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Donald, You're Hired

Senat Well, not technically, but Northwestern High offensive lineman Donald Senat is expected to sign with FIU on Monday to add more beef to the Panthers offensive line.

Senat, 6-2, 271 pounds, is the fourth former Bulls player to join the Panthers following: Anthony Gaitor, Wayne Times and Khambrel McGee.

Senat is expected to play in the interior of the line. Here is his highlight video: Senat video

Haven't forgotten about posting a detailed scrimmage update, but for now have to get back to the Marlins/Mets here in Jupiter.


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Just to clarify. FIUFan2010, I wasnt calling you out or anything. I know you are pro FIU.


Yes, they need to do the same with everybody else.

The difference is Jackson, LeBatard and Cote are columnists, so they don't have to be objective.

Now, Manny and Susan? Sure, I agree. But even they are not that bad.

But it is a business. And UM coverage is in much more demand than FIU. FIU should be able to earn side-by-side coverage in the future.

I'm guessing this was a business decision.

UM coverage IS more in demand. Im not denying that at all.

However, if the Herald did let Pete go, it is not a good business decision. There are many people that are interested in FIU athletics. Sure not as many as are interested in UM, but nevertheless you cannot completely kill the coverage completely. FIU has just one writer, Pete Pelegrin. UM has about 5 people that cover it, not counting the other Pro UM writers like Linda Robertson and Edwin Jackson.

All I know is that Im not happy with what Ive heard so far. So much that Im just staying in tonight. I hope all the details come to light soon because I want to know exactly what happened.

This is despicable. This paper will NEVER see another dime from me in any form including my subscription. You F'd with the wrong fan base thinking we would just sit on our hands. You had ONE beat writer for FIU, ONE! You cannot afford ONE beat writer for the LARGEST university in all of SOUTH FLORIDA? Who is making the decisions at this crappy newspaper, are you being run by the same management as JMH? Which was run to the ground by UM AS WELL. Seems like all you idiots are tied somehow. I will wait to see if this rumor is true before canceling all ties to this paper for good....waiting.

Everyone needs to blast scUM and scUM related blogs, columns and editorials as they are the catalyst for this affront on FIU fans. Do not let this move go unnoticed, rise up and be heard!!!!!!!

Pete, say it ain't so. If it is, please write in here and tell us what happened. If the Herald keeps unprofessional bufoons like Manny Navarro but let's go of real journalists like Mr. Pelegrin, they've proven their stupidity and given us conclusive evidence as to why the Herald is dying on the vine.

He probably got some kind of severance package that may prohibit him from writing on here for a while...just an educated assumption.


I know you werent calling anybody out. I know it can be frustrating. I'm with you, if your going to move Pelegrin for his bias then move Navarro. But Southpaw, for example, dont say Pelegrin is a real journalist. We will see if the next person the paper appoints can handle it. I know nobody is 100 percent objective, but it could be better.

If anything, take the high road, and if the athletics program gets to where you think it can, then the Herald will be forced to cover FIU. If the teams win, then coverage will come!!!! That's the main concern!!

Crazycane is still gets ZERO pu - $$Y..... If it werent for a ground ball that went directly threw Rutgers' 3rd baseman's legs, c-UM wouldve lost to them on Friday night. Not to mention almost swept by Fordham. Get the F*(K out of here already you loser and go hang out with the rest of the cleat chasers and wannabes. The crew that you see at those games, football and baseball is hands down the absolute WORST congregation of people i have ever seen. You can have it buddy. Now get the F*(K out of here and worry about scoring more then 1 or 2 runs.

Start a petition.... title it "F the Herald, Bring Back Pete!" ...unless he got a promotion and is making more money, then im happy for him. The Herald is worthless, they are the next newspaper to tank in this economy. between this and all the obama-cr@p that they put in it, i dont even read it anymore. i only came on this site to see pete's blogs and articles and have been ready for a while to cancel my subscription.

This is an effing Sports Blog and it's no wonder this paper is suffering, instead of advertising to us "Sports" fans on the sides of the content here with products/services tailored to this segment, they run a banner ad up top for scUM's Bascom Palmer Eye Institute...

Can the publisher really be that oblivious to how other social media sites generate income ?

Just saying...anyone ever heard of Facebook.

c-UM. Make sure to write an email with exactly the same arguments on why you are still subscribed to The Herald, and why you visit their online version. That's part of the reason they have to listen to us.

Through his blogs, and accesability, Pete has brought together, whether we agree with all his blogs or not, a good number of Miami Herald readers to follow his blogs. Most of those readers are FIU fans and alumns, but there are countless others than are not, yet they enjoy and love coming here to talk some interesting things, as well as some nonsense.

