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155 Days til Season Opener

Spring practice is done after Wednesday's Blue/Gold Spring Game and now the countdown begins for the 2010 season opener vs. Rutgers on Sept. 11 at FIU Stadium. Just 155 days.

The next time you'll see the Panthers on the football field might be for one of the few open practices when camp rolls around in the second week of August.

The last time we saw FIU on the field was Wednesday in the spring game and what came out of that was: an aggressive, faster defense, a stud running back in the making and an offense that took some time to getWilson going, but when the QBs got time to throw and the playmakers got a hold of the pigskin we saw what FIU is capable of when it has the ball. Now they just have to put it all together when Sept. 11 rolls around.

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Yes, it was against an offense they see everyday in practice and yes, the offensive line was missing some key cogs (Brad Serini, Rupert Bryan and Austin Tottle on Wednesday), but the Panthers D certainly came out in the spring game like they just ate a 5-alarm bowl of chili from new DC Geoff Collins's kitchen.

What was most encouraging of the D's performance was that many of the young defenders (sophomores) were the ones making plays. FIU will rely on a lot of these young guys this season, because that's what the majority (18 sophomores) of FIU's D is comprised of in 2010.

Although it was old man -- if we can call a senior that -- Jarvis Wilson (above, right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo), who unleashed havoc in the O's backfield early with 3 sacks of Wayne Younger. Sophomore LB Winston Fraser (left) had a hand in 1 of the 3 sacks. It seemed like Jarvis is a lot quicker this year.

Wf WF also got in on a QB hurry later on and with DL Tourek Williams chased down Younger which is not easy to do considering the QB's elusiveness. DL Kasey Smith, who coaches expect big things from, had a tackle for loss.

Other sophs who made plays early on were Markeith Russell and Josh Forney with some tackles in the backfield.

Although both GC and OC Scott Satterfield kept the play calling very simple, the FIU D did blitz a lot.

Probably, one of the sophs you have been expecting to breakout, did so Wednesday. Pooh Bear Mars (right) had 6 tackles in the game and about half of them were for a loss using his speed and power to get into the backfield. It seems like the game is slowing down for PBM this spring.

DB Chuck Grace made a couple of plays: batting a Wesley Carroll pass and CG also went over the middlePooh and batted a pass away intended for Wayne Times. Emmanuel Souarin, who has had a good spring, kept it going in the spring game with a couple of tackles at the line of scrimmage on pass plays.

Senior Kreg Brown had a pick and defensive lineman James Jones almost had a pick that would have gone for 6 if he holds on.

One thing that might have had GC hot when he watched the film later was that there were a handful of missed tackles -- which was an issue last season even though GC was not here in 2009. Although on some of those plays, we have to give credit to No. 6.


No. 6 would be new running back Jeremiah Harden, (left) who made the spring game his personal showcase.

Jh What will stand out for most about JH's performance Wednesday will be the 69-yard TD run that only the Youth Fair was able to contain him from running onto SW 107th Ave. 

But more than that is what JH showed when he first gets any handoff. As you may have read in a previous post on here, WC -- JH's high school teammate -- described JH as a guy that gets lost going into a pile, but somehow always finds his way out for extra yardage.

Besides that ability, what I've noticed from JH is his vision of knowing where the blocks are going to be and knowing when to cut it back, because there are no open running lanes in front of him. That's what makes JH a special back.

On the long TD run, we saw that once JH got around the right corner he put it into an extra gear and then some to out run the D.

Now FIU has to develop another back to complement JH. A slimmer Darriet Perry has the ability to be that back. He needs to get back in the flow after missing half of last season with an injury. 

Freshman Kedrick Rhodes could possibly be the Ricky to JH's Ronnie -- if you will. If you're looking for a sleeper in this position battle come camp look toward senior Trenard Turner, who has a knack for breaking tackles, but has been injured most of his FIU career.


Like you've read a zillion times on here, the FIU spread O will go as the O-line goes. Missing 3 key OLinemen Wednesday didn't help, but still the O had some trouble getting going early on which occurred in some games last season.

However, once the O got some rhythm we saw what the playmakers can do.

TE Jonathan Faucher, who along with Colt Anderson has improved, caught a 16-yard TD pass from WC.Jm

WC also hit Junior Mertile (right, thanks AJH photo), who looks fully recovered from his knee injury, for a 56-yard TD.

