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Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis....FIU?

On Wednesday morning in the same Miami Springs library that FIU receiver T.Y. Hilton chose FIU overWw West Virginia, Miami Springs receiver Willis Wright will have the same two choices: FIU or West Virginia.

This past season at Springs, Wright had 677 receiving yards and 10 TDs.

Got a chance to speak with WW and learn more about his thoughts as National Signing Day approaches.

PP: You're 2 days from National Signing Day. How are you feeling as the day gets closer for you to choose which college you'll play at?

WW: It's a normal day for me. I can't really say if it's FIU or West Virginia.

PP: On your official visit to FIU what did you think of the university and the football stadium and fieldhouse?

WW: Everything is good. It all looked very good. T.Y. has told me it's good place to play football and get an education. It's a growing program.

PP: How well do you know T.Y. and who else on the Panthers team do you know?

Wright WW: I've known T.Y. since I was a kid. I also know Wayne Times and Anthony Gaitor. And Randy Williams, who played with me in high school.

PP: Did you play in the spread offense at Miami Springs and if so what do you think of that type of offense which FIU runs?

WW: Yes, we run the spread at Springs. The spread is a good offense for me, because I'm a receiver. The spread is a good offense for receivers.

PP: What did you think of the FIU coaching staff and how they handled your recruiting?

WW: It's a good coaching staff. Coach Cristobal is a good guy. FIU has been with me since the beginning and they always were checking up on me.

PP: Does playing college ball close to home going to factor in your decision?

WW: Not really. Football is football whether I play here or I play somewhere else.

PP: Were you surprised by the immediate success T.Y. had as a freshman at FIU 2 years ago? And if you do choose FIU, do you think you have that kind of impact in your first season of college football?

WW: Yeah, T.Y. surprised me that he could be that good so soon. It was a good kind of surprise. I knewTy he could play like that his freshman season.

Yeah, I can make that kind of impact like T.Y. did in my freshman season.

PP: I've read in other articles where some teams have backed off of you, because the teams are concerned about your grades. What do you think about teams that have backed off, because of your grades?

WW: My grades are going to take me to college. I don't know what those people are talking about. My grades are fine and I'll prove it.

PP: So with less than 48 hours until you sign someone's letter of intent, are you favoring one team over another?

WW: I'm not leaning toward anybody right now.


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