Point is, that Pete has made a point to not only invite us to share our thoughts via this virtual communication, but also has been open so that this blogs readers could actually share their thoughts with him personally at every FIU athletic event he goes to cover. Now, isn't that an example of devotion to his job, and to the constituents of the team he covers? Take that into consideration.

Interesting note: There was an article in the Herald today writter by Pete Pelegrin. Although, it seems like it may dated/written before yesterday.

Im just hoping Pete comes on here and says "Hey its all a rumor. Everythings fine" or "I got a promotion".

On a positive note, we won last night. Thats always good.


working the SportsDesk and Horse racing charts is not a promotion....

It's NOT a rumor. Ask your friends to email these folks at the Herald. It's working so far, so please keep those emails coming....

already sent my email in last night boys.


Thanks for the clarification. Ill send the appropriate people a well reasoned and courteous email. No need to shout and yell. We're not tea partier's.

Pete's doing his job. If they tell him to go cover the Lourdes HS Bball team then he has to do it. It's their prerogative on what they deem to be more important to cover, and judging by attendance at all FIU sports coupled with the success and alumni support, not hard to see that they could make the decision they have seemed to make.

Hahaha at all these delusional FIU fans. You ever read one of their forums? They think they are a better football program then Miami. Have fun being irrelevant for the next 200 years.

oh god, here come the trolls!

And I guarantee you CanesForEver has never stepped foot on the UM campus... i have a lot of Miami ALUMNI friends, and they HATE these so called "UM Fans" even more than us FIU fans do. Nothing but a bunch of front-running bandwagoners that can't event spell "Mahoney-Pearson Residence Halls" or "Merrick Building" (on campus UM buildings that my friends have showed me when i've gone to have a beer or two at their Rathskeller). UM alums aren't the problem, it's the "MIA -305 till I day" trolls that haven't taken a higher level college class in their sad lives. You know who you are...

Back to the subject at hand, sent my e-mails, and from my friends inside the Athetic Dpmnt, the e-mails are working, looks like there will be a meeting next week between the powers-at-be to possibly reinstate PP. Keep you're calls and e-mails coming! For once let's stand united as a fan base!!!

This further proves my point about the BLOWERS that think they are all about "the U". lololol...these people are sooooo g @y. they just do it to follow the crowd, filled with either trasy, wannabe ghetto, or whores. The only reason ive ever showed up at a c-UM football game is because i already knew i was taking something home, lol... U pride! keep up the good work.

c-UM. Really? Hahaha!! Very funny, but a little too vulgur for this blog. You dont want the claw taken out do you?

The MIA-305-Til I Die people are morons that most of us hate. Truthfully, a lot of UM alumni are jerks and hate FIU, but they have every right to be that way considering they spent close to $100k for 4 years at UM. The little havana cholos, kendall "thugs" and all other bandwagoners that dont even know where the hell UM is are the biggest morons.

Back to the problem at hand, Does anyone know exactly what happened? Did Pete get into a fight with someone, were there complaints or was this just budgetary? My concern is what happens next. I've been offered my job back after being let go and it is an extremely unconfortable feeling knowing that you were once fired.

In any case, Im going out tonight in full force, FIU gear all the way!

i heard bout this blog and how you fiu athletic fans are running your mouth like the Miami herald is doing the biggest mistake for letting there beat writer go? Are you serious look at the blog and pay attention to who write on these blogs, its the same people over and over, You guys are probably the actual athletes at fiu writing on these blogs or the parents of the players because trust me nobody goes to fiu athletic games, you guys haven't even sold out a game in a NEW FOOTBALL STADIUM ON CAMPUS!!!! and stop acting like your $20 a month subscription to the Miami herald will actually matters people, they don't care about fiu athletics because nobody who buy the paper pay attention to it. Yea you guys are the biggest college in south Florida and the biggest alumni, but only a thousand student live on campus so its not a true college like UF UCF FSU UM USF. you guys arguing about this is like arguing about wanting to have more coverage on Barry university baseball team lmfao who CARES!!!!!
So stop this ranting and get a life, if your life revolves around fiu athletic that much, than you need to get help and you need to go out more often..SO IM GOIN TO TELL YOU PEOPLE (who probably are the actual athletes who play at fiu or the parents of the athletes at fiu) TO STOP THIS AND JUST REALISE FIU IS JUST A SCHOOL LIKE BARRY AND ST. THOMAS UNIVERSITY WHEN IT COMES TO COLLEGE SPORTS...NO BODY CARES THATS WHY NOBODY COVERS YOUR COLLEGE SPORTS!!!! ITS ABOUT MONEY AND THERE IS NO MONEY IN FIU SPORTS...YOU GUYS THOUGHT ISAH THOMAS WAS GONNA BRING SELLOUT CROUDS TO BASKETBALL GAMES BUT ONLY 60 PEOPLE SHOW UP TO THE GAMES and get one and done at conference tournament

Can anybody really stomach, read, and understand what this loser just wrote? Stick to following the university you've never stepped foot on.....

