know that people don't show up until the end of the 1st Quarter, they definitely don't leave by then. In fact although attendance is an issue, I've never noticed that people leave all that early from the games are home games are almost always competitive whether we win or not, they are close.

And furthermore, anyone can google a name a make up a comment. What's the point anyways, no FIU fan is going to be, "Wow, a former FIU player loves UM, we all might as well burn our blue and gold stuff and start rooting for UM."

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!... this one is one of my favorites from the day: "The difference between a Cane and a (panther/golden panther/blazer/sunblazer please make up your mind)? A (pick your choice) is happy with mediocrity and a CANE DEMANDS EXCELLENCY."

c-UM Football:
09/10 Season - 9-4 Record; prestigious Champs Sports Bowl appearance; with a 20-14 loss to Wisconsin

08/09 Season - 7-6 Record; another prestigious bowl game appearance, Emerald Bowl; with a 24-17 loss to Cal

07/08 Season - 5-7 Record; no bowl game, which is about the same as the 09/10 and 08/09 season.

06/07 Season - 7-6 Record; the almighty MPC Computers Bowl; a whopping 1 point victory against powerhouse Nevada (21-20)

c-UM Baseball:
-picked by ACC coaches to finish 4th in Coastal Division and 6th/7th overall in ACC

-#5 seed in ACC tourney last year (8 teams make it)

-went 1-2 in ACC tournament play last year

I dont know who's demanding the "EXCELLENCY" over there at c-UM, but they better look to hire someone new at that position as well.

I find all this scUM fan vitriol for all things FIU, particularly hard core fan support, very telling. There in here constantly snooping around, hoping to read that we're always worsening, always digressing, yet when they read anything that points towards the opposite the become blindly enraged by the thought of potential FIU competitiveness. They think by continually coming on to our blog and typing "u neverz gonna be az good az Da U" over and over again that it will hold true. They're sounding more and more desperate to me with each passing year.

Glad you said it how it is Sylbrin. If I'm correct you played at Miami High. That's good you stopped by this blog.

Miguel(if it is him) definitely has it twisted. You say you love FIU, then you say Miami will always be your school. Which one is it? Athletes are competitive, and it doesn't make sense to root for team you played against then the one that gave you opportunity.

The U not recognized around the world - r u serious Quijote? Let me ask you this - which school has more alumni players than any other school in the world playing the most popular sport in America? Hmmm, and last time I checked, people all over the world are football fans, just look at the ratings for this years SB which had 3 UM grads (1 which caught a TD) and how many FIU alums? Which school has been featured in world wide music videos from Two Live Crew to Vanilla Ice? Which school was the subject of the highest rated 30 for 30 ESPN documentary specials?

If you do not believe that "The U" is known world wide, then you must be from a different planet.

As for FIU being on par with UM academically, you all must be kidding. Just because you are a bigger university does not mean your better, it just means you accept everyone. I mean, how many people graduate from your med school? Oh wait.

I will give you this, FIU probably has way more bilingual students, that is something.

Multiple personality Crazy Cane/Panther et al....it's "you are"....

god crazycane, u have to be REEEE tarded!!!!... FIU has had a football program for what, 5 years? and your trying to say c-UM is soooo much better bc they had more players playing in the SB then FIU. LOLOL!!! ok, you got us. hahaha.... "The j-U" is known nationally, not really on a world wide basis there buddy. And dont be confused, not everything they are known for is a good thing.

Academically, you're WRONG. Checking the rankings. FIU is ranked higher in more fields then j-U M. Just because people pay more, doesnt mean its better academically.

May I ask a question? Why are University of Miami students/alumni/fans, always in this blog, fighting and throwing knives? Does excellency, manners and education of the highest quality, make you a person like the ones I am seeing here? Please, I think we should respect each other a little bit more and show all the excellence, manner, education and high class, that "THE U" is trying to show. Stay in Coral Gables, with all your fancy school, your high education, worry more about how you school is doing, and allow the rest of the world to leave their own fantasies.


Best of Luck this year!

I am sorry UM high class students/alumni/fans, I made a typing mistake and grammatical mistake. I meant to say "your school", and also meant "to live".

