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2010 FIU Football Schedule

Your 2010 FIU Football schedule was released today. Once again FIU opens the season with a bye. TheFiuhelmet Panthers also play all their non-conference games in a row to start the season.

The second bye week of the season comes exactly after the first 6 games to split the season evenly. FIU also has 6 home games -- since technically the Shula Bowl is in Miami at Dolphin Stadium. The last quarter of the schedule could be brutal with Sun Belt powers: Troy, Arkansas State and Middle Tennessee. (HOME GAMES ARE IN CAPS).

Tell us what you think....

9/4 - OPEN

9/11 - RUTGERS

9/18 - at Texas A&M

9/25 - at Maryland

10/2 - at Pittsburgh


10/16 - at North Texas

10/23 - OPEN

10/30 - at Florida Atlantic (Dolphin Stadium)


11/13 - at Troy

11/20 - at Louisiana




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Wow that end to the schedule really is brutal. What happened to having an away sunbelt game on 9/4? It would have been nice to have one sunbelt game for the team to prepare before the four non-con game gauntlet. Looks like its going to be a rough opening and rough ending to the season.

Agree with Jimmy. This is going to be a real test for them this season.

I really wouldn't mind if we scheduled a game against an FCS team at home to kickoff the season. I mean a lot of teams do it, it is a great way to shake off "ring rust" if you will and start the season with a W.

WTF what the hell do we have a bye week first week of the season!!!!!! We need that bye week to heal our players during our conference schedule. Step your game up Pete Garcia!!!

'terribly disappointed with the early half of the schedule...

The schedule is no joke.

We will really have to become a top SBC teams this year.

Wow not easy task what is the purpose of scheduling such a tuff scedule?

To get quality home-and-home's you've got to go to their place. We get Rutgers this year; first game and a guarenteed sell-out.

Also like the open dates in front of Rutger and FAU. Pitt is the only 'body-bag' on the schedule. Nice job.

It's not that bad. I guess we're a little more realistic now.

I remember our past schedules with Penn State, Arkansas, Kansas and our predictions that we'd win at least one of those. Haha. Man we were delusional.

I agree about the bye to begin the season, not a good idea. Having a bye later would help any injured players heal and it also gives the players a bit of rest. We'll see what happens.

I am excited about FIU baseball though!!!

The open date before Rutgers is huge for us. We should won that game last year, but the offense did not show until the last 5 minutes of the game. I hope this year we schedule the game early in the day with a brutal HEAT wave. We get an extra week to game-plan and see film on them. Rutgers will not have any film on our NEW offense or defense.

Brutal schedule, although not as rough as last year's! I hope we can at least sell out the Rutgers game. Looking forward to each game! Go Golden Panthers!!

The only good thing about the bye week before rutgers is to game plan but we need to get our priorities straight we need to focus on our sunbelt opponents and not the fillers thus the bye week is wasted on an extra week of training camp. Oh well another year of 26 staters injured great job Pete

True Blue this is football, its never easy, even if you do have a "cupcake schedule" or play an "easy" team. FIU just needs to take what they have get tough and muscle out some wins. Starters can get injured playing WKU or UNT, thats just something you cant predict, it just happens. Lets focus on getting to those games and filling up that stadium to give our team that motivation we know they need and feed off.

Agreed, I like the teams we play it's just the timing of when when we play them sucks. I know we don't have much leverage with bcs teams so they just schedule us when ever they want but we couldve opened the season against wku and gone into rutgers on a win streak. Then when we get through Pitt we could have a bye week. I was just frustrated that it happened two years in a row the whole bye week thing.

we suck good luck to fiu football winning one game. mario might be gone after this year. we need to start recruiting criminals like miami did in the 80's and early 90's. who cares how bad or dumb they are, just as long as they can play football. what were doing now obviously isnt working.

Too soon to start making predictions? haha

Wow, thats brutal. Not as bad as last season, but still tough. I'm sure we'll luck our way into a few wins this season.

Hey Pete, still predicting a W for our opener against Rutgers this season?

Schedule looks rough at first, but compared to last year, this is much better. We almost beat Rutgers last year, but that was a bad Rutgers team with a very inexperienced QB coming into only his second start of the season. HUGE test for us.

Going 3 weeks between home games is no way to build fan interest. We'll probably forget that we even have a team.

anyone considering going to the A&M game, highly recommend it. Kyle field is a great gameday experience, food in College Station is great ( C n J's BBQ). One problem, visitors seats are in a section that starts in the endzone and goes to where the endzone bleachers end (not the best view), go on the field at the end of the game, its a good experience all around. ANy questions, just ask.

9/11 - RUTGERS L

9/18 - at Texas A&M L

9/25 - at Maryland L

10/2 - at Pittsburgh L


10/16 - at North Texas W

10/23 - OPEN

10/30 - at Florida Atlantic W


11/13 - at Troy L

11/20 - at Louisiana W



Looks like a 5-7 season to me.

But it could easily be 3-9 or 6-6. Couple of SBC games are tough to call.

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Well i think its a great schedule,gives you some big time exposure and that is what a upcoming program needs along with the cash to build the program also. The key is extra time to prep and depth at all positions. Especially the first six weeks. Need to make sure everyone is healthy and prepaired down the stretch. The team will find out alot about themselves and what it takes to play at that level. As i see it there confidence will only increase after the first half providing the team can stay healthy. This is the formula how smaller programs become big programs as in a couple years they will find what they need to do to win. Schedules with big time teams puts FIU at there mercy. so lets support the program and stop second guessing everyone. FIU has some of the best AD and Head Coach you can get. Look at the big plan and don't get caught up in the now.

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