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Spring Forward: Practice Opens

There was football weather at FIU Stadium on Wednesday afternoon as FIU began spring practice. A windy and chilly day, of course nothing like the high of 45 degrees that awaits a thin-blooded native Miamian in Hot Springs, Arkansas on Friday.

Lots to get to from Wednesday's first practice. Thanks to Roy Viera for all of the photos from Wednesday'sTy practice. Will try on Thursday to post larger photos than the ones currently on here. Having a little trouble with this blog's photo posting.

First thing I noticed on Wednesday was No. 1 playing defense. That's right, receiver Marquis Rolle has become safety Marquis Rolle. MC said the switch was made, because there are a ton of receivers on the team and the Panthers need help at safety this season. Rolle has never played safety before, but he's got the size and athleticism to play the position.

Speaking of safety, Ash Parker is back for one final season after tearing his knee in the last two season openers (2008 at Kansas and 2009 at Alabama). Ash will not participate in contact drills this spring -- only in non-contact stuff. Maybe playing the season opener at home is the charm for Ash.

Noticeably bigger from another off-season in the weight room: Wayne Times (not looking like a freshman anymore), T.Y. Hilton (above, right with a solid 175 pounds with muscles), Winston Fraser looking like a senior. Tourek Williams and Jonathan Jackson both up to 250.

New defensive line coach Cedric Calhoun was in FIU gear and coaching up the Panthers D-linemen. So was new linebackers coach Juan Navarro as he coached the LBs.

On the D-line, James Jones, who returned from knee and shoulder surgery, was full-go on Wednesday. He should definitely help the FIU pass rush this season, if his play at Kansas in 2008 was any indication. Jonathan Jackson is getting close to being 100%, but he will be limited in the spring as he prepares for fall camp in August.

Am Expected to miss the spring with injuries are: OL Rupert Bryan (leg stress fracture), RB Darian Mallary (shoulder surgery), WR Rockey Vann (knee) and DB Jarrell McGee (knee).

The newest Panthers made a connection. As he went through his reads and no one was open, QB Wesley Carroll scrambled out of the pocket and found Jeremiah Harden, who cut across the middle for 7 yards. You can read more about these two in Thursday's MH.

Catches of the Day: Times making a 1-handed catch with his body going the other way on a deep pass down the middle. Receiver Ariel Martinez (left, thanks RV photo) going up, up, and away for a pass over the middle. Somebody find some playing time for this guy, every time I turn around he's catching everything thrown his way. Junior Mertile doesn't look like he missed a beat returning from last year's knee injury. JM made a couple of nice catches.

If you didn't know the chili was hot on defense, you certainly learned Wednesday afternoon. New DC GeoffGc Collins (right, thanks RV photo) is a walking Cuban coffee colada. New OC Scott Satterfield was not heard from Fort Lauderdale like GC, but he got his points across constantly instructing the FIU QBs. Last time FIU had an OC/QBs coach that played QB was James Coley -- now Florida State's OC. SS played QB at Appalachian State.

Wayne Younger (left, thanks RV photo) looks bigger and he must be, because there was some extra mustard on his fastball today. You sure you don't need another pitcher, Turtle?

Younger Pooh Bear Mars and Aaron Davis came close to picking off passes. On both plays, each LB had a nifty pass break up.

New punter Josh Brisk sure gets some hang time on his punts and seems to have a strong leg. Is it Munera-like? Not sure yet have to see more punts.


Aaapaw Former FIU defensive back and Rudy Award Finalist - O'Darris D'Haiti is organizing a charity flag football tournament to benefit the relief effort in Haiti. The tournament is thisOd Saturday, March 6 at FIU's North Campus.

If you are interested it is $10 per person and you need at least 5 people on your team. Or if you just want to watch it's $5 general admission. The tournament will take place in the rec fields behind the North Campus library by the basketball courts.

For more info: contact O'Darris (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) at odhai001@fiu.edu

Aaapaw Will have a LIVE HOOPS BLOG of Saturday's opening game of the Sun Belt Conference tourney between FIU and Denver. Tip-off time is scheduled for 9:45 p.m. (Eastern). Game probably won't start until about 10 or 10:15 p.m., because there are other games being played on the same court before FIU's game. Regardless, expect the LIVE BLOG to begin at 9:43 p.m.


NYCFIUFan: Hey Pete, since Fomenter has fallen off the face of the earth and I was in second place, can I get the opportunity to post?

PP: Go ahead. You are a double winner in the 3rd annual GPP Win A Blog. E-mail me your blog with whatever photos or art you want on it and I'll post it on here.

Gooch7: WHAT ARE THE TOP 10 MALES AND FEMALE ATHLETS IN FIU HISTORY? PETE: Maybe we can post up a survey to see what people truely know about FIU Athletic History!