LOL...talk about someone needing a life, coming over to this board, supposedly being a big fan of other college, to spew that much nonsense. I think he is one of those that keep repeating his own little lies until he feels comfortable enough to believe them...Geez....

Bring Pete back!!

If nobody cares than y r u writing a love letter on here nobody on here has the time to write such a thing. So who really has to get a life ...... O ya u. Go hang out with your chongo blog writer you clown.

Lol... I just noticed it was longer than I thought you have to go out now.

Cane4life, who is the pathetic loser???? Dedicated FIU fans, mostly alumni and current students or wannabe scUM fans like yourself? Honestly you are only making yourself and the university you root for look bad. So please everyone a favor and get over your MDC dropout self and get a life.

wannabee ghetto cane4life... dumbest post of the spring season buddy, congrats!!! you finally won something.

hahaha, great point! lolol we didnt sell out a game in our what 6 or 7th season in football history. LOL! Congrats, you really got us on that one buddy.

Next topic: this clown says stop ranting and get a life, YETTTTT, he is the LOSER that supposedly has a life but came on OUR blog to post a 10 page essay. Take your own advise buddy "stop ranting and get a life. If your life revolves around c-UM, then you need to get helped and probably see a doctor about that." It is obvious from your post that you are a MALE CLEAT CHASER. Gooooo get'em buddy!

3rd topic: even dumber then the rest. lolol. enjoy your isiah bashing bc it the next 1 or 2 years, Frank Haith will be looking for a job on his staff. The guy played this season with almost none of his recruits, learn sports and wake up. Your pretty much a waste of time on here.

Please do us all a favor and go clean of your mini grill, get your face stickers ready, follow the rest of the crowd, and support c-UM to your best ability buddy!!!! good luck!

Wow, that crap that cane4life wrote was really painful to read. I need an asprin. You shouldn't be allowed to post anything in public if, as an adult, you have the writting skills of a fourth grader.

This Cane4life person is obviously not a UM student/alumnus. He is one of the casual bandwagon fans.

1)Yes, it appears that there is a specific group of people that come on this blog, but that only proves our loyalty to FIU. Unlike the UM blog where people only visit after a win, this blog has visitors every day that truly love their school. You see most,if not all of us, on this blog are actual students and alumni.

2)There is strength in numbers. One person might not make a difference but dozens and perhaps hundreds might. Its not just subscriptions that the Herald would lose, it would be advertisments,corporate sponsorships, and eventually a lot of money. Its a classic domino effect. I guess I cant count on a Kendall/Little Havana "gangsta" to know this.

3)Ive been informed about what really happened to Pete so my questions have been answered. Very unfortunate. It makes no sense. Im glad to know that we have turned heads at the Herald.

Any news on FIU baseball today?

On the other hand we might set a record for comments on one blog if the anti- fiu news paper keeps the blog running. Btw what exactley happened and are they going to delete the blog it reassign someone

Baseball lost 14-12... we were leading 12-5 late in the game, but we just ran out of pitching. Same thing happen to us last year where we were up like 7-5 against troy going into the top of the 9th and gave up like 2 hr's.

This game hurt, but going 4-1 on the week with a win over the #30th team in the nation (FGCU) is not a bad week at all... Another tough week coming up with 5 more games (2 against last year regional team Jacksonville)

Listen, that article that the herald posted about students paying whatever is cr@p. Arent any of you people on here computer savvy? Start a new website, let us know where it is, write some articles about athletics, and lets get out of this worthless paper. These people are really bad.

Look at it as us jumping ship before the titanic sinks because all this paper is doing is tanking. They are a financial disaster right now.

alt7787, what's with the secrecy? What happeneded to Pete? If he's really gone and not replaced, the Herald is finished. Similar to another dying Miami institution with the same initials--the Miami Hurricanes. A new day is coming, and it doesn't include either "M.H."

+1000 pts for AD Pete Garcia. Heard through the grapevine that he booted Pete's replacement from the herald at Friday nights baseball game. I love that move.

CrazyCane - you better be writing some supportive emails, as well. You know you love coming on Pete's blogs and flaming. Do the right thing!

There is no secrecy. Just some things that cant be posted on here. Ok I guess that is secracy...

I didnt know that PG kicked the herald writer out of the game. Someone was there though since the FIU win was documented in Sat. paper. Interesting fact: Most of the sports stories in today's herald were writen by "Herald Wire Services". No idea what that means, but no articles by Pete, Joseph Goodman or Susan Miller Degnan. One by Manny Navarro...

