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4 Wins In March

HOT SPRINGS, Arkansas -- Hello from the "Natural State" -- that's what Arkansas calls itself. Arkansas isFamguy also the land of 2 guest stars on Family Guy.

On Saturday night, FIU begins first round Sun Belt Conference Tournament play against Denver.

The game is scheduled for 9:45 p.m. Eastern time, but with tournament games going on all day Saturday there is a good chance that FIU's game will not start 15 minutes before 10 p.m. but rather around 10 or 10:15 p.m. so break out the Bustelo or Pilon and join us here for a LIVE BLOG.

As you may know by now, the Panthers will be without starting forward J.C. Otero (torn right knee vs. Cafe Western Kentucky) so Cedric Essola is expected to start in his place.

Since the preseason and throughout the regular season, FIU coach Isiah Thomas has mentioned "winning those 4 games in March" -- a.k.a winning the SBC tourney to reach the NCAA Tournament. Vote below on how far you think FIU will go in the SBC tourney.

Winning 4 straight games will be a very tall order for the Panthers, however Saturday's game is not against the Denver Nuggets, but rather the Denver Pioneers. FIU lost 59-53 at Denver back on Dec. 17 despite outscoring the Pioneers 32-16 in the paint. DU in turn made 11 3-pointers in the game.

The winner of Saturday's game gets to play Middle Tennessee at 10 p.m. (another Cuban coffee game) on Sunday night. FIU split the season series with the Blue Raiders this year.


FIU (7-0) keeps rolling right along with a win over Utah Valley on Thursday night in the Coca Cola Classic in Arizona. Again the Panthers got solid pitching and timely hitting.

Dillon Vitale and Daniel DeSimone took care of the first 6+ innings on the mound of what was essentially a mid-week game. Eric Berkowitz had another flawless relief outing and Bryam Garcia got his first career collegeWitt save. Garcia got touched up for 3 hits and one earned run in the 9th, but like he did against Oral Roberts last Sunday, the gritty junior finished out the frame.

Garrett Wittels (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) had 3 more hits to up his average to .567. Jeremy Patton, who seems very comfortable in the middle of the FIU order in his first season had the go-ahead RBI single. Yoandy Barroso provided the first two runs of the game with a 2-run double.

FIU plays a tough UC-Riverside on Friday.


Fitch More beef possibly on the way for the FIU defensive line.

Kilgore JC defensive lineman Jason Fitch (6-2, 280 pounds) visited FIU on Friday. Fitch (left), an original Texas Christian commit, is trying to figure out where he's going to play this fall at the D-I level.


Aaapaw LIVE HOOPS BLOG of Saturday's game between FIU and Denver should begin around 9:43 p.m. Game should start 20 minutes or so after that.


Golden Panther 90: Who did we hire as d-line coach?

PP: Cedric Calhoun.

Fomenter1: No no no NYC and Pete. Last I checked, I won the blog (sorry had to change my name, the typepad no longer accepted it as a log in). As far as the rules of the blog, no time limit was ever put on the blog, therefore, I have not passed on my right to post it.

PP: No problem, go ahead and write. NYCFIUFan go ahead and write one too and I'll post it as well.

CrazyCane: Hey smart guy, PP does the same thing on this blog. Get a clue man.

PP: CrazyCane/"saver of lost souls" (C.C. SOLS), your posts have never been screened or withheld as long as they were not vulgar or racial. Check all your posts on past blogs -- they are all there. You can still keep posting and being FIU's No. 1 fan.

rashod04: Hey Pete...you think FIU will let me come tutor the backs. I want someone to break my record!!Rs

PP: Good to hear from you, Rashod Smith, No. 4. Any coincidence that the best running back and the best receiver in FIU history both have worn No. 4. As far as your tutoring services for the RBs, contact the FIU football office at 305-348-4150 and ask. It never hurts to ask.

FIUFan: p.s. Pete, if we aint allowed to post on the slobs blog then the SCum shouldn't be posting here. tit-for-tat.

PP: Let's take the high road and be the blog of the people -- as long as it's clean.