PP: Go ahead and start posting. I have to do some research to get my list. We'll have a poll question on the top athlete later.


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Great report on the opening day of Spring practice. Thanks Pete.

Love the idea of switching some of the WR's to Safety. We were seriously lacking depth last year in that department. We should be okay at CB with the freshmen that are coming in.

"... GC is a walking cuban coffee colada." - Great quote

Huh, Graham Center can walk?

Geoff Collins bro !! C'mon...where u been by the way ? What happened to NYC, Quijote ?

I am fired up with the team... GO FIUUUU!!!


Who did we finally hire as the RB coach?

Haha. Graham Center...

I hope our offense is really juiced up this year. Im so excited about Wesley Carroll, Jeremiah Harden and our new Coordinators. I think we have the potential there. I've said it before that the 2010 team reminds me of our 2006 team. We have a good QB (I hope, I know he hasnt played in a year) a good tight end, and great receivers led by our man TY. I like to think of TY along the lines of DeSean Jackson. He has the same body type, speed and certainly has the potential. Hopefully he can get a lot of one on ones this year.

Who did we hire as d-line coach?


Apollo Wright took over the running back coach spot as well as special teams.

Wesley Carroll mentioned by Graham Watson: QB Transfers to Watch: http://espn.go.com/blog/ncfnation/post/_/id/20128/quarterback-transfers-to-watch

Yes, the Graham Center is now located in Hialeah.



Also, does anyone know how the pro-day went?

anyone know where i can find live stats or listen to the fiu baseball game tonight?

I am fired up for next season, and things will only get better when the newest Golden Panthers show up.

No no no NYC and Pete. Last I checked, I won the blog (sorry had to change my name, the typepad no longer accepted it as a log in).

As far as the rules of the blog, no time limit was ever put on the blog, therefore, I have not passed on my right to post it.

Don't worry though, I'll give it to you guys sooner rather than later, I've been just a bit busy working.


Ok - so earlier today I tried posting a comment on Manny's blog and apparently he screens all the comments to be PRO scUM ??? There is some ridiculous disclaimer that a moderator reviews all posts ??

That is WEAK !!! I was cordial and respectful on top of it all....let me guess the phrase "FIU" is not permitted ???

What a sorry excuse for journalism.

Can Manny Navarro really be called a journalist? I'd wager he's a VERY insecure guy, so screening out anything that triggers his insecurity shouldn't surprise. This is the same douche who's an FIU grad that bashes the program and fans while sitting inside our stadium blogging to other scUM. In other words, he's CANDY CANE's bff.

Baseball uses another late inning performance to break open a 2-2 tie and win 5-4 over Utah Valley to move to 7-0

FIUPIKE - Hey smart guy, PP does the same thing on this blog. Get a clue man. And I doubt you were being "cordial and respectful"

Hey Pete...you think FIU will let me come tutor the backs. I want someone to break my record!!!

Wow. The Boys pull out another one.

p.s. Pete, if we aint allowed to post on the slobs blog then the SCum shouldn't be posting here. tit-for-tat.

Lmao @ scUMsanitizer I couldn't agree more I never liked manny ever since he covered highschool football. A real journalist has to be unbiased at least when he is getting paid to cover other teams or sports. Ex. Pete is a great journalist because he could cover the marlins, fau, etc and give the readers a great insight into those programs. while on the other hand Manny is just an insecure pudgy c-UM loving douche bag who bashes the school he graduated from cmon get some pride.

Crazycane... If Pete is really moderated this blog like manny does to his why in the world do I see your pro c-UM and anti FIU comments on all of Pete's post?and don't say you are clean and courteous because you are one nasty s.o.b.

GO FIU BASEBALL TEAM!!! Keep up the good work!
Best of luck the rest of the weekend!


Congratulations to Coach Thomas! WAY TO GO!!!!

FYI - Manny never graduated from FIU...

TrueBlue - you do not even know me, how can you call me a nasty s o b? Wouldn't such a comment make you a nasty s o b?

As for being unbiased, isn't PP the one who cannot talk about the University of Miami without calling them "UCG" C'mon - get a clue. Stop looking at everything FIU through rose colored glasses.

Hey guys, I know it's early but the Sun Belt's RPI is #3 and FIU leads the way.


Haha it's all good crazycane you don't have to act like an angel I have read your prior post buddy you don't have to hold back we all know who you are. Dont you come on here trying to belittle everyone on here? Don't you get a kick out of making panther fans angry? Don't take my comments personal I'm just judging you from your comments. If you don't like it don't come on here just to ridicule panther fans. And what's wrong with calling the U "ucg" that's just a jab nothing serious lighten up lol

One of the Original Panthers on the Blog. What are you doing now? I think with the amount of talent in the back field, and some good blocking you record might go down. Its great to see the Record Holder hoping for someone to put their name on the Golden Panther Books the same way you did 4 years ago..
From one Golden Panther to another I wish you all the best in your future! Thanks for the good memories!


