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Latest 2-Deep Announced

While it's likely going to be a Panther-less 2010 Draft, there's some FIU football to discuss this weekend, as the Panthers have released their most recent depth chart.

Feast your eyes, and feel free to comment:


Wide receiver

82    Greg Ellingson (Sr., 6-3, 200, Tampa, Fla.)
88    Jacob Younger (R-So., 6-2, 175, Titusville, Fla.)

Left tackle

79    James Wiggins (R-Jr., 6-4, 270, Sylmar, Cali.)
61    Curtis Bryant (Jr., 6-2, 275, Miami, Fla.)

Left guard

53    Giancarlo Revilla (So., 6-2, 275, Miami, Fla.)
74    Chris Cawthon (R-So., 6-4, 285, Loganville, Ga.)


76    Brad Serini (Sr., 6-3, 300, Highland, N.Y.)
67    Kevin Van Kirk (R-Sr., 6-3, 285, SW Ranches, Fla.)

Right guard

77    Cedric Mack (Sr., 6-4, 320, Torrance, Calif.)
57    Kenny White (R-So. 6-3, 275, Miami, Fla.)

Right tackle

66    Dave Istanich (So. 6-6, 305, Johnstown, Pa.)
54    Rupert Bryan (So. 6-3, 280, Belle Glade, Fla.)

Tight end

30    Jonathan Faucher (Jr., 6-3, 235, Weston, Fla.) or 17  Dudley LaPorte (R-Jr., 6-4, 250, Strafford, Conn.)   
15     Colt Anderson (R-Jr. 6-4, 230, Omaha, Neb.) 

Running back

28    Darriet Perry (Jr., 5-9, 200, Valdosta, Ga.) or 6    Jeremiah Harden (So.,5-11,190, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)
35    Trenard Turner (Sr., 5-9, 205, Miami, Fla.)   


14    Wayne Younger (Sr., 6-3, 200, Cocoa, Fla.) or 13   Wesley Carroll (R-Jr., 6-1, 202, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)

Wide receiver

2    Junior Mertile (R-So., 6-0, 195, Miami, Fla.)
80    Jason Frierson (Sr., 5-9, 185, Miami, Fla.)

Wide receiver

4    T.Y. Hilton (Jr., 5-10, 180, Miami, Fla.)
5    Wayne Times (So., 5-11, 180, Miami, Fla.)


Defensive end

97    Tourek Williams (So., 6-4, 255, Miami, Fla.)
10    Jonathan Jackson (R-So., 6-3, 250, Miami, Fla.)   

Defensive tackle

48    Kasey Smith (R-So., 6-3, 275, Daytona Beach, Fla.)
75    Andre Pound (R-So., 6-3, 285, Vero Beach, Fla.)

Nose tackle

96    Joshua Forney (So., 6-4, 265, South Hollands, Ill.) or 99   Thatcher Starling (Sr., 6-3, 270, Hutchinson, KS)
93    Andrew Mattox (So., 6-1, 270, Miami, Fla.)

Defensive end

94    James Jones (Jr., 6-1, 250, Lakeland, Fla.)
31    Jarvis Wilson (Sr., 6-2, 235, Miami, Fla.)


41    Kenny Dillard (So., 6-0, 215, Miami, Fla.)
16    Franklin Brown (R-So., 6-0, 210, Miami, Fla.)


34    Winston Fraser (R-Fr., 6-1, 230, Miami, Fla.)
3    Larvez Mars (So., 5-11, 210, Apopka, Fla.) or  45   Aaron Davis (Jr., 6-1, 245, Winter Haven, Fla.)


13    Toronto Smith (Sr., 5-11, 225, Tallahassee, Fla.)
22    Markeith Russell (So., 6-1, 215, Miami, Fla.)


7    Anthony Gaitor (Sr., 5-10, 185, Miami, Fla.)
24    Emmanuel Souarin (R-So., 5-11, 190, Miami, Fla.)

Strong safety

11    Ashlyn Parker (6-0., 215, Port St. Joe, Fla.)
21    Chuck Grace (Jr., 5-11, 195, Tampa, Fla.) or 18    Kreg Brown (Sr., 5-11, 195, St. Petersburg, Fla.)

