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Andy the Dolphin

Former FIU offensive lineman Andy Leavine (right) was invited to workout for the Miami Dolphins.Leavine

Dolphins Andy at 6-5, 300 pounds certainly has the size to play in the NFL and his versatility playing different positions on the offensive line will help when he begins work at the Dolphins practice facility in Davie later this week.

Had a chance to speak with Andy on Sunday afternoon and this is what the latest Panther to get a shot in the NFL had to say:

PP: How did the process happen after the NFL Draft?

AL: The Dolphins were among some of the teams talking to me before the draft. They were asking me if I can play center. They had never seen me snap before and I told him I had played center my whole life until I got to FIU in 2006. So Miami is bringing me in on Thursday to camp. I report with all the Dolphins draftees and we'll start rookie mini-camp on Friday.

PP: It's been 4 years since you last played center at Springstead High. You played mostly left tackle and left guard at FIU. Do you think it will be a big adjustment getting in there and snapping the ball?

Al AL: I'm very confident in my abilities. Football is football. It's all relative. If you can play left tackle, you can play left guard and if you can play left guard, you can play center. Center is the only position I had played on the line until college. I'm grateful for the opportunity to see what I can do.

PP: What did you do this past weekend while the draft was going on?

AL: I was working out all weekend with [former FIU tight end] Eric Kirchenberg. In fact, I'm getting ready to run some 110s now with Kirch before I called you. I didn't really watch much of the draft. I thought I was snubbed coming out of high school and the same coming out of college. But I am thankful to get the opportunity now. This is my time to shine. Miami is a great organization. They have a great coaching staff and I'm looking to make the most of it.

PP: Did you get calls from the Dolphins or other teams on Saturday in the late rounds of the draft?

AL: [Former FIU Director of Football Operations and current Dolphins scout] Matt Winston was texting me at the end of the draft seeing how I was doing and asking me if other teams had contacted me. The Rams, Jaguars and a couple of other teams contacted me. Dolphins offensive line coach [Dave DeGuglielmo] told me he wanted to see me play center and see what I got.

Ab PP: I would imagine your family is pretty happy about you getting an opportunity with the hometown NFL team. Has everyone in your family always been a Dolphins fan or did they side with the Bucs?

AL: All my family has always rooted for the Dolphins and my wife as well. My wife's father is from Fort Lauderdale and he is probably one of the biggest Dolphins fans around.

PP: Now you are the third FIU player currently in the NFL. I know FIU football has only been around 8 years heading into the 9th season this fall, but what does that mean to you that you are in select company when it comes to former Panthers to play in the NFL?

AL: There has always been a talent pool at FIU for football players. It's an honor to be among those guys to get a shot at the next level. I know Antwan (left) has made it and Chandler (right) is with the Chiefs andCw I want to be that next FIU player to make it. I got a lot of work to do, but I'm going to make the most of it.



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Congrats Andy!

Congrats Andy!!!! Good luck in the NFL! GO Golden Panthers......

congrats andy! good luck w/ the phins

Congrats Andy! Go Fins, Go G.Panthers!

Congrats Andy... way to represent!

Wow! What a great article. Thanks Pete. Here is a guy who never got the respect or support that he truly deserved because he played at FIU, and he still has the opportunity to make his dream a reality. That is dedication and persistence at it's best. Congratulations Andy this is just the beginning. I love you like a brother, and thanks for protecting my blindside! I know I've already congratulated you, but I figured I would let all the GPP followers know that it was an honor to play with you for the last 4 years. You make me very proud my man!

Congrat's Andy and good luck.

Should be interesting to see how he holds up against Penn St.'s Odrick.

Hey Pete, any other Panthers invited to a rookie camp; SB comes to mind off the top.

Hey Paul nice to see you on the GPP. Hopefully we get to hear from you with greater frequency this upcoming season on this forum.

Thanks for giving all you had during your time at FIU, we all appreciated your moments of glory and determination. The impossible almost happened at Alabama!!!

Makes us proud, Andy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Andy!! That makes 3 Golden Panthers in the NFL and we might get one more guy in this year.. Talking NFL, we can see a couple of our boys in the NFL next year for sure..

Its also great to see Paul in the GPP.. Talk about a hard worker.. That guy took more hits his Junior and Senior year then all Sunbelt QB's combined.. PM is one guy most FIU fans will never fortget!

Note: Baseball needs to finish the last 10-12 games with some fire! We can still finish the season the 4th spot if we just play some hard ball!


Good luck to Andy!!! He's the type of player Bill Parcells likes on the O-line. I really think he can make team as backup center.

Go FIU!!!

hey Paul goot to see ya on the GPP

awsome, hope he can stay around for the long run!!!

good stuff! congrats

Congrats Andy from my favorite college team to my favorite NFL team! Way to go!

Hey Paul nice having you on the GPP and congrats on your graduation!!!!

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