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KB Memorial

Kb An emotional Monday afternoon at U.S. Century Bank Arena as FIU celebrated the life of Kendall Berry in a standing-room only ceremony that brought together his family, teammates, FIU students and nearly 2,000 people.

Some of the ceremony's more poignant moments included FIU Board of Trustees Chairman Albert Dotson, who channeled Dr. Martin Luther King during his speech when he said: "We have to learn to live together as brothers and sisters or die together as fools. God looked down the other day on his great field of flowers and he said, I want to pick a flower today. And he picked a beautiful flower in Kendall."

Marcus Bright, KB's former academic advisor, spoke of how KB influenced Bright and receiver Junior Mertile with their schoolwork. Marcus (Marlon Bright's brother) remembered when himself, KB and Jr. all went to work on their respective class assignments in the library. They arrived one night around 8 p.m. and at about 10 p.m. Marcus and Jr. were ready to pack it in and call it a night, but KB kept at it and encouraged them both to keep working. So the 3 friends continued their schoolwork. Marcus and Jr. eventually left at midnight, but KB stayed until 1 a.m. -- which is when the school library closes. Marcus called what KB did "positive peer pressure".


With his voice rising during his speech, Marcus implored other players on the FIU team to walk away from a fight saying: "[Kendall] has to be saying with the same sense of urgency today to all of us to not to let his death be in vain. He'd tell [his teammates] it's OK to walk away [from a fight]! It's not worth it!''


Receiver-turned-defensive back Marquis Rolle, who said KB was his best friend, was the only Panther to speak at the podium. Surrounded by his teammates, MR brought a little laughter to the ceremony when he talked about how Kendall used to always tell him to clean his dorm. No surprise to see MR act like KB and make an unselfish position switch to help the team this coming season.


MC talked about what a leader and how unselfish KB was when KB asked before last summer what he could do to help the team the most. With a bevy of receivers, FIU needed some help at running back and that's the position to where KB switched. Eventually, climbing the depth chart to lead the team with 7 TDs.




Apaw There was no announcement Monday as to when exactly spring practice would resume. Although, it might be as early as Tuesday or Wednesday.


From a team's first spring practice, the NCAA allows 30 days to complete spring ball. FIU started spring ball on March 3. But with Easter this weekend and the Panthers still having 5 practices, FIU might ask the NCAA to get an extension considering what has occurred the last few days.


It's very unlikely the spring game will be Wednesday. Should the NCAA grant FIU extra time for spring practice, then you might see the spring game happen Friday, April 9 or Saturday, April 10. NOTHING HAS BEEN SET ON THOSE DATES. That's just a guesstimate here.


When I have more info on spring practice resuming. I will post it on here.


Apaw Got an e-mail from Kendall's aunt and she says a memorial scholarship is being established in Kendall's name at Bank of America. She will e-mail me more details on this.


Apaw The LIVE GAME BLOGS return to the GPP beginning with this Friday's baseball game between Louisiana and FIU. Will be on-line at 6:54 p.m. on Friday. First pitch is at 7 p.m.


In case you missed it on an earlier post last week, the Golden Dazzlers make their 2010 baseball debut on Friday as they perform during the FIU/UL game. The ladies will be back on Saturday and again on April 16 when New Orleans comes to town.


Will have all 3 games of the series for you on here. Saturday's LIVE BLOG begins at 5:55 p.m. and Sunday's LIVE BLOG starts at 12:56 p.m.




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Max and I attended the memorial earlier today. The memorial was just beautiful and was the perfect way to celebrate KB's life. I was very inspired by his parents and their strength. Marcus Bright, Marquis Rolle, and Mario spoke beautifully about KB as well.

God bless KB, his family, and friends.

Although I was unable to attend, my thoughts and prayers are with KB's family and friends.

Pete, Will the team retire #19?

I'm extremely happy to see that we had a packed arena to say goodbye to Berry. God truly picked out a beautiful flower and now he is a better place..

Now those boys on the field are playing for something more special. I kid like KB will never be forgotten.


Thank you for the great memories KB! God Bless!

this is terrible, i remember 2006 when fiu had a police officer rape a student,read this article http://cbs4.com/local/Miami.News.FIU.2.394284.html this school should do a better job in protecting its student, this should of never happened, the gym is right next to the police station in campus, hopefully with this tragedy people in this school start to realize violence is not the way this school should start doing a better job in making us student feel safer

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2010/03/an-emotional-monday-afternoon-at-us-cenury-bank-arena-as-fiu-celebrated-the-life-of-kendall-berry-in-a-standing-room-only-c.html#ixzz0jgCsICjB

I feel safe, those are isolated incidents. Besides what do you expect the administration to do hire more police, that incident involving the student was an FIU cop. It's life tragedies happen, but we must not live in fear because of them.

The internal investigation being conducted may end up being very telling of what problems there may be with security or if this may have been an isolated incident. Either way, something like this should never happen on campus.

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all those close to Kendall Berry.

Where's Pete??? I think FIU should retire Berry's number. He will be missed. Season should be dedicated to him. Golden panther for life!

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