Free safety

25    Jonathan Cyprien (So., 6-0, 205, N. Miami Beach, Fla.)
1    Marquis Rolle   (Sr., 6-2, 197, Orlando, Fla.) or 23   Terrance Taylor (So., 5-11, 190, Miami, Fla.)


27     Jose Cheesborough (R-Fr., 5-9, 160, Jacksonville, Fla.) or 29 Dezeriah Johnson (R-Sr., 6-1, 190, Orlando, Fla.)
37     Derrick Jones, Jr. (So., 5-9, 190, Miami Springs, Fla.)


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What I find interesting right away is only 2 players on the depth chart for wide receiver...a little confused. Also, I have a feeling the Right way to run the ball this year is on the Right side of the line which outweighs the left side avg by 40lbs.

Is the herald ever going to update the FIU iPhone app? It still says 2009....


Am I understanding this correctly? Pooh Bear *might* be the 2nd string inside linebacker? He's still not ready to be the starter and anchor for our D??

There are different receivers. In a three receiver it would be TY, Ellingson and Mertile. What is a big concern of mine is Wayne Younger being ahead of Wesley Carroll. While this chart is very premature and many thigns can happen between now and Sept. 11, it doesnt bode well for Wesley that he's been overtaken by Younger.

I dont care how bad Wesley is in practice in relation to Younger, put Wesley in as the starter. Younger "improves" every year and when he gets put into a game, he either throws a pick, doesnt move the chains or runs when there is a wide open receiver downfield. Wayne Younger is seriously immortal. It seems like that kid's been on the roster forever. Ha! I still remember that unflattering picture of him on FIUsports.com. The one where he looked very Prince-ian. Hahaa.

ok I am starting the strock/ cristobal debate.... after 4 year s of MC recruiting and Wayne Younger is potentially the starting QB for your GPers????????

well, thats all i have to say about that....


God help us all....

Younger is the better quarterback and thus SHOULD be the starter!!!

I don't know how Aaron Davis could not be starting at LB.

Baseball wins 7-6 in 10 innings!!!

For some reason the highly regarded recruits are not starters such as rupert bryan I thought he wouldve been a starting guard, larvez marz or terrance taylor. They should move franklin brown to safety and one of the middle linebackers to the outside. It seems the team has the most depth at middle linebacker.

Interesting depth chart to say the least. Some surprises include walk on Cheeseborough at the top in the corner position opposite of Gaitor, James Wiggins at #1 on left tackle, and the conversion of Jarvis Wilson to defensive end, him being #2...

It also looks, with this new weight release, that many of our players have become a lot heavier, if not bigger, particularly at the end position on the D-Line. Love the fact that Tourek Williams, James Jones, and Jonathan Jackson are all listed now at 250 and above. Still a bit concerned with lack of "beef" in the interior linemen position, although some former ends have "grown" as well into interior linemen.

Everyone relax !!! this is just "filler material" for the off-season and the media requests this info for stories. We are stacked at LB this year. Mars is not big enough yet to play the MIKE LB, so he goes to the SAM, Smith/Fraser at the WIL and Aaron Davis at the MIKE. Dillard, Russell and Brown are right there.

Keep in mind that Tourek played as a frosh at BAMA and Greg Hickman (270lbs) is considered a better prospect than Tourek and the JUCO Fitch (285lbs) coming will anchor our interior line. We will be more explosive in our front 7 this season and stronger. Our guys struggled last year shedding blocks against BAMA and Rutgers. The lack of depth and injuries killed our SBC hopes after those OOC games.

From what I've seen Younger has improved, but Carroll will be the starter. Harden is a homerun hitter, he'll start and Rupert is projected at LT for his athleticism and strength.

Cristobal is not going to tip his hand, have you all not learned this yet. Wait until the summer class arrives. Fitch, Hickman, Leonard, Wright, Delosin, Ceedrick Davis, Randy Williams could all be starters.

All I have to say is Wes Carolle has the BOWL RING and Younger doesn't.... What does that tell you? Wes should be the STARTER....13...GO PANTHERS

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