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Donald, You're Hired

Senat Well, not technically, but Northwestern High offensive lineman Donald Senat is expected to sign with FIU on Monday to add more beef to the Panthers offensive line.

Senat, 6-2, 271 pounds, is the fourth former Bulls player to join the Panthers following: Anthony Gaitor, Wayne Times and Khambrel McGee.

Senat is expected to play in the interior of the line. Here is his highlight video: Senat video

Haven't forgotten about posting a detailed scrimmage update, but for now have to get back to the Marlins/Mets here in Jupiter.


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Where is all the FIU baseball chatter?

Crazycane, you don't realize that by posting on this board you give FIU the attention you don't think they deserve.

I can warm up to crazy cake, just not the other crazy LOL

Welcome to FIU Donald!!

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Bring in the beeeeeef!!!

love it. more beeeeefff!

Way to bring in more talent from FIU's backyard!!!...the Offense is getting an impact player that will be able to contribute in the trenches right away...looking forward to see Senat in Blue and Gold!!!

Thanks for the info, Pete...please let us know if/once it becomes official he signs and becomes part of FIU's class. I've read where Donald is also a very good student, with a GPA at or over 4.0 at Northwestern.

Welcome to FIU, Donald!!


It's not like Senat is a ranked player by any recruiting website. It never gets mentioned in this blog, because they are PR statements, but its not like Senat was sought after by many schools. Obviosly anything can happen, but dont expect this dude to contribute right away. Just saying.

Shut up CrazyCake.

Welcome to FIU Donald!

So... I guess we only talk about FIU baseball when they beat cupcakes - but when blown ouot 3 times by a team UM swept, baseball is a non topic. Typical FIU fans.

At least when UM lost the opener to BC, I was on the blog and confirmed that I thought they lost to a crap team. At least they bounced back and beat them twice.

Crazycane you literally have no life . Seriously is this all you do all day your sad

Ur a loser.

Miserable showing by the Baseball team this weekend. I wonder if they ended up at the PIKE Party Friday night and had a little too much fun. I don't know what to say...

I hate to be defending CrazyDouche again. But, he's right. All of the sudden there is no talk about Baseball. We need to man up. Our team laid an egg this weekend.

Big week and weekend coming up for FIU Baseball- Conference time!!! Let's beat TROY!!!

Very disappointing weekend from our baseball team. Rutgers hopefully made the team eat some humble pie. Team needs to bring intensity every game. Pitching was horrible. I wonder what Coach Turtle is doing to improve it? That ball was definitely carrying yesterday with the wind helping it.

I was there Saturday....they seemed to have no wind in their "sails" at all, FLAT and SLOW. This can't happen in SBC play, get it fixed Turtle.

Senat has a 70 rating on ESPN, so clearly he is considered a quality player by some scouts.

As for baseball, this team needs to wake up. Against BC they pulled a similar stunt, you don't play ASU close and then blow it versus Rutgers like this. The pitching was off, the fielding was sloppy and slow. This team is better than that, and they need to show it.

Some size is better than no size, let's see what this kid does for us.

LadyInRed - - You still so sure about a 40 win season for FIU baseball?

I saw better baseball this weekend at Tamiami with little leaguers than the muertos who were playing this weekend. Go SOftball!!!

CrazyTropicalDepression, one series does not a season make.

Its not just one series. We've lost 6 out of the last 8 or something like that. We need to get back on track and cut down on the errors!

JulesFIU07 - agree. I never said it did. I just observed that as the team started losing, there was a lot less talk on the blog about baseball. Also, when the team was 8-1 or whatever, everyone was on the blog predicting regionals, hosting regionals, getting 40+ wins, and so on and so forth. Those expectations seemed to be tempered now and I just think that it is typical of FIU Football, Basketball and Baseball. It is like you get one recruit, or play one big opponant close and you think FIU is ready to take on the elite. Hence, the stigmatism of being delusional fans.

Roary, my brother and I after watching the horrible baseball display yesterday said we're better off going to see the softball team!!! Pitching and defense needs to improve. One more thing, I don't ever want to see Henry bunting again. If someone can let Coach Thomas know, i would appreciate it.

Rutgers was a sweepable opponent. We failed with errors, pitching, and fielding. Basic issues you can correct with focus and back to fundamentals. we need solid pitching from our starter because we have the bats. But also, we have to get create runs and attack the bases. one observation, though, our rigth and left field is slow.

I still think Baseball will have over 35 wins and should make it to the Finals (most likely against Middle) in the Sunbelt.. There is nothing wrong with that season.. And yes that would mean a trip into the playoff's.. How far can they go in the playoff's? We will find out in less then 2 months..

