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Tuesday's Spring Practice

   The first scrimmage of the spring will be Friday at 3:30 at FIU Stadium and like all spring practices thus far is open to the public.Ty

   Had a chance to check out Tuesday’s practice and here are some of the highlights.




   Saw some deep passing by the Panthers quarterbacks and several of the completions went for long touchdowns.

   Wayne Younger found T.Y. Hilton (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) in between two defenders for a long gain down the middle.

   On the previous play, Goodbye beat one defender and finished the play by proclaiming: “If you get beat deep, take a seat.”

   WY connected on a couple of more long passes – both to Greg Ellingson. The second pass went for a touchdown.

   Wesley Carroll also was successful with the deep passes. WC connected with tight end Joey Harris down the middle for 6.

   Carroll then found Jacob Younger for a 70-yard touchdown in which the pass went about 60 yards and Younger jogged in the last 10 yards for 6.

   Jacob Younger picked up another touchdown shortly thereafter. On another play, Younger made a one-handed catch in the end zone off a deflected pass.

   Tight end Jonathan Faucher caught a touchdown pass from WC in between two defenders.

   Both quarterbacks were threading the needle Tuesday.




   New defensive back Marquis Rolle looks comfortable at his new position. MR picked off a pass and returned it down the sideline for a touchdown.

   Walk-on defensive back Jose Cheseborough, one of the stars of last year’s scout bowl, also had a pick Poohbear 6.

   Pooh Bear Mars (left, thanks Roy Viera photo) – who seems to have an increased role on D this spring – batted down a pass in the end zone.

   Apparently, defensive lineman James Jones is doing just fine after a couple of surgeries last season. JJ broke through the FIU O-line, reached WY and deflected WY’s pass.




   Later in the afternoon, Goodbye was at it again.

   This time hooking up with WC on a 45-yard completion down the middle.

   Next time you’re out at practice, check out the newly buffed Goodbye – now a legitimate 175 pounds. Wayne Times also made a home in the gym in the offseason too.

   New punter Josh Brisk got off couple of 60-yard punts with no wind in play.




   Near the end of Tuesday’s practice it got physical.

   Safety Jonathan Cyprien had a couple of big hits on consecutive plays.Dp

   First, Cyp knocked running back Darriet Perry’s helmet around as oooohs came from the rest of the team. But DP (right, thanks AJH photo) won that battle, because he picked up 6 yards on the defense.

   Cyp then hit Times on an incompletion across the middle.

   A noticeably bigger Tourek Williams recorded a sack during team drills.

   However, from there on out, the FIU offensive line and running backs dominated the rest of the practice.

   Jeremiah Harden is not a prototypical big back, but it seems every time he carries the ball he moves the pile.

   On consecutive runs, JH ran straight into the collision of O-line and D-line bodies and appeared buried, but JH just kept churning his legs and picked 7 yards on the first carry and 6 yards on the next run.

   A slimmer looking DP also moved the chains on the ground picking up 6 and 4 yards on two straight Mert runs.

   Of course, you knew Goodbye would make another play before practice ended. Showing that his knee is just fine, No. 4 caught a mid-range pass from WY and faked a defender out of his shoes and went for 6.

   The two former St. Thomas Aquinas High teammates finished practice with nifty plays.

   JH ripped off a 19-yard run, in which he stiff armed a defender to the ground.

   WC, being chased by two defenders, rolled left and faked like he was going out of bounds, but instead found Junior Mertile (left, thanks RV photo) downfield for 30 yards.

   Will have highlights from Friday’s scrimmage on here Saturday.




How about freshman Jabari Henry with 2 HRs and 7 RBI on Wednesday in FIU's 18-14 baseball/football win over Boston College. The ball springs off his bat like a racquetball.


 If you haven't had the chance to see this freshman play, you got 3 opportunities this weekendJhenry Henry     when FIU hosts Rutgers for a 3-game series starting Friday at 7 p.m. Will have the first two games of the series on LIVE BLOG here. Got the Marlins on Sunday, so no live blog on that day. Thanks to Victoria Lynch for the two JH photos.






danny ryan: Pete whats Schirippa's status as far as playing time he looks good also ? good arm.. What type of injury does Mallory have ?


PP: With Wesley Carroll and Wayne Younger both having solid springs, Schirripa still is the No. 3. Mallary had shoulder surgery and will be back in the fall.




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