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Hello Again

Great to be back from an unexpected spring break. Thanks to all you good people for your support through your e-mails, letters, texts, yells across L.A. Fitness and yells across FIU Baseball Stadium. Good to see the enthusiasm and energy on this blog has not waned despite the 1-week absence. Hell, even CrazyCane sent me an encouragingRak e-mail and wrote to the editors, go figure?? I don't care what that dude writes on here, because I'll bet you he secretly wears blue and gold despite his rants.

Anyhow, there was a Herald personnel decision made regarding the FIU beat that really would be a waste of 5 minutes of your life and my life for me to explain to you good people. The end result is that I'm still here in your cyber world and we missed plenty from the FIU sporting world last week on this blog so let's get to it.


Rakeem Christmas -- the No. 1 center in the nation -- visited FIU this past weekend and from talking to people close to the visit....Christmas (right) could come early in November for FIU basketball. There has been no verbal commit yet from RC, but from what I've been told it's looking pretty good for the Panthers to land the U.S.'s top center. FIU is competing with Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Georgetown for RC. Also, it's not a bad sign at all that RC's aunt was at a couple of FIU basketball games this season cheering on the Panthers from the stands at the Bank.


Berko Big blow to the already pitching-thin Panthers with the loss of closer Bryam Garcia. BG has an elbow injury and is out for at least a month. He was wearing a big black brace on his right arm on Sunday just like Paul McCall wore last season when he hurt his elbow. BG was lights out when he took to the mound in theCardenas 9th inning this season.

Look for Eric Berkowitz -- who has been FIU's most consistent reliever this season -- and freshman Alberto Cardenas (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) to share the closing duties. Berko (left, thanks AJH photo) has done a solid, steady job in middle relief this season. AC has got closer's stuff -- a lively fastball and a nasty breaking ball that might just be the best on the team.

But FIU has to get more consistency in the middle innings from its relievers if the Panthers want to get to that elusive regional this season. As we have seen from the first 20 games, FIU can hit with anyone, but its bullpen and at times the starting pitching has to be better. Sunday's 14-12 loss to Troy when the Trojans went for 2 instead of the extra point was a typical Sunday Sun Belt Conference game where both teams ran out of pitching and it turned into a slo-pitch softball game. The Trojans just got a few more outs late than the Panthers and that was the difference.

FIU is back on the diamond on Tuesday for a 2-game series with Jacksonville at FIU Baseball Stadium. The Dolphins were a regional team from last season and are no mid-week patsies, bettys or alices for that matter. FirstBueller pitch Tuesday is at 6 p.m.

Wednesday's game is at 3 p.m. According to the Mayan calendar Wednesday's game falls on "National Get the Hell Early Out of Work Day". Here's an excuse you could use: my 89-year-old aunt is flying into town and she has a phobia of riding in taxis so I have to go pick her up at the airport. Or just tell the boss you're about to vomit and need to go home.

Unconfirmed rumor they will be handing out DVDs of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" at the Stadium on Wednesday.

Actually, the real reason for the 3 p.m. start is that JU has a 9-hour bus ride back home so they asked for an early start time. JU will return the favor when FIU visits April 27-28. The series finale for that one is a 3 p.m. start as well.

There WILL NOT be a LIVE GAME BLOG of Tuesday's game between FIU and JU. With the new Herald personnel decision, we're still trying to figure out when the LIVE GAME BLOGS will resume. As soon as I have an answer for you I will post it on here.


If the FIU pen needs some help they could get it from the Golden Dazzlers distracting the opposing batters. Been told FIU's finest (left, in their black outfits for a halftime show, thanks AJH photo) will perform at select Panthers baseball games later this season. So now you get Dazzlers all through the FIU sports season.


Check the next post on Tuesday and I will have the details of the 1st FIU football spring scrimmage that occurred 2 weeks ago.

The Panthers are scheduled to hold their second scrimmage on Saturday morning. The FIU Spring Game is next Wednesday, March 31 at 7 p.m. at FIU Stadium.


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The Fan is back! Rakeem needs to commit, but would he play next year or 2011-12????

He lives!

Good to have your musings back Pete

Great to have you back Pete. My boycott of the Herald ends now that you are back! BTW, I have an extra five minutes and would love to hear what happened!