Good job for Football to pick up more beef for the D-Line.

Sofball still having a very good season. Keep it up ladies..

Go Golden Panthers!

I am not going to say they wont get to 35 wins, but it will be very hard. I do not think 35 wins for FIU baseball this season is a definite. But what I do know is that if they can't keep teams from scoring less than 10 runs they are going to lose a lot more than they win.

Rumor has it every team in the SunBelt can rake (hit) and with power. So if FIU does not get the pitching straightened out, it could be a long year, especially in conference.

I have to agree with PantherBaseball.. FIU can't keep winning or loosing games 15 to 12.. How can you actually stay competative when you need to score over 12 runs in every game to have a chance at a win. Pitching needs to keep teams in the single digits and hopefully under 5 runs per game (not per inning).. Overall its a great team and I still feel strong about 35 wins..


Gooch7 - "a great team" Great teams win nat'l championships and/or at least get to Omaha. You really think this years FIU team is "great?"

I think Rutgers may disagree with you.

CrazyTropicalDepression, you're FIU's biggest fan, you just don't know it. No one is more obsessed with this team than you.

With that out of the way, this is a solid team. A great team is someone like LSU or ASU. We have the potential to be a great team, but right now we are a very good team. Tropical depression boy would have you believe an entire season depends on one series, if that is the case then ORU and Maryland should stop playing right now as both schools were swept by us. Losses happen, it is how you respond to them that determines what you're made of.

If the live stats are correct the baseball team is back in the win column against FGCU tonight. Good game as FIU wins 8-6. Henry continues to swing the bat well!

I'm only concerned with how FIU does in Sunbelt play. FAU destroyed Rutgers last night 12-3 and FAU is supposed to be a middle of the road Sunbelt team. FIU needs to get its pitching and defense together before conference play begins.

Hey anybody know what the Fordham v. ucg score was last night. I'm sure certifiably crazy can tell us.

Rutgers might disagree that FIU is a "great team" the same way Power House Fordham thinks UM is a JOKE.. Last time I checked 10-5 record is nothing to brag about specially since you have NOTHING to do with that school and NEVER will..

Yes I truly think Turtle is doing an amazing job recruiting and building this team to be the more then just a "good team". The turn around they had last year was amazing and they are only better this year. Save my post (im pretty sure you do already).


I do realize that the pitching right now is a joke and if it does not get better very soon then 35 will appear imposible. The bats are always swinging for the fences (keep it up)..

Go FIU!!

Censorship alive and well on the ucg blog. Just asked about the score of last night's ucg v. Fordahm game and was summarily removed.

Hey Certified; what do you think about that censorship over there? Certified?... Certified?...Where are you? Were you admitted again? That's ok, we can wait.

Seeing as how we have beat much better teams than Rutgers, I will assume that a big part of the loss was mental. Maybe our guys came in really overconfident and once they got behind they didn't know how to respond. Mental lapses and broken concentration lead to errors and poor pitching.

FGCU is a very solid team, 10-4 I believe, and beating them and getting back in the win column is a good sign. We have Southern Utah tomorrow night, and then three games against Troy. We need to beath Southern Utah and take at least two out of three from Troy and we will be sitting pretty going into the two game series against Jacksonville.

CrazyCane: since you think many FIU fan's predictions are delusional or inaccurate, what is your prediction for wins for the FIU baseball team? It is a 54 game regular season plus the Sunbelt tournament and potential post-season series.

Id predict 35+ wins for this team.

Gooch7 - maybe you misunderstand. I live in reality, not make believe world where you live. I never said UM was a great team, or even a good team this year. i think they are better than FIU, and good enough to get to a Regional, but Good or Great in 2010, I never said. In your delusional world, FIU is a "great" team. Get a clue man.

As for you Jules, have you watched FIU baseball this season. You said against Rutgers maybe they got behind and did not know how to come back... All year they have been coming from behind, so I think you posting privileges need to be suspended. Also, you said you have beaten teams much better than Rutgers... dare I ask you who you are refferring to?

I guess when Fordham comes to town and open up a can of woop *** you can say that "your team" sucks.. Probably the only thing that someone like you and I will ever agree on. I love how much someone can get under your skin by simply saying MY UNIVERSITY has a good baseball program. The same university I proudly competed for!!

Baseball Facts:
There is 38 games left in the regular season.
They need to go 25-13 to finish with 35 WINS!
All games are conference games except 8 of them.