Again Times continues to look better and better. WT led all receivers with 4 catches for 73 yards and what makes him dangerous are his moves in the open field. The moves are T.Y. Goodbye-like.

WC had the better day of the 2 QBs throwing the ball and directing the O. But at the end of the day, the stats were similar between the 2 QBs. WC was 8 of 11 for 90 yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT. WY went 8 of 15 for 80 yds, 1 TD, 0 INT.

Future FIU playmaker Willis Wright and future FIU safety Randy Williams and many of the Miami Springs Golden Hawks took in the spring game as they sat near the 40-yard line.


Apaw Will have a mid-season look at the FIU baseball team on the next post. The Panthers are in Murfreesboro, Tenn. this weekend taking on a tough Middle Tennessee. Saturday's game is on TV on CSS's Sun Belt Game of the Week.

Apaw The lovely Golden Dazzlers are putting on their annual variety show on Saturday, April 17 at U.S. Century Bank Arena. As we saw last season, the Dazzlers can put on a show with their tribute toDazzz Daz Michael Jackson (left, thanks AJH photo) and their salute to Harley Davidson (right, AJH photo) Here is some more info from an e-mail sent by the Dazzlers:

The Variety Show is an annual fundraiser (and biggest) which we have done in the past. This is the 5th one.

It is an all dance event featuring the Golden Dazzlers performing various dance routines showcasing many styles of dance such as lyrical, jazz, pom and hip hop. Group numbers, solos, duos and all sort of combinations will be involved. In addition, we have guest performers from the community, giveaways and2010 Variety Show interactive crowd games. 

After spending all year performing at football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball games (not to mention the appearances and community events) this is finally an event where it’s only about us, by us. It’s the Dazzlers turn to shine!

We would love the fans’ support on this one!!!!

Tickets are now on pre-sale for $ 8.00 at the football fieldhouse and at the door at the arena on show day for $ 10.00.

Apaw As you may have noticed by the photo on the left in the rail, Adam Beasley is joining the FIU beat and will handle the print duties.

A little about Adam: besides bringing plenty of writing experience from Syracuse and working in newspapers in 5 states, Adam is a busy guy at the Herald.

In addition to FIU, Adam also covers soccer for the Herald and works in the news department. In news, Adam will be a charter member of the breaking news team. Adam will continue to split his time with the continuous news desk, writing breaking news and 1A takeouts for the daily newspaper and the Sunday newspaper.


O'darris D'haiti #20: How did saloney joseph do as I worked out with him before he tried out for the team. He is a small guy but the kid has heart. You think he will stay with the team by what u seen so far in practice and the spring game?

PP: Saloney looked quick. He's not that big of a back at all, but he might surprise if given some extra reps. Not sure if he will be back for fall camp. All depends on the health of the RBs.

Xmas You Got Gold: Pete, the regular signing period for college hoops should be starting soon, right? I think it's mid-April til mid-May. Does Isiah have any scholarships left for 2010?

PP: IT does not have anymore scholarships left for this season, but you never know if all the players from last season will be back and maybe a scholie or 2 opens up here or there. Will have any updates if they happen. If anything else, check back in October when practice begins.

Last I heard, we might find out around mid-summer if it will be an early "Christmas" season for FIU.


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Mr. Beasley looks like a bobo...But he will fit in just find with u dumb FIWho fans...

Thanks for visiting the FIWho blog that you bookmark and visit every day.

You closet FIU Fan.

Pete or Adam, this was qouted on the last blog:

"In addition to FIU, Adam also covers soccer for the Herald and works in the news department. In news, Adam will be a charter member of the breaking news team. Adam will continue to split his time with the continuous news desk, writing breaking news and 1A takeouts for the daily newspaper and the Sunday newspaper."

That's a full plate for Adam! When are you ever going to be able to cover FIU Athletics if at all? If there is a big FIU football game and suddenly some emergency in the city happens and your sent to cover that instead of FIU football, then what. Who will provide the information to us, the FIU students, alumni and fans?!

