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PTI from FIU on Friday

It FIU basketball coach Isiah Thomas will be taping a segment of ESPN's Pardon thePti Interruption outside FIU's Graham Center on Friday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.

IT's segment will air on PTI later that day during the show's "5 Good Minutes" segment. PTI hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon will talk with Isiah about all the erroneous information about FIU basketball in a recent new times article.

The PTI segment will be taped from outside the southwest corner of the Graham Center by the water fountains.


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Thanks for the heads up....Hope we can beat FAU tomorrow, even if Jarvis called this game vs. FIU the "easy" part of his late schedule.....

This is great. Really Great. It gaves Isiah the opportunity to tell the truth to the nation so that FIU doesnt appear like a backwards school.

I hope he stresses that he has some really great players coming in next season. Our guys are small this year and you cant win a lot of games with our guys. I dont blame Isiah for our record. Its tough to do better with what we have.

Any chance Isiah goes on tv and tells the truth? That this team is a lot worse than he thought. That his recruiting class is the best in FIU recent history, but still light years away from contending with the big boys. That he would leave in a heart beat if a big 10 school called for him to coach. That 15 people show up to games and that the student body does not support athletics.

Any chance?

CrazyCane, any chance that UM tells the truth and admits they are SCARED silly of FIU?

I didn't think so.

Maybe crazy should just do the interview... he seems to know what Isiah is thinking better than the man himself...

For a second there I thought CANDY CANE was talking about Frank the Tank Haith. Talk about going nowhere. Although, scUM did play and lose to Duke tonight, so maybe they got more than a minivan's worth of fans tonight...sitting quietly, slightly rocking back and forth in a somber gaze. Go scUM basketball! Exciting.


You're the LAST PERSON to talk about contending with the "big boys". Once again, scUM basketball has bombed their ACC basketball schedule and likely won't even make it into NIT competition this year. You start the season going 8-0 against cupcakes and then go 3-10 during conference play. Jesus that's practically on par with FIU's conference record. I know the Belt is no ACC, just like the ACC is no SEC.

Get a life, fudge_packer.

Its more than interest candycane has in FIU, its more like an obsession.

Awesome news, Pete! :)

Someone needs to set those jokers on Biscayne Blvd straight. How anyone can judge a coach on his first season is beyond me. How anyone can so blatantly distort facts and claim to be a real reporter is a testament to the negativism that exists at that joke of a paper.

This is the kind of year we should have expected, the same kind of year Jarvis had last year at FAU. He went 6-26, and is now 13-12 because he was able to build his own team. In a weird way we are ahead of where Jarvis was last year at 7-21, and with the players Isiah has coming in next year, the added height and depth, should see us competing and ideally having the same kind of turnaround that FAU did.

True story,

So I am at the bar near home watching the Duke scUM game last night and I see 2 guys that graduated with me back in 1996 from FIU. They were wearing scUM attire and with a couple of guys I had never met.

Conversation flowed as follows:

(FIUPIKE) "Didn't you guys graduate from FIU ?"

(scUM frontrunners) uuuuhhh, yeah...why ?

(FIUPIKE) "Laughed my A** off" walked back over to my high-top...

(strangers at the table)"Ohhh I thought you guys went to scUM, you never mentioned you went to FIU...."

(FIUPIKE) "guys that is weak and you should be ashamed of yourselves, LOL"

(strangers at table)I can hear the one guy tell the scUM frontrunners - "Isiah will surprise alot of people next year..."

Apparently this gentleman coached HS bball locally and was convinced that Zeke recruiting only ESPN Super 60 players starting next year will pay off big time very quickly...


Great story FIUPIKE, these guys need to realize that if they actually invest their time and a little money in suporting the school they ACTUALLY WENT TO, that it will pay off in the long run.

Did I mention what they were wearing ?? OMG.

Ed Hardy? LMFAO! - Only epic douchebags wear that sh*t.

scUM Phonies, always and forever eternal Dbags.

Ed Hardy, the official clothing of wannabe tough guys the world over. UCG can keep em.

Hey Pete,

When are we going to start seeing FIU apparel in Sports Authority etc.? I know that we can get them over at FIU, but one hardly cannot go without noticing how um's stuff is literally right by the enterance and up the ENTIRE wall at Sports Authority (at least the one in Kendall and the turnpike.)

Hey Pete,

When are we going to start seeing FIU apparel in Sports Authority etc.? I know that we can get them over at FIU, but one hardly cannot go without noticing how um's stuff is literally right by the enterance and up the ENTIRE wall at Sports Authority (at least the one in Kendall and the turnpike.)

Isiah needs to set the record straight. whatever happened in NY is done. he is here and building from the ground up. Zeke will get the last laugh next year when he has solid starters and a solid bench. WKU be careful! in 2011 your Golden Panthers will dancing in the tourney with an automatic bid. In the mean time, UM last real head coach in bball is building something nice at FSU. Haith's schedule early in the year was full of cupcakes. You want to hang in the ACC then play some real teams early in your schedule, tough guys. Finally, if you wear green/orange and you did not go to the school you are a "poser." trying to be what you are not. Much love for the ladies softball team (3-1) and Men's baseball against the Terrapins.. Turtle Power!! roary out!!