Go Golden Panthers..

hey Gooch - you said they were a "great" team and disagreed. And since your reading comprehension skills are probably about as good as your baseball or other sport you "competed" in skills (which is bad if you cannot read between the lines) I have never said UM had a great or good team this year, but I also never said they suck. Dude you need to learn to read, comprehend and then use that information to respond. When you don't, you end up looking like, well, an FIU grad.

Crazy, where is it that you went to school again?

He went to ITT Tech.

Pantera Dorada - why does it matter?


Crazycane: what is your prediction for FIU baseball this season, please enlighten us.

I think they will win between 30 and 35 reg season games. Probably make it to a semi in SB tourny and possibly get to a regional if they win a lot of games in a row late in the season. But that is as far as they will go.

To be fair, I have predicted the same fate for UM this year, but playing in a MUCH tougher conference.

Pantera Dorada - why does it matter?

Posted by: CrazyCane | March 17, 2010 at 02:40 PM

It matters when you come here and try to belittle our institution. If your school is such crap that you are ashamed of admitting you association with it then please do not comment on our academics. If you had attended even a half day seminar at UM you would have proudly reminded us of that every day.

"When you don't, you end up looking like, well, an FIU grad."

Posted by: CrazyCane | March 17, 2010 at 01:39 PM

There's a well known saying from Tzu-Sun which says "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear a hundred battles." This guy is so internally conflicted he doesn't know whether he's up or down, or who he is versus who he would like others to think he is. All of this is just an exhibition of his self-defeating character, a coping mechanism to deal with his alienation and internal criticalness. Just ask his state appointed psychiatrist, he's a UM alum.

CrazyTropicalDepression, just because you can comeback from behind in one game doesn't mean you can the next. Clearly they got behind and couldn't comeback against Rutgers.

And CTD, to answer your question about having defeated much better teams, we beat one last night in FGCU, ranked 30th in the country.

Hey guys, like someone just said once, DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO HIS COMMENTS OR EVEN TO HIS NAME!!!! Just let him fly by and one day he will just go away.....let him go to his lovable UM blog....I wonder why, here and not there????? I guess he needs attention!!!!! and in UM he doesn't get it, and in FIU he doesssss! ELEMENTARY MY DEAR WATSON!!!! No attention, no bother.

your right, but I kind of like him here. he gives me a few laughs throughout the day.

You said I look like an idiot or FIU Grad.. I guess that makes two of us since you unfortunalty also graduated from FIU.. Why dont you try to sign up to the Fodham baseball team (I heard they have a power house team this year).. As for YOUR Reading Comprehension skills let me say this nice and slow for you..


At no point did I say FIU is winning the World Series or any where near that. Its a very good team, not an AMAZING team.. As for Turtle, yes he is AMAZING! But I love how you will never get to experience what it feels like to compete at the Div 1 level (my favorite part was to PICK on the weak ass UM runners duirng 5 years of competition).. Keep hating baby!

Go Golden Panthers..

So are you going to answer my question CrazyCane???? I'm still waiting...

This is Pete's fault for not banning this guy from the blog. We are spending most of our energy here responding to his accusations.

We can't make a simple comment here w/o the certifiable loon dissecting it and forcing the commenter to defend himself. We have to put up with this crap, while we are completely censored from their blog. C'mon, enough is enough.

There is NO WAY that CandyCane is an FIU grad. He's just using that as his own sadistic way of bashing FIU.

Don't know why you guys hate him so much, I love having a troll on here. Not only does he band us together everytime he visits this blog, but he also offers an insight into what the UM bandwagoners are saying.

Pantera Dorada - If you would read the other posts you would have your answer. Need I say more, the proof is in the pudding FIU alums.

Note how he does not deny my claim. Isn't it obvious he's a graduate from Indian River County Community College?

Is it obvious because I am smarter than you and you went to FIU and IRCCC is a better school? I don't understand why it is "obvious."

Hate to interrupt this mudslinging here, but FIU baseball takes on Southern Utah tonight at 6 p.m. If you can't make it out to the ballpark, you can listen live on Radiate FM!

Yes CC, you definitely are smarter than me. You ask a rhetorical question but don't even include a question mark. How I wish I had your impressive community college education!

I have to agree with LonePanther, I don't mind having that buffoon around...

A couple of things:

1. Crazy, you never actually answered Pantera's question. You answered his question with a question. On previous blogs, you've claimed to be an FIU grad. Whether that's true remains to be seen.

2. I don't blame Pete one bit for crazy's annoying posts. He's said multiple times that anyone is welcomed to post here, including FIU's number one fan, Crazy.

Wont make it to the game.. But I hope to make it to at least one game of the weekend series. Should be nice weather to Im planning on taking the kids with me.. If Roary is at the game I wont even need to entertain my 3 year old son.. His all about Roary (more then Daddy).. Thats "Crazy"... Ha ha ha..