LOL.... I like it TrueBlue, your using the real name (c-UM).

Although Manny never graduated from FIU, he did spend enough time in the cafeteria to be considered an FIU Panther.

Thanks for the link Wes, i was checking there before around 6 but they didnt have it up yet.

Manny is a fake! He says "he bleeds blue and gold". I can't respect anything he says. Just don't go to that losers blog.

Hey True Blue, everything I have ever posted on this blog is "just a jab, nothing serious" yet I have been challanged by manny posters on this site to physical confrontations and numerous name calling posts back and forth, yet I am the one you needs to "lighten up?" Truth be told, I come on this blog to make it interesting, to make it so that the FIUers on here do not just hug and kiss eachother all day telling eachother that FIU is on par with UM, they aren't... not even close. If I did not post here, FIU fans delusions would go unchecked. We all know the truth, I just want to bring it to this blog. There is no point in allowing non delusional FIU fans to get sucked into this nonexistent reality that many posters on this blog live in.

In fact, I should be seen on this blog as a saver of lost FIU souls.

Hey Crazy; quick question. Did you graduate from SCum or are you just another one of those front-running phonies this town is so full of?


You're only seen on this blog as an EPIC D*UCHE !!

FIUFan - why does it matter where I went? If I didn't go to FIU, but cheered for them, would you ask that question? No. Would you care that I did not go to FIU if I showed up at every game, supported the program with attendance and $$$? No. So don't ask dumb loaded questions tough guy, especially when you don't have the mental capacity to accept and fully understand the answer.

Hey FIUPIKE - and to think you had to waste 4 years (assuming you graduated in four years, or at all) to be able to come up with such a great and insightful post. FIU's finest. Be proud GPers.

Actually it took 5 years scUMbag...I worked 2 jobs, lived on campus, was a student leader in various organizations, obviously Greek and was a part of FIU's first real growth phase in the mid90s.

They created professional sports for people like you. How long are U going to beat your chest about national titles. MarbleMouf will never get the job done for U again. Quit living the past and enjoy your rapid ascent to mediocrity.

CrazyCane, you're right you do make this interesting, you really do. FIU may not be on the same level when it comes to football, but what about the other sports? Jim Morris REFUSES to put FIU on the schedule, but he rather go ahead and play a "pesky" manhattan college ballclub instead of manning up and face our boys. FIU did have FAMU, LaSalle and some other small D-3 schools on their schedule, but thats not flying anymore. So before you go bashing your alma mater, think about the other sports (volleyball included, not football because right now the "U" is on a rollercoaster ride with Shannon), that dominate your beloved 'Canes. Oh and I would love to see the guys face off in a regional at Coral Gables, but from the looks of it your boys wont make it out of the ACC and we'll be headed elsewhere.

Let's be clear about Manny Navarro--he did NOT graduate from FIU. It looks like the clown finally updated his bio which now reads:

"a graduate of Braddock High (Class of 1996), he studied print journalism at Florida International University."

I remember it used to read that he graduated from FIU. So, he's an FIU drop out. That expains his animosity toward our school. It also explains why you can't call that guy a journalist. He's just a punk that got a lucky break in getting hired by the Miami Herald.

Looks like I struck a nerve there punk; didn't I cc. Ha Ha, it's not even your alma mater. That's priceless. What a sad hanger-on.

And that slob on the other blog had to update his bio because he did not graduate from FIU. That is gross misrepresenation of ones credentials and is grounds for being fired at most reputable newspapers.

The other FIUFan - you get the award for the dumbest post ever. "Oh and I would love to see the guys face off in a regional at Coral Gables, but from the looks of it your boys wont make it out of the ACC and we'll be headed elsewhere." Even the FIU faithful on this blog who know a little about college baseball know how retarded this comment is. Congrats.

FIUFan - R U saying the Miami Herald is NOT reputable? I think that is where your leader, PP, is employed. Are you saying he too is not reputable? Hmmm? And I notice FIUFan you do not respond to any of my questions in my post - scared of how dumb you will look when you try?

BaseballAmerica prediction has FIU headed to the Georgia Tech regional, I said I would love to see FIU UM in a regional, not that it was going to happen. And as for UCG, theyre ranked because of the tradition there, by the time the conference tourney comes around they wont be anywhere in the top 25 and will be lucky to finish top 5 in the ACC.

I wonder how he got his job at the Herald. I also wonder if this takes away from the credibility of the Herald. They have a college dropout writing for them. Im not sure if there really are any requirements to be a sports writer, but im glad we've got one of the best writing for us.