TXgoldenpanther: Does anyone know when the spring game is scheduled for this year?

PP: Right now the spring game is Wednesday, March 31 at 7 p.m. Although, here's hoping they move it to Saturday morning, April 3.

FIUfantastic: Pete, when are you getting a Twitter account?

PP: Not any time soon. I check e-mail at least 3 to 4 times a day and this blog is updated just about everyday. If someone needs to know what I'm having for lunch or what I'm watching on TV, then they could send an e-mail and I'll answer it.


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LOL thanks for the update Pete! CC is officially FIU's number one fan followed by Fomenter who currently holds the number two spot.

Good luck to FIU basketball and baseball this weekend! Baseball is off to an awesome start! Go Golden Panthers!!

baseball gave this one away 2nite and still almost pulled it off... We had a chance in the bottom of the 8th with runners on 1st and 2nd and Raiko up with a 3-1 count and he grounds out to 1st base for the 2nd out of the inning (runners advanced)... Then rudy flores comes up and has a 3-1 count, as well, with runners now on 2nd and 3rd and he grounds out to the pitcher; inning over, FIU still down 4-1.

Bottom of 9th FIU gets 2 outs quick, arrojo gets a single. Pablo comes up and hits a 2run HR to make it 4-3....Wittels gets on 1st (i believe a bunt single) and then patton hits one to the fence, but came up just short of a walk-off.

Gotta love Manny's headline, "FIU Falls" doesn't quite capture the one-run victory by our opponent, yet UM "can't rally past Gators" when the final score of 7-1 shows anything but a rally. Were the Canes even on the diamond? Yet another example of Manny's biased sports reporting.

kendallpayafiu is what in the blogosphere we like to call: A MOLE.

team is 7-1 with the #5 RPI in the country, and the guy says that they are no good because they lost a game 4-3 in the bottom of the ninth.... yea, you're right, team stinks

Kendall has no clue, kid is brain dead... UC-Riverside isnt a weak team at all. Every team is going to have its down night and last night was one of our. The good thing is that even on our down night we still had a shot at pulling it off.

Oral Roberts beat Baylor last night, which is good for us.

Good info on Oral Roberts, c-UM. Tough loss last night, but fought until the very end.

Tonight might be this season's last men's basketball game, especially with the unfortunate injury of Otero. Hope JC recovers totally and quick for his well being.

Go FIU!!

Can't win em all, especially in baseball, but a close loss is better than a blowout. Hopefully we can take one against Cal-Poly and have a good showing versus ASU to leave the tournament 2-2 with a 9-2 record.

or possibly a 9-1, with a win against a top 3 team....anything but 7-3 (we would be 8-2 btw, not 9-2)


As far as I know the writers dont come up with the headlines, they just write the stories. So, our friend Manolo is excused. But...

I've said it for a long time, the Herald has an anti-FIU bias. It might be intentional or subconscious, but the Herald certainly isnt favorable toward FIU. FIU seldomly has stories, in comparison to the 4 or so stories UM has per week, and the paper seems to focus on the negative more than the positives. One such example was this mornings headline. It is interesting how UM couldnt rally past UF, but FIU fell. Its very misleading too since UM lost by six and FIU lost by 1.


I AGREE WITH YOUR COMMENT 150% ALT7787. Nobody is perfect and we got to win and lose.

It is not the same to be in the diamond playing, as to being outside watching the game. To be able to critize and complain you have to be playing. So please let's give them a brake, not even professionals win them all. Go Panthers, you are doing a great job!!!!!!


Don't worry sooner or later FIU will be in the headlines!!!!!! GO FIU!!!

AND TO KENDALLPLAYAFIU, please get your glove, your bat, and your spikes, and go stand in the diamond. I think you will make a perfect baseball player, "but if we go 1-3 in this tournament, its back to the same-o-fiu that beats weak teams and cant hang with the big name team come on guys, atleast go 2-2", that way you will bat 4-4 and then we will be the perfect team in the whole nation with KENDALLPLAYAFIU as the best perfect player in the whole nation.......whooohhhhh!!!!!