Glad to have you back Pete!

Welcome back!

Glad to have you back, Pete!

Very glad to have you back with us, Pete!

These informative blogs are sorely needed, as an example of your hard work with the Rakeem information. Having him visit us this past weekend is a huge step for our program. I mentioned earlier how important advantage for us would be Miami's location. Not just because of it relative to Philly, Oklahoma, and DC, but because of its relative closeness geograhically to US Virgin Islands, where Rakeem is from.

Great info all around, and waiting to hear some more from our football team how Spring Football is going.

Could you imagine? The nation's #3 ranked player for the Class of 2011 committing to FIU? Oh my....I could hear the groans around town from the haters and non-believers.

Again, welcome back Pete, and thanks for your hard work.

Glad you're back Pete. Would've been a grave mistake by this paper, FIU fans tend to hold a grudge as most can tell. Looking forward to your expanded dominance over all Herald blogs and beyond.

Glad to have you back Pete!

What the hell happened at L.A. Fitness?

Pete, it is great to see you back. We will always support you. Wherever you go.

Since you're back I've got a question on top of my L.A. Fitness one, but answering that one is at your discretion. Haha.

Josh Johnson has been somewhat weak this spring training, is it anything to be legitimately concerned about or will Josh be good to go opening day?

Thanks Pete! You're the best!


Welcome back Carter!!!

Your the only thing that the Herald has going for it; lose you and there is no Herald.

Welcome back Pete! Your return is proof that you can't keep a good man down.

I guess I should Delete my Boycott the Herald post on Facebook. Now that you are back all is good in the neighborhood!

Order has been restored to the universe.

Welcome back Pete!

In order to write informative FIU Blogs, will the Herald allow you to cover FIU in person by attending practices, games, travel with team, etc?

In any event, it's good to have you back. You represent the best of FIU.

As always, Go Panthers!!

Welcome back pete! Finally I have something to read again lol.

Welcome back Pete! It's great to have something worthwhile to read again. The world of FIU sports makes sense again!

On a side note, great to hear the dazzlers will also be at the baseball games. Will the dates be given out in advance? LOL those girls are cute!

Welcome back Mr. Pelegrin!!!!!

Keep feeding us the good stuff.

Welcome back Pete!!!
thanks for all your hard work, and for the best coverage on our beloved Alma Mater.

Welcome back !

Good to see you back...

Pete, very glad to have you back writing for the blog. As someone who lives out of state, your blog is the only connection I still have to everything FIU. The Herald made the right choice in bringing you back, although I wish you were still the beat writer. I guess you take what you can get at this point.

Welcome Back Pete!!! Thanks for the info.

Hope we can get Christmas!

Welcome back Pete. Obviously knowing about what's going on (behind the scenes) aint a waste of time. Your untimely vacation raised a hornets nest around here.

Glad to have you back; I guess it's true...you don't really appreciate something until its gone.

Pete, you have no idea how thrilled I was to read the first 2 paragraphs of this blog!

I also have 5min to hear what stupid idea the Herald started to have before the flood gates opened with text, email, letters, postcards, etc.. Very happy to have you back! Your hard work and dedication is second to no one at the Herald!

Christmas coming to FIU would be just amazing. If FIU has any sleeping giant its going to be the Men's Basketball team. Dont be suprised if they TRIPLE their wins from this year.

PETE: Since there is ONLY one week till the Spring Game will the Herald and FIU avertise the game so we can have a good turn out.

In the past we have had a pretty good turnout considering its only a Spring Game. Maybe we can see 5K people next Wed. That would be a great turnout in my opinion..


hey-o welcome back pete

Unless Pete is restored to the FIU BEAT, this is all hogwash and BS. Are we all caving in now ? Do you really think Pete wants to write a blog and not cover our games anymore ?????


Yeah Pete is back, lets all have a party. C'mon people, you knew that the MH was going to bring PP back, no-1 else wants to cover FIU.

Yes it is true I too wrote in on behalf of PP, what can I say, without this blog all you FIU fans would be so boring and your delusions would go unchecked - PP and the blog had to come back so I could save you all.

With that said - if Lloyd Christmas actually turns down the other schools and goes to FIU - it will truly be a situation of life immitating art (Dumb and Dumber)

Good to have you back Pete.

