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FIU/New Orleans Baseball Live Blog Friday Night

Fiubase The Golden Panthers (19-14, 6-6) open up a three-game home series against the Privateers (10-22, 2-13) Friday night at 7 p.m. Going to try my hand at live blogging for the first time, so check back just a few minutes before first pitch.

Also, wanted to let you all know that once I get into a routine, I'll do a regular Q&A, if you all have interest. It'll be weekly during the football season and twice a month the rest of the year. To submit questions, email me at abeasley@miamiherald.com.

That being said, I've heard a lot of feedback about the fee story that ran about a month back. Let's set the record straight on a few things. First off, an editor and I came up with the story idea as a way to localize a USA Today piece on the widespread use of athletic fees to prop up low-revenue programs. What the data showed was that FIU not only was part of the trend, but it the most reliant on said subsidies, even compared to similar schools. Furthermore, we learned that the athletic budget has increased by more than 50 percent over the previous five years, even though the school as a whole went through significant cuts to academic programs and staff. So yes, it isn't a new phenomenon that fee money was going to the program, but the last we wrote about the issue was during the boom years. We felt that some present-day perspective was needed. Last point: the story was written back in February, before I was moved to the FIU beat, but held because of space issues in the Sunday paper. I understand the timing of when it ran might seem more than coincidental, but I assure you all it was not.


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Please don't explain it, it only makes it worse...

who cares if they increased the budget, thats a good thing. FIU is also improving its academics at the same time, as well, with the additions of the medical and law programs. Plus their Business and accounting schools are doing very well also. Everything else is irrelevant.

can we break the curse of 20 wins???

Mr. Beasley, I was told by e-mail from Mr. Rojas that Pete would handle the GPP and that you among your other rather NUMEROUS tasks would eventually (as time allows) handle the "FIU Beat", then why with your obviously limited time, also post on the GPP?

Why can't it be Pete handling the GPP and his newly acquired demeaning functions (i.e. covering horse racing, basket weaving tourney, underwater modern dance, etc.) and you do your other stuff & BTW show up at a couple of FIU games if time allows?


Like I said before, welcome to the FIU family Adam.. I hope to see some great FIU articles in the near future. If there is a time to start writing about FIU it should be now. Im pretty sure Pete has seen some ugly season (ex 0-12 football). The majority of the programs have made an improvement in the last 2 years and the trend does not look like its stopping any time soon. We might see 3 or 4 Sunbelt Championships next year.. I hope that you can push for more ink on the sports page for FIU.. With so many Alumnis the Herald needs to do a better job..


UFF, excellent & comical point! Adam, you have been assigned a long-list of duties, including eventually doing some writing for FIU. If that is the case then why this blog also? I rather you focus on ALL your various assignments, INCLUDING FIU and let Pete keep building this blog (he created it!) while someone higher up realizes what an absoulute mistake the MH has made.

Additionally, the higher ups can then REASSIGN Mr. Rojas to the Weather Page and get someone with a clue to handle and administer sports.

It is reported often that FIU students leave school after earning their degree with the lowest debt in the country. Where is the full page report on that from the Herald.

Where are the stories on the highest Law School scores in the State, the highest CPA pass rate, the most Valedictorians in the State, the most selective school in the State, the Medical School updates, the huge recruiting class that IT is bringing in? and on and on.

I know it's all about the editor and the publisher. I know that we are frowned upon over there no matter what we do. It systemic but to bring in someone with little in-sight to cover FIU is just another slap in the face Adam.

By the way, why don't you just pull our questions from this blog like PP does/did?

p.s. "Last point: the story was written back in February, before I was moved to the FIU beat, but held because of space issues in the Sunday paper."

Just another 'timing conincendce' from your employer is what I guess you would have us believe? geez, how gullible do you really think we are?

The comments on this blog have become unreadable.

Poor guy is just trying to do his job.

MENTALLY BEAT'EM AND BREAK'EM DOWN, SO THAT WE CAN BUILD HIM BACK UP AS ONE OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Works with girls all the time, trusttttt me

Adam.... Like FIUFAN said... are you going to do a story on any of his suggestions?

There's even a sports one in there (IT's recruiting class) so don't give us some crappy excuse.

I won't hold my breath.

I apologize for my fellow panthers Adam, as you can see we're pretty serious about our panthers here. However, they do bring up great points, we are a GREAT school and should be recognized and covered as such and the Herald certainly doesn't show that light one bit.