'alt, it aint subconscious; it's been going on for at least 25 years...probably longer.

All teams out there in the AZ tourney are quality. The next two games are going to come down to depth of pitching. This is a very good test for us and we'll have a real good idea what we can expect the rest of the way after tomorrow.

FIU Rally Comes Up Short; SCum Falls!

My bad c-UM, I'd be really psyched if we could go 3-1 in this thing, but I'd be happy with 2-2.

The Herald shows no love to FIU. UM is always under the heading of "College Baseball" while FIU is listed under "Roundup" along with everybody else in the East. We'll get there! Go Panthers.........doing great!

The headline really should have read, "FIU can't rally past Highlanders, UCG falls to Gators." When you are down 4-1 and lose 4-3 that means you were rallying back. If you lose 7-1, then you just fell.

As far as this Kendall joker is concerned, I'd rather lose 4-3 to a 7-3 UC Riverside, who swept BYU, then lose 12-7 against a 1-2 Manhattan College.

Kendall is an absolute reeet @rd... this is def a c-UM fan, if not crazy cane.... c-UM baseball and saggy butt chin Morris havent beat ANYBODY worth a damn this year. The 1st solid team they actually face, they lose by 6 runs and strikeout 15 times out of 32 at-bats. LOL

c-UM, seriously, he is just coming on here talking about how bad the program is, it has to be a CC alias. First things first, I don't want to be like UCG in baseball, I want to be like LSU.

Secondly, when we get slighted by the paper due to a misleading headline it is worth pointing out what is really going on. We barely lost to a solid team, a team we were rallying against. We didn't get blown out.

Thirdly, not once did I make BYU out to be an ASU, LSU, or UF, however BYU is a big university with traditionally solid teams, so they are worth a mention.

UCG ain't what it used to be. Everyone knows it except them. But, can we please stop talking about them!!! This is a blog for the Panthers....Hopefully, they'll win another tonite. Can't wait to listen/watch.

Clearly some people here scored low marks in the SAT reading comprehension section. I clearly said that, when it comes to baseball, I'd rather be LSU than UCG. They have better alumni support, their first game this season drew 11,000 fans. They have one of the nicest and largest stadiums in college baseball, Alex Box Stadium, and they have six national championships and 14 SEC titles. I'd much rather be them.

Score is 2-0 FIU against Cal Poly. Top of 3rd. You can hear it on www.espn1280.com.

FIU wins 10-8. We made it much closer than it needed to be at the end, but still a very good win against Cal Poly.

TT has way more to do with that tradition and success at c-UM, then c-UM loving Morris... That program went to crap and lost all respect when Fraser left that place. Goodluck loser.

Yea, good win... Marban needs to throw strikes and get ahead of batters. He always puts himself in holes and when he does that, he has no chance. He pitched decent against Oral Roberts on SUnday i believe it was and that was because he was starting off counts with strikes.

Like I said.... Kendall = MOLE

Kendall is a retard, period. Baseball is now 8-1, so keep complaining Kendall. Geez dude get a feakin' clue playa!

Kendallplayafiu, if you have never heard of UC riverside then you are a complete retard when it comes to college baseball. They were receiving votes for top 25 before the tournament. They are a well known program. Our team played like absolute crap and still had multiple chances to win that game! Our friday night starter (Ace) had one of his worst starts and he was still effective enough to keep the game close with 4 runs. Thats how good he is! If you let up four runs in a college game thats pretty damn good from a pitching standpoint. Obviously you don't go to FIU because all you do is hate on the team. Don't worry though while you are in the stands wishing you had what it takes to play, they will be out there everyday playing hard and getting wins! 8-1 keep hating!!

GO PANTHERS!!! 8-1....can't do much better than that!

Well, it's good to see Chris' inferiority complex extends beyond University of Miami fans and their school to me. Don't worry chris, one day, you'll matter.

So Pete, you separate yourself from the UM beat writer in one regards, but level the playing field by giving the first loser the rewards of first place, although he clearly doesn't deserve it? Color me surprised.

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