CrazyCane you're a moron, FIU is the most selective school in Florida, and before you go telling me that I'm wrong take a look at this site here:



In February 2009, the College of Law achieved a 81.5% passing rate, which placed it 1st among Florida's ten law schools.

BusinessWeek ranks the College of Business among the top 15% of graduate business schools in the U.S., 1st in South Florida, and in the top 25 among public business schools in the U.S.

U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges" (2010) ranks the undergraduate international business program 12th best in the nation and ranks the Chapman Graduate School of Business 11th in the nation. FIU is the only university in Florida to be ranked in the top 15.

Oh BTW, if you really want to talk about worldwide, how's this? We have campuses in Both Italy and China.

Our library? Isn't it the largest library in South Florida? Hmmm...

And last but not least, The School of Hospitality & Tourism Management is one of the nation’s top programs. The School of Hospitality Management is recognized by industry leaders as one of the nation's top five hospitality management programs FIU's School of Hospitality & Tourism Management collaborated with China's Ministry of Education to work on preparations for the 2008 Summer Olympics. FIU was the only school in the UNITED STATES invited to do so

Clearly, you guys can't match us academically, so hold on to the advantage you have over us athletically because pretty soon, that too, will be an advantage we have over U.

Sucks to be U.

I am a little confused c-UM, what rankings are you referring to? Medical School rankings? Employment upon graduation rankings? Business school rankings? Law School?

Please clarify.

Sorry FIU Fanatic, YOU ARE right, YOU ARE a fan of a school with nothing to brag about but a large alumni base who could careless about your athletic program. YOU ARE one of many FIU fans who live is a constant state of delusion. YOU ARE miss informed about everything that is UM because YOU ARE either to stupid to fully understand reality or YOU ARE too lazy to look at facts. YOU ARE one of many students at FIU who is having their academic programs cut at an alarming rate because of a personal vendetta of PG's against UM, which he is losing badly. YOU ARE again either too stupid to realize this or too lazy to care. YOU ARE one of the many who hate "The U" not because you go to FIU, but because you couldn't go to UM. YOU ARE in need of a hug. YOU ARE a lonely guy. YOU ARE someone with no friends. YOU ARE sad.


Isn't it "too stupid" rather than "to stupid"?

Moron, way to try and correct someone and somehow make yourself sound stupider while doing so.

btw, can you read? read what I wrote about the rankings to answer your question, and btw economic impact on SoFla? Yeah, we beat you there too buddy boy. Go back to class and learn something.

Multiple personality crazy cane/panther et al...appers to be a bit mad now...relax and think before you type dumb things. LOL...another low level attorney ready to have a heart attack....

By the way, I've never heard there was a new beauty pageant you just mentioned here, as I've never heard somenoe calling another as "Miss-informed"...I've heard about other pageants, but not this one.

You seem to be TOO angry (hint: "to" angry would be wrong) to write anything coherent now, and of course, all your baseless assumptions are TOO wrong for it to be taken seriously...LOL... It's evident you are in need of a really good mind doctor.....

maskaros - funny how you point a typo for me but none of your FIU pals. But you know what - you are right... FIU is the best school in the Country. I do not know why kids go to Harvard/Yale/Columbia. If it is a $$$ thing, I do not know why they choose UF over FIU - clearly FIU is superior to all school not only in this country, but Italy and China too.

Are kidding me bro. I guess if I want to clean rooms at hotel or hand out flyers on SoBe I would go to FIU and major in The School of Hospitality & Tourism Management or if I want to be a mailroom guy in China or Italy I would enroll in the international business program and go to FIU ... but those of us who live in reality know better, FIU is a joke, on and off the field.

Sorry pal, truth hurts.

Can everyone please just stop. This is boring already. Yes, CC is a joke, we all know it, but pointing out his typographical errors on a sports blog makes the FIU fans look rediculous.

Lets move on already.

FIU Fanatic - "Multiple personality crazy cane/panther et al...appers to be a bit mad" The word is "appears"

Those who live in glass houses my friend should not throw stones. Is that above your education level?

Hm, I don't recall saying FIU is the best school in the nation...I guess you made that up much like you make up most of what you say. Thanks for ignoring the rankings you wanted so badly when you found out they didn't work in your favor. Word of advice, try using FACTS rather than your own ethnocentric opinion.

