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Year 1 Done

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- The first FIU basketball season under Panthers coach Isiah Thomas is complete after FIU's 71-64 loss to Denver in the 1st round of the Sun Belt Conference Tournament in HotCapone Springs, Arkansas. Unlike Al Capone, FIU did not rule Hot Springs, Arkansas this week.

Stayed at Capone's hotel (the Arlington) in Hot Springs on Saturday night. Spending Sunday here in Little Rock, because there were no flights available to Fort Lauderdale one day before my scheduled departure on Monday.

Was expecting the FIU men and women's hoops teams to win their 1st round games and that's why the Monday flight was booked out of Arkansas.

But neither team escaped the 1st round. The FIU men's team pretty much had little shot of winning their 1st round game after leading scorer Marvin Roberts was suspended for violation of team rules. Of course, it didn't help either that starting power forward J.C. Otero was out with a torn knee.

It was a missed opportunity for FIU late Saturday night (10:50 p.m. tipoff), because in the coming years, Denver will not belong on the same court as FIU. The Pioneers have no size, no athleticism and very little defense, but FIU with its shorthanded roster had very little of those qualities as well on Saturday.

Gary Here's how bad it got for FIU on Saturday: 5-10 point guard Phil Gary was playing center at one point in the game. Still, Gary (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) scored a game-high 23 points. Shooting guards Tremayne Russell and Stephon Weaver were playing power forward.

Despite all the disadvantages, the Panthers hung with the Pioneers until late when Denver went on an 11-4 run to build a 9-point lead.

It should all get better for FIU next season with the No. 17-ranked signing class in the country taking to the court in October for preseason practice. The arrivals of forwards Dominique Ferguson and Eric Frederick, shooting guard Richaud Pack (the nation's leading high school scorer) and point guard Phil Taylor in addition to the returns of Phil Gary, Roberts, Russell, Weaver, Nikola Gacesa and others should see an improved FIU team.

Looking back on this season and looking forward to next season, IT had this to say in the postgame press conference on Saturday:

"I’m proud of the foundation this team has laid. They did a good job in establishing the type of identity we want to play with in the future. They never quit. I told them in the locker room: unfortunately sometimes the people that are responsible for building the house and laying the foundation they never get a chance to live in the house. But what they are able to do is drive the kids by the house and take their friends by the house and say hey we built this. This group of young men their job was to do the dirty work and they did the dirty work. They got a lot of mud on their shoes and a lot of blood under their fingernails. We appreciate the work that they did and how hard they played."


After their first loss of the season on Friday, we learned FIU baseball won't go 62-0. On Sunday night in Surprise, Arizona, the Panthers loss to Arizona State 4-1 in 7 innings.

The game was delayed after 7 innings, because of rain and once the tarp went on the field the TexasWalkerTexasRanger Rangers -- who play their spring training games at the Surprise stadium -- ordered that the tarp not be removed regardless if the rain stopped. So the umpires called the game after 7 innings, despite the rain stopping. I was never a fan of the show: Walker -- Texas Ranger, anyway.

FIU went 2-2 on their Arizona trip which is not too shabby considering the competition the Panthers faced in the Coca Cola Classic. FIU is now 9-2 on the season.

The Panthers return to Miami to open a 5-game homestand with 2 games against Boston College starting Tuesday and then a 3-game weekend series against Rutgers.

LIVE BASEBALL BLOG starts at 5:56 p.m. Tuesday.


The FIU media relations department filled in for me during this weekend's spring practices while yours trulyCollins was in Arkansas and from the reports new defensive coordinator Geoff Collins has made an impact with his new defensive unit.

From the story from FIU media relations.....It all starts with Collins (right, thanks Roy Viera photo). When quarterback Wayne Younger aimed for the sideline to throw a pass away Friday, Collins knocked it down. After the ball hit the turf, linebackers Larvez Mars and Markeith Russell motioned for Collins to drop and give them 10 push-ups. That's exactly what Collins did.

``He's just as much into it as we are,'' linebacker Toronto Smith said. ``I think, in the game, if we catch an interception, that he'll run down the sideline with us. We might get a flag, but it's Jj worth it. I love the energy that he brings to the defense.''

Good to hear defensive end Jonathan Jackson (left, thanks AJH photo) got into the backfield to tackle running back Jeremiah Harden for a tackle for loss in Sunday morning's practice. It's been a while since JJ and his injured feet have been on the field.

Next practice is Tuesday at 3:45 p.m.


Aaapaw Will have a LIVE BASEBALL BLOG of Tuesday's FIU/Boston College game from FIU Baseball Stadium. First pitch is at 6 p.m. Will be on-line about 5:56 p.m. for you.