Mr. Beasley still didn't address the most concerning question: why was the headline changed from the time it first ran? Trying to cover up the anti-FIU, pro-UM stench that permeates the Herald? That stench is overwhelming and can't be hidden by a change of headline.

I don't know, but the post here seems to me more like excuses than a valid explanation. I would think that stating that 50% increase in Athletic budget at FIU would be an exxageration, although I'm sure it went up by double digit (like in many other universities...both in Florida and in the nation)...also, the fee increase was discussed in another story not that much before, so it appears to many of us as "old news", and re-hashing of negative news...

I don't get it...FIU's tuition and overall fees are ones of the lowest in the nation for any student to attend college, yet some seem to pinpoint a specific fee assessed to students that certainly is pretty high. But, if you pay $3,000.00 at FIU including every fee and tuition, and you pay like $35,000 plus to attend Miami and Syracuse....who's really paying more to subsidize the university/athletics? How much money come from the universities general fund to subsidize athletics? Was that taken into consideration? No.

Other state universities (at least UF and FSU)....which have also been subject to budget cuts in academic areas, charge less athletic fee, yet charge students to attend football games as well. At the University of Florida they REQUIRE students entering the lottery to have a chance to purchase season tickets. FSU charges students $179 as a "discounted" price if you "buy" season tickets for football.

Isn't this a hidden fee that should be added as a "fee" for students as well? Shouldn't you compare apples and apples before trying to make FIU look so bad? Shouldn't anybody at least try to dig up these facts before assuming the laziest, most comfortable position you just did?

I'm sorry Adam, but the numbers don't add up, and I have to write what I feel. That first article you wrote after Pelegrin was relieved as FIU's beat writer, sure didn't leave a good taste for us.

Fanatic, if there was ANY demand for tickets to sporting events, and they could realistically get away with it, do you think the Athletic administration wouldn't charge students for tickets? Come on, you know the answer to this.

Miami is much higher then $35,000 these days... According to their website, if you live on campus, its around $52,000

I could agree with that FIUChris...if that was the case. FIUChris....if there was a lot of demand for tickets, do you think athletic fees would keep increasing? Better yet, would you think FIU would have to start charging $52,000 in tuition and fees to cover the whole college experience, including the transfer of institutional funds towards athletics, without increasing the "all important" athletic fees?

Don't you agree that charging students to go to games is in fact, a very direct "fee"? Don't you think to compare apples and apples and be just and fair, you would have to include this into the equation? Come on, you sure know the answer to this.

You are dodging the point.

FIU has no place to charge for tickets. If they could, they absolutely and unequivocally would. They cannot, so they pass the fee onto the general student body.

Yeah, you can add the price of tickets onto students fees, but at least then, the students who WANT to go to the games are the ones paying. The reason FIU's high athletic fee is a story is because attendance is putrid, and the fee is being passed onto the students who don't even go to the games.

This is why it is an issue. I don't know if you are a student, but a lot of FIU's students are very upset that they are spending more than anyone in the state on a less than mediocre program that they couldn't care less about.

Also c-UM, if you add in the cost of living on campus at FIU, it's pretty damn expensive too. It's not anywhere near UM levels, but it's close to $18k per year.

You asked me a question with a false premise today, and I answered it. How's that dodging the point? FIU is NOT charging for tickets today. What happens in the future will become matter for discussion in the future. I actually agreed, and made it clear, that if FIU could get away with it, they would most likely charge students to attend games, like UF, FSU, Syracuse and many others do. BUT....that is not true today, as students are not charged.

I stopped being a student a long time ago, and I'm sure many students aren't happy, as it's always been that way. Of course, nobody wants to pay a penny more than others. But let's put everything in its proper perspective.

First, FIU's athletic fees have been there for over two decades at least, and it has been one of the highest for several years as well...as compared to other SUS institutions. Second, doing some basic math, if you take 30 credits a year, and let's exxagerate the cost to $15 a credit, then every student pays $450 a year for said fee. If you compare that to other SUS schools that have it at $10, then you charge $5 more per credit...about $150 more per year.

Now, FIU in-state tuition and fees, let's say you pay $4,000 a year...and I think I'm being ample here. This number is very similar to other SUS institutions with minor differences arising now due to tuition differentials, and other fees, including the athletic fees. Even then, the difference annually is very nominal. If you compare it to other schools, then, would you rather pay $40,000 and go "for free" to ahtletic events...or pay less than $4,000, with an athletic fee included of $450, included?

