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2nd Spring Scrimmage

The Panthers went through their second spring scrimmage on Thursday afternoon at FIU Stadium.

The scrimmage like all practices this week was closed to the public and media, but after speaking to someTw sources, here is some of what happened during the scrimmage.

The defense got after it with four sacks. Tourek Williams, (right) who continues to shine this spring, got a sack on one play and a tackle for loss on another. Was told TW really stood out on Thursday.

Little Canada, James Jones -- recovering nicely from off-season surgeries -- and Andrew Mattox had the other sacks.

Was told on his sack, Mattox chased the down the quarterback across the field showing off some of the quickness that earned him Volusia County Defensive Player of the Year two years ago. Mattox is turning into one of the better walk-on additions in the program's 8-year history.

Wayne Younger (left) got the majority of snaps on Thursday, because Wesley Carroll had to leave early for a class. WC threw just one pass and completed it for nearly 40 yards to Ariel Martinez.

Wy WY continued his strong spring going 15 of 23 for 168 yards and 2 TDs.

Among WY's top throws on Thursday, he connected with T.Y. Goodbye for a 38-yard TD. WY also found T.Y. for another good gain and Ty Frierson as well.

No shocker here, Goodbye led all receivers with 6 catches for 90 yards. Yeah, No. 4 is pretty good.

WY's other TD came on a short pass to emerging tight end Colt Anderson. That's CA's 2nd TD catch in as many scrimmages.

Although from what one source said, CA did not have to make his video game move to score this time, unlike the XBox move he made on his 38-yard TD in the first scrimmage.

Trenard Turner led the running game with the only rushing score from inside the 10-yard line.

From what another source tells me, after the offense did its work, the defense took over again to end theWf scrimmage.

Word is defensive back Emmanuel Souarin again made tackles for loss and played good pass coverage. Defensive back Antwoine Bell had a pass deflection.

Linebacker Winston Fraser, (right) healthy again, ended the scrimmage with an interception that he almost returned for a TD.

From what I was told, Fraser played very aggressive Thursday and looked as quick as ever. WF is one LB that can really be a difference maker on this defense in the upcoming season. You all saw what he did when he was on the field last season.


Aaapaw LIVE GAME BLOG is back tommorrow (Friday) and all through the 3-game series this weekend between FIU and Louisiana. Will be on-line at 6:54 p.m. tommorrow. First pitch is at 7 p.m.

While the Panthers will be playing baseball Friday. The Golden Dazzlers will be playing babeball as they make their baseball debut at Friday's game.....The photos -- such as the one on the right never get old.

Aaapaw No word yet on the spring game. But it could be sometime in the middle to latter part of next week.Dazz


FIU observer: Is Jonathon Jackson still on the team?

PP: Yes he is and he's made some plays this spring.

c-UM: Dont sell us short now Pete, we have 16 wins, not 15

PP: Yes, FIU has 16 wins. My mistake.

SouthPaw: Pete, what's the status of Edgar Theliar and Derrick Clark? Are either expected to be back for Fall practice?

PP: No, neither will be at FIU.

You Got Gold: Hey Pete, Could you update us on the McVay and Leith injuries?

PP: Leith is still expected back at some point this season to give FIU another lefty out of the pen. McVay is not pitching this season as he recovers from elbow surgery.

Thanks to Alex J. Hernandez photo gallery for pictures

Time for a spring poll question:


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Pete, any news on the Blue/Gold game being rescheduled? I heard that it might be played next Weds? GO Golden Panthers (RIP KB)

KJ - Do you read the blog before posting? PP wrote the following "No word yet on the spring game. But it could be sometime in the middle to latter part of next week."

After all this time some of the posters on this blog still amaze me... and not in a good way.

Pete, There is a rumor going around that IT is interested in the DePaul BBall Vacancy. Can you look into this? I can’t imagine that he would leave FIU after his first year with such a strong recruiting effort? The rumor also said that he would take with him the recruited players. I cant imagine that this is true. Again, just a rumor.


how would PP know? he just posted a blog about a practice that he was not at...
hang in there herald!

Do you really think he wasn't at the practices?

C'mon now.

Gold I have read the same thing out of several new sources. However, those same sources are stating that DePaul is not interested in IT.

How does that make you feel GPers? Your beloved IT, after one year at FIU, wants to leave for DePaul and take all those recruits you love to talk about, but DePaul does not want him or his recruits.

It makes me feel mad. Im full of rage!!!

On a serious note, PP knows all. Which leads me to a questions for Pete:

Any news on whether or not El Monstrou is going to resign with Baltimore? Has he visited any teams/have any teams shown interest in him?

He ended the year on a very positive note and I hope he can find a home where he can show what he can do. Ideally a team that doesnt have 20 talented LB's already on the roster (Ravens).

Thanks Pete!

One more note, it seems that Adam Beasley is FIU's new beat writer. Most of the FIU articles have been written by him lately. A syracuse grad writing about FIU...

PP just wrote on the MH that the rumors are not true and that IT is not going anywhere. Ummm, and Nick Saban is still the Dolphin head coach and not interested in Alabama. What else is IT going to say at this point?

Usually where there is smoke there is fire.

CC pick one, is it that IT is not good enough and Depaul doesn't want him?

Or is it where there's smoke there's fire?

The only thing I know is that 1 day before the Final Four, all I see on the ESPN ticker is: Isiah Thomas, FIU, #17 recruiting class in the nation.... being repeated also by every major news source nationally.

Think about that for a second, let it simmer and then come talk to me.

The better question CrazyCane is how does it make YOU feel that you're more on top of any and all FIU rumors than 95% of FIU fans. Yours must be a miserable existence.

I love to be on top of any and all FIU rumors.

Even more so than being on top of Sebastian's balls. I rather lick them.

Give CC his meds....please...LOL.

I love seeing the ESPN ticker seeing FIU's recruiting class ranking. Not bad, not bad at all.

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