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Blue/Gold Preview

Helmet FIU will kickoff the annual Blue/Gold Spring Game on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. and while most of you will be at work -- unless you get George Peterson to call your boss for you or if your boss is Michael Scott -- don't worry the GPP has got you covered.

The GPP will channel its best Al Michaels and deliver you a play-by-play LIVE BLOG from FIU Stadium beginning with a 2-minute pre-blog show at 3:28 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.

To get you ready for the spring game whether you are planning on attending or will follow through cyberspace, here's what to look for:


Like last season, the continued development of the offensive and defensive lines will determine how successful FIU will be this coming season.

This spring it's pretty much been a draw when the two lines have gone at it. If anything the D-line might haveMattox a slight edge on the O-line right now. Of course, when looking at any position this spring you have to factor in the injured players not participating and the newly-signed Panthers that won't be on campus until July.

One key cog to the O-line that has missed this spring is Rupert Bryan recovering from a knee injury. He started non-contact drills late in the spring and is expected to be 100 percent come fall camp.

Tourek Williams and Andrew Mattox (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) have carried their strong freshmen seasons over into this spring. Keep an eye on No. 97 and No. 93 on Wednesday as well as James Jones, who has recovered nicely from his two surgeries.

If you're at FIU Stadium see who controls the line of scrimmage on Wednesday.

Outside of Brad Serini and Cedric Mack, there aren't any other seniors on the O-line. Same thing goes for the D-line outside of senior Thatcher Starling.


With Dudley LaPorte sidelined this spring with a foot injury, Colt Anderson and Jonathan Faucher have taken Ty advantage of the extra reps.

As we saw last season in limited duty (1-handed TD catch vs. ULM) before he broke his foot, DLP will be a big part of the O this season. However, the emergence this spring of CA and JF have given the Panthers another pair of offensive weapons.

CA, in particular, has had a terrific spring. The two tight ends appear ready to join what is FIU's strength -- receivers. And the receivers have gotten stronger. If you haven't been out to spring practice this season, take a look at the new muscles on Wayne Times and T.Y. Hilton (left, thanks AJH photo). Times stood out in the first scrimmage.

Another receiver who has had a good spring is Ariel Martinez. The walk-on from Coral Park started making some tough catches last fall.


Some of the heralded young defensive players that didn't see much playing time last season have been getting more playing time on D this spring and have shown some of their potential.Mars

Linebacker Pooh Bear Mars (right), defensive back Emmanuel Souarin and safety Terrance Taylor have had their moments this spring. Walk-on defensive back Jose Cheseborough has also made some plays.

Aaron Davis also continued his strong finish to last season and can be a pass rushing threat this coming season. FIU needs to get more pressure on the QB this season.

I think the Panthers have really taken to new DC Geoff Collins and you'll see a new energy with the FIU defenders this season.

One area where the Panthers need more of the younger players to emerge is along the D-line to go along with Tourek and Mattox.

Quarterback Wayne Younger might be the Panther that has shown the most improvement this spring. Besides looking like he's taken to the weight room, WY has more zip on his passes and as usual can move with the ball in his hands. WY might be making the starting QB decision a lot tougher on MC and offensive coordinator Scott Satterfield later this August.


Apaw Pi Kappa Alpha and the FIU Football Team are organizing the Kendall Berry Memorial Flag Football Tournament.
The 7-on-7 tournament will be taking place at FIU Stadium at 9:00 AM on Sunday, April Kb 11. Teams will consist of 7- 10 players each. Registration costs are $10 a player, with 100% of the proceeds going to support the remembrance of Kendall Berry through a memorial and banner at FIU Stadium, and possibly an FIU scholarship.

For more information you can contact: Francis Aguilar (Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Philanthropy Chairman) at (305) 542-8343 or fagui007@fiu.edu


Jsuarez88: Pete, can you help me undertstand why they wouldnt play this game on a fri-sun??? Why would they do it mid-week at 3pm??

PP: Because of the 30-day window each college team has to complete spring practice. Also about 28 players have classes or exams on Wednesday night so they had to move the game up to the afternoon.


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Wish I could be at the Spring Game today. I'll be at work like many others. Hope we get through it without any major injuries.

Nice to see the PIKE Undergrads organizing the Flag Football Tournament. We have a good amount of brothers on the football team so it's nice to see the rest of the Chapter going above and beyond to show them their support. GO PIKE!

I'll be out there this afternoon getting my final fix of the spring. Anxious to see what scheme Collins has tried to employ with our personnel.