While Pete does poke fun at UM by calling them UCG and so forth, he covers a wide range of teams in the Herald and he always writes the facts without interjecting his opinion. This is not true of other writers such as Manny Navarro and Greg Cotex. While they rarely cover FIU, they have taken jabs before. Cote is the biggest perpetrator. Of course, he is a columnist and he has the freedom to state his opininon. Nevertheless, that jerkf00ff doesnt like us.

Whatever, people can say what they want about us. At some point in time FIU will command the respect if deserves. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Hey FIUPIKE, aka Mr. Greek, are you going to the Founder's Day event at Kappa Gamma? What year did you graduate from FIU? Were you even a member of Pike or one of those guys who just wished they were a part of them?

The other FIUFan - I owe you an apology. I mis read your post as saying that UM baseball would not be playing in a regional rather than not hosting a regional. I am sorry.

CrazyCane, I can vouch for FIUPIKE. He was an active leader as an undergraduate in the Kappa Gamma Chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. He's one of the men responsible for our beautiful house. I have yet to celebrate a Founder's Day without him.

So I guess the question is, will YOU be at Founder's Day? lol How'd you even know about it?

Another nickname!!!... From now on he will be known as none other then, MANNY SBARRO


CC - Jim Morris is a 81TCH!!!

Hey crazy (appropriate name) I didn't think to answer your questions because you appeared to be talking to yourself (careful with that. lol). And no, I'm not saying the Herald is not a reputable paper; what I'm saying is that blob-boy had better be careful in mis-representing himself because that is a very good reason for being fired.


Are you serious ? Coming from someone that uses Cane in his/her moniker ?? Are you even CANE ? We all know the answer there. Or just one of those lost souls that would give both testes to be a true scUMbag ?

Everything I do is 100% legit. FIU Grad/PIKE Founder, hence FIUPIKE.

Thanks Danny.

FIUPIKE - is this how you feel about all Cane fans, even the ones who went to school there? I mean you seem to like calling them scUMbags.

No. Just losers like you that ohhh soooo wish they could be MIAMI HURRICANES !!!

Get lost and go pretend to be something you're not, elsewhere.

Hahaha I usually don't care for all that FIU vs UM bull bleep but I find today's funny... I have a question though. Does anyone know when the spring game is scheduled for this year?

So you have no problem with people who actually went to UM? Cause before you posted that I was "just one of those lost souls that would give both testes to be a true scUMbag?" So I guess I ask you - is a "true scUMbag" someone who went there? How do you diferentiate?

no problem c-UM

Counselor: don't make me admonish you further...

Are you billing your clients while blogging with us ?

If you are, I'd feel compelled to contact the Florida Bar on ethics violations.

Give that pseudo attorney with multiple personalities to hide behind multiple screen names his meds, PLEASE!! LOL...


Now, any more news on spring practices?

motion to remove CC from this blog, if enough of us agree can pete ban him?

1. ME (maskaros)

I motion to promote CC and let him have a little section at the bottom of each blog post from Pete.

After all, he is FIU athletics number one fan.

We can call it 'Crazy's Corner' and then he can go ahead and give us his rants.

Pete, when are you getting a Twitter account?

What? Crazy"Cane" is calling out someone else for being a poser?


Someone, please tell me that douche isn't really an attorney! I cringe at the thought of a client seeking representation from crazy!

Ok, I think we've overused the word douche (and every other 5th grade insult) in this blog...can we move on to some meaningful discussion?

Agreed...let's move on....

Here's my thought, Lets move on... We all know that CC took classes at GC. If he ever finished or not is unknown.... SO moving on to something more meaningful....
Our schedule, I cringed when I saw it.... And said oh no, another 0-4 start....
The reality is: This may be the best schedule in the last three or four seasons.
Game 1: Rutgers... We got beat early but fought back to loose by less than 14. Now, we have a legit QB and the defense could get worst... PLUS its our season opener at HOME ... +10 points... SO there is a real good chance we win.
Game 2: Texas A&M. I had nightmares with this team... until, I realized that they are really bad ... (4-8 in 2008 and 6-7 in 2009)... Allowed over 30 points/game, over 450 yrs/game, and one of the worst speacial teams in the country (allowed three td's). Dude TY will have three special teams td's by the third quarter on these loosers!!!! The coach fired everyone to save his ass... They Suck...WE will win. Hell we may loose TY to the NFL after this game. And with the second round pick the Dolphins select #4 TY (he's better then Teddy)
Game 3: Maryland. We have played them well and they only won 2 games last year even lost to Middle Tennesse.... This is our chance.
Game 3: Pitt. The only sure loss of the first three....
GO PANTHERS!!! 3-1 Possible, but should be 2-2, 1-3 acceptable, 0-4 bye bye MC>...


If you want me to send you some Pictures of the event i will surly do so. I rasied quite a good amount and was very pleased with the out come. Thank you again, Pete.

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