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1st Spring Scrimmage

It was delayed for about one hour due to the inclement weather on Friday, but the first spring scrimmage is in the books.

Will update later with details, but here are some quick highlights of the scrimmage: the defense for the mostTimeswayne part was ahead of the offense -- in particular some of the young defensive players stood out.

Running backs Jeremiah Harden, Kendall Berry and Darriet Perry got the ground game going later, but the offense is still a work in progress. Wayne Times (right) had a big day and so did Colt Anderson. Only Wesley Carroll and Wayne Younger took snaps at quarterback and they played pretty even.

Several of the newest Panthers, who signed in February were in attendance. Got to get going to Jupiter, but will have more later.

For now here's what appeared in Saturday's MH: 1st Spring Scrimmage


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Team looked great in scrimmage- defense had tremendous energy and was making lots of plays. Offense started to really click towards the end. Jeremiah Harden looks to be the real deal! Im excited for 2010!!!! GO FIU

Pete, who had big days on defense? How did Pooh Bear Mars and Aaron Davis look in the new scheme?

Can't wait for the Spring Game!!! Let's Go FIU!!!

As for the last post (FIU Football Record) I did miss the Maryland game and even though that would be the biggest upset in school history I just dont see the boys coming into Maryland and pulling it out. Then again according to Pete and some of our FIU fans the defense is starting to look pretty damn good. The offense will slowly catch up and be the strength of the team AGAIN!

I think is we score 28 points on ANY team we should be able to pull off a WIN..

Go FIU!!

Defense looked much improved from Fall to now. I was impressed with the energy of the entire team, I cannot wait for the season to start and see all these guys come together and do something special!!

I think its a bit sad that Wesley Carroll and Wayne Younger look even...

Shouldn't there be a clear distinction? Wesley Carroll was supposed to be All-SEC Freshman...

FP&L- its a good thing they look even at this point. Wayne is looking much more comfortable in this offense and Wes is looking good as well. Competition will bring the best out of both qbs.

Dez Johnson and Gaitor look great again at corner but who's #27, #37?? Those guys look solid! I think we finally have some depth at the DB spot.

I noticed them also- 27 is Jose Cheeseborough and 37 is Derrick Jones. JC is a walk-on kid and DJ is from Miami Springs! JC is getting some reps with the first team. I know its only spring but both guys look very good.

Guys dont forget about 25 Jonathan Cyprien... that guy is killing people out there!!!

Today's baseball game WILL be broadcast on Radiate FM today at 1 p.m. (give or take a few minutes)! Sorry for the late notice, just found out not long ago myself. I'll try to give you guys more of a heads up next time around, maybe even an entire schedule of our broadcasts. I apologize for the inconvenience. I'll also try as best as I can to update on my Twitter.

Can we fast forward to Football season!?

Sorry folks... Radiate FM has failed us... again. We'll try and be back on the air as soon as we can for the future. I'm back up on twitter and updating.

fiufpl is right on point.WC is supposed to be light years ahead of WY but its early.Mario is suppose to be a fan of competition but CS (Schirippa)did'nt get 1 snap and he looked great in the 2minute drill the day before. Collins seems like the real deal the D is beginning to show some swagger...

I agree competition for the QB position should be open. Schirippa was a good qb in high school.

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