FIU has the potential of having a better "Communist Spies School". They have two teachers arrested and convicted.


Great job by then president, Modesto Maidique. He went and testified on their behalf as outstanding citizens.



Keep running your mouth, BUTCH DAVIS has owned Randy Shannon and always will.

I really like what NC has done recruiting wise, they are starting to really put it together.

FIUPIKE - huh? Yes, NC has been beating Miami in football the past few years, and? Howard S. owns MC. I don't understand what your post has to do with FIU, but whatever.

since when did this blog turn into a UM vs FIU debate on who is better overall in football and sports in general? It pisses me off to see this when it is supposed to be about FIU baseball and ONLY FIU baseball. Why don't we stick to the subject at hand and shut up about UM, seriously, get over yourselves UM fans. And BTW, prepare for a FIU sweep over Maryland next weekend, im stoked!

Anonymous, since when Maryland became a powerhouse?

yea because i totally said prepare for an upset sweep over Maryland because they are SO good. Way to take things out of context buddy.

You UCG fans need help, and badly. Firstly, Miguel, if that is really you, I am sorry you feel so disillusioned with the school that gave you a chance, but I am pretty sure players like Manny Machado and Deglan could go to any university they like for baseball and they chose FIU. Feel free to look those two up.

Secondly, as far as these UCG fans, the only reason they come here in droves is because they are threatened. Go talk trash all you want, but if we were as insignificant to you as FAMU or Bethune Cookman you wouldn't be coming on this blog all the time would you? No, you wouldn't. You see T Thomas bringing in a top 20 and top 10 recruiting class and the progress with baseball and you realize that can happen with the other sports. Isiah signs the 17th ranked recruiting class in the country, Mario brings in FIU's first ESPN 150 player to a school that has only had FBS football for five years.

We have a medical school now, we have a law school now, and both are making tremendous strides to join our business school as top post-graduate programs. You say we brag about numbers, of course we do. The same reason that Florida can pull together a 106 million dollar budget and put 90,000 fans into The Swamp is the same reason we can ultimately become a power. Look at college sports nationally, it is dominated by state schools and large private schools (USC has north of 30,000 students). Matriculation is on our side, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Gablescane, focus on the "EXCELLENCY" that j-U M demands. You people are struggling... Instead of maryland, maybe we should play Rutgers followed by powerhouse Manhattan. LOLOLOLOL.... Regardless what happens, c-UM will be ok because Jimbo will have Ryan Braun come again; right after he gives him a happy ending :0 = :)

maskaros: I had no idea the FIU business school had such a lofty ranking, is that the undergrad or mba program? Could you post a link that shows those rankings, id like to show some friends proof that FIU is finally being recognized for its academic accomplishments. Thanks.



This could turn into the biggest rivalry in college. Lets say FIU does grow and improve to the level um is at, as a rivalry things could get really aggresive, the majority of um fans are uneducated losers who love to start *#$%.

As opposed to FIU fans who are a bunch of minorities in which a majority of them are uneducated losers who love to start *#@%.

im w/ the champunderdog.. "YAWN".... definately over the whole UM v. FIU arguement.. its not happening.. so who gives a flying F***... seriously, just let it go. if the U fans want to come on this board and beat their chest let them, they clearly cannot do it on any other ACC blog because besides their win this past week against GT, they havent beaten anyone of Note in basketball, their football teams always falls short of the ACC title game. they'd get laughed off other boards so they come here where they have some legs under them. let them beat their chest to a non BCS school. Keeping it classy as always U fans...

Oooh, CC bringing ethnicity into it, and confirming FIURage's statement that most UCG fans are uneducated losers.

JulesFIU - get off your moral high horse... how many times have the FIU posters talked about all UM students are rich white kids?

So back to talk of FIU sports. Baseball season starts in exactly one week. Anything special going on for the Maryland series?

Hey Pete, I've heard rumors that Rosenberg is rebranding FIU, which might again lead to another logo change/color change. Have you heard anything?

As opposed to FIU fans who are a bunch of minorities in which a majority of them are uneducated losers who love to start *#@%.