It seems that Mr. Rojas wants to make you (Adam) a Jack of all trades and MASTER of NONE! This is UNEXCEPTABLE!! FIU needs a dedicated beat writer for FIU sports, that WAS Pete! However no! They change to Adam Beasley who is ALREADY handling a ton of other stuff and ohh, by the way cover FIU as well. This Mr. Rojas is poor planning and lowering the standards of the Herald on FIU coverage. I'm sure they wouldn't asign a myriad of non-UM related function to their beat writer, however our beat writer has to cover eveything that is non-FIU! This is pathetic!


Looks good that the "new" FIU beat writer is also the charter member of the Continuous news desk and will be doing stories for 1A on daily and Sunday features. hmmmm oh yeah and also the "soccer" writer....i guess the expanded FIU coverage that Mr. Rojas promised on this very blog a few weeks ago is really going to be great....he compared it to the Dolphins (Salguero and Darlington - only do the Dolphins) then to UCG (where SMD lives on campus basically and Navarro does some Marlins and majority Canes), but with FIU he gets someone that is doing 5 different beats and really isn't good at any of them. What is the point of them putting his picture here if Pete is going to continue to do the blog and he will concentrate on print...Useless, oh wait but that is the motto of the Miami Herald in the past 4 years. USELESS....only good for the coupons on Sundays and to put on the bottom of the bird cage.

Welcome to Mr. Beasley to the FIU beat. However, I must echo the concern raised by some over here in terms of the myriad of responsibilities Mr. Beasly will have at The Herald from now on. I sure hope that FIU is not shortchanged in this decision, but have a feeling it will precisely be that.

Oh well.....

"Mr. Beasley looks like a bobo...But he will fit in just find with u dumb FIWho fans..."

Wait who's dumb? What does "fit in just find" mean? find what? please clarify.

Im sure Mr. Beasley will do a "find" job covering FIU. HAHA!

"but with FIU he gets someone that is doing 5 different beats and really isn't good at any of them."

That's awfully presumptuous of you, Roman. I highly doubt you've followed Beasley enough to be able to comment on his abilities as a reporter. I'm sure Adam's super excited to cover FIU with the warm reception he's getting.

When the market for FIU sports opens up in print, they'll run more. They gave FIU decent coverage for what was a very bad football team last year, and that coverage will increase when the audience increases.

Welcome Adam.

I'm sure Adam will do a professional job. Unfortunately, he doesn't work for professionals. Mr. Rojas is a transparent UM supporter and has clearly risen to the level of his incompetence at the Herald.

Chris...having worked for the paper, I know enough

Powers that be... Please put Pete back on FIU full time. I feel as though this Adam character is not going to be able to devote enough time to FIU, how could he with five other responsibilities? I need someone who can report about FIU so that I can refute and debunk all the rediculous hype. Without Pete and this blog, there is no CrazyCane. If there is no CrazyCane, there is no FIUPIKE, alt, scumsanitizer, SouthPaw and so on.

Without those guys, you are left with Joey's mom - then may G-d help us all.

hahaha CC, you are a trip, looking forward to going to an FIU bowl game with you this december.

I have to echo the sentiments as well. I am a soccer fan, and have read Mr. Beasley's work. He's a fine reporter, and will do as good a job as possible. The problem here is that Jorge Rojas, the Herald Sports Editor, has not put Mr. Beasley in a position to succeed, and has alianated Mr. Pelegrin, probably the best beat writer the paper has.

Mr. Beasley will be swamped with tons of work, doesn't have the connections and report that Mr. Pelegrin has, and will not be able to perform effectively. So much for "better and expanded coverage". Mr. Rojas, have you ever heard of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Pete Pelegrin was, is, and should be the Herald FIU beat writer.

I think we need a Q&A blog with Adam as a guest. I, like many others, will doubt the credibility of Mr. Beasley until we are able to appropriately vet him, virtually at first and at a minimum. Here's a word of advise for you Adam - be not like Manny Navarro (i.e. fake bandwagon jock strap niffer). We're supporting something that's building here.

I'd like if Adam just reported what happened, and didn't try to be either positive or negative. It's not his job to put the university in a good light, it's his job to let the university's natural light, whatever it may be, shine through.

Chris, beat writer's while reporting "what happened in the natural light" are embedded with the teams/programs they cover, therefore 99% of beat writers tend to be favorable towards the teams they cover. I challenge you to find a beat writer in this city that is not favorable to the team he/she covers... i'll save you the trouble, you can't find one.

Reporters are impartial, beat writers are not, its one of the realities of journalism.

