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Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis....FIU?

On Wednesday morning in the same Miami Springs library that FIU receiver T.Y. Hilton chose FIU overWw West Virginia, Miami Springs receiver Willis Wright will have the same two choices: FIU or West Virginia.

This past season at Springs, Wright had 677 receiving yards and 10 TDs.

Got a chance to speak with WW and learn more about his thoughts as National Signing Day approaches.

PP: You're 2 days from National Signing Day. How are you feeling as the day gets closer for you to choose which college you'll play at?

WW: It's a normal day for me. I can't really say if it's FIU or West Virginia.

PP: On your official visit to FIU what did you think of the university and the football stadium and fieldhouse?

WW: Everything is good. It all looked very good. T.Y. has told me it's good place to play football and get an education. It's a growing program.

PP: How well do you know T.Y. and who else on the Panthers team do you know?

Wright WW: I've known T.Y. since I was a kid. I also know Wayne Times and Anthony Gaitor. And Randy Williams, who played with me in high school.

PP: Did you play in the spread offense at Miami Springs and if so what do you think of that type of offense which FIU runs?

WW: Yes, we run the spread at Springs. The spread is a good offense for me, because I'm a receiver. The spread is a good offense for receivers.

PP: What did you think of the FIU coaching staff and how they handled your recruiting?

WW: It's a good coaching staff. Coach Cristobal is a good guy. FIU has been with me since the beginning and they always were checking up on me.

PP: Does playing college ball close to home going to factor in your decision?

WW: Not really. Football is football whether I play here or I play somewhere else.

PP: Were you surprised by the immediate success T.Y. had as a freshman at FIU 2 years ago? And if you do choose FIU, do you think you have that kind of impact in your first season of college football?

WW: Yeah, T.Y. surprised me that he could be that good so soon. It was a good kind of surprise. I knewTy he could play like that his freshman season.

Yeah, I can make that kind of impact like T.Y. did in my freshman season.

PP: I've read in other articles where some teams have backed off of you, because the teams are concerned about your grades. What do you think about teams that have backed off, because of your grades?

WW: My grades are going to take me to college. I don't know what those people are talking about. My grades are fine and I'll prove it.

PP: So with less than 48 hours until you sign someone's letter of intent, are you favoring one team over another?

WW: I'm not leaning toward anybody right now.


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Nice interview. Opportunites like you can find at FIU are not available in Virginia.

We want you to do what is best for you, and you wont find a better group of people to support you and held you get an education. If you dream about the NFL, then you want coaches that will work with you every day and not leave you by yourselve while you redshirt and wait for playing time until you are a junior or senior. "You got to get on the field to show your stuff"

Good interview with WW, Pete....Willis Wright sure is not saying much, and keeping it close to his vest, as he really didn't let anything obvious as to where he is leaning/decided already to go. The only thing is that it's down to FIU and West Virginia.

Willis, hope you pick your hometown school that has been there all along with you from the very beginning. You can make an impact, together with current players like TY, to make FIU a real good program. Good luck tomorrow WW!!

Bottom Line... WW needs to leave campus and see what else there is in WV...Absolutely Nothing! Stay close to home and help FIU win it's first bowl game!

Willis - please stay home and make an immediate impact here at FIU and rep the 305 against Rutgers, Pitt and Texas A&M this season.

Be part of history and help us get FIU into a BCS bowl game within the next 4 years !!!


As a Miami Springs High Alumni, I am very proud of the type of players we are producing...From Devin Aromashodu, Willis Mcgahee (although transferred), TY Hilton...

Now Randy Williams and hopefully Willis Wright, I can see lots of Miami Springs High players representing FIU and then the NFL...Stay here in Miami with your family Willis! We are building something that is going to shock the nation!


Miami is much better than WV as far as everything is concerned. Stay here, warm with a good night life and the nicest looking girls in America! Our education is superb and this truly is a special place. Follow in TY's footsteps and soon you will see why and not regret it one bit.

Choose FIU...


At FIU you'll likely see solid action in your first year. At West Virginia, it'll likely be your junior year.


We will make sure that all 120,000 local FIU Alumni know you're coming here after you announce. Join the FIU family and stamp your name in history. Some places offer the chance to be a part of history and tradition..

At FIU, you can write your own legacy forever and establish your very own traditions !!

Hoping to see you soon on campus.

FIU is the clear choice.

Better education, better honeys, better chance to play right away.

The fact that playing close to home is of no importance to willis makes me think he wont be coming to FIU. He seems to have no qualms about playing elsewhere.

If he doesnt come to FIU, it is not the worst thing in the world. We still have TY, Wayne Times, Greg Ellington and other guys like Mertile. We have plenty of receivers.


I saw Willis at the Aromashadu setup this past weekend. Hes a very competitive player, FIU could use some of that energy displayed.

Willis take us to the promised land! Help us make history @ FIU

willis please listen to arnold.


best of luck in what ever you choose.


FIU is BCS bound with you Willis! I know you and TY are NFL bound! Goodluck with your pick! All the best!

WV???? What you talkin bout Willis??? GO FIU Bro! You seen them Dazzlers yet!

Willis could be the key to a promising FIU team. While, I think injuries to the quarterback set them back a bit last year, I fully expect them to claim a spot in the bowl if they can land Willis. Guaranteed, Willis won't regret this when he is able to build up a stack of awards on his way to an NFL career. West Virginia will bury him on the depth chart for 2 years, where he will be just another player. Where else will he get to be the face of College Football's newest power. See example of Dez Bryant at OSU and Larry Fitzgerald when he brought Pitt back to prominence.

Come to FIU Willis! There is absolutely no place like home!! :)

TY made the right choice, and I'm sure you will too! You Springs kids are pretty smart guys.

Willis Wright, please select the gold and blue of FIU.


Ain't Too Proud to Beg

Go FIU Panthers!

Pete any idea when you will be posting the first names. Faxes should have already been coming in.
Thanks Pete

Willis is coming to FIU!

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