Posted by: CrazyCane | February 12, 2010 at 09:44 AM

That's stupid even by your standards. UM fans are also minorities, you know Juan from Hialeah and Tyrone from Opa Locka. You should go to a football game one of these days to see what I mean. The actual alumni are in short supply there. You can deny the facts all you want but your biggest "booster" is not a doctor from Coral Gables, it's Uncle Luke pal. In fact, the school owes him so much, if UM ever gets around building their own stadium they should name it after him (2 live crew field at Luke Skywalker stadium? has a nice sound to it). Don't be one of those delusional fan, embrace your heritage.

If EVERYONE will ignore these jealous pain in the neck UMers whose team couldn't even beat us two years ago and won't play us again since then, we could get this blog back to what it's supposed to be blogging about. FIU BASEBALL!!! Can't wait til next weekend! Go Panthers!

F "the j-U"!!!... who cares about what they do, shannon sucks as a coach and jim morris spends all day pleasuring anyone that can put an extra dollar in his pocket... Just keep focus on building FIU

Has anyone heard when they will be releasing the 2010 FIU baseball media guide?

Sad Miguel, talk about having no backbone. I can see why you didn't do much with the opportunity to play high-level D-I baseball; you lack the character. Go back to the other wannabe's who follow The u.

We'll build something here without you.

We should know who our first game (Sunbelt opponent) will be against in the next 10-12 days. I hope its UNT or ULL.. We have a good chance of winning both games. I also hope the Home opener turns out to be an exciting game(Rudgers).. Spring training will be extremly important for our team next year..

As for Baseball can't wait to get that started. If the pitching is there then we will win a crap load of games..


Baseball America is projecting FIU to finish second in the Belt, to Middle Tennessee. They project both Middle Tennessee and FIU to make a regional. Here is what they had to say about FIU:

Florida International improved by 14 games from the first year to the second year of the Turtle Thomas regime, and the Golden Panthers are dealing with expectations now that Thomas is only the second-most famous Thomas coaching at the Miami school. (The men's basketball coach is Isiah Thomas.) Looking for their first regional bid since 2002, the Panthers will rely on offense coming from their revamped outfield, even with Orioles third-rounder Tyler Townsend gone. So. OF Pablo Bermudez (.313/.390/.448) is healthy after nagging hamstring problems last year, and fellow So. Mike Martinez, first-team all-Sun Belt at 1B last year, shifts to right to take Townsend's spot. Physically gifted Miami-Dade CC transfer Yoandy Barroso, a 6-foot-2, 215-pound toolshed who hit .387 at the JC level a year ago, also figures to get some playing time. FIU also returns three veterans to its weekend rotation, led by Sr. RHP Scott Rembisz, who had a strong summer in the Cape Cod League (23 IP, 27 SO).

CC, I've called out my fellow Golden Panthers if any of them bring race or ethnicity into a debate, feel free to look that up, therefore I have all the right in the world to call you at as you continue to exercise your Constitutional right to be a world class schmuck.

Great post, maskaros on some irrefutable FACTS.

On a more positive and focused note, I am looking forward to what Turtle can do this year. His first full recruiting class will now ne sophomores or seniors, and the players he brought in for this year filled some holes that we had last season. I think that being picked to finish second behind a strong MTSU team is pretty good. We should have a good showing against Maryland to start the season, and I wouldn't be surprised if we finished with a conference record similar to MTSU's last year, 21-8 up from 18-12.

Thanks for the links maskaros.

I think FIU should come out strong against Maryland, they are a perennial bottom dweller in the ACC. MTSU is really stacked, they have one of the top 5 best college players in the nation. Finishing second to them would be great. My goal for the year is to simply make a regional, its been way too long. Maybe it would be a Coral Gables regional and we could see on the field how we stack up against UM, rather then having these mindless "my school is better then yours" discussions.

Do you guys think they'll try and bring back Ryan Braun for the season too???...Its a possibility

Sunbelt preseason poll is out and they pick FIU to finsih third, behind MTSU and Western Kentucky.


I think Baseball America got it right.

U are scared and U know it. The "I" is on the rise and U can't stop it! U guys are pathetic. Don't let the facts get in the way, CrazyCane and U other losers. U can't handle the truth.

Really? More UM/FIU talk? Boring. No one cares. Move on.

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