Yeah CC, sure says something about the 'culture' over at the Herald when covering the largest university in the area is something that is looked down upon. If you don't think 'the fix' has been in over there for decades, then I have some land west of Krome I'd like you to take a look at.

I really hope Rakeem Christmas does decide to go to FIU. He is kind of a tweener between PF and C. Him and Coleman would be great additions, along with a few really talented guards. Christmas coming to FIU would really open it up to other elite players, one can never underestimate the importance landing an elite player has for a young program, once they know it is safe to go there they start coming.

You're right Pete, I'd be inclined as well to say CrazyCane wears blue and gold. So much so that I'd like to say one of his balls is blue, and the other gold... but he's a douche and doesn't have any balls to begin with.

Lol CC... I applaud you for writing in as well.

I still think, no matter what alt says, that this is sort of BS for Pete. I may be wrong, but i dont think he is going to be happy just writing a blog. Does a blog writer still get to attend practices and games? Because if not, how is he supposed to be as informed about FIU athletics as he was before? So basically, we will be getting pretty much "Fordham Rams" type of work.

But i could be wrong, just my opinion. Hope Rojas sacks up and proves me wrong.

Its great to have you back Pete. Your a pillar of this growing FIU Panther nation.

I pray we get Christmas to FIU, that would crate tremendous waves in the college/ high school hoops world.

Quijote - I see you are glad PP in back too. I mean, without him where would you be able to show-off that $5 FIU education. YOU (and fans like you) are the reason the MH hates FIU. You rant and rave about how UM fans have no class, but you show and have even less class.

There you go again CC, attacking our education but refusing to disclose yours. Are you beginning to see how petty you are yet? Quijote is right; you've got no balls! You probably had them surgically removed because they got you into too much trouble. LOL!

Welcome back Pete!

And F*&! you CC!! :P

Unless Pete is restored to the FIU BEAT, this is all hogwash and BS. Are we all caving in now ? Do you really think Pete wants to write a blog and not cover our games anymore ?????


Apparently some of you are not understanding this in full context. How is PETE going to really contribute as an effective BLOG writer if someone else is ASSIGNED to cover the teams.
Additionally, all of you are assuming PETE is overwhelmed with JOY to continue writing a BLOG for us.


OMG it is so good to have you back PP!! I want to ask a question about pitching for the FIU Baseball? Why do all the pitchers start such a wonderful season and all of a sudden they start falling like flies in such a short time? Are they been overworked, not given them enough confidence? Given them too many innings to pitch? What is it can someone please explain?

Okay FIUFan - YOU and Quijote are the reason.

For the last time, I DID NOT graduate from UM, I took some classes there. I DID NOT graduate from FIU, I took some classes there. I went to a smaller school with no D-1 Football team. I have an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree. Does this answer your questions? I have posted this info before. What does it prove or disprove? I have said many times I did not go to UM but I love the Canes. I loved them in the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and now the 10's. I again ask, what is the point FIUFan? Answer that.

There you go again CC, attacking our education but refusing to disclose yours. Are you beginning to see how petty you are yet? Quijote is right; you've got no balls! You probably had them surgically removed because they got you into too much trouble. LOL!

Posted by: FIUFan | March 23, 2010 at 10:54 AM

Actually, he had them removed to be one with the Ibis, or at least that's what he tells UM alums in hopes of acceptance. In truth, they just shriveled up and fell off from lack of use.

To add my 2 cents, I feel Mr. Pelegrin has been a fair reporter; he states facts (stays neutral for the most part) - such as stating what our teams' strengths and weaknesses are. (which some of us parents have a hard time swallowing) One thing I particularly appreciate is he does NOT get caught up with the insults/jabs at our amateur athletes that are sometimes made during the blogs. These FIU athletes are moved around (sometimes to positions they have not played regularly). They are in a learning process. Although athletes/parents need to grow a 'thick skin' it is frustrating when someone who does not know these young people, and the commitment they've made, insults them unnecessarily so. Believe me when I tell you, they are giving their best, and no one feels worse than THEY do when they make a mistake on the playing field (whether it be football, basketball, baseball, etc..) Let's hope that Mr. Rojas realizes that Mr. Pelegrin has fans who respect him as a writer, and that we'll take nothing less than someone with equal professionalism and fairness.