Aaapaw Attention: kendallplayafiu, canerallymonkey, Miguel Alfonso: you have been traced and are being monitored on this blog's tracking program.

You are more than welcome to post your anti-FIU rants on here, but pick one screen name. Your original screen name that you posted on this blog is Miguel Alfonso, which you say you are the former FIU pitcher that stopped playing when Turtle Thomas took over FIU.

You're more than welcome to keep posting under that screen name. If you post comments under any other screen name the comments will be deleted. Thank you and thanks for making the GPP one of the most read blogs on the Miami Herald website.



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lol @ the FIU hater........whatever your screen name is....

Hmmmm.....triple personality. He's giving crazy cane/panther, et al...a run for his money......

For basketball next year, remember we also have FIU's first commitment to Isiah Thomas in DeJuan Wright (from Gillette College), as well as 3 transfer players sitting out this season: Forward Brandon Moore(from Arkansas), and guards Alex Legion(from Illinois), and Jeremy Allen(from Central Michigan).

If all of these players show up, then we'd have 8 newcomers next season, with a slight possibility of more newcomers if anyone who is currently on the roster leaves the team before next season.

Good experience out in AZ; tough loss to UC-Riverside as they probably saved one of their better pitchers for us and then got blown-out by ASU 16-2.

Anyways, we proved we were a strong team traveling cross-country and playing each team tough. Looking forward to BC and Rutgers who have been on 4 week road trips.


I believe Alex Legion has to sit out another year so he can play all of the 2011-2012 season as a fifth-year senior. The reason for that is bc he transferred from Kentucky to Illinois and now to FIU.


Pete when is the FIU Pro day?
Looking to see if Jspoon, Munera, Joe, Andy & the boys can make some teams look to FIU...

Pro day was last Tuesday at FIU.

Munero should get at least a look for Punter in the NFL.. As for Spoon I think it would be a long shot but you never know.

Does anyone know how big the band will be for next year? I hope we are loud and proud even if we are a small band of 50 or 60 players.. Halftime shows need to have way more energy!


Supposed to be at least 100 band members from what I have been told. New look and hopefully they can help establish some traditions for the student body to embrace.

I think Weatherspoon might have a shot at getting drafted late, he has all the specs and the size (6'2" 225lbs) 4.45 to play FS or SS in the NFL. I'd expect to see him in a camp competing during pre-season.

McDuffie was with the BUCs through 4 preseason games last year and I think JW brings much more to the table. Personally, I wouldn't mind Miami taking a look at him, lord knows they need help in the secondary...

I agree with you Pike, Jspoon should get a look if McDuffie got a look. Remember McDuffie's past wasnt exactly the best & i think Jspoon has better WAY measurables & production.

It was a disappointing season for Jspoon, but we all know he's pretty talented. Same goes for Munera

I agree with you Pike, Jspoon should get a look if McDuffie got a look. Remember McDuffie's past wasnt exactly the best & i think Jspoon has WAY better measurables & production.

It was a disappointing season for Jspoon, but we all know he's pretty talented. Same goes for Munera

Wow, an 100 person band would be awesome. I don't think our original band had more than 20 people, it was tiny.

Does it really take that much money to have a band? Do they have to travel to all the games?

"About six years ago I interviewed for a job. Their average attendance was 127 people," Martin said. "There's a lot of jobs like that out there. I am blessed. I'm fortunate I got my first opportunity at such an incredible place."


Thats a swipe at FIU

Not really.

Boston College in town tonight...I know it's Tuesday and some of you may want to watch American Idol, Lost or whatever is on TV....but GO SUPPORT THE BASEBALL TEAM!!!! Either today, tomorrow or this weekend. This is an exciting team to watch. Go FIU!!!

I'll be there for the BC game, a couple of wins over them would be great.

As for basketball, the calvary is coming next year, we will have more height, more depth, and should be able to do some damage.


"Marvin Roberts suspended for violating team rules"??

Any more details on this? I hear he will be suspended from school and tossed from the team. I am surprised this is not becoming a bigger story.

Ill be at the Wed. BC game.



"Marvin Roberts suspended for violating team rules"??

Any more details on this? I hear he will be suspended from school and tossed from the team. I am surprised this is not becoming a bigger story.

You might want to check your sources, because Marvin is not going to be suspended from school and WILL NOT be tossed off the team.

He was suspended for 1 game.

No bigger story here.

Pete, any way you could run us through what went down at the FIU Pro Day? Any numbers? How did Jspoon, Munera & Bryant do? Do you think they might get a look or two late?

Did TY and Gaitor work out for scouts too?

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