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HOT SPRINGS, Arkansas -- Welcome to Summit Arena and the 2010 Sun Belt Conference Tournament.Dance

Will be LIVE BLOGGING later tonight about 9:43 p.m. A little update in this afternoon's play: The FIU ladies lost to North Texas. The Hooters men's team lost to South Alabama.

But the biggest loss today here in Hot Springs was Dazzler Vanessa being cheated out of a dance contest title.

The halftime show of the FIU women's game was a "So You Think You Can Dance?" contest which had Vanessa going against some guy from North Texas.

The judges -- wearing green shirts -- gave sympathy votes to the Mean Green guy. That's Vanessa on the right raising her arms after she finished her routine with the thought that she won. The crowd and myself also thought she won. (Thanks to Sun Belt photographer Tom Ewart for photo)

Be back later tonight for FIU's first round game against Denver with the winner playing against Middle Tennessee on Sunday night at 10 p.m.

The Panthers lost to the Pioneers 59-53 earlier this season in the Mile High City. FIU will look to even the season series and bounce Denver from the SBC tourney tonight.


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Those north Texas fairies... how could they now vote for vanessa she is HOT!

baseball won tonight hopefully basketball can follow in their footsteps

Great job FIU baseball! Good luck against ASU, go get'em!

Kendallplaya = just another scUM jock strap sniffing fiu student. It must be sad to be you. I'm sure you and Crazy Cane would have lots to talk about.

FIUer you know what we have to do JUST IGNORE kendallplaya, when everybody decides not to even mention his name or comment about him...he will be goneeeeeeeeee!

The big I, the little u. There's a long line of losers standing with Crazy Cane who just can't accept what's coming.

Kendallplaya, that's why Miami is too scared to play FIU. Coach Thomas has offered to do a 2 and 2, but little chicken Morris is scared. Oh and by the way if you have never heard of UC Riverside then you are a complete retard when it comes to college baseball. Maybe if you read a little they were ranked in the top 50 and receiving votes for top 25 and they played probably there worst game of the year and still had multiple chances to win that game! I'll tell you what, they are 20 times better than that sorry Manhattan team UM lost to last weekend. And FIU was beating Cal Poly 10-3 going into the ninth but a couple of errors made the outcome look worse. You have no clue what you are talking about so stop hating.

T.T. and the boys need to stay hot during March. I think once they hit conference play they should be fine (only team to give them problems might be Middle)..

I hope to also see a great season finish from softball, and a great season from Outdoor Track.

One thing I wish FIU would start building is the new soccer/track stadium.. Football is very important but so is some of the other sports!


Funny, so kendall's posing as an FIU fan/grad now has gone to the backburner, thus bringing his true sentiments to the board. What kind of loser would really pose to be someone else, only with the purpose to bring out his confusion to the boards? Feel sorry for him and all those that do the same, be them from um, fau, or FIU. It's pitiful.

As far as Gooch7's post, I agree with him totally. After posting what appeared to be impressive numbers, I was kind of disappointed....well plain disappointed...with the results at the SBC Indoor track meetings. It appears we have a talented group of freshmen and newcomers, so I hope, like you, we do better in outdoor track and field.

LOLOL!!!! Kendall definitely gets ZEEEROOO pu $$Y!!!!! what a loser this guy is. who comes on another teams blog and pretends to be a fan. Put down the xbox controller, turn off the desktop/laptop, put away the Magic cards, and go try talking to some girls. Jeeeeesus, what has this world come to, bllowers like this

Damn this guy is a loser. analmonkey = kendallplay. Maybe he should just shorten both of his names to just analplay. Probably more appropriate.

"FIUer you know what we have to do JUST IGNORE kendallplaya, when everybody decides not to even mention his name or comment about him...he will be goneeeeeeeeee!"

I agree with the above comment by ThePerfectFan. Bottom line is we're 8-1, and that's a pretty good start if you ask me. There will be plenty of time throughout the season to prove ourselves, but I'm happy with the way it's going so far.

HAHAHAHA!!! c-UM, that was too funny. ...$$Y. HaHAHA!!! oh man!

Dont worry about this new person on here, Kendallpapaya or whatever his name is. Anyone that thinks they're cool cause they're from Kendall is a loser.

Right now all we have is Baseball and if the team can come away with a win tonight and stay consistent, then its going to be a fun season.

Any insight as to why Marvin Roberts was benched for last night's loss?


Looks like Pete pulled the claw out on Kendall and his double personality monkey. Amen.

Bottom of the sixth inning, FIU is down by two runs.


Tough loss...

G@ YYYY losss.... we had wittels on 1st with no outs in the top of the 8th and patton up to bat. Game was called due to rain. They shouldve tried to finish it tonight or tomorrow. down 3 runs is nothing.

Hey Pete can you find out why exactly Marvin Roberts and Martavis Kee were suspended?

I'm guessing that at least the Marvin Roberts suspension was not meant to be a long one, since according to Pete, Marvin was even dressed in the bench during the game. Don't know if Kee was in Hot Springs as well.

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