FIUPIKE that story never happened


Don't you know the rules, only 1 scUM allowed on this blog and that's CrazyCane...

Get lost douchebag.

Glad Zeke will be on PTI. There was an agenda behind that article. Glad Zeke going to go on national TV. Next year, watch out!!!

Hope baseball team has great year. I have high expectations from them even after losing Tyler and Tom. Pitchers worry me, but I think we'll be fine. Hope people support this team throughout the season.

Last thing, what a loser this guy canesfan05 is. Get lost!!!

Let's see.... What did LUKE say about the scUM prior to Snelley... UM thought of its self as the "Ivy League" of the south.... Posers!!!!... that university in Coral Gables, always has been and always will be FAKE. The only good thing that school did was it's business venture with the Hospital....and Guess WHAT!!!! We're on our way there.
Bottom line is, that fake white upper class saw their athletic programs were nothing, a joke!!! So they turned into plantation owners and got the minorities to do the work for them. Taking advantage that these kids had no other options. Funny thing is, even as they built scUM, that faculty and it's president didn't want them there. Reality is, if there had been another program in South Florida where those athlete's could of played, that's where they would of played.... It's a shame it took this long to build a program at FIU. It's embarrasing how we went 30 yrs with pathetic Athletic Coordinators just collecting pay checks. How our Student Gov, blows when you're in school...and blows when you're an alumn...oh yeah, not surprising 'cause it's the same group.
We are the REAL university of Miami, a true representation of this city, it's diversity, and it's surrounding areas.
Commuter school is not an insult!
So for those idio-s like crazycane... go fist yourself!!! Wear your scUM shirt while paying tuition at FIU, and thank you for your contribution you just paid for TY's jock strap.
-ps. What's up ROARY!!! See you at the game FRIDAY!!!!! I'll try to catch the paratroopers at the softball game or play hookie all day and watch the PTI interview....GO FIU!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what I ran across on ESPN blog...

Time to jump on the pile and back this guy up. Read the PITT douche comments about us.


Chia, let's not stoop to their level and make this a race issue. You want to attack UCG for their inflated opinion of themselves as an academic and athletic institution, that's cool, but race should be a non-issue.

Those guys are ignorant at best. USF, which is in a much more talent rich region than UCF, has managed to surpass its neighbor on the I-4 very quickly. We are in the most talent rich region in the country, and once things start clicking and we start firing on all 12 we will be one heck of a team. This isn't a sprint, this is a marathon, and we will come out on top.

Our class was only a little behind UCF's when it comes to rated players, they signed 12, and we signed 9, not including our transfers (Jeremiah Harden would count as a 10th ranked player). That is only two less than a 31 year old program, and we were the only non-AQ school to sign an ESPN 150 player. If one looks at the 2011 class there are a plethora of top players considering going to FIU. If we can go 6-6 or 7-5 I wouldn't be surprised to see us sign 12 three-star players and two to three ESPN 150 players.

FIUPIKE: Im sure that story happened because I saw that all the time at FIU during the fall semester. Plus, Ive told youse about my moron FIU grad neighbor that knows the UM alma mater song, but doesnt know MC is our football coach.

Mr.ChiaPanther: Your rant is pretty, well ranty. ha! It's true though. FIU's athletics department was a joke and a mess for the last few decades. Our SGA is a joke and our Alumni Association is no better. I bought an annual membership in December and I still havent received my membership card. According to them they are "backed up".

I have said this before and Ill say it again. The Alumni Association and the SGA need to work harder to 1)Instill FIU pride in our incoming and current students and 2)Get those students to support and give to FIU long after they've graduated.

The problem with FIU is that a lot of Madique's goons are still in there. I liken FIU to the Miami Dade Gov't. Lots of unqualified people in high positions that really have no interest in what they do other than to collect a paycheck and move themselves up the ladder. President Rosenberg needs to clean house if he wants the university to succeed and be taken seriously.

Plus there are a bunch of young "ratardsss" on the board of directors. We need to get rid of some of these clowns and step the administration game up.... (got ratard from The Hangover)

FIU just needs to let the w's do the talking, then the respect will come.

Yea. Respect.

Im not sure where this falls, but Greg Cotex's article today about coaches on the hot seat failed to mention Mario Cristobal. Now I have thrown my support behind Mario after having been one of his most vocal critics, but once again FIU was nowhere to be seen in a Herald article.

What really pissed me off was the article on the main page about the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile visiting UM and FIU. The front page had a UM student on it and all the students quoted or interviewed for that article were UM students. The wiener mobile visited UM and FIU, but yet somehow there was very little if any mention of FIU aside from the headline. I refuse to believe that the reporter couldnt get to FIU from UM. Even during rush hour its a 30 minute drive.

Yea I cant wait for FIU to start winning because the lack of respect for out school is ridiculous. No respect at all.

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