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KB Memorial Monday at the Bank

Kb One-time FIU walk-on defensive back Quentin Wyche surrendered to police Friday night as the man who stabbed Kendall Berry. Click HERE for more on this.

FIU will be holding a memorial for KB on Monday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. at U.S. Century Bank Arena. The memorial is open to the public. 


Adam Beasley sent me an e-mail about Connecticut coach Randy Edsall. Classy move by Edsall, who contacted MC on Friday night to offer condolences. UConn dealt with a similar situation a few months ago when Jasper Howard was killed.

Click HERE to read about Edsall calling MC.


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RIP KB so glad they got the person who is responsible! as a FIU mom of a player # 86 Joey Harris....i feel their pain! prayers go out to the family, team and coaches.....

I'm glad that someone will be brought to justice, and that the family will have closure. However, I notice some really ignorant statements from earlier.

1) As an employee of the Rec Center, crowds gather for intramural games. I don't know what exactly went down, but when large crowds gather outside, there is nothing anyone can do. When fights happen, they happen so fast that there is nothing anyone can do. Campus security does a great job considering the amount of students and the work they have to put up with. I can't blame them for what happened to KB.

2) You can't stop Fair traffic through FIU and all that. There is no way someone with a lightstick and megaphone or whatever is going to be able to determine anything. The best that could be done to stop crimes during this time of year is increased security around the dorms.

Condolences to your family. A difficult moment to go through and hopefully it's something that brings you closer together. I know as an alum of Cornell we are dealing with the recent suicides in our student body. Just a part of life, no matter how much we may resist it.

As far as the whole "blame the Youth Fair" nonsense, it's just that. Nonsense. Wasn't a Pike by the first name of Dustin stabbed on campus less than 10 years ago?

It's senseless stuff that happens because certain people really don't belong amongst the civilized world, hence the creation of prison.

I hope this draws your team and campus closer together. I know our recent incidents and recent tourney run (Go Big Red) has gone a long way for strengthening bonds.

Oh my god! I know who Fomenter1 is. It's Andy Bernard! The Nard dog.

Although, I did hear about the Cornell Suicides. Dont know much about it, but some guys on this law school forum I go to mentioned it as a reason why Cornell sucks.

Im glad to see that the guy turned himself in. This was all so stupid. I've always believed that only a little boy needs to use weapons in a fight amongst men. This Wyche guy needs to be locked up for taking the life of a good guy.

Good Connecticut football fans wish you peace.

Thanks Tom.

i hope Quentin Wyche gets the chair.

Did anyone attend the Memorial this afternoon??? and if u know if there's a video of the memorial that i can view. Thanks and RIP KB!!

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