Way to step up PIKE KGers....I hope to be there in support of the event, nice job organizing Adam...

phi phi.

Like many others I will have to miss the Spring game this afternoon because of work, however, my heart will be at FIU stadium! Go Panthers!

I guess we all do not care about baseball anymore since they are not winning everytime out.

lol this guys has issues...

I will be at the game!!

FIUloyal - I may have issues, but that does not mean I am wrong in my assessment.

what assesment? that people are talking football the day of the spring game? Show me 1 blog or message board IN THE COUNTRY that would be talking baseball the day of their spring game...

Like i said, you have issues. Everybody knows that you are attention starved, closet FIU fan. I dare you to find me 10 other Miami fans that are as obsessed with FIU as you are... I would bet that you know more about FIU sports than Miami Hurricane sports.

FIUloyal and you would lose that bet, much like FIU baseball - football - basketball.

Yes, i could see why the FIU sports fans care more about a Spring Football game for a team that has no chance of winning anything come Fall more than an FIU Baseball team currently having a pretty good season and on their way to getting a post season bid. Yeah FIU, lets care more about a crappy Football team still 5 months from playing a game that matters in which they are going to lose anyway.

I care about FIU baseball. Im very frustrated that our team seems to give up 10 runs a game. We cant win if our boys have to go out there and score at least 8 runs a game. Statistically that kind of firepower cant be found every single game.

Another thing I want to note. According to Adam Beasley regarding today's spring game: "Among the pressing issues: deciding on a starting quarterback.

Wayne Younger and Wesley Carroll are competing to replace Paul McCall as the Golden Panthers' signal-caller."

So either this guy doesnt know what the hell he is writing about or we have a scary situation on our hands.

I thought Wesley was supposed to be magnificant. I thought our QB was set and that Wesley was that QB. To read that there is a "pressing issue" regarding the starting QB worries me. I've toned down my WY hate (not literal hate), but I cannot believe that he is on the same level as Wesley Carroll. Any thoughts?

MVP for FGCU last night......Jorge Marban!!!! We were up 6-3 going into the top of the 7th, i believe, and Marban is the catalyst for a 5 run inning. He walked in 2 runs and left the game with bases loaded and 1 out.

The umpires were also the worst umpires ive ever seen. Wittels looked pretty safe to me at home plate, which wouldve made the game 8-8, and runners in scoring position.

FGCU brought in top 10 pick in the upcoming MLB draft, Chris Sale (their Friday night starter) to close the game last night. Would love to have one of those on our team. He looked about 6'6, lefty, and ive heard he's been hitting 96-97 mph this year.

ALT lets give it until August...

On a bright note, DeSimone did a decent job going over 5 innings, Pablo broke out of the mini-slump, and Wittels extended the hitting streak.
I didn't go to the game, I'm only looking at the box score. Can someone tell me why Corey came in to replace DeSimone in the 6th, got 1 out, but didn't come back to pitch the 7th? Instead Marban came in and there goes the lead. I think that's a bad move by Turtle, but again, I wasn't at the game so maybe I'm missing something.

I/m not sure if it's WC OR WY but if they REALLY let it play out competitive than CS
Schirippa has it all except for WC'S experience.The arm, legs Heart & Cajones...

You Got Gold - Its funny, our starters for the most part have been doing pretty good lately and its our bullpen that is killing us. RJ threw great on saturday and just didnt get the help.

Corey was prob taken out because winning this weekend against MTSU is 1000 times more important then yesterday. If we win the series against MTSU, WKU, S. AL, Ark St. and FAU then we pretty much guarantee ourselves into a regional.

Marban got a quick out, but just fell apart. I think while he was in the game he gave up 2 or 3 runs, then albert came in and gave up like 2 hits before getting out of the inning. Berko also gave up 2 more runs in the 9th. We are really missing B. Garcia right now. It would be interesting to see how many games we have lost after leading through 6 innings.

Alt - relax man, competition brings out the best, you think Mario is just going to crown Wes the starter and tell Wayne and Chris to battle it out for the 2nd spot ? He'd lose the ball club doing stuff like that. Look at Ariel and Jacob getting snaps last year over other WRs...they worked hard and executed the plays in practice....when you do that, you get reps on Saturdays.

I have seen a 500% improvement in Wayne's delivery, ball speed and precision since Satterfield has arrived...

I expect Wes to be the starter, but Wayne will certainly have his share of snaps and plays designed to capitalize on his athleticism.

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