Go FIU!!

Wow Gooch7, good use of the "ha ha ha" I am lol. You are so computer savvy with the lingo. Did you learn to do that at FIU?

And LonePanther... here is my post

Is it obvious because I am smarter than you and you went to FIU and IRCCC is a better school? I don't understand why it is "obvious."

Posted by: CrazyCane | March 18, 2010 at 01:37 PM

I see a question mark in there, don't you????????????????????????????????????????????

Starvin' like Marvin for an update!

Thanks as always for the good post!

We will live and die by our lines this year.

I agree with OC. Pete feed the hungryyy


I want to hear something new! Well, at least we have CrazyCane's opinion to read. I think he works for the Herald to keep FIU readers busy when there are no updates.

didnt think you would find out!

where is the spring scrimmage update?..lol

Mad props to DeSimone for toughing it out and throwing 130 pitches in the win. I dont care if it was Southern Utah, 130 is A LOT and we gave our bullpen a much needed rest for the weekend. Now let's make it count!


For and update as to why Pete hasn't update his blog, check out here: http://www.fiugoldenpanthers.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1411

This is crazy folks, FIU needs your help now.

What the hell? There better be a damn good explanation for this.

Pete's not only been an awesome beat writer for the Herald with FIU, he's also one of their best writers. Period. If the powers that be at the Herald are reading this (and I assume someone is), would you mind telling us if this is true? And, if so, why?

wtf? pete is my homeboy!

we need pete back!!! blog updates are needed..

Just finished emailing the Herald, and I hope they are STRONGLY rethinking their decision. The Herald is absolutly one sided when its comes to covering college sports in the MIA and Pete is the ONLY person left that still keeps true FIU fans updated about their teams.. This better just be a quick vacation to cover the very "exciting" Marlins Spring Training, and nothing else... PETE: Please let us know on what we can do from avoiding this big mistake from the Herald? Note: Not that they give a damn but the Herald will absolutly have ONE less subscription if this is true. I can use the $20 per month in a different way..

Go FIU!!

Pantera Dorada - If you would read the other posts you would have your answer. Need I say more, the proof is in the pudding FIU alums.

Posted by: CrazyCane | March 18, 2010 at 10:54 AM


I was actually referring to this post, CC.

Pete is a tremendous journalist and an asset to the Herald staff. It sounds like he got a "promotion". I place quotes because apparently FIU sports is not considered worthy enough of first tier at the Herald.

Lets wait to hear what's going on from the man himself.

Thanks for all your coverage Pete. Best of luck with your next endeavor.

Go Panthers !!!

I hope these rumors arent true. Pete is a great journalist.

Rumor Central - Pete is one of the new beat writiers for The University of Miami. In addition to baseball and basketball, he will be covering soccer, volleyball and track. Pete will not be involved in the covering of UM football. Just a rumor I heard.

well, not even a farewell from PP????????

I will start like FIUFan's post, thanking Pete for all his work regarding FIU Athletics as our beat writer and blogger. FIU has NEVER had anyone devote his/her stories with as much passion and work ethic as Pete Pelegrin. NEVER EVER BEFORE!.

This, his blog, lets us know true FIU fans...and those from other schools as well....more in-depth news of what's going on with FIU Sports than the space provided for his stories on FIU on the "normal" non-blog sports pages. It has provided FIU fans and members of alumni a gathering place to read, write, comment, and learn about the latest happenings of South Florida's largest university with its impact on the overall community.

I would like to think that Mr. Rojas and/or any other with the power of making this decision, did this for the right reasons, but rumors are flying they are not. If this is just a decision made on a whim, just because Pete is the ONLY writer big enough to profess his likings to his Alma Mater, then I will have to strongly ask them to reconsider their position, and let a true Golden Panther be the Miami Herald's voice of FIU Athletics.

In finishing, I would also like to wish Pete the best in whatever endeavor he is assigned, or the world leads him to, without giving hope he stays...or "comes back" covering FIU Athletics. Good Luck Pete!!

I hate not knowing stuff. This sucks!

If this is a promotion, then great, but if Pete has been reassigned somewhere or if FIU sports coverage is being dismantled at the Herald then I am most definitely not happy. I just renewed my Herald Subcription and if Pete was let go then I will cancel it. Honestly, Im tired of the Herald as a whole. Terrible main page with irrelevant news stories.

Pete we all appreciate everything that you have done for us over the years. We also appreciate your enthusiasm and your love for FIU. Get back to us though. Let us know whats going on!

The only reason why i read this paper is for the FIU updates!!Thanks Pete!!