CC changes his story as many times as he changes his multiple personalities. Now he says he took classes at UM and at FIU....LOL...

Anyways, I totally agree...and have been harping on...the point that if you are not allowed to go to games, practices, events, interviews...like beat writers do, then how is he supposed to write a knowledable blog? A fantasy FIU Blog? What about the "cover it live" blog from the games that are so popular here? If he is not allowed to do so, then what's the purpose?

If it was done just as a token move to kind of appease us, it's just a bs move, in my opinion. Not enough...

Great post, Mike's mom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.....and welcome.

Great to have you back Pete! You truly are a class act and we all appreciate your hard work and dedication to the university. GO FIU!

Great to have you back Pete, we got your back! You my boy blue (and gold)!

CrazyCane, no matter what your reasoning is thank you for sticking up for Pete, I may not like you but at least you showed some character and I appreciate it.

I have to agree for the most part with "Mike's Mom". I think we all realize that these youngmen are working their tails off during the hot summer days just to get ready for another very competative season. But as Div-I college athletes they also need to know that with all the hype comes pressure to win. I have always been grateful to have had the opportunity to compete for FIU, but I was very well aware that if I did not perform to expectations there would be consequences. Overall I think almost every team at FIU has already made improvements in the past 3-4 years or are on the verge to a big time turn around.

Keep up the hard work Golden Panthers!

That's great CC; no problem with where you were educated. It's not where you go but what you do with your time there. Now leave us and our $5 educations alone. GOODBYE!

FIUFan, believe it or not, you are one of the few on this blog I respect. A lot of the others say I cannot cheer for UM b/c I did not graduate from there. Thank you for not taking that rediculous road during this exchange.

Pete anything new about the Norwegian bball player Torgrim Sommerfeldt? I know you mentioned a few weeks back about him possibly coming to play?

Perfect fan - are pitching has been in trouble since we lost 3 possible starters before the season even started (Ebert, mejia, dodds). Then you add Mcvay and Leith's injury and there goes 2 more pitchers. And now Byram Garcia, so you are looking at a very thin pitching staff right now.

This team has been playing around 5 games/week when the team really only has 5 starters, and 2 of those starters can actually be relief guys. Add this to the weekend against rutgers where pretty much all of our starters were knocked out of the game early, and you're looking at a very tired pitching staff. There really isnt much this team could do different. If some of these guys dont pitch, we look at losing a couple more games. And thats that we already lost about 4 games due to lack of pitching depth.

In sports, sometimes you just have bad luck and get plagued by things like injuries. I think this team is in pretty good shape playing 3 games/week, but 5 puts us in a bind.

Pete: Thank you for coming back. If it were not for you, I would not surf the Herald for news.

All I'm looking for is a fair shake from the Herald. Sure, ucg plays bigger games due to their conference affiliation; but the additional puff/propaganda pieces are pure politics. On top of that the Herald takes every oppotunity to stick their finger in our eye. Why? The only thing that I can surmize is there's a politic bias, which is sad coming from the paper of record in our community.

And for you, as long as you stick with the facts, I'm ok; but when you come in here attacking us...then I've got a problem.

This is great! CC says he took classes at UM, but then he later says and I quote:

"I have said many times I did not go to UM but I love the Canes."

What??? You just said you took classes at UM??? In the same post!

Don't worry CC, you were cool enough to support Pete throughout this, so you're cool enough for me.

Josh, now if only we could get the Ivan Brothers. I saw Torgrim Sommerfeldt at one of the games, he would be a really solid commit with his combination of size and accuracy.

Thank you c-UM for your answer, but don't you think, since we are so short in pitching at the moment, they should try to hold the amount of innings pitched by the starting pitchers and don't let them pitch till they bleed and then take them out???? Should the amount of innings be shortened? I don't know much about baseball, but I think they shouldn't let the pitchers go the distance, since we are not halfway the season, try to preserve them a little more for longer efficiency at the end of the season, that is when we are really going to need them. I don't know just a thought.....

welcome back pete! good to see we can still look foward to your insite

Actually Perfect, it's easier on the team when the starters go longer into the game. The starters know they are going to pitch 1 game a week. The 'pen, on the other hand, can be called on every game. So the less a starter pitches the more of a burden he puts on the rest of the staff.