Finally, I don't believe FIU increased its athletic budget by as much as Adam claims. Wasn't there a $1 million budget reduction for Athletics a couple of years ago, where a lot of staff people lost their jobs?...cutting the band and the cheerleaders?

I'm honestly not sure what you are arguing.

Are you comparing FIU to, like, UM?

Yeah, FIU costs much less than FIU.

That's irrelevant.

Compared to other in state schools, FIU pays a larger fee for athletics and more than that, those fees go to pay a larger percentage of the Athletics budget.

Something like 77% of the Athletics budget is subsidized by the university, largely due to student fees. The reason Athletics had to cut it's budget by $1 million is because they can't sustain themselves.

Compare that to UF at 4%. UCF at around 40%. Even FAU is around 60%.

THAT is the criticism. The Athletics budget is growing and growing during a time when A) The rest of the university is largely being cut, and B) they cannot sustain their budget.

That is why people should be and are concerned. It has nothing to do with students getting free entry to games because they don't use it anyways. The reason people should be critical is because a university's priority should be on student advancement, and yet in the last two years, dozens of programs have been cut or consolidated while basically just the Law School, Med School and Athletics have grown.

I understand the "greater good" argument, but since you aren't a student, you can't understand how we have felt the crunch. Times are so tough that FIU has actually instituted a payment plan for tuition, something that has never been done in

Comparing FIU to a private institution is not fair in terms of cost. But FIU is very near the rest of the instate public universities, and yet the students pay higher athletics fees and more of the athletic department is subsidized by the student fees. Students have a right to question why this is, and the Herald is perfectly within their right to question it as well.

You are all over the place with this argument you brought up with me.

However, I do respect your position, especially students' position on fees and tuition they have to pay, and that can not be taken lightly. And I'm not arguing against you, since my post was directed at what Adam wrote, allegedly in February, and was published on March 20th.

Having said that, let's clear up a couple of points. One reason I'm bringing overall tuition and fees into this discussion is because it really makes it a fair comparison as to what students pay versus what they get in the overall college experience...including access to athletic events. To ignore this fact, in my opinion, is just using other true facts (athletic fees) in isolation, slanted in order to sway opinion.

Second, Mr. Beasley himself brought it up in the article:

"Still, for the foreseeable future, the athletic department will remain a considerable expense for students, like tuition, books and parking".

If paying $350 for athletic fees is as "considerable" as paying say...$3,400 in tuition at FIU, then you have to compare it with other universities, private or public, including tuition costs.

Of course, if you compare FIU with other local private universities like St. Thomas, Barry, Nova, and yes...UM...then FIU students are not paying that much considering the low tuition. He also mentions that "Especially when FIU must compete for students with UF, FSU and the University of Miami, all schools with stellar athletics".

So no, my comment is not irrelevant as to the article, unless you want to ignore what was written there. I didn't bring it up...Same with charging to attend games in order to compare apples and apples.

FAU, one of the universities who most closely resembles FIU in terms of Sun Belt affiliation, SUS university, and longevity, charges currently $14.30 per credit versus our $14.51. That is $0.21 cents difference per credit, which amounts to an FIU student paying $6.30 cents more than FAU students in a year, if such student earned 30 credits ($5.04 a year difference for 24 credits a year!)...wow! The article only looks at this very superficially without offering these facts. Is this so much a difference in your mind?

UCF, a huge university with over 50,000 students currently charge $12.68 athletic fee per hour. That accounts for a difference of $1.83 a credit hour, amounting to an FIU student paying $54.90 more a year (based on 30 credits a year) than the UCF student. Mind you that UCF's athletic budget has skyrocketed in the last 5 years...I'm sure a lot more millions of dollars than FIU's. Of course, no mention of this.

Fayetville State University just passed a resolution charging an athletic fee of $450 per student per year, University of New Hampshire also changed their system to charge each student now over $300 per student per year...

Finally, Florida Gulf Coast University, the SUS youngest university charges a whopping $15.54 athletic fee per credit hour. $1.03 more than FIU per hour, representing almost $31 dollars more...and they don't have football yet.

So, to say FIU pays the state's highest athletics fee is just not true.

You see, it only took me 20-30 mintues to look this up real quickly, and I'm sure if I wanted to make a more balanced story, I could find a number of other schools that charge more "athletic" fees than FIU. Point is, you can make look good or bad any institution with the selective use of statistics and the wording used. As it's evident by this piece, the wording (including the original headline which was mysteriously later switched) was meant to make a point against the high athletic fees at FIU....

And that's my point and opinion.

Right on Fanatic :D....good research

Good research Fanatic.

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