I noticed that Beasley was all over the place from day one. There is nothing wrong with him as a writer. He's good in that respect. My concern is the same as most everyone's on here, that he has too many other responsibilities to effectively be FIU's beat writer. As of yet, there is nothing to complain about. FIU athletics will be slow until football season starts so our coverage wont suffer much.

Also, Mr. Rojas made it clear to me in an email that he is a Gator, not a UM fan. However, seeing how UM is king around here with their 5 national championships and other successes, its good business for the Herald to dedicate all their coverage to them.

FIU just has to start winning. Once our teams start winning, the coverage and "fans" will come.


You asked, "FIWHO?" Thank you for your interest. For a comprehensive response to your question, please visit http://issuu.com/fiumagazine/docs/finalpdf-winter_2010/1 - The latest issue of FIU Magazine addresses your question head on. Enjoy!

As always, Go FIU Panthers!

"FIU just has to start winning. Once our teams start winning, the coverage and "fans" will come."

This is the answer.

The baseball team is really starting to disappoint me. Let's see if they can avoid the sweep against MT.

We still need a long way to go before this team can compete with the big boys. At this point, I just hope they can beat Florida Atlantic and if that happens I'll consider it a successful season.

Baseball avoids the sweep, wins 6-4. Obviously winning the series was the goal but Rembisz had a horrible start on friday and we just don't have a deep bullpen to recover from situations like those. I would like to see R.J. move up to the friday spot, he's our best pitcher right now. Any thoughts?

Between our team and the Marlins, its going to be a very annoying baseball season. I hope the Marlins pick up a reliever. Jose Veras is garbage. He was terrible in NY and I have no idea why the Marlins picked him up.

As for FIU, moving RJ to Friday would be a good move depending on who the other team is throwing out. You dont want to throw your best guy out there if the opposing pitcher has a 25.00 ERA and batters are hitting .400 off him. You want to put your best guy out there if the opposing pitcher is good and you need someone thatll keep the other team in check while you figure out their pitcher. Make sense?

Glad to see the baseball team was able to pick up at least one game at MTSU. Anyone else find it really annoying that there is a UCG headline in the FIU section of the Herald website?

I dont think advertisements can be controlled. Maybe FIU should buy some online ad space...

Im glad to see we were able to win one game as well, but it wasnt an easy win. Also, we're 6-6 in our conference so far. We need to improve on that. I hope our pitching comes together. Its very frustrating to see that we lost 10-3 or whatnot.

Good night Golden Panther Prowl!

Que bola~Just wanted to give a shout out to all of the FIU nation

My prediction of 35 wins is starting to look pretty bad, but I will stick to my original prediction. I hope in their last 5-10 games the team gets red hot and go into the Sunbelt Tournament and find a way to get to the FINALS.. Middle is the real deal unfortunately!

22 Games left
4 Games out of conference
18 Sunbelt Games

Note: Half of the games left are at HOME.. We need to do a better job of going to the games and supporting a good baseball team (including me). I have been very bad with baseball, only seen TWO games..

Go Golden Panthers!

Since the new Beat Writer obviously has no time to control and/or watch the content of our Golden Panther material, this is what we are stuck with...article titles like;
1. Spring football game is therapeutic for FIU
2. FIU football team helps healing by playing
3. FIU football spring game to be subdued affair after death of Kendall Berry

Can we be a little more melodramitic here Mr. Beasley.

We had Saturdays game, had some opportunities there. Bases loaded no outs and come up with no runs, Doug Joyce taking 8 days to get to dropped 3rd strike and throwing the ball away, and Junior dropping a low line drive which wouldve been a double play and ended the inning taking the game into the 10th... We need to be able to pull off wins in those games.

On a positive note, our RPI still isnt terrible with FIU being 59th (warren nolan and boyds world). If we can start playing some good baseball consistently, we will still be in good shape... Those games like Saturday hurt because that 1 game helps a lot and those are the games that come back to haunt you.

First off, if that was actually Pitbull then please leave. I personally dont like Pitbull's music. Too much emphasis on a sing song style and his songs are all remixes. But to each his own, he obviously has a lot of fans...

Anyway, writers dont come up with headlines. I understand people are trying to hate on Beasley, but he has no control over what the headlines are. So, dont break his balls over stuff that he didnt write.

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