Sun Belt play kicks off tonight for FIU as Troy comes down for an important weekend series in Miami.

Check out my blog for a preview on tonight's series, who to look out for, plus a look at what Daniel DeSimone's performance yesterday does for FIU in this series. I'll be giving scoring updates and notes as we go along tonight on my twitter, which can also be seen through my blog. No broadcast of tonight's game on Radiate FM. I will post a complete Radiate FM broadcast schedule sometime tonight or tomorrow on the blog. Saturday and Sunday's games WILL be on the air.

This is very strange...

What's strange Joel?

Folks, how credible is the source to this rumor? Has anyone received a response to their emails?

In any case, best of luck to you Pete. I've been following your blog for a few years now and I have to say you did an excellent job keeping FIU fans in the know. Great job in responding to our inquiries and providing a forum for FIU fans and non-fans to freely express their views.

I sure hope the Herald reconsiders this decision. It's obvious the fans truly appreciate Pete as FIU's beat writer; to shun them in this manner makes no sense from a business perspective.

Chrisfiu - it is very credible. I just got briefed on what's going on at the Herald. This is a very sad development and another move by the publisher to isolate FIU even further. Seems to have a business and personal component from what I can tell.

University officials are sending a signed letter requesting that the publisher reconsider this decision via certified mail today.

I encourage all of you to take a moment and contact or write these folks at the Herald on Pete's behalf and voice your displeasure with this move.

Executive Sports Editor Jorge Rojas (jrojas@miamiherald.com) (305-376-3213)

Senior Vice President/Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal (andersG@miamiherald.com) (305-376-3790)

Emails sent

FIUPIKE - thanks for the info. That was my next question, whether FIU athletics would support Pete. I would think Pete Garcia and the coaches would stick up for our boy Pete who's done an incredible job covering FIU sports while also covering other sports teams.

I just sent an email to Jorge Rojas and Anders Gyllenhaal expressing my views. I too encourage all Golden Panthers to write or call in support of Pete.

Yes. McClatchy needs to know about this if it is true (and it appears that it is) that the Herald, for whatever reason is trying to isolate FIU.

Dirty, Dirty pool being played by the paper of record for MDC.

Would posting something on McClatchy's facebook page help? They own dozens of papers around the country, including the Herald.


This is a pathetic move by the Herald. I understand there are budget cuts and all, but this one is just too "convenient" for them. We need Pete!


It is not about being the "voice" of the FIU fan. It is not about representing the alma mater.

It's the opposite. It is about being an objective reporter, something he could not handle. The fact that FIU is responding this way and pegging him their "cheerleader," actually does not help his case, because it shows the Herald that he is a cheerleader, giving them reason to cut him.

With that being said, if they think his journalistic integrity was not up to par, then they should reassign him to another beat, not cut him. In a way, it is the Herald's fault for putting a diehard FIU fan on the beat.

HOWEVER, If they cut him because they don't like FIU or want to portray it negatively, than that is wrong. If you dont like his writing because its biased, than that is fair, but if you are getting rid of the guy becuase you dont like FIU, that is BS.


I find that the herald is very much anti-FIU and very pro-UM, which is horrible for a newspaper.

That being said I really believe that FIU's PR & Marketing team needs to do a better job promoting FIU, we need to stop being so unknown as far as our academic achievements are concerned.

Just my two cents.

FIUFan2010, he's a BEAT WRITER! Find me a beat writer in the country that is not a little beat slanted towards the team they cover.

Side note, just got a call from a fellow alum at the baseball game, he says that the Herald reporter is downstairs in the crowd and not in the press box..... interesting

I wnat proof this is a personal decsion before anything else regarding PP. if it is personal then my questiosn is, what did PG do to tick of the paper?


So Pete cant be an FIU cheerleader, but Greg Cotex, Manny Navarro, Susan Miller Degnan, Barry Jackson and Dan Lebatard can be UM cheerleaders? That's what this amounts to!

If this is the result of Pete being labeled an FIU "cheerleader" and not being objective enough, then the Herald needs to do the same to the aforementioned people.

If Pete has been let go for being too much of a cheerleader, then this truly confirms that the Herald is trying to squeeze FIU into a corner. It is the job of a mainstream newspaper to be objective. Having five Pro-UM sports writers, but one for FIU is a clear indication that there is nothing objective about the Miami Herald.

Let's see what happens in the upcoming days. Hopefully we can all know what exactly happened. Based on the findings, we can take appropriate action. One such course of action would be for all us that have subcriptions to the Herald to cancel our subscriptions.

The Herald wants to treat FIU like garbage, well then we'll do the same to them.

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