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New FIU Footballer

It's official defensive lineman Jason Fitch signed with FIU this morning. Fitch is a 6-2, 291-pound big body for the Panthers D-line.

The addition of Fitch brings more beef to the FIU D-line as he joins a bigger Tourek Williams, Thatcher Starling, James Jones, Josh Forney, Andrew Mattox and the return of Jonathan Jackson and new signees: Jordan White, Isame Faciane, Jeremy Jermin, Bryan Robinson and Jerricho Lee.


Aaapaw Will be back on here with LIVE BLOG of the second game of the FIU/Boston College series later today at 5:58 p.m.


Gooch7: PETE: I know its early but if we do reach 40 wins and play in the Finals of the Sunbelt this year will we host the Regional Games?

PP: Not sure if FIU reaches 40 wins this season, but regardless, another hurdle to FIU hosting a regional is the facility. A 2,000-seat stadium is not usually what the NCAA looks for in regional hosts. For that to happen FIU would have to crack the top 15 and win 40+ games to be considered for a regional.

I think a lot of people are putting the cart before the horse with the fast start to this season. I think FIU first has to go deeper in the Sun Belt tournament than they did last year. After that everything else is gravy for this season. The Panthers still have some issues with pitching depth this season. The arrival of Illinois transfer Phil Haig, the FIU debut of Logan Dodds and other pitchers that Turtle brings in should help in 2011.

Jsuarez88: Pete there's some speculation that WY might have a step on WC to come out as the starter atCc QB this spring... any truth to that?

PP: Speculation on March 10 with the season opener still 6 months away on Sept. 11? Did Mel Kiper and Todd McShay say that about the FIU QBs or was it Cris Collinsworth? If it was Collinsworth (right) -- who IMO really does know football better than any announcer out there -- then I believe it. You probably heard it from the same geniuses spreading false rumors about Marvin Roberts being kicked off the hoops team.

In all seriousness, you can't go by any speculation in March when the entire team is not here and the team is not going full contact.

I will say this. Wayne Younger looks much improved this spring from last season. WY is getting more mustard on his throws and we all know he is athletic and can run. Still, Wesley Carroll has looked as good as advertised this spring. Making some nifty throws, including one on the run in Tuesday's practice where he avoided two chasing defenders and found Junior Mertile for 30 yards downfield. Will have a detailed spring update from the latest practice in Thursday's blog.



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