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Logo A pleasant Tuesday to you from FIU Baseball Stadium as FIU host Boston College in theBc first of a 2-game series.

The Panthers are coming off a 2-2 road trip to Arizona and are 8-2 on the season. The Eagles enter tonight's game 4-5 as they are in the midst of their South Florida swing having lost 2 of 3 to the Hooters before playing FIU and then going across town to play the school in Coral Gables in a weekend series.

First pitch tonight is at 6 p.m. We'll be on-line beginning at 5:58 p.m.


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Big series against Rudgers coming up. And we are only 8 days away from starting Sunbelt play.. It sucks that the two strong team in the conferene will be away series. If we can get through Western and Middle in all away games then the future looks great. Like I said beofre Turtle is doing an amazing job. The team should be very close to 30 wins by the end of April. Some where between 25-30 wins to be excact.. Its going to be damn hard to finish with 40+ wins but anything is possible in baseball.

PETE: I know its early but if we do reach 40 wins and play in the Finals of the Sunbelt this year will we host the Regional Games?


40 wins - are you serious?

No, we are joking CrazyCane, of course we are going to reach 40+ wins!!!! Build it and they will come!

Hosting a regional would be very unlikely. You have to assume that between UF/FSU/UM the NCAA will hand out 2 regional host sites, they generally do not like to have more then 2 in one state. It has occurred in the past but would be unlikely for FIU. Also, FIU would have to be much higher ranked then UM to get the regional. UM has the history and ballpark, which are factors that are considered when alloting hosting sites.

LadyInRed - bold statement. Welcome to the land of the delusional known as FIU. Maybe you can tell us all why you are so sure that FIU baseball we get 40+ wins this year. Are you relying on what you saw last year or the year before? Are you relying on your start this year in which you have not really beaten anybody good even once? maryland and BC are not that good and if Miami losses to them, I will say Miami lost to a crap team too. So no bias there.

Pete there's some speculation that WY might have a step on WC to come out as the starter at QB this spring... any truth to that? It has us fiu loyal a little nervous. We were expecting WC to be head and shoulders above WY. Spring update please Pete

CrazyCane--It might be delusional to people like you, but in life if one is as negative as you, that is delusional. It seems to me that you have never being in a situation called "A chance in life"? Remember one thing Destiny is not a matter of chance is a matter of choice" and that I will leave it to you as homework. You chose to be a CANE, I chose to be a PANTHER!
GO FIU!!!!

LadyInRed - what the hell are you talking about? was that even a thought or just a bunch of words thrown together with a period thrown in every now and then.

LadyInRed--Snorkels run in air, but the earth spins only on the side of a dog. It seems as though light knows no boundaries when discussing FIU. Remember two things, FIU is on a smurf known as Galactica and UM is known in the hearts of all he-men woman haters. You choose to be a book, I choose to be a mountain lion, but we are all eyes in ocean.
Go UM!!!!

How you like them apples?

Good luck in life CrazyCane!

My time is to precious to be wasting it with comments like yours.

and I am sorry I guess my words are to strong for you to understand.....lol

Delusional?? For saying we will have a 6 game improvement? I say delusional is coming on a school's board to make overstated claims about another school, neither of which you attended. In fact it has yet to be verified that you attended school at all.


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