Do you people really think Pete is going to write another blog here for the Herald ?


For all you lawyers out there, would you go from staff attorney at a big firm to summer associate law clerk ??

C'mon, wake up and quit the ridiculous pleasantries already. The Herald needs to keep Pete as our beat reporter or else !!!!

FIUFan but don't you think that when the pitcher is getting tired on or about the fourth inning, that he is not throwing the same, you should start thinking about taking him out, if he is winning the game until that moment? Then start with a fresh pitcher; not waiting till they make 20 runs out of the starter and then take him out, and leave the rest of the pitching staff with the burden of a lost game?? Help me out on this one. Balance the game a little bit more, to try to win or lose by one or two, instead of by 15 or 20 runs???

Or else what?

Are we going to hire $6/hour homeless to picket the Herald during lunch-time? Are we going to ban them from our campuses? Are we going to petition McClatchy to replace the Board of Directors? Are we going to go to our local Congressman and demand sanctions? How 'bout tourches and pitch-forks and burning the likeness of the Herald Publisher and UM grad David Landsberg? LOL!


If you take him out in the 4th, he cant get the win (if that matters at all). He must go atleast 5 unless a predetermined length is said prior to the games start.

Secondly, like FIUFan said, right now we need our starters to get us deep into games. For example, that sunday game against Troy where we had to pitch whoever we could probably put us in a bad spot for today and tomorrow.

They def dont leave starters in there to give up 20 runs, or even 6 runs. For example, leading 12-5 on sunday, it was the bullpen that gave up the 9 runs in the last 2 innings and we threw atleast 3 or 4 different guys to try and stop the bleeding. We just didnt have any pitching left

Welcome back pete.... I have been MIA for a while, but I noticed jsut on Sunday that you had been reassigned and then assigned back.

I was late to whole ordeal...BUT i did write the editor a letter anyways. In my mind it doesnt matter that I was one day late....one more letter in his inbox shows just how much we were affected.

Hey, the man lives!

FYI, Pete (and Mr. Rojas)... I'd be happy to take over the "other" FIU beat spot, if the Herald's hiring for it. From what the fans are saying, if the Herald wants another FIU reporter to cover the beat, might as well be another FIU reporter type. Then again, I haven't written an article since my Beacon days, but that's probably just a minor detail. :)

Seriously... welcome back, my man. And thanks for the explanation, Mr. Rojas.

Good to see you back Pete.

Sure perfect, he may be getting tired around the fourth (depending on how many pitches he's thrown) so the manager needs to weigh the outcome of the current game with protecting his bullpen for the rest of the weekend.

Also remember, after the game the starter probably doesn't touch a baseball for 3 or 4 days. The bullpen pitchers have to get-up to pitch many more times during the week. Both starting and relieving are taxing but the fresher you can keep the pen, the better.

Actually Pike, you're comparing apples and oranges, but I've cut down a bunch of my attorneys through their pay or walking papers. Guess what....they chose a cut in pay. In this economy you can't really stand on a soapbox. Where else would Pete go?

Mr. Rojas' explanation of what happened has no ring of truth to it. Does he think we're all stupid? Why was Pete's blog dead for over a week with Spring practice ongoing? Was that part of the plan if Pete was always going to continue the blog?

While its great to have Pete back, what is the point of taking him off of print? I won't hold my breath waiting to see the "expanded" coverage of FIU athletics.

The anti-FIU bias and salient fear of FIU by the Miami Herald is only surpassed by 'Canes fans and administrators. It's the same philosophy for both MH's--close your eyes and ignore us and hope we go away. Sorry, too late for that.

Good to have you back Pete

Formenter, im sure there are plenty of options for pete. Im sure the Herald isnt all that you think it is. I think pete does it because he prob loves what he is doing, not for the money.

So...what are his options...please elaborate. If he had options he would have told the Herald to go fly a kite. What you're sure of is 100% incorrect. Just look at the facts.

Right, because Fomenter has access to all of Pete's personal life and motives for staying at the Herald.

Thanks for clearing that up, Fomenter!

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