I just hope all this resolves itself. I dont like this. I feel funny not knowing who is covering our sports. Plus, I cant help, but feel for Pete.

If that's true about PG booting Pelegrin's replacement from the game, he's climbed another notch in my book.

Today's re-hashed article on FIU's student fees are either badly timed or, more likely, a full-on affront on FIU supporters. After our slew of emails, which I've heard have gone very much noticed, this article is a shot across the bow. MH has now explicitly chosen sides. These people are not journalists so why would we therefore expect journalism. We simply must cease our support of this antagonist newspaper.

FIUsports.com needs to start its own blog ASAP...seize the moment, control your content, drive us fans to your site, shun the Herald!!

100 % Agree... The Herald blows.... Start this up elsewhere. I dont care if the herald is only getting 100 hits from FIU supporters (which in reality its a lot more then that), they need every thing they can get.

The article wasn't all that bad considering the $350/yr average is public knowledge. At least it made the front page and has generated over 50 comments.

I think it came back to bite the Herald in the rear end. That's old news and I will take any publicity over none.

For now, the only comparisons made to the likes of UF and UM are in terms of athletic fees. In the not-so-distant future, the comparisons will be more along the lines of championships!

"These people are not journalists so why would we therefore expect journalism. We simply must cease our support of this antagonist newspaper."

FIUer, Pete was a journalist?

LOl, he was a fiu booster at a newspaper. This has become about fans wanting to make sure FIU is represented at the Herald, but thats not a newspaper reporters job. Pete's job is not to be the #1 fan.

Lets hope the next person they appoint does a good job.

Fiufan2010, aka Troll, Pete Pelegrin was A BEAT WRITER!!!!! Find me 1 beat writer that doesn't have a bias towards the team he covers, go ahead, i'll be waiting over here (and don't start with Navarro or Mille-Degnan, those two are as homerrific as they come)

Fiufan2010, you interpreted that I was referring to Pete. The comment was in reference to this lousy slanted paper in general. This is a blog, Pete wrote to his audience, and did an excellent job at that. He's a sports beat writer, not an investigative reporter. There's a difference.

There's a difference between writing a blog and writing articles. Pete's articles were well written and unbiased; he not only emphasized the positive aspects in his stories, but also the areas in which teams needed improvement.

Blogs are a different story. Even then, Pete provided a blog where his fans and non-fans could comment freely (just ask crazy, Fomenter1, and countless others). His topics were meant to entice meaningful sports conversations, not sway the casual reader, let alone the anti-FIUer, in FIU's favor.

I had a dream last night that I came on here and Pete had posted a new blog. In it he blasted the Herald for what they did to him. I cant say I remember specifically what he said. haha.

All I know is that I appreciate everything Pete has done for us. He has a rare distinction from the other herald sports writers, he actually attended and graduated from the school that he writes about. No other Herald sports writer can make that claim. Other than Barry Jackson, but that guy writes a gossip column. Not the same.

FiuFan2010 is either jorge rojas or a canes fan...that is the dumbest post ever. The whole miami herald staff is a fan, a fan of that brothel over in coral gables.

FIUsports.com OR FIUsm.com will be my new home for FIU sports.

Pete, feel free to come on this blog and use another screen name. People make sure you write to Rojas to show your displeasure.

As for Adam Beasley, what crap article he wrote today!

I hope PG just bans the herald from all fiu events.

I'm not happy about this. I wonder if um has something behind this?

I'm sure they have plenty of graduates that donate to the herald, buy advertising etc.

Make no mistake, um is scared. They do not want competition in this town and they will do whatever they to make sure FIU stays out of the picture. Obviously, FIU is still years away from competing with um on an even field, but it does not take a genius to see that um does not want it to even get there.

At the same time, FIU HAS TO DO A BETTER JOB ADVERTISING!!! If the people do not know what's going on, how do you expect them to come out and support? Radio ad's, TV ad's, Newspaper ad's! Something! Anything!

Miami Herald = expensive toilet paper. Pre-soiled toilet paper.

Check out http://cup-of-joel.blogspot.com/ for FIU sports coverage!

Pete is actually c-UM; didn't you guys know that...lol. Seriously, we need Pete back!

Here's a site to follow until FIU news starts coming again. http://www.fiugoldenpanthers.com/phpBB3/index.php

Not sure if it will work but, I have sent an email to one of the assistant AD's describing our problem and along for a possible official blog on Fiusports.Com it would have advantages for us and them. Us being we will have a source of information and communicate about it. And for them It would be a good wayto market their events (which is a big problem going into the next season.

Because though I have not started posting until recentley I have followed this blog for years


Why can't you state what happened to Pete here? If you're not going to inform us, how can we go about finding out?



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